Fashion Jewelry 2020 Trends

Fashion jewelry 2020 trends are in full swing with the start of the new year. For fashionistas and trendsetters everywhere, this year promises to bring a plethora of vibrant hues and eye-catching accessory designs.

From delicate necklaces to bold statement pieces, there is sure to be something for everyone when it comes to finding the perfect piece of fashion jewelry. To get you started on your search for must-have accessories and pieces that will truly make an outfit pop, here is a brief overview of what to expect from fashion jewelry in 2020.

One of the largest trends in fashion jewelry for 2020 is minimalistic designs. Pieces that feature simplistic lines and subtle colors are perfect for accessorizing everyday outfits or adding a hint of style to formal ensembles. Pendant necklaces with small charms are particularly popular right now as they are easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Choker necklaces are also making a big comeback due to their versatility as they can instantly add a touch of sophistication to any look. The same goes for dainty earrings and delicate rings too – these timeless pieces may be worn alone or layered up together for more dramatic ensembles.

For those who want their accessories to make more of a statement, large pendants boasting bright colors or intricate designs are turning out to be all the rage among fashion jewelry 2020 trends. Oversized rings decorated with gemstones or crystals make for bold accent pieces while bangle bracelets featuring metalwork patterns create an interesting contrast against plain clothing items like jeans and basic t-shirts.

These edgy designs will surely draw attention while keeping trendy looks fresh and modern no matter where you go.

No roundup would be complete without mentioning some of the most exotic finds in terms of fashion jewelry 2020 trends. Ethnic and tribal-inspired pieces such as richly colored maang tikas or powerful cuff bracelets featuring traditional engraved motifs provide standout styling options that allow wearers to express themselves in uniquely personal ways on special occasions or simply rock it every day.

Quality craftsmanship along with high attention-to-detail continues to lead designers’ creativity so stand-out treasures await those seeking unique adornments through this year’s collection releases.

What Are the Top Color Palettes to Look Out For?

When it comes to fashion jewelry in 2020, colors are what will set trends apart. Jewelers are expected to play with more vibrant and eye-catching hues than ever before. Here is a list of the hottest colors that fashionistas can look forward to seeing in this year’s collections:

  • Turquoise – Inspired by vivid ocean blues, turquoise is a romantic hue for those who love dreamy accessories.
  • Metallic – Perfect for fashion-forward patrons, metallic jewelry has been making waves throughout the industry. It adds just enough sparkle to any outfit.
  • Berry shades – A deep berry accent followed by lighter variations of mauve and pink have been trending in 2020 for all kinds apparel.
  • Earth tones – For those who like something minimally elegant, ivory, beige and clay colored fashion jewelry can tie together any outfit.

A combination of these hues can also create unique pieces that are one-of-a-kind and reflect the wearer’s personal style. Taking inspiration from luxury items featuring pearls and diamonds offers a great way for an individual to incorporate their own identity into their wardrobe while looking effortlessly chic at the same time.

Designers have also moved towards incorporating abstract shapes and modern silhouettes to help make a statement with bold yet harmonious ensembles. Statement earrings featuring funky shapes as well as layers of jewels around the neckline are being used to inject life into everyday looks. Finely detailed rings with unexpected shapes such as skulls provide newness to your typical collection with a beguiling appeal – perfect for those looking for something unintentionally trendy yet timeless at the same time.

The future of fashion jewelry is bright this year, offering more varieties than ever before. From being able to mix up different shades together or opting for classic pieces with subtle detail – there really is something out there to fit every taste imaginable.

A Closer Look at Popular Textures Used in 2020

When shopping for fashion jewelry this 2020, it is important to note the popular textures and finishes that revolve around the must-have looks of this year. As such, there are a few key texture trends you should take note of when shopping for an extra special piece to add your wardrobe.


The metal texture trend is simple but effective: metals are juxtaposed together and often layered up – think rose gold, yellow gold and silver – for a bold statement making effect. This works great with bangles or other flashy pieces of jewelry as its most eye catching when used together in a stacked look.

Gemstone Coating

Another look that has been popular this 2020 is the gemstone coating look that coats bigger pieces such as necklaces and earring sets with crystals such as opal stones or sapphires. This gives any piece instant luxury vibes and goes great with formal outfits.

Textured Metals

The textured metals trend has become increasingly popular lately amongst people who want to make more of a subtle statement with their jewelry choices; patterned metals such as chevrons and moon shapes have been spotted regularly on the wrist or in hair accessories recently by fashion-lovers across the globe. List Format Output:

  • Metal (layering different metals together)
  • Gemstone Coating (coating necklaces and earrings with opal stones or sapphires)

Bold Statement Pieces

Statement jewelry has always been popular, but in 2020 it is taking on a whole new look. Dramatic shapes and larger sized pieces can make an outfit pop like never before. Bigger beading, colorful gems, and chunks of heavy metal accents are some of the fashion trends we’ll be seeing this year.

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Earrings in particular are being designed as showstoppers, with oversized hoops or cascade styles boasting bright stones to make them sparkle all night long. For necklaces, go for a choker with bold charms dangling from it for an attention-grabbing effect or choose a long layered necklace that will wow everyone every time you walk into a room.

Colored Metals and Gemstones

When it comes to color in fashion jewelry, metals like rose gold and yellow gold remain in style while others such as copper and steel are emerging contenders. The same goes for precious stones – pink diamonds might still be expensive but cubic zirconia is providing the average person with plenty of affordable options to accessorize any outfit in style.

Unique stones like black spinel and sapphire are also making their way into the mix increasing the variety available to those who want something exquisite but cost effective at the same time.

Dollar Store Finds

It’s not just high-end fashion houses that are creating fun trends – dollar store finds have become popular too. Think about earrings made out of felt balls hung from hoop studs, which is an inexpensive way to inject some flair into any look without breaking your budget – whether you’re headed to brunch or happy hour afterwards.

These types of earrings come in all sorts of shapes and colors making it easy for anyone regardless of their personal aesthetic to find something special for themselves without having to splurge too much money on accessories.

Mixing & Matching Styles

Mixing different styles together can create unique looks that will separate you from the crowd in 2020 – think matching metals with colorful gemstones as well as combining casual bracelets with dressy rings or pendants. Mixing materials such as wood grain accents with brushed silver details can give off an earthy yet chic vibe while wearing metal over fabric designs is another popular trend right now for those who prefer minimalist accessories instead of bold statement pieces.

With so many options available this season there really isn’t any excuse not to try something new when it comes to fashion jewelry.

Earring Trends and Unique Styles for the New Year

Fashion jewelry trends continue to move in waves throughout the years and as 2020 hits its stride, this year is no exception. Every season brings fun new styles that offer endless possibilities for jewelry lovers everywhere to express their personal creativity.

There is something special about the right pair of earrings that can instantly transform an outfit, making it unique and chic. From statement pieces to subtle but classic designs, earrings continue to be a popular go-to accessory when it comes to fashion styling.

Statement Earrings

The modern woman is daring, confident, and most importantly society definition of what a defining fashionista should look like. As such, statement earrings are going strong in 2020 with loud drops and bold shapes that make an impactful look within moments.

Dramatic hoop earrings are certainly on-trend this year offering women an elegant shimmering finish or those looking for something more daring can go all out with hoop earring designs with pearls adorned or extra long cascading chains; perfect for any night event.

Colors & Crystals

What better way to start off the blooming spring season than with some vibrant colors infused into your jewelry wardrobe? Crystal-encrusted pieces offer women add vibrant blasts of color to any look while lending a touch of sophistication at the same time; especially colorful drop quartz crystals which can quickly become one’s new signature piece.

Of course neutrals will never go away and this year you have plenty options ranging from natural stones such as coral to organic materials like feathers or even gems set within filigree embroidery.

Retro Reimagined

For those looking for a vintage element in their wardrobe but still want on trend looks there’s nothing wrong with remixing old style classics into something newer and more exciting. Jewelers are now taking inspiration from early 20th century glamour as well as sixties party vibes by featuring vivid cat eye, heart shapes or even square shaped-earrings encrusted in colored stones or pearls allowing you channel your inner retro diva without too much effort.

Statement Bracelets for Adding a Touch of Glamour

Fashion jewelry is always changing, with new trends coming out every year. In 2020, statement bracelets have been one of the most popular pieces of jewelry across all fashion lines. These type of bracelets come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors making them a versatile fashion accessory for any wardrobe. For those wanting to add a touch of glamour to their look without being too ostentatious can easily do this with a statement bracelet.

Many designs are available for statement bracelets such as classic silver or gold links, colorful strands of beads, and gemstone bracelets featuring precious stones such as diamonds or rubies. The popular trend is to mix and match a variety of these designs by pairing more delicate metal strands with chunky gemstone links.

This creates an eye-catching design that stands out from traditional jewelry styles. A great way to make this type of style your own is by adding personal charms that are special to you such as birthstones or your zodiac sign charm.

Statement Bracelets are incredibly affordable reputedly making them even more attractive option for someone who wants to get the glamorized look without breaking the bank. It’s easy to find statement bracelets at reasonable price in stores and online so you don’t have spend too much money getting glamorous look. Many retailers also offer an online customization feature so customers can create their own unique bracelet design combining many different elements into one piece for truly unique stunning look.

Rings as the Perfect Finishing Touch for Accessorizing

As fashion trends go, rings are taking the top of the charts when it comes to accessorizing. Whether it’s a chunky statement piece or delicate stackable rings to add depth and interest to an outfit – everyone is joining in with this trend. This timeless trend allows you to express yourself and show off your personal style through choosing pieces that either match your outfit or flaunt as something striking and bold.

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Rings are also a great way of introducing some shimmer into an ensemble; adding that sparkle that helps draw attention to any outfit whether it’s dressy, casual, or even just perfect for a night out. Rings can be worn alone as just one standout statement piece or stacked up on one hand symbolizing certain beliefs, showcasing personal stories, or just being terribly cute.

Delicate and Timeless Designs

For those looking for something more subtle and timeless, having delicate dainty designs such as gemstones intertwined with thin gold-tone knot bands adds effortless grace without going overboard on the glamour-perfect for everyday life. This fashion jewelry statement is also so versatile since almost every color stone will look good in this setting so you can easily switch up the look by mixing and matching different stones based around colors within your wardrobe.

The charm of classic jewelry lies in its ability to withstand time, always maintaining relevance throughout any season while providing a pop of color throughout any ensemble. So if you’re undecided about which piece you should purchase, then you can never really go wrong with delicate jewelry pieces.

Statement Pieces

For those fashion forward people not afraid to experiment with their look – chunky statement jewelry pieces are worth exploring further. Wanting become rivals behind the runways without breaking the bank? Then why not try contrasting two different types textures of metal for a head-turning appearance?

Carrying this trend further from thin knot bands into other forms of jewelry; try wearing our favorite summer T-shirt by slipping overtop of an oversized sterling silver chain necklace featuring larger than life charms for that final updated look. Be sure to finish the ensemble with layered silver cuffs and bangles making an irresistible declaration.

Affordable Options

Today, fashion jewelry is an integral part of any well-rounded wardrobe. It provides an array of opportunities for accessorizing and the ability to change up a look within moments and on a budget. Fortunately, there are a number of tips and strategies to make sure you have quality pieces that you love while still staying within your budget.

Research and Investigate

Educating oneself on the common materials used to produce fashion jewelry is necessary in order to find quality pieces for a reasonable price. The key components when searching for the perfect piece are identifying metals, gemstones, gold plating options etc. Additionally, learning about the designs that match with current trends as well as studying which outlets offer better deals at lower prices can help those looking for an affordable but quality option.

Pick Pieces That Will Outlast Trends

Rather than buying pieces that are trendy yet low-quality, it is important to invest in classic pieces that will outlast their contemporaries in terms of both style and longevity. In addition, building relationships with larger brands or even local jewellers can be advantageous because they may give discounts or notify customers of upcoming sales.

Buy Carefully Crafted Pieces

When shopping around for fashion jewelry, seek out products that were carefully crafted by experienced artisans. Well made items often use high quality raw materials such as sterling silver or 18K gold plating so they will last longer than those lacking such components.

There also may be flaws in some mass-produced items so researching different outlets is important for achieving overall excellence in fashion jewelry supplies. Moreover, many companies now offer custom hand crafted jewelries created with precise attention to detail to provide customers with truly unique works of art.

Wrapping it Up

As trends come and go, fashion jewelry undergoes its own evolution in accordance with the changing times. 2020 is no exception, as the biggest trends for jewelry show an embracing of new approaches to accessories. For those who follow fashion trends closely, there’s something special in store with fashion jewelry this year.

One noticeable trend that stands out within fashion jewelry 2020 is the use of organic-looking shapes. Exotic shapes like aspen leaves, crescent moons, and intertwined tendrils all bring a bit of nature into the equation and make for a more beautiful addition to an outfit. These organic pieces are usually made with natural materials such as wood, gemstones, shells, and other treasures from nature that stand out from conventional metal pieces.

Another must-see trend in fashion jewelry this year is bold statement pieces that draw attention to themselves with their vivid colors and unique designs. Whether it’s oversized earrings or stackable bracelets that make a statement when worn together in abundance, these pieces are sure to turn heads.

For those who want to be noticed whenever they have their look put together, statement pieces will elevate their wardrobe. Additionally many brands are releasing collections inspired by cultural symbols and motifs giving clients the chance to wear something unique as well as learn a bit about cultures different than theirs.

In conclusion it can be said that 2020 will be remembered not only for its stunning trends but also for its reinterpretation of classic styles from days gone by. As much as Etsy revivals take influence from past decades classic style has been reshaped toned down so that no matter the age everyone can embrace it with confidence while keeping their wardrobe stylishly updated.

Fashion jewelery will help you accentuate any look making it more dynamic lively, stirring memories among those who loved these pieces back in the day and allowing new admirers appreciate them like never before.

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