Falmouth Jewelry Shop

Introduction to Falmouth Jewelry Shop

Falmouth Jewelry Shop, established in 2005, is a family owned and operated jewelry shop serving Falmouth and the surrounding area. Located in the heart of Falmouth’s Historic District, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of quality jewelry items at reasonable prices. For those looking for that special one-of-a-kind gift, our selection of unique handmade items will surely fit the bill.

At Falmouth Jewelry Shop, our mission is to provide high quality jewelry and exceptionally friendly customer service that ensures customers have an enjoyable shopping experience every time they come through our doors. We believe in being honest with our customers, taking care of their purchase before, during and after sale process, so that customers trust us to be a reliable place to shop for all their jewelry needs.

We strongly believe in exceeding customer expectations by projecting an image of quality and value while building long lasting relationships with each person who walks through our door. We understand what it takes to make sure every customer leaves our store completely satisfied with their purchase. That’s why we take great pride in the amount of attention and care that goes into each piece we offer.

Unique Shopping Experience

The Falmouth Jewelry Shop has been providing its customers with exceptional, one-of-a-kind pieces for over 60 years. From vintage finds to rare gems, their selection is unbeatable, and the shop’s friendly staff are passionate about helping customers find something truly special to cherish.

Customers have had many positive experiences at the Falmouth Jewelry Shop. Gary found a necklace for his wife made from perfectly matched Tanzanite stones at the store and was delighted by the exquisite craftsmanship. “As I looked around each piece, I could tell that all of them had been crafted with an eye for beauty—something you don’t always find these days in jewelry shops” he said.

Another customer, Laura, purchased a stunning aquamarine ring ahead of her son’s wedding day. She chose it because it reminded her of the sea and was pleased that she had been able to buy something so unique that would last a lifetime: “I was so glad I decided to come here—the aquamarine ring I bought had such intricate designs that won everyone over at my son’s wedding!”

Joseph recently proposed to his long-term girlfriend with a beautiful engagement ring from the Falmouth Jewelry Shop; his fiancée was thrilled with its elegant design and remarked on how well it complemented her growing collection of jewelry from their travels together. Joseph has since returned several more times with friends who always manage to find something truly special and become instant fans of this fantastic little store!

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Variety of Jewellery

Falmouth Jewelry Shop offers a wide variety of jewelry, including:

1. Necklaces: choker necklaces, pendants, layered necklaces, gemstone necklaces, and more.

2. Earrings: stud earrings, hoops, drop earrings, geometric earrings, and more.

3. Rings: engagement rings, promise rings, eternity bands, anniversary bands; personalized initial and birthstone rings; classic silver and gold pieces; statement signed jeweler styles; unique one-of-a-kind designs; and more.

4. Bracelets & Bangles: charm bracelets and bangles in sterling silver, yellow gold over sterling silver or rose gold plated sterling silver with great designs from every era from Art Deco to contemporary styles.

5. Watches:classics with handmade leather straps; classic chronographs with their iconic cushion cases adorned in diamonds; dive watches with precision timing mechanisms submerged at sea depths of 200 meters!

6. Brooches & Pins: an extensive selection of brooches and pins for everyday use as well as special occasions such as weddings or anniversaries.

7. Custom Jewelry Design Service – In addition to the collections offered by Falmouth Jewelry Shop they offer custom designed one of a kind pieces tailored to meet the individual needs of their customers and bring their visions to life!

Professional Services

The Falmouth Jewelry Shop provides professional services to customers looking to purchase or repair their jewelry pieces. Some of the services available include ring sizing, soldering, custom stone setting and polishing. Ring sizing is free on select gold and platinum jewelry items; however, customers looking for other resizing options may incur additional costs. The shop also offers special deals on dies-cast stones like cubic zirconia where customers can enjoy up to 80% percent off. In addition, they also provide diamond purchasing services which entail selecting loose diamonds, checking certificates and examining diamond quality with a ‘10x microscope’ service tool. Customers can also take advantage of the shop’s semi-annual cleaning event – complimentary cleaning and inspection regardless of the jewelry purchase amount! All services come at competitive prices so customers can have peace of mind knowing that they are getting high quality work for an affordable price.

Dedicated Staff

The skilled staff at Falmouth Jewelry Shop have many years of jewelry experience and expertise. The team is headed up by qualified gemologist, David Stone, who has a Master’s degree in Gemology from the Gemological Institute of America. Most of the other staff members also have completed various courses within the industry, specialized in diamonds, amber, and gems. They are committed to providing their customers with quality service and expert advice on finding the perfect piece to suit their style and personality.

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Exceptional Quality

At the Falmouth Jewelry Shop, customers can find exceptional quality jewelry. From custom diamond engagement rings to unique pendants and earrings, this shop has something for everyone. Customers are often seen walking away with smiles on their faces, having just purchased a beautiful piece of jewelry they found to be of great value. One customer expressed appreciation for their staff’s patient guidance in helping them design the perfect engagement ring despite a tight budget. Another commenter noted how much time they spent browsing through the store’s selection of opals to find the perfect necklace fit for a special occasion. Even more customers have expressed satisfaction with never-ending compliments they now receive due to eye-catching pieces they acquired from Falmouth Jewelry Shop. Truly, no other shop around offers such high quality jewelry and services!

Community Presence

Falmouth Jewelry Shop has been an integral part of the local community for many years. The shop prides itself on its commitment to giving back and making meaningful contributions to the Falmouth area.

The shop actively participates in local events such as festivals and bazaars, often providing pieces for silent auctions. In addition, the shop regularly sponsors and donates to organizations in the region, including Taunton Carers Centre, Bridgewater Aquatics Club and The National Coastwatch Institution. The owners of the store also make regular visits to local schools and colleges to give talks about art and craftsmanship. Over the years, they have created scholarships and apprenticeships for deserving students who demonstrate a passion for learning and jewelry-making.


If you’re looking for unique and eye-catching jewelry from around the world, you’ve come to the right place. Falmouth Jewelry Shop offers an extensive collection of fine jewelry that is sure to dazzle and delight even the most discriminating shoppers. Explore our range of styles to find something special for yourself or a loved one. With excellent customer service and competitive prices, you won’t find better value for your money anywhere else. Don’t miss out – follow us on social media and stay up to date on all of our latest collections and promotions!

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