Handmade Gold Jewelry Artist Florida Eagle

Florida Eagle is a unique handmade gold jewelry artist located in Florida. Established in 2019, the business specializes in creating beautiful custom jewelry designs inspired by nature using sterling silver and high-quality gemstones. Florida Eagle has grown to become known for its attention to detail and delicately crafted pieces that perfectly capture the beauty of nature’s elements.

What truly stands out is the level of artistry and passion put into each individual piece – every necklace, bracelet, ring or earring is designed with care and made with love from start to finish. As such, reviews from those who have had the privilege of owning something from Florida Eagle have always been full of glowing praises for their products.

Just take a look at these kinds of reviews left by customers on Florida Eagle’s website: “My necklace exceeded my expectations. It was beautifully packaged and quite heavy for its size which I appreciate an idea that must have taken time craftsmanship.” Or this one: “I received my bracelet today and couldn’t be more pleased. The workmanship flawless. I am amazed at the beauty it exudes. Thank you.”

One feature that really stands out in Florida Eagles reviews are customers pointing out the helpfulness, patient communication skills, quality control, attentiveness to details as well as overall kindness of designer Rachel Powell – all attributes that contribute to a quality customer experience when people shop with them.

Customers also often mention how they were able to choose materials they liked or adjustments they might need on an item – adjusting length, swapping stone shades etc.,this personalized approach often gives shoppers peace of mind knowing that details are not overlooked when crafting these delicate pieces.

Additionally,and perhaps most importantly customers constantly point out how enthusiastic Rachel is about her craft which is reflected in their interactions with her – this creates an atmosphere where shoppers can feel safe and confident when making purchase decisions from her store. Coupled with her ability to create custom pieces from scratch , it’s no wonder why people come back over-and-over again looking for new things to add to their collections.

Cultural Connections

The handmade gold jewelry of artist Florida Eagle is the perfect embodiment of her cultural background. From the ancient Mayan and Aztec designs to the sacred symbols that carry traditional meanings, each piece tells a story or highlights a theme reflective of her personal cultural heritage.

Through these wearable works of art, this talented jeweler offers an immersive insight into her culture and traditions, inviting admirers of her jewelry around the world to join in her exploration of these stories and themes.

One example is Florida Eagle’s use of both Mayan and Aztec symbols in many pieces she creates. Featuring palettes reminiscent of the serene beauty unique to those regions, she expertly crafts intricate earrings, pendants, rings, bangles and chokers that honor legendary warriors, important dates from tribal history and even create a spiritual connection with sacred spaces from her home region.

All evoke powerful feelings of connection to one’s history by providing special insight into historical events that today seem both mysterious yet somehow deeply familiar.

In addition to showcasing ancient aesthetics and symbolism in tangible form, Florida Eagle elevates each piece with lush textures in both silver and gold metals as well as feathered luxury materials like jadeite. Accessories made while considering old religious concepts such as luck and fortune become contemplative touchstones for those seeking peace or adventure through the harmonious forms they represent on their journey to fulfillment.

With endless layers of meaning weaved together through examples drawn from myths tales told by sages throughout millennia, this artisan invites us all to discover something new every time we hold one of our favorite pieces in our hands.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Florida Eagle is a rising jewelry business known for their unique and handmade gold pieces. What many customers don’t realize, though, is that this business also focuses on sustainability and eco-friendly practices during the production process. From the very beginning of production, Florida Eagle makes sure to implement these techniques with the ultimate goal of protecting our planet.

One of the primary ways that Florida Eale does this is by sourcing sustainably mined raw materials for their products. Using recycled gold not only reduces the amount of new gold needed to meet production standards-it also ensures that these precious metals are ethically sourced directly from smaller mines with sustainable operations, rather than larger industrial ones which can be damaging to the environment.

All this begins at the start of each product’s life cycle-a cycle so carefully monitored by Florida Eagle that it even surpasses regulatory compliance to become one in service of sustainability.

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Beyond just sourcing operations, Florida Eagle takes ethics into account when creating their finished pieces as well; all jewelry components such as polished stones have been scrutinized against growing global enrichment criteria, preventing conflict minerals from entering within any aspect of their process.

In addition to this strict adherence to ethical production protocols, this company also guarantees traceability throughout their supply chain – always making it easier for clients to find out where exactly their items have come from and making sure none were illegally acquired in any manner.

These practices show just how committed Florida Eagle is when it comes to protecting our planet through great environmental stewardship – being conscious in every step they take and using resources responsibly. Through timely policies and initiatives, they guarantee an array of visually beautiful yet also environmentally friendly products – ending any consumer’s search for ethically and eco-friendly stunning jewelry pieces.


Florida Eagle is an incredible gold jewelry designer based in the south of Florida. He is a master of his craft and has been creating stunning pieces for many years with serious dedication and passion for the art of goldsmithing. Every piece that he designs reflects his distinct style, from delicate filigree work to bold modern designs.

Since starting out, Florida Eagle has established himself in the goldsmithing industry as one of the most talented and creative artists around. He works closely with a team of experts at every step of production – from concept and design to fabrication and setting – to ensure each piece meets his exact standards. His attention to detail means that no two pieces are ever the same, making them highly sought-after collector’s items.

For those who are interested in learning more about what goes on behind-the-scenes at Florida Eagle’s studio, there are several fascinating sources of information available online. From documentaries featuring interviews with Florida Eagles colleagues, to instructional videos demonstrating specific techniques used in making his pieces, these provide unparalleled insight into this master craftsman’s work system and philosophy.

In addition, once you’ve gained an understanding of his approach, you can also follow him on various social media platforms which offer daily glimpses into his workshops onsite processes as he creates each unique item. Here, you can observe an artist at work from start to finish and get an authentic view into his world as he skillfully blends craftsmanship and artistry in every exquisite piece he produces.

In-Depth Interview

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Florida Eagle continues to create beautiful, handmade jewelry. A veteran of the U.S. Army, Florida decided to pursue their passion for artistry after returning to civilian life and has been an artisan ever since.

When asked what led them down this path, Florida cited a mystic experience they had at age 16 which opened their eyes to the possibilities that living a creative lifestyle offered. It was then that they realized they could use their hands, creativity and unique vision to bring something unique and special into the world: handcrafted jewelry.

With only experience in traditional oil painting under their belt, the decision was daunting at first. But with determination and patience, Florida slowly mastered all of the skills required for working with precious metals and gems; from shaping intricate pieces of gold or silver, to picking out colorful gemstones – all culminating in stunning wearable works of art.

The effects this creative pursuit has had on Florida’s life are difficult to overstate; through art-making they have discovered an inner strength and newfound sense of purpose which radiates into all aspects of their life as well as that of those around them. Featuring intricate engravings or meaningful symbols depending on what suits each individual piece best – every item feels highly personal regardless of who it’s created for.

From providing meaningful gifts for friends & family during special occasions, creating entirely bespoke pieces at the request of clients – one thing remains clear throughout: none of those involved could imagine life without such captivatingly beautiful works existing within it.

Creative Collaborations

Florida Eagle is an independent artist who creates exquisite handmade gold jewelry from his home in Melbourne, Australia. He previously evaluated as a diamond grader and specialised in appraisals before delving into the field of jewelry design, mastering the craft over the past ten years. Aside from selling his own creations, he has also partnered up with other artists and businesses to collaborate on projects that have furthered their mutual development.

For example, Florida Eagle collaborated with a renowned Atlanta-based gem expert to create a series of statement rings featuring large sapphire centerpieces with diamond accents. Developing these designs necessitated patience, skill, and an eye for detail since both partners had to make sure that their vision translated into each piece’s quality of workmanship.

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In addition to this project, Florida Eagle also partnered with local specialists across Europe and North America to create unique custom jewellery pieces sourced from conflict-free diamonds. This was a novel concept at the time which further cemented his professional reputation.

Partnering with diverse professionals has enabled Florida Eagle to reach new markets and grow their audience while still maintaining focus on beautiful aesthetics and high-end craftsmanship. Each collaboration not only adds another layer of creativity but stands as testament that talent and experience can push boundaries when it works together hand in hand.

As such, these opportunities have been instrumental in helping him bring his brand out of obscurity and into national recognition simply by offering something extra special for those looking for more than just another commodities shop jewelry store could offer them.

Offering Resource Opportunities

Gold jewelry artists have countless opportunities to further their craft, regardless of their Gold jewelry experience. Florida Eagle offers many different options for artisans to explore. First and foremost, it offers a great selection of materials that can be tailored to any aspiring designer’s needs.

From gold, silver, titanium and more, these materials provide any goldsmith the tools necessary to create his or her own unique pieces. For those needing help with the design process, Florida Eagle also provides tooling kits and classes to teach budding enthusiasts the basics of making beautiful jewelry out of high-grade metals.

For those looking to network with others in the industry, Florida Eagle hosts multiple events and shows each year where artists can meet up and share ideas with one another–not to mention show off new designs or techniques they’ve developed themselves. It’s not just conversations either–classes and workshops are offered throughout various towns as well as online access offering detailed instructions on how to make intricate items.

All of this help can serve as a great starting point on how to hone your skills in goldsmithing while also putting you into contact with other helpful professionals who can provide expert advice or resources such as other outlets to purchase quality materials from.

For the novice looking for some guidance on their journey into goldsmithing, Florida Eagle certainly provides numerous pathways for success. In addition to providing materials necessary for crafting exquisite jewelry pieces, it also provides an environment for connecting with experienced peers along with informative workshops and classes that give insight on various methods used in creating custom products.

With all these resources available at hand there is no limit what any eager artist could accomplish once they get started and begin crafting their own beautiful handmade gold pieces.

Show and Tell Videos

Florida Eagle has been creating beautiful handcrafted gold jewelry for decades, making bespoke pieces for an ever-growing customer base. His expertise and craftsmanship are renowned throughout the industry; many of his designs have made their way onto the wrists and necks of some of the world’s most famous people.

This knowledge base of so many years spent perfecting each detail has resulted in a truly one-of-a-kind experience when it comes to purchasing or experiencing his jewelry.

To share this invaluable insight into their craft with a wider audience, Florida Eagle creates show and tell videos that capture their unique style, attention to detail, and reason behind every piece they create. These videos are presented in a live format, allowing viewers to both observe and communicate directly with Florida Eagle as they describe what inspired them to create the piece being showcased as well as how it was made.

The added interactive element makes these rich visual experiences all the more real – as if Florida Eagle is there in person.

The goal of these pieces is not only to provide education on Florida Eagle’s craft but also to inspire viewers while giving insight into the process they use to create their stunning pieces. Furthermore, these videos further highlight their commitment to sustainability; not only do they strive to ensure ethical sourcing during production but also work with customers looking to purchase damaged or gently used items rather than buying new pieces altogether as part of their upcycling efforts.

This helps reduce waste while also providing access to beautiful and message driven jewelry pieces at affordable prices with no compromise on quality or beauty.

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