Genuine Jade Jewelry


Jade jewelry has been worn and prized by many civilizations since ancient times. Due to its attractive color and ability to resist extreme temperatures, it has been highly valued as a mineral used in jewelry. In fact, the Chinese consider jade to be more precious than gold due to its rarity, beauty and symbolism. Genuine jade jewelry provides many advantages over artificial alternatives such as durability, unique craftsmanship and natural aesthetic beauty that can’t be replicated using synthetic materials.

In addition to looking stunning when correctly matched with clothing, genuine jade jewelry can provide various physical benefits as reported by wearers of the gemstone jewelry. This includes helping reduce stress and relieving anxiety which result in positive emotional well-being. Besides being beneficial for mental or emotional health, some believe that wearing jade also infuses its owners with enhanced luck and spiritual protection from external sources of negative energy including people, places or situations.

From classic designs featuring exquisite emerald cut stones set within clearly defined settings to styles incorporating intricate filigree workmanship highlighted with colorful stones; there is no limit on selection for displaying your individuality with genuine jade jewelry pieces. Some popular selections are necklaces, rings, pendants and earrings that include matching stones for bolder styling options; otherwise timeless solitaire designs always look sophisticated yet elegant especially when accompanied with complimentary colors chosen for accentuating the natural shades of the stone itself.

What is Genuine Jade Jewelry?

Genuine jade jewelry is jewelry made from authentic jade stone material. The term ‘genuine’ is used to refer to the authenticity of the stone and its age. Genuine jade jewelry is not necessarily valuable: value is determined by a number of factors including the type of jade, color, cut and inclusions.

The two main types of jade are nephrite and jadeite. The former is known as “old-jade” while the latter is known as “new-jade”. Jadeite tends to be more colorful and valuable than nephrite; however, some pieces of both types may be valued for their historical significance or rarity.

When determining whether a piece of jade jewelry is genuine, it must meet certain certification standards. A True Value Certificate issued by an accredited laboratory must be obtained for any piece that is considered genuine and which will accurately determine the evaluation criteria for each piece (i.e., composition, quality scores, market price). Additionally, all genuine pieces should have a stamp from a respected gemological institute authenticating its quality marks and validating its origin.

Finally, it’s often important to consider expert opinion when determining the value of genuine jade jewelry; experienced experts may be able to provide additional insight into how specific characteristics affect the overall valuation of a given piece. As with any investment or purchase that requires expert advice, it’s always best practice to do your research before making any decisions regarding authentic jade jewelry purchases.

History and Significance of Genuine Jade Jewelry

Jade has long been admired and cherished by many different cultures around the world. This gemstone can trace its roots back to ancient China and appeared in cultures spanning from Europe and India to the Americas, with each one giving it various symbolic meanings. In Chinese culture, Jade was believed to bring protection, good luck, wealth, prosperity and harmony to its wearer. While in Medieval Europe it symbolized steadfastness, purity and power; in Mayan cultures it frequently represented potency and fertility; whereas in Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) China it was believed that could provide its wearer with eternal youth and justice.

Today, genuine jade jewelry continues to be recognized for its beauty as well as for its symbolism of strength, serenity and spiritual insight. Also known as Yu in Chinese, this gemstone is often used for ornamental purposes due to its glossy surface and wide range of colors (ranging from deep green to light blue or off-white). Moreover, jadeite jewelry has become increasingly popular due to its rarity as well as resilience which makes it suitable for use in intricate carvings. Additionally this semi-precious stone is highly valued for its metaphysical rules which are thought of capable of balancing one’s emotions. The metaphysical healing attributes associated with jade include purification of oneself from negative energy while preventing physical illness related tension; relieving mental worries while encouraging the inner self decision making processes; allowing greater understanding while inspiring creativity; promoting pure wisdom while helping coming up with a balance between one’s expectations both on a physical and spiritual level.

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Different Types of Genuine Jade Jewelry

When it comes to genuine jade jewelry, the possibilities are endless. Jade comes in a variety of colors, including green, white, lavender, black, and yellow. Depending on its source and how it has been fashioned into a piece of jewelry, it may feature characteristics such as color banding or mottling as well. Jade also comes in a variety of shapes and sizes with different cuts for different types of stones. This enables you to choose jewelry which suits your individual style and taste.

If you love the look of white jade, you can consider purchasing pieces that have been cut into cabochons or facets. Both of these cuts will bring out the beautiful markings and whiteness within the stone while allowing its translucency to shine through. Other possible shapes for your jade gems may include slices, ovals, squares or rounds – all in various sizes depending on what is available.

When it comes to green jadejewelry pieces there are numerous cuts to choose from too – but one of the most common would be rose-cut gemstones because they really draw attention to various shades found in this beautiful gem material. Cabochon cuts work great here too with their smooth polished surfaces which can catch light around easily at any angle; creating an eye catching glint that is adored by many for its subtle sparkle effect.

No matter what type or color genuine jade jewelry item you pick out for yourself or someone else – you’ll find something unique every time! The optionsand combinations are unlimited thanks to the way each stone has been moulded from nature itself!

The Benefits of Investing in Genuine Jade Jewelry

Genuine Jade jewelry is a unique and special type of jewelry that can add a touch of beauty, class and style to your collection. It’s attractive design, timelessness and long-lasting value make genuine jade jewelry a great investment. There are several advantages of investing in this beautiful type of jewelry, which include:

1. Quality – Genuine jade jewelry is made with the highest quality gemstones on the market. This means that each piece will be special and last you for years. The craftsmanship that goes into creating these pieces is second to none, meaning you’ll have an exclusive and exquisite piece you can enjoy for many years to come.

2. Durability – Genuine jade jewelry is known to be resistant to damage due to its hardwearing nature combined with expert craftsmanship by highly trained jewelers. Once set onto intricate settings like gold or silver rings, necklaces, or bracelets it will last for ages and remain vibrant throughout its lifetime.

3. Versatility – Genuine jade is available in a diverse selection of colors ranging from subtle tones like blues and greens, to bold colors such as black, reds or oranges; each color carries its own unique symbolism making it perfect for all types of occasions including formal events, engagement parties or just dressing up every day outfits!

4. Investment potential – When buying real jade jewelry equipment should always be top priority when it comes to budgeting since they can be passed down generations while providing lasting value over time. Not only do these pieces become more valuable over time but they also increase in charm thanks to their sophisticated look which adds an extra layer of luxury appeal to any wardrobe!

Where to Find Quality Genuine Jade Jewelry

There are a variety of retailers offering quality genuine jade jewelry for sale. When selecting a retailer for genuine jade jewelry, it is important to consider a few key factors such as reputable store reviews, unique and diverse collections of genuine jade jewelry pieces, and knowledgeable staff in order to help the buyer find the perfect piece of jewelry.

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Online retailers are also an option when looking for quality genuine jade jewelry from the comfort of your own home. Specialty websites like JadeHeaven have begun selling authentic jade pieces with detailed product images as well as expert guides for identifying and distinguishing between real and fake jadeite. These online retailers make it easy to do comparative shopping before purchasing any item.

Alternatively, visiting local specialty stores or markets can be an interactive and enjoyable experience. Visiting physical retail locations allows buyers to see the product up-close and try it on before making their purchase decisions. Many smaller gemstone shops specialize in selling high-end “investment grade” pieces which are primarily intended for reselling purposes rather than consumer use. However, many customers find shopping at these stores rewarding due to the expertise the sellers can offer about the history and value of various gemstones like genuine jade that can make all the difference when making an informed buying decision.

Guide to Caring for Genuine Jade Jewelry

Caring for genuine jade jewelry is much easier than most people think. You will want to start by cleaning it regularly with mild soap and water that has been lukewarm. This helps remove buildup of dust, dirt, and oils from your body without ruining the delicate properties of the stone. After you have rinsed off the piece of jade jewelry, pat it dry with a soft cloth to prevent any water spots from forming on the stone.

It is important to avoid using abrasive materials or chemicals when cleaning, as these can damage and scratch the surface of your jade jewelry. If you would like to make your jade jewelry sparkle a little more, use a soft chamois cloth and clean with a light, circular motion. Avoid harsh soaps or pocket polishing solutions which may be too harsh and end up removing some color or clarity from your gemstone item.

When not in use, keep your jade jewelry in small pouches or the original box it came in to help prevent any kind of scratching or oxidation of the stone. Keep away from direct UV rays since long-time exposure can affect its integrity as well. Be mindful to not subject genuine jade jewelry to strong temperature changes such as steamy hot showers or freezing cold weather as this could cause damage over time. Finally, one should always check for knots and cracks when handling this type of jewelry; if any are noticed bring it back and get them checked out professionally before continuing wear. Taking proper care will extend the life of your genuine jade jewelry so that it can be enjoyed for many years!


Genuine jade jewelry is a special investment because it has strong cultural and historical significance. Whether used as an ornament, a symbol of status, or to protect against negative energy, jade has been prized in many cultures for centuries. Additionally, the value of genuine jade jewelry increases with age. Finally, genuine jade jewelry is rare and many varieties are becoming increasingly scarce due to over-mining. As such, the rarity and increasing scarcity of certain jades makes them even more valuable and collectible. Consequently, investing in genuine jade jewelry is an excellent choice and can provide both financial and cultural benefits for its bearer in the long run.

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