Handmade Jewelry With Gemstones

Handmade jewelry with gemstones is unique as each piece of jewelry is crafted completely by hand to make something that the wearer loves. With such an array of different pieces available, there are several designers who specialize in the craft that they put into their creations. These fine artisans create pieces that are both beautiful and unique.

From necklaces and earrings to bracelets and rings, the designs range from classic styles to more modern looks. Each of them is a treasure to be worn or treasured for years to come.

Tara Hand Made creates extremely detailed jewelry in gold, silver, and copper with accents made from precious stones like amethyst and sapphires. They focus on creating pieces with a unique personality, allowing each stone to shine in its own light. Their patinas are also carefully picked out, making each piece one-of-a-kind. Additionally their mission statement focuses on allowing customers to accessorize their wardrobe with handmade jewelry fit for any occasion or mood they may have.

Another popular designer of handmade jewelry with gemstones is Donny Goode Designs. His work combines elegance meets edginess by offering classic shapes combined with more exotic stones like moonstone or Australian opals.

Furthermore his special “Love Nest” collection using sterling silver chains intertwined hold a variety of semi-precious stones such as fire agate, mother-of pearl and turquoise processed in Arizona would be great accented addition to your style at any event whether it’s a wedding an engagement party or just hosting friends at home for dinner.

Kiko Design NYC takes pride in being one of the few New York City based jewelers creating works that merge originative ideas and high quality materials into perfect handcrafted gems accentuating all kinds of outfits. All pieces crafted exclusively by Kiko Design NYC’s team using natural raw materials such as responsibly sourced gemstones are designed together with recycled 18 karat gold and platinum adding a touch off sustainability therefore promoting ethical fashion tendencies worldwide.

Also their “ Let It Shine ” collection captivates pieces blending rose quartz pink sapphires and rare gold plated obsidian amalgamating traditional techniques along modern design approaches meant for both casual wear or special occasions.

Each one of these designers specializes in creating handmade jewelry with gemstones that can standout so many varieties presents itself due to the differences between their respective works, no matter what fits best you’re certain start off accessorizing everything from daily activities formal meetings jubilant dates or simply getting ready giving common items an extra glamour.

The History of Gemstones

Gemstones have been sought after and used for jewellery since the time of early civilizations. For centuries, people have associated gemstones with spiritual power and symbolism and their use in jewellery is a testament to that. They were worn for luck, protection against evil forces and to make the wearer more attractive. Whether it be an amulet or a talisman, gemstones would often be crafted into intricate designs that showcased their particular luminosity and colour.

The Egyptians used a variety of stones including lapis lazuli, turquoise, emeralds, carnelian, garnet, turbiliscoite (sea-green), amethyst and topaz which were crafted into rustic designs. Gemstone jewellery typically depicted gods or symbols associated with them such as Osiris who was represented by three gemstones: jasper carved in the shape of a beetle, malachite for his green skin and heliotrope for his white beard.

During this era the first crowns adorned with precious gems emerged which became popular among royalty as a sign of prestige.

During archeological excavations from Medieval times period, carved pieces of amber as well as individual stones suggestive of necklaces or chaplets were found inscribed with mythological figures like Hercules, Bacchus or horses carrying chariots drawn by two elephants. Ruby and topaz earrings designed to suspend diadems also featured quite prominently during this era too.

Various rings decorated with cabochon cut chalcedony or sapphires depicting real life situations such as men hunting deer or harvesting grapes to signify abundance were transformed into jewelled artworks portraying these activities through encrustation using precious gems – again showcasing the power of craftsmanship in creating unique pieces setting these cultures apart at the time from others across Europe.

In summary, over many centuries people have sought out rare gems as part of jewellery design opting to incorporate symbolic meanings within its design when possible – creating timeless pieces that are admired today amongst art enthusiasts around the world exuding ancient culture through its unique charm redefined by modern day’s skilful craftsmanship.

Mystical Qualities of Different Gemstones

Gemstones have held a great fascination over human beings from all ages and all cultures. They are thought to possess mystical powers that were used by various ancient civilisations, either to be favoured by divine spirits or to protect them from adverse forces. Every stone has its own unique characteristics which give special properties and power to the wearer.

The Egyptians were amongst the first to recognise the mystical qualities of gemstones and placed large numbers of them in their tombs. Their belief was that if they put gemstones with the dead it will ensure their journey into the afterlife would be protected.

In more recent times, many cultures have believed that different types of stones can assist with personal healing processes and bring about balance in body, mind and spirit.

It is said that aquamarine, for example, carries energies of protection; Emerald is thought to bring luck; Citrine helps financial success; Opal is said to help one find joy and love; Labradorite helps one determine their own spiritual path; Rose quartz enhances compassion, forgiveness and understanding; while Obsidian facilitates courage, creativity and strength of will.

Top Three Benefits of Wearing Gemstone Jewelry

  • It can positively impact physical wellbeing – Wearing gemstone jewelry such as essential oil diffuser necklaces with chakra stones are thought to promote health benefits due to their energetic vibrations
  • It has psychological benefits – People who wear gemstones believe that doing so helps relieve stress, reduces anxiety levels, boosts self confidence levels and calms a troubled soul.
  • It provides an emotional boost – gemstone jewelry traditionally has been used as talismans to ward off adversity, providing emotional comfort during difficult times.

Pros and Cons

Handmade jewelry with gemstones has become increasingly popular over the years, with more artisans producing unique and interesting pieces. There are many advantages to choosing handmade jewelry but it’s also important to consider the potential downsides before you make a purchase. Here is an overview of the pros and cons of handmade jewelry with gemstones.

Making Handmade Jewelry


  • Craftsmanship – Handmade pieces tend to be of higher quality because the craftsmanship is generally superior to that which would be used on mass-produced items.
  • Uniqueness – Many people value handmade jewelry for its one-of-a-kind nature, which allows for pieces that may not be found anywhere else.
  • Value – Handcrafted jewellery often holds its value better than mass-produced items since they will typically have higher resale value.


  • Price – Handmade pieces are usually more costly than those mass produced.
  • Rarity – Because of the uniqueness of handmade pieces, they can sometimes be hard to find or not easy to replicate if needed.
  • Quality Control – It is harder sk have quality control when buying handmade because mistakes can happen in the making processes.

Investment Pieces

When it comes to investment pieces for handmade jewelry with gemstones, buyers should take time to understand the complexities of color, cut, and size when selecting gems. It’s essential to familiarize oneself with the resale market of specific varieties of stones. Additionally, selecting pieces that have antique components or are made by sought-after artisans can help ensure a piece remains valuable over time.

High-quality stones do not necessarily need to be rare or expensive. Certain qualities associated with gemstone cuts often have the ability to add value to a piece.

For example, diamonds might sparkle more if properly cut and often fetch a higher price than those that are of lesser quality. Similarly, the color of certain gems such as garnets, emeralds, sapphires and rubies can add to a piece’s worth and will likely be the deciding factor in the overall price of jewelry containing them.

When it comes to finding gems that could make for an attractive investment piece, research is key. Checking out sites like Etsy or Ebay can be great ways to start researching current trends in gemstone value as well as prices from established sellers who have years of experience in their craft.

Additionally, keeping track of industry news related to gemstone mining and certification can also give educated insight into changes in value due to scarcity or other external factors. Ultimately by understanding how certain handmade jewelry with gemstones is made and how different features may increase or decrease its value over time, buyers will be able to make more informed decisions on which pieces they want acquire in order for them provide returns on what they spent overtime.

Celebrities and Handmade Jewelry with Gemstones

Handmade jewelry with gemstones has become increasingly popular among celebrities, and for good reason. Jewelry made with beautiful gems adds a certain touch of elegance and stand-out design that appeals to the star-struck public. Many celebrity pieces are meticulously crafted to be one-of-a-kind and show off the wearer’s phenomenal style and wealth.

Adding gemstones into handmade jewelry can also tell meaningful stories about an individual or commemorate special moments from their life. With these qualities combined, it’s no wonder why handcrafted pieces with gems have taken over red carpets everywhere.

People around the globe love seeing what new pieces celebrities sport on their outings or award shows, driving celebrities to seeking out new types of accessories they think fans will enjoy. Handcrafted jewelry made with various stones adds a unique statement piece alongside outfits that make the wearer look especially chic and fashionable.

Celebrities have been gracing red carpets for years wearing stunningly designed jewelry created by master jewelers that is done in an array of styles from art deco, a mixture of geometric angles paired with organic shapes, or classic sacred geometry style based on proportions found in nature.

Celebrities often value handmade pieces as much more than just a fashion accessory; many hold special memories attached to certain pieces because they celebrate milestone moments in life such as anniversaries, promotions at work or even births of their children that mean something extra special to them. These emotional qualities make handmade jewelry all the more sought after through its ability to carry sentimentality and also display wealth at the same time.

Professional athletes have even gone so far as to get personalized customized engagement rings set in diamonds created by talented jewelers that signify their sporting teams logos while still maintaining an air of sophistication and luxury we crave from brand names like Cartier or Tiffany & Co.

Overall, handmade jewelry made with gemstones continues to draw everyone’s attention due to its luxuriousness yet personal touch among Hollywood celebrities. With intricate designs filled with intricate craftsmanship, celebs are inspired by these inventive styles which add beauty to every moment worth sharing.

By learning how these gorgeous pieces flatter any outfit while carrying mementos along with them for the wearer – it comes as no surprise why handmade couture has become a must-have on most people’s wish lists.

Design Trends

Handmade jewelry with gemstones is a unique and stunning way to accessorize any look. It is beautiful, timeless and adds an individual flair to any style. There are many different types of gems that can be included in handmade gemstone jewelry, such as gold, silver, diamonds and precious stones. Here are some of the current design trends in handmade jewelry with gemstones:

  1. Statement Pieces: Statement pieces featuring big or unusual shaped gems create a dynamic look. These types of pieces draw attention to the wearer and can really make them stand out from the crowd.
  2. Mix and Match: By mixing several different types of gems together – including semi-precious stones, colored gems, gold and silver – you can create pieces that command attention while remaining subtle.
  3. Chandelier Earrings: Chandelier earrings are becoming increasingly popular because they balance sparkle and color for a truly unique look. These striking earrings feature dangling shapes arranged in tiers or layers.
  4. Layered Jewelry: Layering various gemstones with bar necklaces or Y-shaped chains creates a beautiful effect. Opt for multiple strands for added interest, adding items such as feathers or charms to make each piece truly unique.

When creating handmade jewelry with gemstones there are so many options available that it is impossible to capture them all here in this article. From statement pieces featuring oversized gems to layered necklaces draped with precious stones, your creativity is the only limit when creating something truly special and beautiful. With each piece complete, you will have something that no one else has – an exclusive item created by you that you will treasure for years to come.

DIY Tips

Making your own handmade jewelry with gemstones is a beautiful way to express your creativity and style. Gemstone jewelry pieces have long been associated with luxury, and when you make something yourself, you can add personal touches to make it even more special. There are a few main steps to making jewelry with gemstones that you will need to begin.

  • Choose the Gemstone Materials: Selecting the right gemstone materials for your project is essential to being successful in making your jewelry. Different stones have different strengths and weaknesses and care must be taken to choose the appropriate type of gems, such as pearls or quartz for certain pieces.
  • Planning Your Design: Before beginning your project, sketch out some designs and decide on shapes, colors and other features of the piece that you want it to have.
  • Gems into Pieces: Once the plan is set in place it’s time to break down the giant gemstones into smaller pieces that can be used for creating the design. This stage usually requires special tools, like a diamond saw or grinder.
Houston Handmade Jewelry

Deciding on The Final Look: The next step towards completion is giving shape and color to each small stone so that they can form into your desired jewelry item such as earrings, bracelets etc. This stage requires drilling holes through stones if needed, setting metal findings accordingly and then gluing them together using epoxy glue or cement.

Pieces Need Assembly: At this point all individually crafted pieces should fit together perfectly; however, the entire assemblage needs careful handling so none of the precious stones get broken or pricked. Assemble all of the component parts using strong wire-wrap techniques or pliers for securing clasp or clasps respectively.,

Adding Finishing Touches: Customize by adding ornamental accessories such beads, chains etc., string or clasp them along with any other decorations you may have included in your design Finally, polish off all elements of your handmade jewelry piece so that its surface look attractive because presentation adds up charm in every jewelry design.


People of all ages, backgrounds, and genders who seek out handmade jewelry pieces typically appreciate the look and craftsmanship that accompany striking gemstones. Whether you are looking for a personalized piece of wearable art, or building a collection to celebrate life’s special moments, there is no shortage of options when it comes to handmade jewelry with gemstones.

Where to Shop

  • Local Craft Fairs: Local craft fairs are an ideal place to find one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry with gemstones. Vendors at these events often offer unique items created with specific color palates or culture in mind.
  • Artist-run Studios & Shops: Many professionals in the field of handmade artisan jewelry showcase their work in studios or boutique shops online, providing a breadth of options from contemporary designs to classic pieces.
  • Boutique Jewelry Stores: Boutique stores specialize in carrying unique styles from independent designers and artisans who produce small collections of work. Not only can you get one-of-a-kind pieces but you can also sample items from some larger brands.

Things to Look For When Choosing Handmade Jewelry With Gemstones

When selecting handmade jewelry, it is important to understand the source of the materials used and whether they conflict with ethical practices. Also consider the process in which stones have been set within the metal or other material-as some manufacturers may not have taken necessary precautions to ensure both safe use of equipment and accurate setting techniques.

Quality should be considered regardless if you are just beginning your search for jewellery with gemstones or if you’re already knowledgeable about materials and settings such as prong setting. Finally, use reputable sources wherever possible so that what you purchase stands behind its values regarding quality and ethical practices long after your purchase is made.

Price Range for Handmade Jewelry With Gemstone Pieces

The price range for handcrafted jewellery varies depending on the type of metal used (sterling silver or gold) as well as the type(s) of gemstone(s). Jewellery that features real diamonds will always cost more than those featuring semiprecious stones like turquoise or quartz since those stones are less expensive than synthetic precious stones such as rubies or sapphires.

Other factors such as design complexity will come into play, meaning that two necklaces with similar stones may still vary significantly in terms of price if one features intricate detailing compared with simple design work on another piece. Overall, prices for handmade jewellery can range anywhere between $50 – $500 depending on what type(s) material(s) were used as well as labour involved in producing item itself.


Handmade jewelry with gemstones is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons, both aesthetically and practically. One of the primary benefits is the ability to create your own unique design that is customized specifically for the wearer.

By taking stones of different colors, shapes, and sizes that you are especially fond of and combining them into a beautiful piece of jewelry, it is possible to make something that truly stands out from the rest. The wearer can then currently express their personal style while also making a fashion statement.

Moreover, handmade jewelry with gemstones can also be made in such a way that it has sentimental value for both recipient and gift-giver alike.

A combination of various stones placed together have been seen as having symbolic meaning throughout history; utilizing this knowledge when designing a piece allows it to represent special events or emotions between two people, making it an even more precious and valuable item than just a standard piece of jewelry found commonly at any retail store.

Furthermore, gemstone jewelry can be quite durable as well if treated correctly; depending on the type of stone chosen for particular pieces, they are naturally scratch-resistant which helps in maintaining its youthful appearance despite being worn often.

In addition to their natural hardiness many stones offer additional properties such as spiritual protection or therapeutic healing powers based on historical folklore practiced by certain cultures around the world – these metaphysical lands are now accessible through handmade artistry crafted with various gems and minerals scattered across this planet’s surface.

Allowing people today to experience their powerful effects on mind body energizing overall wellness within oneself.

In conclusion, handmade jewelry with jewels presents an opportunity to connect emotionally with each individual piece; allowing both parties involved (the maker and receiver) feel special due to its uniqueness and deep connections accumulated over time when worn daily or infrequently.

Not only does gemstone jewelry possess aesthetic beauty but also intense physical/spiritual power which goes beyond just tangible adornment – beauty meets strength within these intricately designed creations emboldening one’s spirit in tandem with outward expression strengthening look from within.

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