Four Seasons Jewelry Los Angeles Ca

Four Seasons Jewelry Los Angeles Ca is a jewelry store that has been in business for over ten years. It began as a result of the combined experience and passion of its founders, who wanted to offer quality gems and pieces at competitive prices. The store offers an extensive selection of designer pieces from international designers, including the renowned jewelry house Bvlgari.

In addition, Four Seasons also has a wonderful selection of unique vintage jewelry items. From classic settings to intricate works of art, they are sure to have something perfect for any occasion.

At Four Seasons Jewelry Los Angeles Ca, they believe in providing customers with the best possible customer service and products. They believe their commitment to quality products and services sets them apart from other local retailers. Furthermore, they go out of their way to provide customers with an exceptional shopping experience by offering personalized service tailored to each individual’s tastes and needs.

The store’s primary goal is to make sure customers always leave happy and feeling satisfied with their purchase. They strive to offer everyone who walks through their doors immediately superior customer service through well-trained staff members who are passionate about helping people find exactly what they are looking for in terms of precious stones or antique wall décor pieces.

Moreover, from special monthly promotions featuring complimentary engraving services or free overnight shipping them will go above and beyond expectations when it comes to meeting customer needs with high-quality jewelry products at affordable prices.

Overview of the Business

Four Seasons Jewelry in Los Angeles California is a renowned jewelry store that provides quality craftsmanship, custom designed jewelry pieces, and exceptional customer service. Founded in 1971 by the original owners Jimmy and Susan Keefe, the store has been a family owned business ever since. They specialize in customized design services as well as antique style pieces with gorgeous stone settings.

Unique Jewellery Services Offered

Four Seasons Jewelry offers an extensive selection of stunning jewellery that matches every taste and budget. From bridal jewellery to religious iconography and everything in between, they have something for everyone. In addition to their wide variety all of their pieces are designed thoughtfully and crafted with precision to ensure the highest quality with each item they offer.

Four Seasons Jewelery also provides customized design consultations so you can create your own special piece that no one else has. This includes free consultations with their expert staff who will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. On top of that, Four Seasons Jewelry’s team of experienced craftsmen use only the finest materials when handcrafting customer orders which guarantees each piece they produce is of superior quality.

Comprehensive Customer Support for Customers

  • Complimentary cleaning services on all repairs and restoration works.
  • Insurance appraisals done by our expert jewelers.
  • Free custom home cleaning kit with purchase.
  • Easy Returns Policy within 30 days for any reason.
  • 90 day complimentary check up period for all jewelry purchases.

A Tour of the Showroom

Four Seasons Jewelry in Los Angeles, CA is a top destination for luxury jewelry and gem-stones. Founded in 1979, this store strives to showcase the rarest, most exquisite pieces from around the world. Upon entering, visitors are immediately captivated by the luminous array of gems and precious metals on display.

An extensive selection of bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings and watches can be explored at Four Seasons Jewelry. An expertly-trained staff will help anyone find that perfect piece they’ve been searching for. All types of settings are available with classic or modern designs sure to please even the most particular of tastes.

For those who want something uniquely one-of-a-kind there are many bespoke creations available here as well. Signature collections featuring custom stones from India or Africa guarantee to turn heads when spotted out on the town. Some popular options include:

  • White Gold Emerald Rings
  • Platinum Citrine Bracelets
  • Diamond Pendants
  • Rainbow Sapphire Earrings
  • Ruby Rolex Watches

The design team behind Four Seasons ensures all customers leave with items suited to their individual tastes and preferences. Whether someone is searching for a diamond ring, an heirloom necklace or a vintage watch – this showroom has it all. Extenuating services like special occasion gifting and refurbishing existing jewels are also offered to patrons.

Customization Services

Four Seasons Jewelry in Los Angeles, CA specializes in customizing jewelry for its clients. From earrings and rings to necklaces and bracelets, they offer a wide range of services to create the perfect piece.

Whether it is for a wedding gift, an anniversary present or simply an everyday accessory, Four Seasons Jewelry has something special for everyone. Their experienced and dedicated staff strive to understand their customers’ individual preferences and can work with them to design the perfect item from start to finish.

The beautiful craftsmanship on display at Four Seasons Jewelry creates a unique experience that sets it apart from other jewelers. They use high quality 14k gold, sterling silver and gemstones of your choice when creating custom pieces.

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That means each piece of jewelry is tailored specifically to the customer’s desires and style. Clients who wish to add a personal touch can also opt for laser engraving of initials or names onto finished pieces as well for that extra special twist.

The intricate attention-to-detail involved at Four Seasons Jewelry is guaranteed to make any piece of jewelry stand out from the crowd in terms of elegance and poise. Their devotion to exquisite craftsmanship ensures that clients will have access to unique designs created according to their own tastes and preferences, catering towards their needs without any compromise on quality or beauty.

In addition, their transparent pricing model enables customers to obtain competitive quotes tailored towards their budget instead of being presented with one fixed price structure regardless of customer requirements.

Four Seasons Jewelry provides a truly outstanding service allowing clients not only walk away with personalized jewelry that perfectly suits them but also a unique experience unlike anything else they have experienced before – making sure every single visit always brings something new.

Gift Ideas and Specialty Items

Four Seasons Jewelers in Los Angeles, CA has been offering unique gift ideas and specialty items since its founding in 1985. It prides itself on providing customers with items they won’t find anywhere else from thoughtful gifts to luxurious statement pieces. Whether you’re looking for something to surprise a loved one or to add something special and unique to your jewelry collection, Four Seasons Jewelry has you covered.

Gemstone Jewelry

Four Seasons Jewelers offers an extensive collection of beautiful gemstone jewelry at affordable prices. From necklaces and earrings adorned with diamond stones or vibrant emeralds to rings fashioned out of stunning onyx, the store offers an eclectic array of semi-precious gemstones set in both silver and gold settings. Customers can choose from a variety of styles, including minimalist designs with subtle sparkle as well as bolder statement pieces featuring dramatic stones and ornate settings.

Designer Jewelry

In addition to its gemstone collections, Four Seasons also stocks a selection of designer jewelry from renowned Italian designers such as Roberto coin, Marco Bicego, Lorenzo Ray and Collini Milano. This includes classic diamond rings set in gold or platinum bands as well as bolder three dimensional arrangements in white gold and rose gold.

To ensure that all customers find items that fit their taste and budget, the store also stocks several one-of-a-kind pieces that are handcrafted by master jewelers around the world using only the best quality materials.


For those looking for classic heirloom watches instead of jewelry items, Four Season also carries a selection of fine timepieces from brands such as Citizen Watches, Bulova and Technomarine. Such watches are crafted with precision engineering techniques so these make excellent gifts for any occasion.

Customers can choose from timeless analog designs or go for modern automatic models stocked in several eye-catching colors – ranging from black to rose gold – perfect for adding a bit of flair to an everyday ensemble.

The Store’s Commitment to Excellence

Four Seasons Jewelry in Los Angeles, CA is a family-owned business that prides itself on providing their customers with the finest quality jewelry and accessories. The staff at the store excels at offering exceptional customer service, as they strive to make each visit feel like a special experience for their customers.

Not only do they offer an unparalleled selection of fine jewelry items, but also an extensive range of additional services to ensure that every customer finds exactly what they are looking for in the perfect piece of jewelry.

Supreme Quality Selection

Despite having thousands of items on display from a vast array of jewelers around the world, Four Seasons Jewelry Los Angeles Ca dedicates itself to investing in the highest quality pieces available. Those visiting the store can find items made out of diverse materials like gold, silver, platinum, and more from many of today’s most trusted brands such as Cartier, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co., and David Yurman.

Whether a person needs an extravagant diamond necklace or a simple pair of earrings to show their love for someone special; no matter what it is that customers are looking for at Four Seasons Jewelry Los Angeles CA they will find it here.

Experts You Can Count On

The staff at Four Seasons Jewelry Los Angeles CA consists solely of experienced experts who have been handpicked based on their qualifications and knowledge within the industry. Dedicated individuals make sure each visit is personalized for every customer so that Shopping with them feels effortless rather than overwhelming.

Even if a customer already knows what type or style item they want when visiting Four Seasons Jewelry Los Angeles CA a team member will be happy to answer any questions and help refine preferences until customers find their perfect piece or pieces without feeling rushed or pressured.

Customization Alternatives

In addition to providing visitors with plenty of pieces to choose from already existing designs; Four Seasons Jewelry Los Angeles CA also offers its customers specialized services geared around exclusive customization possibilities too. With professional gemologists and award-winning artisan craftsmen dedicated exclusively to this location coupled with luxurious materials like colored diamonds and precious stones; people can make their dreams come true by having bespoke diamond rings and other exquisite pieces created just for them.

End Of Season Jewelry

Whatever design vision hearts and minds contrive this friendly Jeweler makes it possible.

Events and Promotions

Engagement and Wedding Rings

Four Seasons Jewelry Los Angeles Ca is home to some of the most unique and exquisite engagement and wedding rings. Each impressive piece is crafted with the utmost attention to detail by master artisans who specialize in fine jewelry.

The store offers a variety of engagement and wedding ring options that range from contemporary to traditional, allowing customers to find the perfect ring for their special day. Furthermore, the team at Four Seasons Jewelry Los Angeles Ca can customize an existing design or create a new one just for you.

Exclusive Promotions for New Customers

New customers are always welcomed in style at Four Seasons Jewelry Los Angeles CA. The store offers exclusive promotions on select pieces, such as two free diamond earrings or 50% off a designer fashion ring when you purchase an engagement or wedding ring. These promotions allow new customers to save substantially while still finding the perfect piece for that special someone.

Design Services

The team at Four Seasons Jewelry Los Angeles Ca also prides itself on its exceptional design services. Whether it’s designing custom-made jewelry or re-imagining heirloom pieces, the experienced staff offer a personalized touch that will bring your vision to life.

They work closely with clients through every step of the process, ensuring satisfaction with quality materials and craftsmanship worthy of any occasion. In addition, Four Seasons Jewelry Los Angeles Ca offers a generous price match guarantee, ensuring that you get the best price available.

A Look at Four Seasons Jewelry Los Angeles Ca’s Community Involvement

Four Seasons Jewelry Los Angeles Ca is a family owned and operated jewelry retailer located in the heart of Southern California. At Four Seasons, they believe that giving back to their local community is an essential part of being good stewards of their success. From charitable causes and educational organizations to enhancing cultural activities, Four Seasons Jewelry strives to make a meaningful contribution both on a local and global level.

Hubert Spencer, the founder of Four Seasons Jewelry, has been committed to community service since day one of its founding in 1992. Through effective leadership and generous support from its staff, Four Seasons Jewelry has made significant contributions to help strengthen our communities. This includes:

  • Raising funds for the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital
  • Partnering with charities such as Habitat for Humanity
  • Sponsoring educational field trips for underprivileged youth
  • Providing volunteer service hours for numerous organizations

Aside from raising money through donations, Four Seasons Jewelry contributes to Los Angeles’ cultural enrichment by supporting local art organizations with monetary donations or by displaying their artwork within the store and event space. The company also works with select galleries in order to provide a platform for local creatives; this allows artists around the city to showcase their works without having gallery representation fees or other production costs associated.

Additionally, Hubert Spencer hosts press and client events in which artists have the opportunity share their stories surrounded by his jewelry collection within his store – spreading awareness for both independent artists as well as his pieces.

Four Seasons has certainly made an impact to improve the quality of life in its surrounding community not only financially but culturally as well; setting an example for others to follow suit and giving back when they have accumulated success. They believe that it is important connect with one another so that we can all benefit from positive change.


The shopping experience at Four Seasons Jewelry Los Angeles Ca is truly like no other. From the moment one enters the store, they will be amazed by the wide selection of beautiful jewelry. Customers can find pieces fit for every occasion and style, ranging from extravagantly ornate to timeless and classic looks. Everything in the collection is made with high quality materials that will last for years and show off its brilliance forever.

The staff members are not only expert jewelers but also incredible advisors who know exactly how to make each customer’s vision come alive. They always go above and beyond with their services, providing customization options so that every piece feels truly special. Whether customers are looking for a gift or something special for themselves, Four Seasons has them covered each time.

Overall, it goes without saying that everyone needs to try Four Seasons Jewelry Los Angeles Ca at least once in their life; there is no better place in L.A. when it comes to finding unique and luxurious pieces of jewelry that will last forever. As soon as customers step into this shop, they will be sure to have a unique shopping experience that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

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