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Frederick Jewelry is a luxury jewelry store located in the heart of central London, offering high quality and exquisite pieces for every occasion. From statement necklaces and fashion rings to signature earrings and precious gemstone creations, their collections are sure to match any style or budget. Whether you’re looking for something unique or simply want to show off your wealth and taste, Frederick Jewelry has it all. They specialize in gold, silver, platinum and diamonds—plus lesser known stones like opal and sapphire—and have crafted timeless pieces that will last a lifetime. They also have a great selection of custom designed jewelry, made to order with your requirements in mind. As one of the oldest jewelry stores in England, they combine centuries-old traditions with contemporary trends. Each piece embraces elegance, beauty and craftsmanship; no detail is overlooked when it comes to selecting fine materials or crafting intricate designs. Many of their collections feature nature inspired motifs like birds or flowers as well as religious symbols like crosses and Lourdes hearts. In addition to their traditional styles they also offer an array of alternative designs such as skulls or gothic elements. Most items are available for purchase online through their website as well as via their store network throughout the city of London. You’ll find straightforward reviews from customers on their website too allowing you to make an informed decision when shopping for your perfect piece of jewelry. With decades worth of experience under their belt; Frederick Jewelry holds an enviable position within the British jewelry industry and continues to excel in offering top notch products combined with superior customer service – making them a first rate choice for luxury jewelry!

History and Evolution of Frederick Jewelry

Frederick Jewelry is an established name in jewelry-making, going all the way back to 1847. Starting out as a silversmith shop in California, Frederick Jewelry has grown to become one of the leading jewelry designers in the world.

In its early days, Frederick Jewelry largely focused on creating silver and gold jewelry for private customers. As its reputation grew and demand from customers increased, so too did Frederick’s techniques, materials and product lines. By around 1900, Frederick was producing an array of jewelry items using precious stones such as emeralds and rubies. By 1916, Diamonds were added to the range of gems used by Frederick; this allowed the company to break into the higher echelon of luxury jewelers.

By 1970, Frederick had transitioned into modernizing its services in line with contemporary trends. While still specializing in handmade pieces crafted with traditional quality materials and personalization options, they also made use of modern technology when available to reduce production time while ensuring quality fittings and remarkable pieces.

Today, it’s not just their impressive creations that set them apart but also their commitment to sustainability and environmental-friendliness within their production lineup by avoiding ‘conflict’ diamonds or those sourced outside of ethical frameworks. In addition to this corporate responsibility practice put forward by owners Michael Louisa and daughter Nora Louisa who have embodied innovation for over 170 years passionately crafting classic plus modern timeless silhouettes that are able to withstand shifting fashion trends from one season next yet remain relevant across times inspired from traditional Eastern styling with a modern twist.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Frederick Jewelry

Frederick Jewelry is made of precious metals and gemstones, so it is important to take a few simple steps to make sure your jewelry stays beautiful for years to come. One of the most basic tips for caring for Frederick Jewelry is how you clean it; use only warm water and a mild soap. Soak your jewelry in the soapy water for around five minutes and then use a soft brush to gently dislodge any dirt or dust. Do not use abrasive cleaning solutions or scrub on the jewelry harshly as this could damage its delicate metal or stones. Afterwards, thoroughly rinse in plain warm tap water and let dry before storing away.

It is also important to store your Frederick Jewelry properly when it’s not being worn; this prevents damage from happening due to loose contact with other pieces that may have sharp edges. Keep each piece in an individual box or pouch, making sure any clasps are securely fastened. If possible, hang necklace chains in a secure area covered by fabric or plastic wrapping which will help protect them from dirt, etc., when they’re stored away. Additionally, due to natural wear and tear over time, diamond-set jewelry should be examined every six months at minimum by an experienced jeweler who can mend any weak links or clasps if necessary. Finally, avoid exposing your Frederick Jewelry to extreme temperature changes and chemicals such as chlorine and hairspray as much as possible – these can cause discoloration or irreparable damage in some cases.

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Interesting Facts about Frederick Jewelry Design

Frederick Jewelry Design is an award-winning luxury jewelry house that has been crafting exquisite pieces for over 40 years. Founded in London by British jeweler Lawrence Frederick, the company has established itself as one of the leading jewelry brands in Europe and North America. The brand specializes in bespoke designs and traditional craftsmanship, combining elements of classic and contemporary styles to create timeless pieces that are perfect for every occasion. Frederick’s signature pieces include necklaces encrusted with semi-precious stones and lusciously colored gemstones, intricate earrings, fabulous rings and elegant bracelets.

In addition to their classic collections, Frederick Jewelry Design is also renowned for creating unique custom pieces that perfectly reflect customers’ personalities. They offer a full range of services including personalized designs, private viewings, appraisals and repairs. The team of artisans employs traditional methods such as lapidary work, setting and hand engraving to craft each piece with love and care. Every product goes through rigorous quality scrutiny to ensure it meets the highest standards of excellence before leaving the workshop. The company also places great emphasis on environmental protection, using only ethically sourced materials for their creations. With their Paris showroom shining like a beacon in the European jewelry market, it’s no wonder that this British family-run business has accumulated quite a devoted following amongst connoisseurs around the world.

Unique Features of Frederick Jewelry Pieces

Frederick Jewelry pieces are renowned for their unique styles and craftsmanship. Each piece is made from the finest materials and fashioned with intricate detail in mind. One of the most striking features of the store’s jewelry is its reliance on traditional designs and techniques inspired by the European masters. From delicate filigree work to sophisticated scrollwork, customers can find an array of elegant options to choose from. Additionally, Frederick Jewelry provides customers with a wide range of stones and metals that are then customized to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Furthermore, many of Frederick Jewelry’s collections feature rare gems as well as antique pieces, allowing customers to own truly special and timeless items.

Variety of Collections Offered by Frederick Jewelry

At Frederick Jewelry, they offer a variety of stunning collections to suit any taste. From timeless classic designs to bold, modern pieces, customers will be sure to find something that captures their style and preferences. Those who are looking for everyday items will enjoy browsing their store-wide selection, which includes rings, necklaces, bracelets and more in an array of precious metals, gems and stones. Additionally, there is the Exquisite Collection that features handcrafted jewelry with exquisite designs crafted from rare and unique materials. For those seeking a one-of-a-kind look, their Signature Series offers stunning custom pieces made with bespoke materials. And for special occasions or when only the best will do, the Luxury Collection features premium quality pieces crafted from rare metals and amazing stones for an awe inspiring look. Whatever you are looking for in terms of fine jewelry, Frederick Jewelry has something for everyone!

In-Depth Look at Popular Items from Frederick Jewelry

Frederick Jewelry offers a wide variety of pieces for everyone. From necklaces and rings to earrings and watches, the company has been supplying beautiful jewelry since its founding in 1978. Among some of their most popular items are the signature “Duchess” collection of diamond-studded engagement rings, their selection of classy gold and silver necklaces for both men and women, timeless pearl earrings perfect for special occasions, and a line of elegant watches with classic or modern design.

The Duchess collection is iconic within the Frederick Jewelry catalogue. All rings are made with high-quality diamonds set in 18-karat gold or platinum settings that come beautifully paired with matching wedding bands for a complete bridal set. Ranging from traditional solitaire diamond rings to intricate designer styles, these statements will fit perfectly onto any woman’s finger. Perfect for engagements, anniversaries or any events that call for a bit of sparkle.

No jewelry box is complete without a necklace fitting your unique style and mood! Frederick Jewelry carries an array of beautiful pendants made with precious stones embedded on gold or silver chains. Their charming monogrammed charms serve as perfect gifts too! You can even customize your own necklace by choosing between stones such as citrines, rubies, amethysts and sapphires that reflect your favorite color palettes. Those looking to add something extra to their traditional necklaces can find pendants studded with diamonds or pearls as well.

Earrings are also available including diamond studs featuring brilliant cut rounds giving off an intense sparkle while its curved silhouette ensures smooth fit into anyone’s ears. Pearls remain timeless essentials that come in white freshwater cultured pearls combined with sterling silver huggie hoops for prefect mix of sophistication and modernity.

Finally combining sophistication with innovation is Frederick Jewelry’s line of meticulous timepieces designed for both men and women respectively. Drawing inspiration from contemporary trends, all watches feature subtle but intricate design details on stainless steel cases complimented by alligator straps to provide comfortability when worn around wrists for prolonged periods of time. Quartz movement to make sure accurate timekeeping is also featured in a selection of watch models alongside other features like chronograph dials, art deco lettering plus tachymeter scale embellishments amongst others ideal for those looking to have luxury that speaks volumes at the same time having practical functionability not found in traditional jewelry pieces.

Financing and Payment Options for Frederick Jewelry

Frederick Jewelry provides a variety of payment and financing options for customers. All major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are accepted. Customers can also opt to use Paypal or services like Apple Pay to complete their purchase. Frederick Jewelry offers an in-store financing option which allows customers to carry out their purchase without having to pay the full price up front. This is done through working with third party lenders at competitive interest rates. For customers who are unable to pay their entire balance at once, Frederick Jewelry has a layaway program which can be used as an affordable alternative that is flexible and convenient. Customers are able to place an order using this method by depositing 20% of the total cost and paying off the remainder over time in small payments until they completed the purchase. Searching for jewelry online? Now shoppers don’t have to worry about making a big commitment because Frederick Online offers a risk-free return policy where customers can return unwanted purchases within 30 days and receive a refund – no questions asked!

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Frederick Jewelry has a long-standing reputation for quality crafted jewelry and superior customer service. Many of our customers come back time and time again, satisfied with their experience every step of the way. From purchasing the product, to having it sized and adjusted, to any repairs that may be needed – Frederick Jewelry is known for meeting each customer’s individual needs in a timely and affordable manner.

Hundreds of previous customers have had positive experiences with Frederick Jewelry, leaving heartfelt testimonials speaking passionately about their satisfaction. One such testimonial reads: “The rings I purchased from Frederick Jewelry are absolutely stunning! They exceeded my expectations by far. I was also so impressed with how quickly they sent me the adjusted size after I gave them detailed instructions on what to do. I will definitely be a returning customer!” Another reads: “I recently had a necklace repaired by Frederick Jewelry. It had been broken in half and they fixed it as if it were new and nothing had ever happened to it! Their craftsmanship is truly amazing – definitely five stars all around.”

It’s clear that many people have great things to say about Frederick Jewelry! People are consistently in awe of their superior craftsmanship, as well as their attentive customer service. No matter what issue arises during the jewelry buying process, Frederick Jewelry is sure to help quickly and efficiently, earning themselves a loyal returning customer base that continues to recommend them over other jewelry stores in the area. Even those needing minor repairs can expect excellent work for an unbeatable price; something that attracts even more shoppers into their store day after day!


Frederick Jewelry has been handcrafted with the utmost care, attention and quality to create pieces that are timeless in style. With a combination of classic elegance and modern design, Frederick Jewelry pieces fit a range of styles from everyday sophistication to formal night out looks. The perfect accessory for any occasion! From special events like engagements and anniversaries to more casual days out, Frederick Jewelry adds that extra sparkle without going over the top. With its extensive collection of luxurious designs, Frederick Jewelry is sure to update any outfit in an elegant way. Not only is the jewelry stunningly beautiful but it also lasts – each piece is crafted using only high-quality materials that are made to last through all your fashion adventures. So whatever your look or style may be, you can trust that with Frederick Jewelry you’ll have a reliable piece of beautiful art keeping you shining on even your most glamorous days. There’s no doubt why Frederick Jewelry is must-have accessories — quality craftsmanship and gorgeous designs come together in this impressive collection. Add a timeless charm and premium feel with an exquisite piece from Frederick Jewelry – the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble!

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