History Of Robert Rose Jewelry

The history of Robert Rose Jewelry is a story of craftsmanship, innovation, and customer service. Founded in 1975 by Robert Harry Rose, the company has grown over the years to be one of the leading jewelers in the world. From their humble beginnings as a small shop in downtown Toronto, Robert Rose Jewelry has evolved into a global brand offering artisanal fine jewelry made with quality materials sourced from all over the world.

For more than four decades, the team at Robert Rose Jewelry have strived to build on their reputation for providing customers with exquisite jewelry crafted with precision and care. Their commitment to delivering impeccable customer service begins long before they even start creating your custom piece – they take time to understand your individual tastes and needs, ensuring each customer gets a truly special piece that compliments their style.

When it comes to materials, only 100% authentic metals and genuine diamonds are used in every item sold – this commitment to quality allows each Robert Rose Jewelry creation to stand out among its competitors.

Customers who have purchased from Robert Rose Jewelry agree that their attention to detail makes them stand out from others in the industry. Customer reviews highlight how employees go beyond simply selling merchandise – taking advise on different offers, styles or trends; helping customers pick out gifts for friends; and recommending ways that people can look after their pieces so they remain perfect for years down the line.

Through this dedication and positive experience with customers, it’s no wonder that Robert Rose Jewelry continues to be a trusted name in fine jewelry today.

Introduce the people behind Robert Rose Jewelry

Robert Rose Jewelry is a luxury jewelry brand with a long and illustrious history. The masterminds behind the successful line of jewelry are Robert Rose, his wife Marjorie, and their sons Rodger and Tom.

Robert Rose was born in England in 1865 to a family of jewelers who had been practicing their craft since the 16th century. His family’s jewelry business was the premiere shop in England at the time. After gaining considerable experience as an apprentice to his parents, Robert moved to Canada where he met Marjorie in 1899. Together they decided to start their own business and began creating pieces of beautiful handcrafted jewelry inspired by their English heritage.

The Roses quickly established themselves as one of Canada’s leading jewelry makers, setting trends across the country in design ideas and fabrication processes. Robert’s talents included repairs, dying metals into various colors, engraving and cabochon work. He even incorporated wirework from French fine jewellery into his designs which made them unique for their time period. From very humble beginnings, their partnership grew into a successful family business that went international.

The company still thrives today thanks to the hard work of generations of Roses over a century ago. Since its inception, set in the late 1800’s, Robertson Rose Jewelry has earned an acclaimed reputation as one of the most trusted names in Canadian retail jewellery and continues to design exquisite pieces which are sold worldwide.

Their commitment and expertise have made them one of Canada’s preferred vendors for luxury jewelery customers who appreciate high quality craftsmanship combined with timeless design elements rooted deeply within Canadian cultural heritage.

International Presence

Robert Rose Jewelry is one of the oldest and most prestigious jewelers in the world. Founded in 1817 by Robert Rose, a wealthy entrepreneur from Christiansted, St. Croix, the company has become known for its stunning collections of fine jewelry. The brand has been handed down through four generations, with each maintaining its commitment to creating high-quality pieces that are timeless and beautiful.

The company has long maintained an international presence with stores located throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Its success stories have included being a driving force behind the popularization of French-style jewelry designs around 1920’s Scandinavian countries.

Furthermore, it has also been credited with ushering in the contemporary cabochon cut style that is still extremely popular today. It’s no wonder then that Robert Rose Jewelry remains a leader in fine jewelry for both men and women throughout the world.

History of American Jewelry Designers and Manufacturers

Over the past two centuries, Robert Rose Jewelry has continuously evolved to ensure that customers are presented with nothing but the best products and services available on the market. The latter includes introducing innovative methods into their design process such as computerized 3D modeling which helps them achieve maximum precision when crafting custom jewelry pieces for their clients.

In addition to this, their sustainability efforts have also seen them reduce their carbon footprint significantly by utilizing materials with low environmental impact wherever possible. All these factors combined have resulted in Robert Rose Jewelry retaining its well-deserved reputation as one of the top premier names in fine jewelry industry time after time again.

Research and Development

Robert Rose Jewelry, a family-owned business based in New York City, is known for its exquisite and timeless jewelry designs. Founded by Robert and Vera Rose in 1937, the company has become renowned for its use of innovative materials such as 18k gold plated titanium, precision cut gems, and a signature cut called Robinson’s Star. They were one of the first companies to combine traditional metalsmithing techniques with new technologies to create groundbreaking pieces.

The Roses’ dedication to quality craftsmanship led them to conduct extensive research into each material they used. From studying the strength of diamonds to uncovering the secrets behind titanium coating, they endeavoured to ensure that every piece met their exacting standards.

This commitment led them to develop exclusive hybrid treatments which transformed traditional style into modern artwork with longer lasting results. The Rose family was also adamant about using recyclable and cruelty-free elements in their collection, ensuring that environmental concerns were taken into account throughout the production process.

In addition to researching material properties, Robert Rose Jewelry has advanced the field of jewelry design by pioneering new technology. Leveraging cutting edge laser machines and computer-assisted design tools, they have been able to create previously unseen shapes from intricate designs.

Furthermore, their use of ethically sourced stones ensures a consistently high quality product which meets customer’s needs while upholding ethical practices. For example, their Robinson’s Star Cushion Cut Diamond is a brilliant conclusion each piece exemplifies perfecting combining innovation and skillful craftsmanship

To this day Robert Rose Jewelry continues striving for excellence in all aspects of its work – developing creative processes and using sustainable substances – so that customers everywhere can enjoy heirloom pieces of unparalleled beauty for generations to come.


Since its founding in the 1940s, Robert Rose Jewelry has established itself as one of the premier jewelry lines in North America. Founded by Robert Rose, a master jeweler with years of experience creating bespoke pieces for his clients, the line quickly gained popularity amongst fashionistas and luxury shoppers alike. With an emphasis on timeless designs and precise craftsmanship, this brand has been setting the standard for decades.

In the late 1990s, Robert Rose passed away and left the business to his two sons who continued to produce exquisite jewelry under their father’s name. As demand increased, they expanded their showroom from a single retailer to multiple stores throughout North America. They now have brick-and-mortar locations in New York City and Beverly Hills, as well as expanding into international retail markets such as Europe and Asia.

Robert Rose has also had a major presence in ecommerce since 2008 by launching an online store. This allowed them to tap into new consumer demographics that appreciate their unique designs while giving them access to high-end customers around the world. The online store offers hundreds of designs catering to different tastes – from everyday users looking for understated pieces to those seeking statement items that draw attention wherever they go.

The company’s future prospects look bright as they are always innovating with new styles and creating limited edition pieces that can give customers a chance to own something truly unique and special. Additionally, they are planning on opening more physical stores across North America while continuing their expansion into foreign markets such as China and India through specialized partnerships with top retailers.

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With a tradition of quality craftsmanship that spans generations combined with their forward-thinking approach towards new markets, it’s no surprise why Robert Rose Jewelry remains one of the most sought after brands of this generation.

Awards and Nominations

Robert Rose Jewelry has an illustrious history, having been active in the high-end jewelry sector since it was founded in Toronto in the 1950s. Robert Rose, a British immigrant and highly skilled goldsmith, started his business from a small workshop on Queen Street West and crafted some of Canada’s most iconic pieces of jewelry and decorative items.

Despite its size at the time, Robert Rose Jewelry regularly won awards for its creative designs and craftsmanship. It won multiple awards from the Canadian Jewelers Association for excellence in diamonds, emeralds, rubies, pearls and precious stones year after year from 1960 to 2000. In addition to these coveted awards, the company was also awarded numerous design patents for its unique designs during this period.

In addition to be lauded for its workmanship and creative designs, Robert Rose Jewelry has also made several television appearances over the years. Its most notable being featured on Marilyn Dennis’ talk show in 1997 ahead of her visit to one of their stores in Ottawa. This public display provided great exposure for the company as they showcased many of their fine jewelry pieces which went down great with Ms Dennis’ audience.

Today, Robert Rose Jewellery is still going strong with their flagship store in Toronto’s fashionable Bloor Street district alongside having 11 other stores across Canada. This incredible journey started by Robert Rinse himself only shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Supplement the conclusion with an inspirational quote

Robert Rose Jewelry is a name known for crafting masterpieces for the past 50 years. The company was founded by Robert Rose in 1970 and it has been providing exquisite jewelry ever since.

Robert became the first member of his family to become a professional jewelry designer and manufacturer, but he quickly passed down this knowledge to his sons David, Paul, and later Richard. With team effort, they have managed to make Robert Rose Jewelry one of the most prominent names in fine jewelry in the world.

While every jeweler designs something unique in their own special way, Robert’s unique style represented an inspirational journey embracing beauty and craftsmanship with elegant design and skillful precision. He strongly believed that no two pieces should be identical because all culture matters and he encouraged his team to think outside of the box at all times. To achieve this goal, Robert used a combination of multiple precious gemstones that ultimately became the signature trademark of Robert Rose Jewelry.

Each piece of jewelry perfectly reflects his hard work and dedication which played a large part in making it more attractive than its contemporaries across the world. From timeless anniversary rings to breathtaking necklaces to intricately designed cufflinks – each creation competed for excellence just like himself as an artist.

His contribution as a jewelry designer is captured perfectly in words from French writer Victor Hugo – “A creator is a thinker who touches eternity with an ephemeral invention”. The creations crafted by him have endured generations and have changed lives consistently through innovation inspired by love, creating a legacy that will forever remain enshrined in history.