Eternal Jewelry Coating

Application Process

The Eternal Jewelry Coating application process is designed to be simple and effective. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Prepare the surface of your jewelry piece. This may involve gently cleaning with a soft, lint-free cloth or using some mild detergent if there is a build up of dirt, dust or oils that can slow down the coating process.

2. Mask off areas that should not receive the coating (excessive contact with this product could cause damage).

3. Shake the Eternal Jewelry Coating bottle for approximately 2 minutes in order to mix the ingredients properly, and then apply it on the desired areas with a clean, lint-free brush or sponge applicator evenly in thin coats over all surfaces.

4. Allow each coat to dry completely before adding another layer (usually 15 – 30 minutes). Typically 3-4 thin layers are enough for strong protection, unless otherwise specified from Eternal Jewelry Coating instructions/claims.

5. After all coats have been applied and dried, buff gently with a soft cloth to remove any visible streaks or lines left by applicators and ensure that your piece has an even shine throughout.

Special Products & Tools Required: Eternal Jewelry Coating, applicator of choice such as sponge brush or microfiber cloth; masking tape (optional).
Safety Tips: Always carefully read the directions on the product before use in order to understand any warnings such as potential contact allergies or processes you should avoid during application; use protective gloves and eyewear where necessary; keep out of reach of children; only use in well ventilated area away from open flames or sparks; store securely when not in use as this type of coating can be flammable, toxic and pose health hazards irresponsibly used; never leave unattended during application process for safety reasons


Eternal Jewelry Coating is a revolutionary coating technology that provides unprecedented lifespans to jewelry. With an eternal warranty, it is designed to not flake, dull, or turn yellow over time. Furthermore, the coating can be customized to mix and match different colors. This could allow for a wide range of color choices that would complement any outfit or style. An extensive color palette allows for dozens of possible combinations and result in unique pieces of jewelry that stands out from the crowd. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Eternal Jewelry Coating — you can combine two or more colors to create your own blend and design process ensures your pieces will stand the test of time and look beautiful with years of use! Additionally, Eternal Jewelry Coating works on all metals — both soft metals like gold and sterling silver as well as harder alloys such as stainless steel and titanium. As a result, this coating gives yourjewelry unbeatable protection no matter which metal type you’re using for your pieces.


The Eternal Jewelry Coating differs from traditional coating options like lacquer, enamel, and plating due to its patented formula that gives it up to five times the durability of other coatings. Unlike lacquer, a coating made from many synthetic chemicals, the Eternal Jewelry Coating contains no petroleum distillates or other toxic chemicals and is much more resilient against scratches, denting and corrosion. Enamel is a glass-based coating that has had some success for jewelry protection but can be brittle when applied to highly intricate designs; whereas the Eternal Jewelry Coating can flex with the design and continually protect. Plating is also an option for jewelry coatings but its protective capabilities are less than those of Eternal Jewelry Coating as it can begin to wear away or corrode quickly if not maintained properly. The unique features of Eternal Jewelry Coating make it ideal for protecting important family heirlooms, statement pieces or items made with precious metals since it provides exceptional protection without sacrificing its beauty.

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“I recently purchased a ring from Eternal Jewelry Coating after a friend recommended it to me, and I could not be happier with the product. The coating has kept my ring shining and beautiful for months now; I never have to worry about polishing it constantly. It’s incredibly easy to apply and lasts for so long – I was amazed by how effective it was! Definitely recommend.”

“Eternal Jewelry Coating is an absolute must-have when it comes to preserving the beauty of your jewelry. My necklace has been coated with Eternal Jewelry Coating for almost a year now and still looks perfect. No matter what activities I do or weather conditions I’m exposed to, my necklace stays looking flawless. The coating provides excellent value – highly recommend!”

“My earrings look brand new thanks to Eternal Jewelry Coating! Ever since applying the coating two months ago, they’ve glimmered as if they were freshly bought from the store. They don’t tarnish at all; even after showering, they look great every day! Such an amazing product.”


There are several alternative coatings and treatments that can be used in lieu of the Eternal Jewelry Coating. Some of these include nano-ceramic coating, titanium coating, diamond like coating (DLC), plated gold and silver, rhodium plating, and laser etching or engraving. Applying such techniques will provide a longer lasting result. Nano-ceramic coating is one of the latest advancements in jewelry protection. It provides an extremely durable protective barrier that prevents scratches from forming on the surface of the jewelry. Titanium coating creates a strong protective layer on the surface of jewelry which adds immense strength against tarnishing or corrosion. Diamond Like Coating (DLC) creates a luxurious style on any jewelry piece with its deep black finish and high sheen to last for years without revealing signs of wear. Plated gold and silver can be used as a decorative layer over any underlying metal to add additional value and shine to jewelry pieces like rings, bracelets, pendants and so forth. Rhodium plating protects metals from tarnishing while providing them with shine and luster. Lastly, laser etching or engraving is also an effective way to decorate individual pieces with custom designs, logos or other personalization options for gifts or special occasions.

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Return on Investment

The return on investment associated with Eternal Jewelry Coating and other coatings and treatments varies depending on the type of jewelry being treated. For instance, if a piece of jewelry uses an expensive coating or treatment such as rhodium plating, the cost of the coating itself may be a major component of total expenses. In this case, customers must weigh potential ROI against the expense of the coating itself to determine whether it will pay off in the long run.

In other cases, investing in a protective coating for jewelry can result in a tremendous return on investment in terms of damage mitigation over time. For example, eternity rings that are regularly exposed to moisture or lotions may eventually start to corrode if they are not coated; these restorative measures add up over time and can save significant amounts of money down the line when compared against having to replace or repair jewels due to corrosion. The protective layer created by coatings like Eternal Jewelry Coating can also improve shine and prevent any discoloration occurring due to wear-and-tear over time that could otherwise diminish its worth. Therefore, investing in these coatings is often deemed beneficial both aesthetically and financially long term.


Q: What is Eternal Jewelry Coating?
A: Eternal Jewelry Coating is a professional coating product specifically designed to protect and preserve the finish on jewelry. Applying the coating will help to keep your jewelry in pristine condition for years to come, protecting it from scratches, abrasions, dirt, and tarnishing.

Q: How long does the coating last?
A: The protective coating created by Eternal Jewelry Coating can last up to 8 years when applied properly. The life of the coating depends largely on how often it is handled and exposed to environmental elements such as water or sweat.

Q: Is the application process difficult?
A: No, applying Eternal Jewelry Coating is easy! All you need to do is clean the surface of your jewelry with a damp cloth before applying a thin layer of product with one of our provided applicators. After that, simply let it dry for 10-15 minutes and enjoy invulnerable protection for your precious pieces!

Q: Is this product safe for any kind of jewelry?
A: Absolutely! Our coaing has been tested on all kinds of metals including gold, silver, brass, and nickel – so you can confidently protect any piece you have!