Free Jewelry Giveaway

Offer a Bonus Entry

For example, give an extra entry to people who refer a friend, share the giveaway on Twitter or tag a friend on social media. You can also include bonus options like signing up for an email list or following the company’s social media accounts to get more entries. Bonus entries are a great way to increase reach and engagement. Additionally, it’s an opportunity for readers to capitalize on their natural networks by sharing the giveaway with their friends.

Create a Promotion

#FreeJewelryFriday — Get your chance to win a free piece of jewelry every Friday! Follow our account and share this post to enter for a chance to be selected. We’ll pick one lucky follower each week who will receive an exclusive piece of jewelry from our collection. Good luck! #FreeJewelryFriday

Include Special Offers

If you’re hosting a free jewelry giveaway, entice readers by including special offers as part of the prize. Consider offering promotional codes or coupons with predetermined discounts for those who enter and win the giveaway. This is a great way to encourage participation and reward loyal customers. Additionally, this will help to raise awareness of your product and services while providing potential customers with memorable experiences they can share with others. Ultimately, the goal is to create buzz around your brand that could lead to an increase in sales.

Mix it Up

Mix it Up and increase your chances to win free jewelry with multiple winners and bonus prizes! Instead of just one grand prize winner, why not make it two or even three? With extra prizes, each winner could receive something different such as an earring set, a necklace and bracelet set, or a custom design by a local jeweler. Bonus prizes can also include gift cards to a local jewelry store so they can select whatever they would like. Overall, this strategy provides more people involved with the possibility to win and encourages them to share their enthusiasm for the giveaway via social media or word of mouth — providing more exposure for the event than just one grand prize winner.

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Post Reminders

When the giveaway is close to expiring, be sure to post reminders to readers on your blog, social media platforms, and email list. Encourage readers to share the giveaway with their friends and family members so they can take advantage of this opportunity as well. Include a link back to the website where the giveaway is located and include lots of details such as what kind of jewelry is being given away and any other rules that apply. Remind readers that time is running out so it’s important to enter as soon as possible. Use attractive visuals such as pictures of jewelry or videos and post regularly on your social media accounts. Additionally, reach out directly to influencers who have a large network and ask them if they would like to promote your giveaway in exchange for free publicity or some other incentive. Encourage people through contests or surveys throughout the duration of the giveaway for additional promotion.

Share Testimonials

By sharing reviews and testimonials from previous customers who have purchased jewelry from the company, it will give potential customers a better idea of the quality of the product. This can help instill more confidence for potential shoppers that the jewelry will be safe to purchase, as well as intrigue other shoppers with positive comments about certain pieces. Additionally, it is a great way to reach new customers in an organic manner, that eliminates much of the cost associated with other forms of advertisement. By showcasing customer feedback companies can trust in building their reputation and win more business moving forward!

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Give Other Options

Encourage Different Actions – Offer incentives for different readers such as entering to win a gift card or receive exclusive discounts on future orders.

Reach Out To Previous Customers – Reach out to recent visitors of your website and provide them with an opportunity to join the free jewelry giveaway.

Set Deadlines – Create a sense of urgency by setting deadlines for readers to take advantage of the offer and provide clear terms on how the drawing will be conducted.

Promote – Promote the jewelry giveaway via email, social media, or other marketing channels to reach broader audiences.

Personalize It – Personalize the offer by providing incentives that are tailored to specific customer interests.

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