Handmade Jewelry Seattle

Handmade Jewelry Seattle is a unique art and craft market located in Downtown, Seattle. It offers all sorts of handmade jewelry dedicated to creating, showcasing and selling unique pieces. The jewelry ranges from earrings, necklaces, rings, cufflinks and brooches to bracelets, all crafted by independent artists and makers under the watchful eye of local artisans.

This marketplace is perfect for finding that special gift or those unforgettable bespoke pieces which have been created with the utmost attention to detail and quality. Not only does it provide an endless array of delightful accessories but Handmade Jewelry Seattle also offers something for everyone with market prices ranging from modest to high end.

The Artisans

Handmade Jewelry Seattle has its very own team of artisans who have carefully created modern-day works of art. All pieces are designed with quality as top priority; paying close attention to every detail.

Customers can rest comfortably knowing that these artisan-crafted pieces are made with sustainable materials from recycled gold, silver, copper & wood plus organically sourced materials such as organic cotton & hemp amongst many other ecofriendly resources. As a result each piece will stand the test of time and be treasured for years to come.


Visiting the Handmade Jewelry Seattle market should be a delightful experience where customers discover something new or stumble on cult classics that they love at each visit – allowing them to indulge in favorite finds without ever settling for mass produced jewelry bought at a chain store. Furthermore buyers also benefit from engaging directly with the artists behind their selections; learning first hand about their process as well as any stories related to each individual item offered on site.

In this way patrons gain an innovative shopping experience like no other giving them a chance to meet their creators face-to-face ultimately coming away feeling connected rather than just seeing another product off the shelf.

History of Handmade Jewelry Seattle

A short while ago, the city of Seattle was home to several small handmade jewelry stores that catered to a select few buyers and limited resources. These stores were mainly frequented by people seeking unique and beautiful pieces for celebratory events or for everyday use. Although these handmade jewelry shops all crowded around a few humble locations, their reach soon spread through the town and beyond.

Eventually, more and more stores were popping up around Seattle dedicated to providing quality craftsmanship at an affordable price. People from all over the area sought out these stores for their quirky designs and dedicated service.

The growth of Handmade Jewelry Seattle accelerated in the early 2000s as more attention was being paid to traditional jewelries. Local designers began making products to meet an increased demand from buyers, who wanted pieces that married modern aesthetics while still holding onto an ancient charm.

They found success in discovering hidden gems among antique and vintage pieces which they brought back to life through their own craftsmanship. As many of these artisanal shops moved into larger businesses in recent years, they continue uphold the tradition of selling truly individualized jewelry designs which are often connected with strong historical or cultural backgrounds.

Today, Handmade Jewelry Seattle is not only still very much alive but continues growing just like it did so many decades ago in the city’s first shops of its kind. Decades of dedicated artisans have created an array of monotonelity-breakig pieces utilizing diverse materials such as metals and stones instead of synthesizing from imported sources as is found in more contemporary designs.

Whether collected strictly for archival purposes or simply enjoyed one by one, these truly make-it-yourself items allow customers to connect with personalized keepsakes that will last well into future generations.

Different Styles of Handmade Jewelry Popular in Seattle

Handmade jewelry has long been popular in Seattle due to its unique beauty and creativity. Handcrafted items have a certain charm that comes with wearing something personalized and original. Whether it is colorful beads, textured metals, or glimmering crystals, handmade pieces provide an aesthetic experience valued by many people in Seattle.

Each piece tends to be unique with its own detailed characteristics, evoking emotions ranging from serenity to excitement. For the individual wearer, they represent a little piece of themselves that can be shared with the world.

One popular style of handmade jewelry in Seattle is bohemian-inspired jewelry. These crafted items are often bright and earthy as well as showy.

They feature organic materials such as wood and clay alongside glass beads, feathers, coins, and charms to create intricate designs that evoke the “vibe” of the Pacific Northwest. There is no one-size-fits-all style when it comes to this type of handmade jewelry; some pieces are more modern and minimalistic while others may incorporate vintage elements for a distinct look.

Another popular style of handmade jewelry in Seattle is statement pieces featuring semi-precious stones such as jasper and agate which are used for their bold colors and textures to create large attention grabbing necklaces or earrings. These usually provide a subtle yet powerful look that transitions easily from casual daytime activities to a night out on the town.

Handmade Clay Jewelry

The artisan may add additional detailing such as oxidation or wire wrapping for an even bolder impact. Silver chains are also commonly used for added texture and contrast when designing these types of eye-catching accessories.

Finally, resinated buttons adorned with rhinestones or Swarovski crystals make up another style of fashionable handmade jewelry common throughout Seattle’s craft markets and boutiques. Buttons come in many shapes, sizes, colours and styles with an endless array of possibilities available for customizing your piece through either DIY projects or professional artisans depending on your budget and ideas on what you want your finished product to look like.

Overview of Popular Handmade Jewelry Artists in the Seattle Area

There are many incredible handmade jewelry artists in the Seattle area creating beautiful and unique pieces. From simple and elegant earrings to dramatic statement necklaces, the vast selection of jewelry available to Seattle fashionistas covers a wide range of styles, prices and quality. Among the most popular handmade jewelry artists in Seattle is Eliza Searle Designs.

This local business specializes in one-of-a-kind handmade sterling silver necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Searle uses traditional metalsmithing techniques to create intricate pieces enhanced with precious stones like rubies, topaz and diamonds. Customers looking for something truly special can commission a custom design with unique elements like calligraphy as part of their look.

Another popular jewelry artist in the Seattle area is Hawker Jewelry. Inspired by nature and Pacific Northwest culture, designer Amy Bullard creates contemporary pieces based on folklore from different cultures around the world.

Bullard works mostly in gold or sterling silver but often adds texture such as sparkles or tiny stars to her designs for added interest. In addition to creating everyday stylish jewelry that is also made for wearing as evening wear, this business also offers distinctive Celtic crosses crafted from antique coins from around Europe and commissioned engagement rings set with high quality gemstones or pearls.

For those searching for bold statement jewels at an affordable price point there’s Olympia Collection by Adrienne Wonster Designs. Wonter combines unexpected materials like cork fabric along with brass and high quality glass beads to make beautiful creations – often featuring clusters of playful characters like mermaids alongside more understated geometric shapes – all perfectly fit for royalty.

The collection includes earrings as well as chunky necklace/bracelets ensembles made with light weight clay backing which makes them very comfortable when worn all day long. These lightweight pieces easily transition into evening events making them a great choice for working professionals who want something they can take from day to night while still looking its best.

Shopping for Handmade Jewelry in Seattle

If you are looking for handmade jewelry in Seattle, you will find a variety of excellent options. Seattle is home to a huge range of local designers who specialize in creating unique and beautiful pieces.

Whether you’re looking for necklaces, earrings, rings, or bracelets these artisans have something just right for any budget and taste. Shopping for handmade jewelry in Seattle can also be quite rewarding as they often produce limited edition pieces using locally sourced materials such as amber and silver.

When searching for the perfect piece of handmade jewelry in Seattle, it is important to consider the level of quality you desire. These artisans use special techniques that set their products apart from those found at most stores, like hand engraving each piece with exquisite designs.

The metals used are usually heavier than what is found in costume jewelry and the beads are generally semi-precious stones or even fossilized ivory which can include turquoise and topaz among others. Browsing through them can be a unique experience as many come from around the world due to their connections coordinated by various trade shows attended by designers from every corner of the globe.

You should also inquire about customization options that some Handmade Jewelry Seattle designers offer upon request to make your piece distinctively yours and stand out from the crowd. With skilled artisans crafting custom pieces every day, there’s no telling what fascinating creations they could come up with using your ideas paired with their expertise.

Customized design styles may include personalized engraving and embossing on rings or adding birthstones to an existing necklace pattern, anything you could dream up. They often take pride in these unique collaborations with their customers and it’s an exciting way to add a personal flare to your jewel collection.

How to Create Your Own Handmade Jewelry in Seattle

Creating your own handmade jewelry in Seattle can be a rewarding experience. Whether it’s a fun hobby to fill up your free time or you’re looking to develop a fullfledged business, learning the ropes of handmade jewelry crafting is an exciting and fascinating journey. Before you take your new passion to the next level, here are a few pointers to help get started.

First, research equipments and materials necessary for making homemade jewelry. There are numerous websites that offer DIY kits that have all the essentials included but if you prefer to purchase items in larger quantities, this can often be done at most craft stores in town.

Depending on what type of project you intend to make, some necessary tools may include needle-nose pliers, round nose pliers, snips and wire cutters. Investigate what types of wirework and additional components work best for each specific technique and make sure that everything is good quality before purchasing them.

Bozkurt Handmade Jewelry and Accessories

Second, familiarize yourself with safety procedures associated with making handcrafted jewelry. It’s always important to use proper safety precautions when dealing with small objects as you will be using sharp tools and potentially hazardous products like paints or glues.

Always handle components with caution and store them in safe places away from children or pets that could easily reach them. Furthermore, practice good hygiene habits such as wearing gloves while handling beads or gemstones and never breathing in any kind of dust particles generated by cutting metal wires or sawing pieces of wood.

Third, sign up for courses in a local university or creative workshop classes provided by skilled professionals in order to gain better understanding on the technical aspects of design. Learning traditional technique through literature comes second because having someone guide you along is more beneficial than experimenting trial-and-error methods at home (which could result in wasted materials).

Connecting with artistic circles provides an essential opportunity for exchanging knowledge within this particular area of expertise. Participating in jewelry designs challenges also helps significantly expand skillset faster than self-teaching produces results in a much smaller amount of time.

Tips on Taking Care of Your Handmade Jewelry

Taking care of your handmade jewelry is an important part of keeping them in good condition for years to come. Here are some tips for properly taking care of your handmade jewelry from Seattle.

The first thing that you should do is always store it properly when not wearing it. Soft materials such as silk or velvet should be used to wrap the jewelry in and store it away from other pieces to help protect it from scrapes and scratches. Keeping jewelry in a humid-free location can also help prevent water damage, which is especially important if you live in a humid climate like Seattle.

Before wearing handmade jewelry, inspect it thoroughly for any loose stones or weak settings so that they can be fixed before putting stress on them while wearing. This could save the piece later since fixing these components will be more expensive than taking the time to check beforehand.

Avoid using harsh chemicals while cleaning your pieces as they can cause discoloration or weakening of metals and gemstones depending on what materials were used to create the item. Instead, opt for jewelry cleaner specifically made for antique and vintage pieces that don’t use harsh chemicals.

One of the most important things you can do for your handmade jewelry is have its components inspected at least once a year by a professional jeweler with experience working with vintage pieces. They may find minor issues like broken soldering points or loosened prongs that should be fixed before they become major problems – making this service more cost effective than dealing with costly repairs down the road due to negligence when caring for handmade jewelry from Seattle.

List of Stores Selling Handmade Jewelry in Seattle

Seattle, Washington is known for its high-quality handmade jewelry. From the signature charms of local artist Mimi Choate to the finely crafted pieces of Crystal Janes or Aeternum Jewelry, there is something amazing waiting to be discovered in Seattle. Whether you want something modern or vintage-inspired, each of these stores has something special to offer.

Mimi Choate: Step into Mimi Choate’s store and be transported into a fairytale world full of intricate charms and bold statement pieces. The Charmed Necklace features a sturdy sterling silver chain intertwined with various charms such as roses, feathers, horseshoes and dreamcatchers that will never go out of style. Her items are handmade in her Rainier Beach studio so each piece is unique and sure to catch attention when worn.

Crystal Janes: Ever wanted your jewelry to feel like it was made just for you? Look no further then Crystal Janes. Her custom designs take the latest trends and interpret them into delicate artistic statements that showcases her Puget Sound roots. From luxurious amethyst earrings to lustrous tourmaline bracelets, this must-visit shop has it all.

Aeternum Jewelry: Founded by local designer Daena Bee, Aeternum Jewelry believes in creating beautiful baubles inspired by nature and meaningful symbols from around the world. The Wild Things collection pays homage to our natural habitat by transforming small feathers into magnificent one-of-a-kind necklaces. For those looking for something more modern yet still elegant contact Aeternum for their signature Jagged Edge line – delicate diamonds paired perfectly with ebony wood for the perfect nighttime glow.

Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or hoping to upgrade your own jewelry collection, each handmade treasure from these amazing shops is guaranteed to spark joy with every wear. So don’t delay – stop by any one of these celebrated Seattle stores today.