Gold Jewelry Findings Supplies


Gold findings supplies are essential components of jewelry making. Gold findings are small pieces of jewelry that are assembled together or used to adorn a piece of jewelry, and they come in three main types – clasps, jump rings and pins. They provide added detail and structure to the piece of jewelry, which makes them an important part of the process.

Gold findings supplies come in a variety of styles and sizes for any type of project. The range includes simple to elegant gold wires, links, clasps, crimps, head pins as well as eye pins and more. Depending on the size or shape of your desired item, you can pick from different tube beads, charms or suspension rings to match your project’s needs. Connecting pieces like split rings can also be found here in various designs and metals such as yellow gold or rose gold as well as other precious metals like platinum or silver.

Different Types of Gold Jewelry Findings Supplies

Gold is a timeless metal that never goes out of style, making it an ideal choice for jewelry findings supplies. Gold finds use in all types of accessories, such as necklaces, pendants, earrings, brooches and even rings. Gold is a relatively soft metal so it is easily molded into intricate designs and is highly sought after due to its eye-catching color and luster. Gold findings come in several different forms including wires, beads, plates, and clasps.

One of the primary benefits to using gold findings over those from other metals is its durability. Due to its malleability, alloyed gold can be spun into fine wires or worked into intricate shapes that can last for years without deteriorating or discoloring. Additionally, gold resists corrosion better than most metals which means you won’t have to worry about your jewelry falling apart after being exposed to moisture or air pollutants.

In addition to its longevity and look, gold jewelry findings supplies also come in various types of finishes providing further aesthetic appeal. These include anti-tarnish treatments which help protect the shine of the metal over time; brushing processes that give the metal surface a satin finish; and oxidation processes which oxidize the metal’s surface creating an antique look patina on fashion jewelry items.

Finally, buying gold findings is also more economically beneficial than picking silver or other metal options because they are less impacted by fluctuations in market prices given their long-term resale value. With proper care and maintenance techniques these pieces remain viable investments over time – not only helping you create a unique piece with considerable earning potential but also adding a thrill when crafting your own unique accessories!

Commonly Used Gold Jewelry Findings Supplies

Jump rings: Jump rings are one of the most versatile findings in the jewelry trade. They are essentially a little hoop made of gold wire, similar to the links in a chain. They can be used to add length to necklaces and bracelets, attach charms to jewelry pieces, or connect components together. Jump rings come in different sizes and shapes such as round, oval and twisted.

Bead caps: Bead caps are conical-shaped findings that encase beads or stones within a design. They add style and visual interest as well as provide protection for delicate beads or other gemstones within your jewelry piece. Available in various gold-toned finishes (solidgold, plated, vermeil), bead caps look beautiful when combined with smooth pearls or faceted gems.

Earring backs: If you’re making earrings these tiny but essential findings come into play. Earring backs (most often referred to as butterfly backing due to their shape) ensure that your earrings remain securely fastened by adding extra hold under your lobes. Additionally if you’re creating heavier earrings rubber earring backs also offer additional support against your ears!

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Headpins: Headpins usually feature an elongated stem with a flat disc head on one end and funnel shaped head on the other end that makes securing beads easy. They can be used to make single wire drop earrings, necklace pendants and charm bracelets among so many other wonderful uses they have in the world of jewelry making!

Slide beads: Slide beads allow you to adjust the length of a bracelet or necklace. Accompanied by an O-ring placed at each side of the slide bead; this nifty finding will enable you to easily open – close it each time you select your desired length of your piece!

The Benefits of Purchasing Gold Jewelry Findings Supplies

Gold jewelry findings supplies are an invaluable resource for jewelers and other craftsmen who want to create beautiful pieces of jewelry. Whether you’re crafting your own unique designs or selling pieces at a craft fair, having the right tools and materials is essential. Buying gold findings supplies has some great benefits that make it worth considering when choosing a material for your project.

One of the main advantages of buying gold jewelry findings supplies is durability. Gold is an extremely durable material, so it will stand up to everyday wear better than many other metals. It won’t rust, corrode, or tarnish like other metals might, so you won’t need to continuously clean and polish it to keep it looking its best. This makes gold the perfect choice for designs that are meant to last for years without needing any kind of special maintenance or repairs done on them.

Another benefit of purchasing gold jewelry finding supplies is cost-effectiveness. While gold may not be as affordable as some other materials, it does have intrinsic value that can appreciate over time with inflation. You can also buy in bulk and get a discounted rate if needed which helps reduce costs even further in the long run. This means that any investment you make in gold supply items today may be worth more than you originally paid tomorrow!

The final advantage of buying gold jewelry finding supplies is the availability of a wide variety of choices to fit any style or budget. Whether you are looking for simple studs, intricate filigree clasps, or extravagant gemstone settings, there is something out there made from gold that will meet all your needs while still reflecting your personal taste perfectly. Furthermore, most reputable suppliers offer virtual previews before purchasing so that customers can be sure they’re getting exactly what they want without making any costly mistakes up front!

Shopping Tips for Gold Jewelry Findings Supplies

When shopping for gold jewelry findings supplies, it is important to find a reputable vendor. If possible, look into their background and customer reviews to ensure that you are dealing with a reliable supplier. Additionally, ask them about any certifications or licenses they may have to verify the authenticity of the gold. It is also wise to compare prices from different vendors when considering your options to ensure that you are getting the best deal on your purchase.

Before handing over any money, it is essential that you check for hallmarks and other signs of authenticity on the gold jewelry findings supplies. This includes verifying the karat purity of gold items as well as ensuring that all pieces have been properly tested for quality and durability.

Lastly, don’t forget to take advantage of special offers or discounts available when buying gold jewelry findings supplies – many vendors offer seasonal sales and clearances so shop around before deciding on a purchase! It is also beneficial to sign up for loyalty programs or newsletters where vendors will provide additional discounts or promotional codes.

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How to Care for Gold Jewelry Findings Supplies

When storing gold jewelry findings supplies, it is best to store them in an area free from humidity, extreme temperature fluctuations and direct sunlight. When not in use, jewelry findings should be placed inside a dry airtight container to help prevent tarnishing and damage.

It is important to clean gold jewelry findings supplies on a regular basis in order to keep them looking their best. To do so, mix some mild soap with warm water, soak the findings for around twenty minutes and then rinse thoroughly with clean water before air drying them with a soft cloth.

Avoid using chemical polishes or abrasives when cleaning gold jewelry findings supplies; this can damage the finish of the material, making it appear dull and lifeless. Instead, opt for polishing cloths specifically designed for cleaning precious metals, as these will help remove any excess dirt or debris without damaging your pieces.

Having the proper tools also makes caring for your gold jewelry findings supplies easier. Investing in a fine-tipped tweezers and magnifying glasses can be beneficial when handling delicate pieces and ensuring their accuracy when putting together various projects.

Finally, try not to handle pieces too much more than necessary; the acids found in human skin can cause discoloration over time if frequent contact is made with tarnishable materials such as gold. Additionally, if you come into contact with makeup or lotions, it’s best to wash your hands before touching any type of metal or jewelry finding suppliers as these products can easily leave damaging residue behind.

Inspiration for Gold Jewelry Findings Supplies

Gold jewelry findings supplies include all kinds of components used to make unique pieces of custom jewelry. From simple clasps to lobster claw catches, jump rings, head pins and bracelet blanks – these the types of gold elements available to help turn ideas into reality. Experienced crafters may look more towards top-of-the-line items such as sparkly bezels or swivel clasps that have intricate designs. For those more interested in stock settings, you can find a selection of bezels and filigree settings. Options don’t end there! Also included are fun items like charms with different symbols, sentiments or characters – all made out of high quality gold materials that promise a lifetime shine. With the variety available, it’s easy to see why so many love creating their own works of art with these amazing finds!


Gold jewelry findings supplies are an essential component of a jewelry maker’s toolkit. Whether it is for custom-made pieces or ensuring existing designs stay together, gold findings provide jewelers the means to fashion strong and reliable works of art. From jump rings and crimp beads to lobster clasps and headpins, gold findings offer a multitude of possibilities in the craftsmanship of unique jewelry designs. Gold jewelry findings also add a touch of elegance, adding class and prestige to any personal collection. With the right motivation, gold jewelry findings supplies can do wonders for crafting individualized and eye-catching pieces that are sure to stand out from the rest.