Fine Jewelry Exhibits Nyc 2019

The fine jewelry exhibits NYC 2019 exhibit was an incredible example of the wide-ranging selection of high-end jewelry designers from around the world. Over 25 talented artists showcased their pieces in New York City centered around themes like ultra-modern geometric pieces, delicate handmade items, and even one-of-a-kind gems you won’t find anywhere else.

Many of these designers have gained notoriety across the country for their unique styles that blend modern design with classic influence. This exhibition gave those who attended a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most exquisite craftsmanship in the industry.

As with previous years, this year’s exhibition drew quite a crowd. Attendees were mesmerized by the sheer elegance and detail each artist had put into their individual creations – whether it be a stunning necklace or an intricately designed ring. Each designer had taken meticulous care to ensure each piece was crafted down to its last detail – creating heirlooms that will be cherished for generations to come.

For those unable to attend this year’s event, luckily there are numerous online galleries that offer remarkable pieces from almost any artist featured in NYC 2019 event plus other independent jewelers from all over the globe.

Whether it is vintage designs from France or something more edgy from Tokyo, every region is sure to have a wide variety of fine jewelry on display for those willing to take explore different forms of adornment art instead of settling just for what they know best locally.

Highlights from the Premiere Fine Jewelry Exhibits

Attending jewelry exhibitions in NYC is an exceptionally prestigious and exciting experience each year. This 2019, the fine jewelry exhibits showcased some of the world’s most exclusive brands and adeptjewelers who presented precious gems and master craftsmanship from different points of view.

Some of the most popular exhibiting brands featured this year included:

  • Cartier
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Harry Winston
  • Chopard

The pieces displayed at the exhibits were brilliantly crafted art pieces that captivated guests for hours. Handcrafted designs, intricate engravings, and unique innovation came alive throughoutthe exhibitors’ booths. Attendees had the opportunity to explore various exquisite diamond necklace sets, statement earrings, bracelets, rings and other timeless pieces.

The event also featured limited edition collections for people looking for something uniquely expressive. These collections have been created consciously with precision for a discerning eye to appreciate their beauty in full glory.

One such example was Cartier’s ‘A Magical Moment’ collection that holds a state-of-the-art craftsmanship elegant as well as contemporary signature style Cartier is known for. There were several uniqueother masterpieces including pendants inlaid with opals, sapphires or topaz to perfectly reflect one’s personality as well as a sense of style admired by all attendees alike.

An entire hall was designated to host inspiring pearls carefully curated by the connoisseurs of the art form seeking out pearls from local water sources and presenting them within custom-made jewellery that ranged from delicate diamond encrusted embroidery set with natural fresh water pearls to exotic multi colored baroque necklaces. It is noteworthy noting that these artists used special Tahitian pearlsand poesy shells as bezel settings – now an increasingly popular trend among fine jewelry enthusiasts aroundthe world.

Popular Exhibiting Designers of Fine Jewelry

Paragraph 1 The annual Fine Jewelry Exhibits NYC 2019 showcases some of the best and most creative pieces from some of the world’s top jewelry designers. From award-winning masterpieces to never before seen works from near-unknown craftsmen, this exhibit has something for everyone.

This year’s list of exhibiting designers features some of the most renowned names in fine jewelry. They range from veteran couturier Harry Winston, who boasts a record 26 visits to the show, to relatively new designer Cathy Waterman, whose delicate and timeless designs have won her numerous awards and accolades.

Paragraph 2 The upcoming Fine Jewelry Exhibits NYC 2019 will feature a mix of classic and contemporary jewelry designs. Sophisticated creations by Maison Cartier will sit side by side with cutting-edge pieces crafted by Bulgari. For more traditional tastes, exhibitors such as Chopard or Tiffany & Co specialize in classics like diamond necklaces or pearl earrings in timeless settings. Each designer utilizes their own distinctive style within their collections, guaranteeing something for everyone at the show.

Paragraph 3 For those looking for something truly unique to commemorate this luxurious event, many of the exhibiting designers offer custom-made pieces created especially for this exhibit. Customers can share their vision with an artist and watch as they bring it to life – often within mere minutes. In addition, there are plenty off opportunities for customers to buy ready-made pieces directly from participating designers or licensed vendors that sell onsite during all three days of the show itself.

  • Harry Winston
  • Cathy Waterman
  • Maison Cartier
  • Bulgari
  • Chopard
  • Tiffany & Co

Exhibiting Retailers and Vendors of Fine Jewelry

The 2019 Fine Jewelry Exhibit in New York City features some of the most luxurious and sought-after pieces of jewelry available. Showcased by a multitude of vendors, the selections are breathtaking, boasting renowned designers and spectacular craftsmanship from around the world.

Buffalo Fine Jewelry Commercial

Retailers such as Tiffany & Co., Harry Winston, and David Yurman always find themselves part of the exhibit line up, chosen amongst other esteemed names. The prestige associated with these retailers precedes itself, known for iconic designs that spot celebrities on red carpets worldwide.

It’s no wonder the company’s products often grace cover pages as well as museum and fine art galleries around the world. Every diamond ring or bangle bracelet is met with appreciation collectively from the public eye to the celebrity elite.

Vendors like John Hardy and Roberto Coin contain an elevated level of craftsmanship regarding their products’ construction. Both companies take extreme pride into creating unique masterpieces that have been worn by clients throughout history. Notable figures associated with their brand include Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Julia Roberts, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and more recently Priyanka Chopra-Jonas who had surprisingly opted for bridal jewelry from both vendors during her engagement announcement on Twitter via American actor Nick Jonas in 2018.

A single visit to the Fine Jewelry Exhibit in NYC is enough to recognize that jewels are not just forever – but appreciation for art lives currently within them too. When looking for timeless classics or celebrity approved looks; this exhibition is a no-doubt great source when searching for exquisite pieces of high end luxury jewelry.

Must-See Exhibits

Carolyn Chen

The stunning, unique designs of Carolyn Chen’s jewelry collection are sure to leave you in admiration. Whether fairy wings on a ring setting, a pearl pendant with an emerald flower design or tiny diamond eyes twinkling from a dragonfly, each piece displays incredible attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Although her finished works may appear delicate and fragile, these intricate pieces are crafted with strength in mind using precious gems and metals. The originality of her pieces is no surprise given that she regularly draws inspiration from nature, as well as the cultures of Britain, Japan and India.

Danila Tarcinale

You don’t want to miss out on the classic Italian style featured in Danila Taricinale’s jewelry collection. Her exhibits showcase gold intertwined with colorful gems further enhanced by enamel. Wearing a piece from this line will undoubtedly make you stand out amongst the crowd.

Taricinale replicates traditional techniques used by skilled artisans throughout most of Italy’s history while still infusing modern influences into the mix which has resulted in beautiful pieces of artistry. Her exquisite designs include bracelet creations featuring rosebuds and birds alongside elegant braided collars adorned with coral flowers.

Elise Dray

Any fashionista would definitely want to make sure they take a look at Elise Dray’s artistry collection when visiting NYC for its brilliant Fine Jewelry exhibits. One can expect only the finest to be present here.

With gems that possess enchanting qualities such as opals with rainbow hues or petite pearls juxtaposed against diamonds for dramatic effect-this sophisticated line is bound to impress even those who profess knowledge in regards to high-end jewelry preferences. She has redefined the French concept of baroque-style stones while infusing juicy colors into her works granting them boldness without overwhelming viewers’ senses with flamboyant details.

Events and Programs at Fine Jewelry Exhibits NYC 2019

Fine Jewelry Exhibits NYC in 2019 was a wide-ranging exhibition featuring over twenty different fine jewelers from across the United States. It provided many opportunities for attendees to explore, learn and pick up new ideas from some of the most talented artisans in the industry. The exhibition’s events and hands-on programs provided visitors with an entertaining and educational experience.

The exhibit hosts held many seminars throughout the course of the event where attendees could listen to professionals discuss topics such as current trends in jewelry designs, antique jewelry, gemstones and precious metals. During these seminars, attendees were able to ask questions and gain advice on pieces they may be interested in purchasing.

Additionally, many jewelers at the show offered free workshops giving attendees a chance to learn how jewelry is created, including tips on cutting gems, creating unique settings and selecting stones with specific characteristics.

For those looking for more interactive experiences at Fine Jewelry Exhibits NYC 2019 there were several special events hosted throughout the course of the exhibition. Attendees had a chance to compete against each other in team competitions designed to test their knowledge of gems, history and techniques used by various jewelers, or participate in group design challenges together with other exhibitors where people work together create a bold new design incorporating multiple elements.

There were also drop-in sessions run by experts who gave instruction on certain aspects of jewelry making which visitors could quickly take advantage of. All these activities allowed attendees not only observe great artistry but actually apply it themselves.

Media Coverage of Fine Jewelry Exhibits NYC 2019

Articles in the New York Times

The New York Times published several pieces covering the exhibition, starting with a “First Look” article in November 2019. That piece gave an overview about the event, including that it would offer attendees a chance to see and buy pieces from more than 40 fine jewelry vendors. It also provided descriptions of several pieces that will be at the show, including information on the prices of select items.

Another article published shortly after the exhibition took place lauded its success and even praised some of its designers for their craftsmanship. This included describing pieces from Jochen Leeb (whose work was acclaimed for its classic style) and Alexander Zonjic (whose pieces turned traditional influences into something uniquely modern). The article ended with suggestions on which items were must-have purchases.

Ou Fine Jewelry

Social Media Posts

On Instagram, many of exhibitors posted photos on their own accounts that showed off different designs they had showcased at the event. People who attended also shared photos showing how colorful and breathtaking it was to attend such an exhibit. Other users posted photos alongside news articles detailing their favorite pieces or experiences at the show.

Vendors also used Facebook to spread awareness about specific features within their booths or draw attention to any special offers they had during the exhibition. Events like these often receive considerable press coverage on other platforms as well – especially YouTube where bloggers often share videos giving live reactions to shows and contests exhibited at events like these.


The Fine Jewelry Exhibits NYC 2019 was the premier event for any jewelry lover. With renowned designers from all across the world flocking to New York City, it felt like a fairytale. From pieces which highlighted intricate craftsmanship to stunning modern designs, there was something for everyone at this event.

Stunning Works of Art

At the Fine Jewelry Exhibits NYC 2019, the viewers were given an exclusive access to amazing jewelries crafted by artisans who are at the top of their game. The pieces showcased unique designs created with precious gems and diamonds that left attendees in awe and amazement. Whether it was an intricate neckpiece for a special occasion or a modernized fashion accessory – there was something for every type of style trends during the exhibition.

Opportunity To Experience A Variety Of Styles

Different designers at the NYC jewelry exhibits had their distinct take on jewellery-making. From traditional pieces like solitaire rings to themed-jewelries such as animal shaped earrings – visitors were able to experience a variety of different styles all at once under one roof. Additionally, some brilliant minds also showcased opulently crafted adornments that featured pearls and accent stones set in silver settings which attracted plenty attention from viewers throughout duration of the display.

Exciting Range Of Pieces On Offer

The showcase of exquisite items didn’t end here – there was much more for onlookers to marvel at. From trendsetting earrings that highlighted exquisite gold luster paired with glowing sapphire stones to sleek polished bracelets encrusted with dazzling diamonds – these masterpieces truly brought out the beauty of contemporary jewellery trends to life. Overall, attendees had plenty opportunity to appreciate some extraordinary custom jewellery pieces crafted especially for them during this incredible exhibition.

Bonus Section

New York City is renowned for its wide array of quality and finely crafted jewelry. Visitors from around the world come to experience the unique treasure trove of jewels, gems, and fine metals found in stores throughout the city. The 2019 Fine Jewelry Exhibits at NYC will be no different; they promise to provide excited individuals with an impressive showcase of quality jewelry pieces from experienced designers and guardians of excellent craftsmanship.

Visitors of this exhibit can expect to shop among collections ranging from earthy, rustic pieces reminiscent of ancient traditions, up to modern masterpieces that depict bold strength and emancipation while paying homage to the classic aesthetics that will never go out of style. It is a perfect opportunity for those looking for a one-of-a-kind statement piece that speaks volumes about their sense of individual style.

Beyond just exceptional rings and necklaces, there’ll be plenty more unique jewelry items on display such as bracelets, lockets, brooches and other beautiful accessories.

In addition to providing viewing pleasure through stunning exhibits, the 2019 Fine Jewelry Exhibit provides those interested in purchasing some high-end fine jewelry a chance to purchase something special right away at participating stores in New York City. These shops offer top quality stones provided by experienced craftsmen who take pride in working with simply exquisite materials like diamond dust, platinum alloys and more.

Whether it’s precious gem stones expertly cut or stones from rare fossils; these artisan jewelers deliver dazzling creations made with one goal in mind – making dreams become reality for their buyers.

Among them are some longtime NYC participant stores like Morton Smith Jewels, celebrating over 50 years in business offering customers superior service backed with extensive experience; Tivon Diamonds & Co., who specializes in custom built jewelry using only conflict free diamonds; and Tito’s Gem Merchants boasting an impressive selection of rare finds as well as immaculate custom work upon request.

All of these places make sure every customer feel like a VIP receiving great attention with regular visits from resident company experts who help clients discover rare finds that fill expectations regardless how large or small their budgets might be.

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