Fine Jewelry Trends Fall 2015

Fine jewelry trends fall 2015 have generated a lot of interest among fashion enthusiasts. The season brings with it the most lavish and eccentric designs to the forefront. Custom designed fine jewels have been created in different shapes, sizes and colours, making them a very versatile accessory to complement any outfit. From gold-plated necklaces to diamond rings, there is something for everyone this autumn.

The use of extravagant metals has become more popular amongst modern buyers of high-end jewelry. The bolder styles focus on unique designs that make a statement of luxury and sophistication. Pieces featuring white gold, rose gold, titanium and various parings of darker metals such as gunmetal are all found within this trend. These pieces can be worn alone or with multiple layers for a more edgier effect.

Popular jewel-tones such as emerald green, sapphire blue, topaz yellow and amethyst purple also feature in collections for this season’s fine jewelry trends Fall 2015. Large stone-cut cz crystals are being paired with handcrafted stones for eye-catching colours and textures that are sure to draw attention in any room.

Another notable trend is geometric shapes; often combined with tiny diamonds embedded into the design structure which adds an extra touch of glamour without screaming ostentatiousness. Lastly, the combination of sparkle and matte finishes is also found throughout many modern pieces creating a captivating mix between day-wear jewellery styles and evening wear jewellery trends; perfect for occasions both formal and informal alike.

Statement Pieces

The fall 2015 season is here, signaling a new wave of jewelry trends. This season is all about making bold statements with statement pieces. From large and eye-catching necklaces to over-the-top earrings, the look for this fall features bold, modern designs in both metals and semi-precious stones. Whether you prefer bright colors or more subtle metallic hues, statement pieces can make your outfit stand out from the crowd.

This year’s fall trends put a modern spin on classic styles by combining different materials to create a unique look. For example, pairing gold with crystal creates an edgy yet glamorous aesthetic. Mixing metals in one piece can also create an interesting effect – such as silver and rose gold mixed together in one bracelet or choker necklace.

Precious gemstones like sapphires and rubies are still popular this season, as they can add a bit of luxury to any jewelry design. Non precious beads like agates or jaspers combined with small pearls are also great options for creating unique handmade pieces that can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

No matter what type of jewelry you opt for this season, keep in mind that larger sizes draw attention to your look so choose them wisely if you want to keep it simple yet sophisticated. If you’re looking for something daring but not overly flashy then an oversized pendant or dangling earrings may be just what you’re looking for.

Curated stacks of rings or bracelets can also create amazing visual interest while still allowing you to choose smaller sizes since they will be worn all together as one piece. So this fall, think statement pieces when curating your jewelry wardrobe and get ready to make that fashion statement.

Classic Pieces

Fine jewelry trends for fall 2015 will showcase the classic pieces that everyone loves. Traditional jewelry styles like rings, necklaces, and earrings are here to stay. Jewelry designers are putting modern spins on classic designs, making them more stylish, yet still retaining their classy sophistication. Silver and gold metals will be popular, along with rose gold for a colorful accent. The sparkle of cubic zirconias along with shimmering diamonds is also set to make a grand entrance this season.

Designs will be bold yet elegant, highlighting intricate detail work as well as multi-layered pieces. A few popular trends are mix-and-match sets made up of different colored gems and precious stones or delicate layering featuring several row charms or charms in various sizes that link together to create unique looks. A key component of these trending styles is the ability to keep adding new pieces over time to ‘create’ a personalized collection over time.

Pearls–both real and faux–are having a moment in fine jewelry fashion this season too; chunky necklaces adorned with large pearls will definitely be eye-catching pieces for either day or nightwear attire. Longer chain settings with multiple layers of pearls nestled together is another way go achieve the layered look while still staying within the pearl trend.

Finally, vintage inspired jewelry styles are gaining attention as well such as unique charm bracelets with personal symbols or family crests that offer meaning behind each piece worn, creating priceless heirloom jewelry collections without breaking the bank.

Color Trends

Jewelry trends are always changing to reflect the ever evolving fashion world. The latest trend for Fall 2015 is all about captivating colors. From bold, vibrant jewel tones and pastels to warm, neutral earth tones and metallics, there’s something for everyone.

Vibrant jewel tones like ruby red, emerald green and sapphire blue are trending in both gemstones and jewelry designs. Rubies set in gold look luxurious, while emeralds have a classic vintage feel. Sapphires pair beautifully with other colored stones or can be used alone to create an eye-catching statement piece. These bold hues will perfectly accent any fall look.

Pastels can also add a touch of subtle elegance to your style this season. Soft lavender pearls, muted mauve amethysts and pale pink tourmalines can add interesting dimension when paired together or worn on their own as single pieces. Pinks, blues and greens provide a softer approach to color that still makes an impactful fashion statement.

Artisan Jewelry Trends 2019

Earth tones like the rusty oranges found in carnelian, the mellow yellow of citrine and the deep brown of tiger’s eye provide a warmth and richness to any look this season. These earthy shades seamlessly blend into fall’s nature inspired palette as well as work beautifully with wool coats and scarves on crisp autumn days.

Finish off looks with a few pieces featuring antique gold or silver metals to pull the whole look together for an added air of sophistication for those crisp formal affairs.

Metallic jewelry is also having its moment–think luxe rose gold bracelets adorned with colored stones or stylish silver cufflinks set with diamonds–and adds a touch of glamour even on cold days. Octagons, triangles and other bold shapes hold precious stones like topaz or quartz that sparkle in the light while leafy details echo nature’s grand beauty around them (woodland scenes being especially popular) adding complexity to simple silhouettes.

Layered necklaces featuring bold pendants offer more classic takes on metallic styles; styles sure to be loved by those appreciating elegant adornment throughout the cold months ahead.

Organic Jewelry

Jewelry made with materials from nature has become increasingly popular this fall. Jewelers are placing an emphasis on the beauty found in gems, stones and organic textures which are spiritually – significant to many cultures. Whether you’re looking for a chic necklace or a simple bangle, you can find pieces that are perfect for any occasion.

One of the most sought after trends is naturalized jewelry which showcases intricate and beautiful specimens from the Earth’s environment. This jewelry often highlights precious stones that look like crystals and fossils such as quartz and opals. These materials are all eco-friendly, meaning they are derived from sustainable sources that don’t harm the environment.

They also provide an interesting texture when mixed with metals and other materials. For instance, many designers have incorporated raw woods into their collections to provide unique accents to rings, bracelets and necklaces.

The trend of Eco-chic jewelry means that more jewelers are creating pieces with repurposed materials like sea glass and vintage findings; this helps one create a truly unique look while still staying environmentally conscious. This trend began a few years ago but it has become much more popular recently, as consumers become aware of their impact on the environment of our planet.

Consumers have also started to understand how important it is to choose sustainable material when buying private jewelry pieces too because these pieces can endure for generations if cared for properly over time. Jewels made from ethically sourced materials not only guarantee responsible fashion but also result in higher quality products with longevity that stand the test of time.


The trend of layering jewelry has been a popular for a few seasons now, but it has had an upgrade with this fall’s fashion trends. Women can now mix more than different metals with different types of stones and designs.

The new trend seeks to add an individual twist to all the pieces that are truly eye-catching and unique, and any look can be layered effectively. A combination of necklaces worn together, or stacking multiple thin rings on one finger can add texture and dimension to your outfit and create an exciting new look.

Jewelry such as chokers have also become popular in recent months due to the urban chic feel they give off. This type of necklace when added as part of a larger layered collection can really elevate it even further. Choker necklaces come in various forms, from thin leather straps to chains with pendants,in order to accommodate many different tastes.

Women often appreciate how the transparency and juxtaposition of textures gives them the opportunity to experiment with their looks by creating statement pieces from items already in their jewellery boxes. Experimenting with layering is a free way for women to tap into their own creativity as no two combinations will ever look like the same.

Layering provides limitless options because sizes, shapes, stones and color can all be altered so that each woman’s style is unique to her own taste and imagination.

It just takes some time and patience but the result will be worth it because you will have created something beautiful that no one else you know is wearing. The possibilities are endless due to this genius trend making its debut this fall season; layer bracelets over long sleeved blouses or maybe stack multiple rings on your thumb – make sure whatever piece you choose feels right with your outfits.

Additionally, make sure not too overdress by keeping three layers max on your hands; although layering provides unlimited chances make sure they don’t overshadow the main star in your look which remains being your actual outfit. Make sure enough space is left between each piece because if everything one on top of each other it becomes harder than necessary figure out what you actually wearing.

Extra careful attention should also be given when mixing various metals together at once – gold silver etc – mainly so that colours are matching but also because mixing these materials may cause discoloration later if taken care improperly. Lastly enjoy yourself as this fun process gives women all over the world new opportunities every day so seize them positively and show off those masterpieces however possible.


This fall season, fine jewelry trends are all about accessorizing for special occasions. In particular, glittering golds and shimmery silvers are the metallics of choice when it comes to delicate and timeless pieces. Consumers should be on the lookout for elegant earrings, statement necklaces, and fancy cuffs made of real gold and silver.

Antique Jewelry Trends

The great thing about fine jewelry is that wearing classic pieces can give any outfit an instant touch of elegance. Crisp whites and neutral colors go especially well with gold accessories while cooler colors such as blues and purples often look best with silver completes the ensemble perfectly.

In addition to large statement pieces like rings and earrings, be sure to also keep an eye out for subtle accents such as pins, bracelets or thin bangles crafted from fine metals. Rather than loud costume jewelry that is designed for a fun night on the town, opt instead for inviting designs featuring intricate detail work made with quality metals like white or yellow gold.

Many of these finely crafted items will serve as lasting mementos from special life events like birthdays or anniversaries that you’ll never forget.

Online Shopping

Online shopping for fine jewelry has become increasingly popular since the start of the technology revolution. The ability to shop online for fine jewelry is now available at affordable prices, and in a wide range of categories. Fine jewelry is traditionally worn to denote social status, wealth, and beauty. With more people desiring to accessorize their looks with luxurious items, consumers can purchase fine jewelry pieces that fit within their budget.

The top trend in fine jewelry this fall season are opulent designs created with materials such as gold and silver. Statement necklaces made with large gemstones are particularly popular right now. Colorful gemstones have been trending in recent years, but this fall is expected to bring even brighter hues and bigger stones than ever before. Enhanced diamonds like black diamonds are also being used regularly to create breathtaking designs that draw attention to stunning pieces set against glossy metals.

While luxury pieces will remain a hot seller this fall season, simpler pieces have also been growing popular among millenials and older generations alike. Minimalist designs featuring geometric shapes paired together for an interesting contrast are predicted to be especially popular this season, along with classic pearl earrings or a simple necklace featuring unique gemstones found on Etsy or other small boutique websites.

Vintage inspired pieces that look timeless yet modern will likely continue selling well this fall season as well, along with unique jewelry items from independent designers who offer unique pieces crafted from ethically sourced materials. No matter what type of style you prefer this fall season there’s sure to be something for everyone online when you shop for affordable fine jewelry today.


Fall 2015 saw the emergence of a variety of new fine jewelry trends, offering consumers the opportunity to update their wardrobe with pieces that match the season’s fashion trends. Trends from this season included pearls in bold and elegant designs, creative layered necklaces, chokers of all sizes and shapes, statement rings featuring unique stones and gems, earrings that make a statement without overwhelming the look, and more.

Pearl jewelry was seen everywhere in Fall 2015 collections. Necklaces featuring multi-colored or monochromatic pearls as both main components and as accents were popular choices for evening looks. Pops of iridescent pink pearls offered an unexpected twist on classic designs while big and bold pearl earrings created an elegant but modern look. Pearl bracelets also made an appearance as designer companies sought to reinvent them by using eye-catching details like green crystal rondelles or yellow citrines.

Layered necklaces were also popular during Fall 2015, providing consumers with the opportunity to make a bold statement with many pieces sold as ready-to-wear sets featuring charms with cultural motifs or fun messages in varying lengths. Choker necklaces trended towards statement size once again during this season with the most popular style being an edgy one with tough details that could still be dressed up for evening events such as glittering diamond pave set into blackened gold bands.

Various sizes were crafted for different preferences including petite pieces for everyday wear as well as extra wide let down representations for upcoming special occasions like holiday parties or fancy New Year’s galas.

Finally, statement rings continued to hold their own throughout this season’s reinvention of tradition but took on several new styles. Some highlights included twisted band shapes meant to resemble vines or spirals beds sparkling emerald cut diamonds gleaming inside frames studded with diamonds while others featured memorable giant stones in shades ranging from icy blues and greens to romantic pinks ranging in size up to 16 carats.

Mixed metal bands combining textured yellow gold with rose gold detailing were also considered trendy choices adding dynamism along classic shapes such as oval outlines or large rectangles embedded cross setting sparkles all around any finger. Small pendants often distinguished large rings from the plethora of options available making sure to create a personalized style that stands out even when surrounded by other standout pieces at any event attended throughout Fall 2015 trends soaring higher than ever before.

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