Good Place To Sell Handmade Jewelry

There are plenty of benefits to selling handmade jewelry in today’s market. Not only is it a creative and enjoyable way to make a living, but it’s also an opportunity to showcase original designs and one-of-a-kind pieces to the world.

With an increase in popularity for luxury fashion items, there is no better time than now to start selling your handmade jewelry. By entering the marketplace with unique, eye catching pieces, you will stand out against the more prevalent mass produced items on the market.

Knowing Where To Sell When it comes to deciding where to sell your handmade jewelry items, you can either choose an online or offline presence. However before setting up shop, it’s important to ascertain which method offers you the most potential for success.

If you prefer reaching out directly with your customers, then perhaps popping up at local markets or craft fairs is a good option for you. Create interesting display stands and ensure that you have plenty of stock in different styles and sizes so as not to disappoint customers asking for specific items.

Alternatively, if you would prefer catering specifically towards certain tastes or niche markets, then setting up an online store may be a better choice. You can customize content depending on geography or trends in buying behavior and design attractive product images that highlight exactly what each customer will get when purchasing any item from your store.

With both options available,.connecting with potential customers and developing relationships with them should be just as essential as marketing the products themselves which bring us neatly onto our next subject Creating Awareness While having quality products is paramount when selling handmade jewelry – having ways of letting people know about them goes hand in hand with any successful business model.

Utilizing social media channels such as Instagram stories or Facebook ads are huge for promoting new pieces or exclusive sales events that generate interest among those wishing purchase some of your special products. As well as this, collaborations with other brands in complementary areas like fashion allows widening audiences, leading potentially more sales conversions in return.

Ultimately these strategies prove very helpful when it comes building followership as this type of reach helps strengthen brand awareness while simultaneously helping to boost profits too.

Common Selling Platforms

  • Etsy – Etsy is one of the most popular platforms for selling handmade jewelry. Pros include: ready access to a worldwide customer base, a direct payment system available so you can get compensated quickly for your work, and the ability to customize your shop’s look and feel. On the detriments side, there are lots of competing sellers, which can limit visibility, as well as fees that reduce profit margins.
  • Amazon Handmade – Amazon Handmade offers a different experience on its platform than Etsy in many ways. Pros include: easily link to Amazon customers already shopping for handmade products, promoting on Amazon’s other online marketplaces such as Prime memberships and Free Shipping options becoming available may result in higher sales.

    Cons: no ability to create stores with unique branding or design them according to your preferences plus due to its popularity there is also a lot competition making it hard for small businesses to get noticed.

  • Instagram – Using Instagram is another route for selling handmade jewelry. The pros include: potential for more focused outreach since customers typically search their area while looking for what you offer; integration of media like pictures and videos that help promote your product; low cost model compared to other platforms; easy way to offer discounts to followers.

    As drawbacks though, users must find their own way to process payments and handle customer transactions safely as well as any issues related with shipping products.

Recommended Platforms for Selling Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry is a unique and cherished item. Creating your own pieces can be fulfilling both creatively and financially. But without an audience, it is hard to make a successful career selling handmade jewelry. Here are some great options for finding prospective buyers and selling your jewelry:

  • Online Marketplaces
  • Etsy
  • Your Own Website
  • Social Media
  • Art/Craft Fairs or Local Events

Online Marketplaces Online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay or Etsy provide the perfect platform for people to find handmade items like jewelry. These sites are designed specifically for selling products, making it easy to list and track orders, and providing customers with an efficient way of shopping. It’s important to note that many online marketplaces charge seller fees so it’s important to read the terms carefully before signing up.

In addition to these sites, there are also multiple social media applications designed specifically for buying and selling goods locally (e.g., Facebook Marketplace or LetGo). Regardless of the platform you choose, it’s a great way to reach potential customers from all over the world.Etsy Etsy is one of the most popular platforms for handmade products and artisans. It offers an easy setup process allowing sellers to quickly create a store for their items.

When creating your shop on Etsy consider options such as including images of your finished products; offering custom pieces for those interested in personalizing their order; inputting details regarding size, materials used etc. ; listing prices and shipping costs; along with providing refunds when needed. Utilizing features such as tags/keywords will ensure more customers see your listings when searching Etsy.

Additionally taking part in relevant promotions on site raises awareness of your shop. Furthermore comment moderation provides an opportunity to interact directly with customers which can result in more sales.

Designing a Professional Website and Attractive Product Images

Designing a professional website is essential for selling handmade jewelry. You want to make sure that the website reflects the quality of your jewelry and communicates the story behind your work. Visually attractive images should be used on the website to let potential customers view your pieces clearly, include product information so they know exactly what they are buying, and present purchasing options that make transactions secure and easy.

Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

When creating your website, it’s important to select an effective hosting provider. Look for a web hosting company that provides great technical support and reasonable fees for services such as data storage, file transfers, email services, domain registration, and web design features. Quality customer service should always be at the top of your priority list when looking for a hosting provider since any issues or problems with the site can derail sales in a hurry.

Advertising Your Site

Once you have created an appealing website with thoughtfully-crafted and well-stocked product pages, you need to begin marketing it. Using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or other platforms is one effective method of achieving this goal. Utilizing high quality photos with detail of each handmade piece will draw attention in today’s diverse online marketplace.

You should also consider paid search engines such as Google AdWords which allow you to place ads for specific products or keywords at the top of searches conducted by potential customers. In addition to placing ads on search engines, participating in online auctions may be beneficial in attracting more target customers for handmadejewelry items.

Promoting Your Business

Advertising your handmade jewelry business is an important part of running a successful business. Without the right knowledge and techniques for advertising, it can be hard to get your creations to the right people. Here are some advertising strategies that can help you market your unique designs.

Utilize Social Media

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr are great ways to display your work and reach out to potential customers. Creating a page dedicated to showcasing your handmade jewelry designs gives potential buyers an easy and convenient way to stay up-to-date on new products and promotions.

When you post images of your pieces, include hashtags in the caption so they show up when people search for related topics. You can create different hashtags for different types of pieces or promotions; this will make it easier for someone looking for something specific such as “statement earrings” or “discounted necklace” to find what they’re looking for quickly.

Local Advertising

Local newspapers can also be a great place to promote your business. Buy an ad space and include images of beautiful shots of your jewelry along with other details such as where you sell them (online or at fairs) and contact information.

This will attract the attention of local customers who may be interested in buying from their own community members instead of ordering from overseas sellers on online platforms such as Amazon or Etsy. Additionally, if you have upcoming shows or fairs in town, consider using a billboard or poster printing service to spread word around about them too.

Email Campaigns

Gaining email addresses from potential customers is one great way to advertise your handmade jewelry business continuously without spending money every time you want to do it. Send relevant emails regularly with news about product updates, exclusive deals, previews on upcoming collections, etcetera – this way clients can always keep an eye out when there is something new from you without having them actively searching through social media every day.

It also allows clients who have already purchased from you before remind them that others like their purchases too so they will still come back in the future if they need more accessories.

Taking Advantage of Social Media

One of the most effective ways to sell handmade jewelry is by taking advantage of the power of social media platforms. Social media provides a wide range of options for promoting handmade jewelry, with a little bit of effort and consideration for the various target markets out there. Here are just a few ideas on how to effectively leverage social media:

  • Instagram: With Instagram, you can post your own photos of the jewelry you create and even collaborate with influencers in your niche to promote specific products. You can also use hashtags and stories to get creative with your content.
  • Facebook: Make sure that your business has an active presence on Facebook; utilize advertisement campaigns, promotional posts, share other people’s content, or invite users to join in activities associated with your business.
  • Pinterest: This is a great platform to showcase images of what you make. Take advantage of the popularity of Pinterest boards by using them as visuals for what you offer.

The key here is that all these channels are two-way streets – meaning that you should not only focus on trying to sell your goods but also strive towards building relationships with potential customers and creating conversations around your products. Participate regularly on social platforms like Twitter by sharing valuable content related to topics relevant to your industry, respond promptly and kindly when someone reaches out for help or information about one piece or another. This will solidify customer loyalty.

Another great way to reach new customers is through blogging – popular blog feature articles can provide an additional source for potential buyers who find themselves searching relevant keywords online. Utilize SEO best practices when writing a blog if possible so that your content has better chances of ranking well in search results; this will make it easier for people interested in handmade jewelry find you.

Lastly, link back from an article’s URL or text snippets back to both individual items in stock as well as other blog articles on related topics – this will be helpful in expressing the scope and extent of both what you make as well as valuable information consumers may need before buying from you.

Doing Research and Monitoring the Marketplace

Selling handmade jewelry can be an immensely rewarding experience; however, sellers must do their due diligence by researching the market and monitoring trends before diving in. There are several considerations a jewelry maker must make to ensure that they are prepared:

  • Branding – How will your work stand out from the crowd? How will you cultivate a recognizable brand identity?
  • Target Market – Who will your target market be? How do you intend to reach them?
  • Material Sources – Where does the raw material come from? What is the quality of each source?
  • Finishing Processes – Are there any processes that need involving before each piece is sold (e.g. polishing, cleaning, coating)?

Once these questions have been addressed it is time to start looking for platforms to sell on. Popular avenues include Etsy and eBay, with smaller capabilities such as Shopify and Big Cartel catering towards smaller operations.

Potential sellers should investigate these platforms thoroughly – there may be limits on quantity or types of items available, along with rates for featured listings or advertising boosting certain pieces above others. That said, each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses; some specialize in certain types of products while others prioritize customer service; research needs to be done to recognize which platforms best fit a new seller’s needs.

Before listing any items for sale it is recommended for sellers to thoroughly review taxation laws in relation to tax collection and reporting. Depending on the state/country one resides in there may be requirements concerning licensing or collecting sales taxes. It is important not to fall afoul of local laws related to taxation as this can potentially result in legal ramifications apart from general financial loss of profits through overpayment of taxes.

Platforms also have policies regarding photography – often requiring higher resolutions or specific formatting when showcasing product images. Understanding what types of photographs work best with each platform increases chances for success when crafting beautiful product listings – boosting visibility which leads on to increased sales conversions.


When starting a handmade jewelry business, it’s important to remember that success will depend on reaching the right market. If your products are targeted to the wrong market, word of mouth might spread quickly but the demand for the product won’t be there.

It is recommended to conduct market research before deciding where to sell the jewelry and create a plan for dealing with supply and demand. The best places to sell handmade jewelry include physical stores, online shops, and craft fairs.

In addition to finding the right market for selling handmade jewelry, it is critical for sellers to create an inventory system that tracks current orders and crafts in progress. This allows sellers to connect with customers who have placed orders so they can provide updates on estimated delivery times.

Inventory systems also allow sellers to know when they need additional supplies or materials in order to fulfil future orders. Managing this data correctly is essential in running a successful handmade jewelry business as it ensures that customers receive their orders in a timely manner while ensuring profits remain consistent.

Finally, marketing strategies play an important role in promoting and selling handmade jewelry. Advertising options such as social media platforms, paid ads, and partnerships with influencers are all excellent ways of introducing potential customers to a brand’s products. By properly utilizing these marketing opportunities and getting creative about promotions, sellers can extend their reach and gain more leads which often leads into more sales for their businesses.

Understanding the marketplace, managing an accurate inventory system, and utilizing promotional tools are key components of any successful handmade jewelry business. With thorough research beforehand coupled with excellent customer service practices such as providing updates about delivery times, sellers can increase their chances of making a profitable income from their one-of-a-kind creations.

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