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1. John and Mary had been searching for the perfect engagement ring for months but were always running into dead ends. After visiting Golden State Jewelry, they found the perfect setting that combined both of their personalities and styles perfectly and they began planning their wedding soon after.

2. Natalie wanted a beautiful necklace to commemorate a special accomplishment but wasn’t sure what style she was looking for. She stopped by Golden State Jewelry where their helpful staff walked her through all of their available designs, helping her discover the perfect necklace to recognize her special milestone.

3. Emily had always dreamed of finding an intricate antique bracelet for herself as a personal gift but was having trouble finding the right one until she stepped into Golden State Jewelry’s showroom and saw the perfect piece that matched her style exactly.

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At Golden State Jewelry on South Hill Street in Los Angeles, we want to hear from our customers! We invite all of our visitors to share their stories, photos, and experiences with us when they come into the store. Whether you found a great necklace to celebrate a special occasion or just wanted to browse around, tell us your story! You can post your photos and stories directly on our website or social media pages. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Golden State Jewelry on South Hill Street in Los Angeles offers several current promotions and discounts for customers. Customers can receive 20% off their first purchase of jewelry when they sign up for our mailing list. They can also enjoy a 10% discount when they refer a friend to our store. Finally, we offer a 15% discount to members who join our rewards program. All of these promotions come with certain terms and conditions; please speak to one of our friendly staff members at the store or visit our website to learn more.

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Golden State Jewelry, located in South Hill Street of Los Angeles, is surrounded by a plethora of interesting attractions. If visitors are looking for a great restaurant to take their special someone out for a night, the nearby Gioia Ristorante & Vino is renowned for delicious Italian dishes, freshly made pasta and excellent wines. For those looking for mesmerizing views, The Griffith Observatory is just a few minutes away offering awe-striking scenes of downtown LA, the Hollywood Sign and the Pacific Ocean. After taking in the stunning panoramas from there, visitors can also tour the stunning grounds of Greystone Mansion & Gardens to get an insight of the lives wealthy LA citizens lead during the early 1900s. Lastly, at night, stop by Café del Sol’s outdoor patio area to savor specialty cocktails beneath twinkling lights while listening to live music.