Hidden Treasures Picture Frame With Jewelry Storage

Hidden Treasures Picture Frame With Jewelry Storage is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to keep their cherished photos, memories and pieces of jewelry safe and organized. This picture frame and jewelry storage combines a trendy photo frame with an elegant jewelry organizer, creating an aesthetically pleasing product that boasts plenty of practical benefits.

The high-quality materials make it durable yet lightweight, and since the picture frame is wireless powered, chargers are not required. The accompanying hanging loop means the product can be securely hung on a wall or door, while its the secure magnetic closure ensures user’s prized possessions remain safe.

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Practicality is another key selling point of Hidden Treasures Picture Frame With Jewelry Storage; this product main feature allows for ultimate convenience as you can keep all your precious items in one place without having to find storage units or install complex attachment systems. The compartments provide an eye-catching design which makes organizing easy as well as attractive.

Not only that but each compartment around the frame has plenty of space for necklaces, earrings, rings and other small items – all held in place by indentations cleverly embedded within the jewelry caddy’s sides. Plus its double sided design maintains its useful practicality even when hung against a wall; on one side ideas its classy picture frame showcasing a single photograph while the other side reveals its compact and efficient storage facility with multiple clear pockets stored with ease.

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In terms of quality and value, Hidden Treasures Picture Frame With Jewelry Storage offers unbeatable options on both fronts including quite possibly the best balance between cost/value currently available on market today. Its sleek acrylic construction is hard wearing whilst remaining light weight – giving users peace of mind knowing their valuables will be safely stored away without compromising on aesthetics.

Additionally, its easy assembly with no tools required increases the practical appeal even further however if needed replacement parts such as batteries can be sourced easily via many suppliers – keeping your investment safe for years to come.

Shipping & Delivery

The Hidden Treasures Picture Frame with Jewelry Storage is a convenient way to keep items organized and easy to access. It also makes a stylish addition to any room.Shipping and delivery options for the frame are important considerations when purchasing the product. Depending on where you live, delivery times will vary. Generally speaking, delivery time is estimated within 1 – 5 business days depending on the customer’s location from our warehouse.

If you live in a major city such as New York or Los Angeles, standard shipping times range from one to three business days for deliveries within that city region. For states in between-states like Mississippi, Arkansas or Kansas-shipping should take no longer than 3-5 days.

For customers living outside of the U.S., there is an additional transit time that can range from two weeks all the way up to four weeks depending on the country of origin and customs regulations relevant at the time of shipment.

Customers wanting their item sooner can opt for expedited shipping services usually provided by either UPS or FedEx and may result in an additional fee. Expedited services provide more accurate delivery times based upon which service has been chosen (Next Day Air, Standard 2 Day etc). Please note, this speedier service requires full payment upfront and some preordering of certain items (where applicable) may also be required before shipping can commence.

Accessories & Add-Ons

The Hidden Treasures Picture Frame with Jewelry Storage definitely has several accessories and add-ons available. The first available accessory is a selection of different types of frames for the pictures.

Made with quality materials like wood, metal or even bamboo, these frames can be chosen to match the décor of any house or office. All of the frames are design to give the picture a unique look and feel, while also making your picture stand out among other family photos on the wall.

In addition to choosing a frame style, you also have the option to choose from several jewelry holders that come with the frame. These holders can be used to store earrings, necklaces and other small trinkets inside the frame itself.

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Whether you’re looking for an easy way to organize your favorite pieces of jewelry or just want an additional way to decorate your bedroom; these holders will help keep everything organized and looking great all in one convenient storage spot.

Finally, there is an option for engraving a personal message onto the frame itself. This message can be whatever you’d like it to be from something small such as a name or initials all the way up larger phrases and special dedications.

Engravings make for a great way for you to leave lasting memories on this beautiful frame and keep them safe with you forever. With all these accessories and add-ons available, this picture frame is perfect for storing those special memories in both style and function.


The Hidden Treasures Picture Frame With Jewelry Storage is a great product that many people are raving about. Numerous customers have been overjoyed with how much storage space the frame provides, giving them an easy way to store additional jewelry without taking up too much room in their home.

One customer who purchased the frame for their daughter’s bedroom said they were amazed by the amount of space it provided to store her jewelry collection. The customer also loved the fact that not only did it provide a picture frame to display family photos, but it also had compartments inside to store jewelry as well.

Their daughter could now keep all of her favorite pieces conveniently stored and organized in one place while also enjoying pictures of her family and friends above her bed.

Another customer purchased the frame for their bathroom vanity, citing the convenience of having easy access to their everyday items such as necklaces and rings without having to search through a bulky jewelry box. They were very impressed with how neat and tidy everything looked on top of their counter, noting that the stylish design was a great addition to their overall bathroom decor scheme.

In conclusion, The Hidden Treasures Picture Frame With Jewelry Storage is an excellent product that has delighted numerous customers looking for new ways to store and organize small items in their homes. Customers love being able to enjoy personalized photos while also having compartments available to safely store earrings, necklaces, watches, and other miscellaneous items that may normally get lost among the clutter or end up taking up valuable space in traditional jewelry boxes.


The Hidden Treasures Picture Frame with Jewelry Storage is quite unique compared to other frames and jewelry storage products. Many other frames simply come in standard rectangle or square shapes and don’t allow for additional storage space. This frame offers a fresh take on the traditional frame by being easy to set up, beautiful in its design, and allowing you to store jewelry items discreetly underneath the frame.

The frame features a high-gloss lacquer finish that can expand your style choices beyond traditional wood frames. Whether it be placed on the nightstand, dresser, or countertop, this frame takes center stage due to its sleek lines and modern style. Another standout feature is its built-in slots on the back which allows you to create any arrangement of photos that best suits your needs.

Lastly, this hidden treasure also comes with 8 compartments designed as special hiding spots for your favorite jewelry pieces like rings, earrings and bracelets. Never worry about misplacing those small pieces of valuables again because all of your favorite trinkets will be in one safe place underneath the picture frame.

The beauty of this particular product lies in the fact that it allows users to display photos from their life’s journey using a contemporary design while it also doubles as a jewelry organizer so you’ll never have any mess at hand.

Coupon Codes & Offers

The Hidden Treasures Picture Frame with Jewelry Storage is a fashionable product that lets customers store and display their photos while also keeping special jewelry pieces stored safely away. Currently, there are several coupon codes and offers available on this product to help customers save.

The first offer customers can utilize is the online shop discount. Buyers can receive 15% off their purchase when check out for the frame online. This makes it an affordable choice for people shopping within a budget, but still wanting to spoil themselves with a beautiful picture frame that comes complete with its own storage compartment.

Another great offer available to customers of the Hidden Treasures Picture Frame is the complimentary gift-wrapping service. Every order this item goes through includes complimentary gift-wrapping, so shoppers don’t have to worry about spending extra money on making sure their purchases are beautifully wrapped when sent out as a gift to someone special. To use this offer, buyers simply have to select ‘Gift Wrap’ after they add the frame into their cart before checkout.

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Finally, there is also a free shipping code customers can make use of. Any customer who spends over $50 in one purchase will get free shipping on any order containing the Hidden Treasures Picture Frame with Jewelry Storage – no matter where they live or how many other items they buy alongside it.

This makes it easier for those living further away from stores stocking the frame to still be able get hold of one of these stylish frames without worrying about time or cost associated with delivery fees.

Customer Support

The Hidden Treasures Picture Frame With Jewelry Storage offers customers an exceptional level of customer support. This product is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, assuring customers that they are purchasing a quality product.

The customer service team can be contacted via phone or email and are available 7 days a week to answer any questions about the frame’s use or care. In addition, detailed instructions on set up and use can also be found on the product page, providing customers with clear guidance.

To further aid their customers the company has implemented an innovative return policy that ensures satisfaction. If the customer receives their frame and discovers it is damaged, they will refund the purchase price, including shipping costs, no questions asked. They guarantee that customers will be satisfied with the purchase, so customers know they can buy with confidence when purchasing this frame.

Finally, if there’s something more complicated wrong with their product, like not being able to get it out of the box or having difficulty assembling it in its intended shape, help is just a click away. A helpful video tutorial can be found on the company website that explains step-by-step how to assemble and use the frame correctly, providing a second layer of instruction to ensure all goes smoothly with setup and use.

Furthermore, if all else fails or assistance is needed along the way there are live chat options available every day where friendly and knowledgeable representatives are standing by ready to help get your picture frame up and running.


The Hidden Treasures Picture Frame With Jewelry Storage is an incredibly unique and functional product that allows you to store your jewelry discreetly while displaying your favorite photos. This versatile product offers both practical use and decorative appeal, giving you the ultimate organization solution in one beautiful package.

The jewelry box within the picture frame is stylishly designed to easily protect and store your treasures, while hosting up to twenty four of your favorite memories in a convenient 8×10 picture frame. This cleverly designed piece features top grade workmanship with a pristine white finish which will complement any interior décor.

The Hidden Treasures Picture Frame With Jewelry Storage is as useful as it is attractive. The bottom sliding drawer provides generous space for trinkets and keepsakes, making it easy to access all of your prized possessions when you need them. When closed, the jewelry storage is completely hidden from sight, making it safe from unwanted attention. Additionally, its built-in stand adds stability for placement anywhere around the home or office.

If you are looking for an innovative way to showcase precious photos and keep those valuable items secure, this versatile picture frame with hidden storage may be right for you. Tastefully constructed of fine materials backed by a satisfaction guarantee, this gorgeous display case offers unparalleled utility and style while keeping your beloved valuables tidy and close at hand.

From organizing everyday necessities to creating appealing décor accents, the Hidden Treasures Picture Frame With Jewelry Storage has something attractive to offer everyone.