History Of Queen Elizabeth’S Blue Sapphire Jewelry

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning British monarch in history. Throughout her 68-year reign, she has come to be known for her poise and elegance. As part of her royal wardrobe, Queen Elizabeth has been spotted wearing beautiful blue sapphire jewelry throughout her reign. This article will have a closer look at the history of Queen Elizabeth’s blue sapphire jewelry and how it relates to special moments throughout her reign.

History: How Queen Elizabeth Began Wearing Blue Sapphire Jewelry

It began when King George VI gave a stunning sapphire and diamond brooch to his wife, Queen Elizabeth (later known as The Queen Mother). Years after the death of King George VI, the brooch found its way onto the royal lapel of the young Princess Elizabeth’s jacket when she became Queen in 1952. Since then, The Queen has been seen wearing this piece on various special occasions including investitures, state visits and anniversaries of various orders.

Meaning Behind The Blue Sapphire Jewelry

Mughal Influence

Throughout British history and particularly in recent times, sapphire jewellery and tiaras have been a long-standing favourite of the Royals. The bright blue hue and vibrancy of the gemstone has attracted many iconic figures over the years including Queen Elizabeth II who has favoured several pieces in her lifetime.

Although we often associate Royal sapphires with British designers and manufacturers, it is worth noting that influences from India have greatly shaped the style of these iconic pieces over the centuries.

The first traces of Mughal influence on British Royalty’s Blue Sapphire Jewelry are found in Queen Charlotte’s emerald necklace, which incorporates an intricately designed setting featuring four Sapphires, diamonds and rubies that was gifted to her for her 1761 coronation. This design has been said to be inspired by contemporary Mughal jewellery designs present in India at this time, adopted to suit western tastes.

As such, several traditional elements were featured in this piece including gold roundels or kundan-style setting which can also be seen influencing early 19th Century necklaces and tiaras up until the end of late 19th Century.

This trend would continue well into the 20th century as services between Britain and India continued to flourish. During this period, many Indian jewels were imported directly into England which had begun offering programmes to subsidize their import savings costs regardless of market price fluctuations. In addition, Anglo-Indian traders emerged due to shared economic interests between Britain and India who helped shape further instances of Mughal influenced decorations towards modern styles thus popularizing among European countries even more.

Timeless Brilliance

The magnificent jewels of the Queens of Britain are renowned around the world and have been a source of fascination for centuries. Among these, Queen Elizabeth II is famed for her collection of blue sapphire jewelry, many of which were given to her by her beloved husband, The Duke of Edinburgh.

The most iconic piece in her collection is undoubtedly the engagement ring worn by The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. This ring was originally presented to Princess Diana by Prince Charles in 1981 and consists of a 12-carat blue oval Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds set in white gold. Its enduring romantic appeal has made it one of the most sought after pieces of jewelry in the British Royal Collection.

In addition to serving as an engagement ring, Queen Elizabeth II has also opted to incorporate blue sapphires into several other pieces within her royal collection. Most notably she has chosen them for several items given to mark important events such as the 1953 Coronation necklace encrusted with hundreds of royal blue Ceylon sapphires and diamonds and a jubilee broach consisting of over 25 carats of dazzling blue stones set into yellow gold frames.

While different from each other in colour and tone, all these stones have one thing in common: their deep hue symbolizes loyalty and faithfulness – ideal elements for any celebration.

Queen Elizabeth also incorporates blue sapphires into more everyday items such as earrings and necklaces that she wears frequently during regular public appearances. These smaller pieces reflect Queen Elizabeth’s unique sense and style while remaining classical enough to fit into any outfit they accessorize – an example that proves how versatile this semi-precious stone can be.

Other pieces displayed less often yet still considered part of her collection include tiaras adorned with clusters of azure sapphires or braslets sparkling with hundreds light yellowish-blue stones alternating with brilliant melees mounted on on platinum base metal.

The beauty found within Queen Elizabeth’s Blue Sapphire Jewelry inspires others aspiring for elegance or luxury through accessorizing like royalty – whether it be on special occasions or every day wear.

Signature Style

Queen Elizabeth II’s affinity for precious gems has been well-documented. From statements pieces like the Burmese Ruby Tiara to her symbolic Sapphire Koh Xang ring, the Queen never shies away from eye-catching colors and designs. Although sapphires are a part of many royal collections, the 93 year old monarch is particularly associated with the stone due to its extraordinary symbolism.

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The earliest evidence of Queen Elizabeth’s interest in sapphire jewelry dates back to 1947, when she received an engagement ring that featured a rubover-set oval sapphire surrounded by fourteen solitaire diamonds as a gift from Prince Philip. As both she and Prince Philip had just turned 21 at the time, it was only fitting that their commitment should be marked with a timeless piece of jewellery – something they both could cherish and pass down through generations.

This gesture of love soon became part of royal iconography as well: in 1981 Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana Spencer with his mother’s iconic sapphire rings.

Since then, the presence of sapphire jewelry in the House of Windsor has grown exponentially. In 1979, for instance, Her Majesty commissioned Garrard & Co to create a necklace which featured an impressive 12200k blue sapphire set against seven smaller ones; this particular piece represented her connection to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), once an important source for high-quality gemstones in British Isles.

Nine years later, another magnificent item found its place among her collection: The Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara. Comprised out of almost 800 diamonds and precious stones such as pearls and emeralds, this stunning headpiece also featured nine intense sapphires – – including one larger majestic one which took 81 days to cut into a perfect cushion shape.

The love affair between Queen Elizabeth and sapphire jewels seems destined to last forever – recently she was seen wearing a pair of dramatic circular drop earrings crafted out of vibrant blue stones set against rose gold bases at Buckingham Palace’s summer opening ceremony. So moving forward you can expect more regal outings featuring exquisite pieces crafted out of this elegant stone. Sapphires will continue serving as meaningful adornments enshrined within England’s rich history – long may they reign.

Accessorizing with Elegance

Queen Elizabeth’s blue sapphires have graced the royal family for generations. In fact, she was bestowed these beautiful gems centuries ago by her uncle Edward VII. She has acquired an extensive collection of sapphire jewelry over the years, with various sapphire pieces becoming symbols of strength and authority. Her necklaces, tiaras and earrings are true showstoppers, showcasing her impeccable taste in fashion as well as her undying loyalty to the monarchy.

Today, Queen Elizabeth’s iconic pieces remain among the most sought-after items from royal collections around the world – and it is easy to understand why they have become so popular. Offering a sophisticated yet bold look that has stood the test of time, her necklaces feature delicate decorative elements such as diamonds and rubies which radiate elegance and refinement.

The standout piece of all might be her sapphire pendant necklace which holds a whopping nine carats of blue sapphires, surrounded by a luminous diamond halo.

Yet perhaps even more impressive is Queen Elizabeth’s selection of tiaras featuring an incredible array of blue sapphires in both single-stone settings, as well as clusters of small stones in intricate patterns that adorn their crest-shaped silhouettes. These breath-taking pieces can truly transform any look from ordinary to extraordinary – perfect for those who want to make a subtle yet fashionable statement with their choice in jewelry accessories.

Last but not least are her earrings – typically set within vibrant gold or silver frames, these sparkling works art dazzle onlookers with their elegant and timeless design.

The suave charm behind these pieces is easily recognizable and undeniably enchanting – no doubt contributing to their high popularity levels among royals fans everywhere. Each item holds its own unique story and provenance – further proof of how beloved they have become throughout history – making them true family heirlooms like no other.

Deepening Collection

Queen Elizabeth has worn her signature sapphire jewelry for decades, drawing praise and admiration from around the world. She’s had an impressive and varied cabinet of blue sapphire pieces that have been added to throughout Her Majesty’s Reign, from rings, earrings, and necklaces.

As technology has evolved over the years, it’s allowed for creative approaches to setting up these precious stones so much more intricately than before. Perhaps the most stunning piece in Queen Elizabeth’s Sapphire collection is her engagement and wedding ring which contains a large oval cut stone set in a low-profile platinum and diamond design. This remarkable piece also features five glimmering baguette diamonds on each side of it.

In 1956, another showstopper was added to her collection – a drop necklace made with 10 oval-cut sapphires connected with diamond encrusted arches along with a matching pair of stunning sapphire and diamond earrings clipped into place.

Another beautiful addition to her blue sapphire collection came in 1995 when she received an exquisite dazzling Art Deco style sautoir necklace which featured 28 8mm teal-blue cabochon Sapphires imported from Ceylon tucked between artfully arranged clusters of brilliants diamonds suspended from delicate chains.

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The timeless beauty found within Queen Elizabeth’s amazing Sapphire Jewelry will forever be remembered as one of the most iconic styles in Royal History. Her gracefulness as well as intelligence shine through every one of these pieces as they express what fashion means to the Royalty for centuries now. We can expect Queen Elizabeth’s collection to grow even bigger as more modern pieces get created so stay tuned for updates on this fabulous collection.

Eye-Catching Fabrics

Queen Elizabeth II has long been known for her iconic blue sapphire jewelry. It was Queen Victoria’s era that would see the dawn of one of the longest-lasting royal trends: a sapphire necklace and brooch.

Queen Victoria loved jewelry, and after she acquired a set of beautiful blue sapphires from Sri Lanka, she had them crafted into a necklace, bracelet and brooch. They soon became part of her signature look; the color blue worn with popular gowns that helped enhance her regal air.

Since then, other members of the royalty have followed suit in using this rich blue hue. Elizabeth’s mother Princess Margaret regularly wore pieces with sapphires while attending formal functions while the current queen continues this trend even today. She owns an impressive collection of diamond and sapphire jewelry, many still in its original form since gifted to her decades ago by various friends or family members.

One of Elizabeth’s most memorable pieces is a spectacular pendant necklace comprising two large oval cabochon cut sapphires and bearing three additional circular diamonds between them, available in the Royal Collection Trust store. The piece was handed down to her from her grandmother Queen Mary who reportedly had it crafted from stones found on a group tour in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka).

A versatile piece, it can be seen picked out against bold dark fabrics at state occasions or enhancing light crystals during garden parties or daywear events.

The vibrancy associated with these blue tones helps to bring life to otherwise duller gowns worn by the Queen for formal events such as dinners or receptions for heads of states around the world.

Every outfit’s detail is carefully considered to ensure even accessories such as shoes, hats and handbags tie together nicely with the accompanying statement jewelry piece; be it a sapphire pendant on a vibrantly colored scarf or earrings paired with an elaborate lace bodice dress in white.

Despite it being quite traditional fashion taste wise, every item is chosen to bring out alluring elegance which mirrors Elizabeth’s timeless gracefulness when entering palace ballrooms around the globe.

A Legend That Lives On

The sapphire jewelry of Queen Elizabeth is some of the most iconic pieces of jewelry in the world. This includes her beloved blue sapphire engagement ring, which was originally given to Princess Diana by Prince Charles. There is no denying that Queen Elizabeth II has a strong affinity for these beautiful and rare stones, especially in shades of deep blue.

But how did this love affair between her and sapphires begin? To truly understand it, we must take a look back through history.

Queen Elizabeth’s connection with sapphires was cultivated long before she was queen. The origins are traced all the way back to 1475 when Henry VIII gifted his sister-in-law a diamond and sapphire brooch as a gift. Later, during the reign of King James I (1603-1625), he created the Order of the Garter with magnificent colors and symbols that included a large sapphire. From then on, this deep blue gemstone became closely identified with royalty and prestige.

Today, Queen Elizabeth has one of largest collections of sapphire jewelry in the world. One notable piece from her reigning years as monarch is a pair of drop earrings made up of three cabochon cut Ceylon sapphires surrounded by diamonds. These were among several luxurious pieces commissioned for her coronation festivities in 1953 and remain highly sought after items to this day.

The beautiful Blue Sapphire remains one of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite pieces of jewelry, thanks to its regal beauty and deep tie to British history – not to mention its almost mystical hue. As such, it would be impossible to pass down her legacy without including these amazing gems; their multi-millennial story lives on through her effortless style and gorgeous taste in jewelry.

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