Elsa Jewelry Storage Mirror

Elsa jewelry storage mirror offers an intelligent solution for individuals who need a fashionable and functional way to store their jewelry. This innovative storage system is crafted from high-quality materials like wood and glass, making it both aesthetically pleasing and long lasting.

Unlike traditional cabinet styles, the Elsa mirror has multiple compartments which allow you to customize the size and shape of your jewelry collection depending on your style or day-to-day needs. Plus, its sleek design allows it to fit in any existing decor.

Features – It Does So Much More Than Store:As if being a classy piece of furniture wasn’t enough, the Elsa Jewelry Storage Mirror also has some amazing features that make it one of the best jewellery storage solutions available. For example, thanks to its adjustable tilt feature, you’ll be able to observe yourself in the mirror as you select pieces for your outfit – plus you can keep your hairstyle neat and tidy too.

It also comes with customized velvet drawers which provide cushioned linings perfect for storing delicate jewellery pieces like watches or bangles. Your items stay secure when closing the draws with easy to use magnetic closures.

Final Thoughts – A Versatile and Stylish Choice: From outside appearances alone, one could not tell that this stylish wooden leaning mirror was housing jewelry inside – making this a great choice for someone looking for a modern home accessory that does double duty. Beyond its aesthetics, however one of its best features is its versatility–it’s able to hold both bulky necklaces and other larger items as well as smaller rings or earrings.

Already seeing why this is such an important part of any home? Purchase yours today – your family will thank you.


The Elsa Jewelry Storage Mirror is the perfect combination of storage and practicality. It’s designed to hang over a dresser, giving you plenty of space for you to store your jewelry and accessories in an organized way. This mirror has a timeless design and is made from high-quality materials that will stand the test of time.

The frame is made of solid oak with a natural finish for a classic look. It sits atop adjustable brackets that keep this piece sturdy and secure against the wall, allowing you to reach even your highest earrings with ease.

One of the most useful features of this jewelry storage mirror is its multiple compartments. Along the sides, there are two slide out drawers which can be used to store everything from necklaces to bracelets. Atop the frame is a spacious mirror tray with shallow folding compartments that can hold all types of small items like rings and pins. This versatile tray can be easily lifted off so you can quickly access your accessories when needed.

The final feature worth mentioning about this jewelry mirror is its innovative lighting system. Illuminated by six warm white LEDs, this jewelry storage solution gives you everything you need when selecting what accessories to wear during any outing or night out on the town. With these LEDs, you don’t have to worry about visibility as they are adjustable for sharpness and brightness levels depending on your preferences.

Additionally, each LED light has an integrated touch switch so turning them on and off is a breeze. Simply tap the switch nestled at the top center of the frame and select either low or high brightness levels without having to get up from bed or out of your chair in order to do it manually.


The Elsa Jewelry Storage Mirror is a must-have choice for those who are looking to conveniently store, organize, and accessorize their jewelry. This stylishly designed mirror will be sure to add a touch of elegance to any home. Its luxurious Velvet background provides an elegant feel while adding an eye-catching design touch.

With its removable drawers and spacious cabinets, this space saver has plenty of room for both long necklaces and dainty studs. Not only does it look sleek on the outside but it also functions as a main storage unit for all your favorite and important pieces.

One of the main benefits of owning the Elsa Jewelry Storage Mirror is that it keeps all your accessories from getting tangled or misplaced due to its organized design. The rows of drawers can easily be accessed as needed, making sure all your pieces are within reach at all times.

Also, you won’t have to worry about running out of storage space as the mirror’s large compartments can handle more complex pieces like bangle bracelets and bangles with ease. And if you need extra organization, it’s expandable tray comes with adjustable dividers so you can sort and organize items into separate categories along the top shelf while still being able to see everything at a glance without having to open drawers and search each compartment individually.

Another benefit that comes with owning this attractive piece of furniture is that it not only provides immense storage capacity but its also doubles up as a great decorative accent piece in any bedroom setting or dressing area thanks to its modern yet elegant design. Additionally, setting up the Elsa Jewelry Storate Mirror takes only minutes due to its convenient snap-piece construction technology meaning you’ll start enjoying all these benefits fast.

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Finally, stored safely behind high quality safety mechanism lock fits in perfectly with today’s lifestyle when luxury meets security needs.


The Elsa Jewelry Storage Mirror is perfect for all jewelry lovers who need a stylish and practical way to store their jewelry. The sleek and modern design of this mirror guarantees that it will look great in any room. The white finish gives the piece an elegant and luxurious feel.

Additionally, the two drawers provide plenty of storage space for all types of jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, rings, and watches. Finally, the full-length mirrored door allows you to conveniently try on your jewelry before leaving your house.

The Elsa Jewelry Storage Mirror also gives you more counter space since it comes with a built-in drawer and ledge to hold other items. This storage solution is an excellent way to clear up any clutter off your dresser or vanity table. Furthermore, it is equipped with a secure mechanism that prevents drawers from opening if tipped over-this extra feature adds even more safety and reassurance that your precious pieces are safely tucked away when not in use.

Despite its minimalistic appearance, the Elsa Jewelry Storage Mirror has incredible value because its round shape effectively maximizes interior space without taking up too much real estate on a wall or tabletop surface. You can easily hang this piece using a sawtooth or two nails so installation just takes minutes-another bonus if you’re looking for something low maintenance yet highly functional.

If you’re looking for an attractive jewelry storage option that offers maximum convenience, then the Elsa Jewelry Storage Mirror may be exactly what you need.


The Elsa Jewelry Storage Mirror is not only a stylish way to store jewelry but also adds an elegant touch to any home. Fortunately, it is easy and straightforward to set up. All of the necessary components and instructions come included with the package, making installation a quick and simple project.

First, you must assemble the frame that will hold the mirror in place. The frame is comprised of pre-cut sections that are slotted together. With the provided screws and an Allen wrench, simply attach the pieces to form a rectangular shape. Once this initial step is complete, you can attach the door panels where desired to create additional storage space for your jewelry or other items.

Next, you should affix the hinges as instructed on the package for each door panel. The decorative hardware accenting your design preference can be easily attached utilizing standard tools from around your home or office. Then, you will mount them onto the wall via a series of bolts and washers using appropriate anchors (not included). Ensure that all connections are properly secured prior to continuing with installation of the mirror itself.

Once all these steps have been completed satisfactorily, you can securely install the large mirror using its integrated mounting screws by following carefully what’s clearly laid out in the manual provided in the box contents. Be sure to use appropriately sized drill bits when accessing walls for mounting purposes if necessary; acquiring extra anchor plugs along with longer screws may make assembly easier if need be as well.

Finally, once everything is sitting in place correctly, plug in any required electric connections and voilà – you have successfully installed your new Elsa Jewelry Storage Mirror.

Customer Testimonials

The Elsa Jewelry Storage Mirror has been providing convenience and elegance to customers since its launch in 2015. Praise has come pouring in from users, as they recognize its excellent storage capabilities combined with its stylish and modern look. With the latest patented design, it’s no surprise that customers have been unable to resist this product.

Customer reviews have been incredibly positive for the Elsa Jewelry Storage Mirror. Customers appreciate the space saving potential of having their jewelry stored within a mirror.

By having a sleek and modern design, it also makes switching up accessories for different outfits even easier. Utilizing space in limited closet areas or living space is now achievable with this product, as customers can easily hang necklaces, earrings, and more directly from the mirror itself due to its specially designed notches all around the rim of the frame.

The mirror also works well with various home décor themes. Its neutral color allows it to blend into any room without looking out of place or clashing. Putting up is simple too; two small hooks are located on either side allowing you to easily mount it onto a wall or door of your choice with no extra fuss or mess. A simple leather strap is also included should you want to use as an over-the-door variant.

Indeed, customer satisfaction is high with this product; what first appears can be deceiving as looks can fool us – but not when dealing with the Elsa Jewelry Storage Mirror.

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Not only are you met with beautiful and classic style but you are sure to take advantage of optimal storage space from top to bottom by utilizing all the little indents surrounding the rim-like frame for easy access for earrings and other dangling accessories; form meets function at its finest here.

No longer will you have sifting through mounds of tangled necklaces while getting ready anymore.


There is no doubt that the Elsa Jewelry Storage Mirror has become a must-have accessory for any bedroom or bathroom. This incredibly versatile mirror not only looks great and adds style, but it doubles as storage for jewelry, cosmetics, and other daily essentials.

With five drawers to store items and an adjustable arm shelf to store all your cosmetics supplies, this mirror provides an easy way to organize all of your favorite possessions in one place. The sleek silver frame and beveled glass combine to give this beyond – functional piece a classic sophistication.

The Elsa Jewelry Storage Mirror can be purchased online from many trusted retail sites. These sites have a comprehensive selection of these mirrors in various styles, colors and prices so customers can find the perfect product for their needs. Whether you’re looking for something affordable or more elaborate, most retailers will offer competitive pricing and fast shipping options so that customers can get their products quickly and within budget.

When shopping at a physical store, you may also find the Elsa Jewelry Storage Mirror on display in furniture show rooms. Visiting these showrooms gives customers the opportunity to see first hand how large this item is as well as giving them the chance to touch it before they purchase it. Shopping at furniture stores also allows customers to ask questions regarding any warranty policies offered by the company should they decide to make an in-store purchase.

Finally, individuals who cannot find the exact product they are looking for online or at local furniture stores can contact outlets such as different manufacturing companies or wholesale stores which usually have much better stocked inventories than traditional retailers where quantities might be limited for particular items due to demand constraints.

As with online purchases, asking about return policies involved in purchasing from manufacturers or wholesalers before ordering would be helpful for those who need peace of mind about their purchase decisions without any surprises once their product arrives at its destination.


The Elsa Jewelry Storage Mirror is an invaluable investment piece that no woman should be without. With its stylish, modern design and practical features, it is the perfect addition to any bedroom or bathroom decor. This mirror offers ample storage space with two adjustable shelves underneath, eliminating the headache of finding a place to store your prized jewelry collection.

The doors open up to reveal a vanity with 11 drawers filled with compartments for sorting earrings, necklaces, and other smaller items. The glass on the outside allows for an unimpeded view of your jewelry, making it easier to quickly match pieces together for that perfect outfit.

The Elsa Jewelry Storage Mirror also includes a removable lockable top which can then turn into a full-length wall mirror when hung from the ceiling or when placed against a wall – making it an even more versatile and useful piece of furniture. It has three full length swiveling mirrors allowing you to view yourself from all angles giving you confidence before leaving your home.

No longer will you have to worry about tangled necklaces as this elegant piece has six large hooks in each corner meaning you can securely hang any precious items you desire. Its easy installation process requires just a few simple steps and all screws are included in the box making sure everything fits perfectly and safely into place without any extra hassle or worries.

The versatility of the Elsa Jewelry Storage Mirror makes it essential for keeping your accessories organized and in one spot at all times and is ideal for those constrained by small spaces opposed to having multiple dedicated pieces of jewelry furniture like wider armoires or dressers with multiple drawers that require more real estate than many households may afford.

Used alone or incorporated into any existing vanity set-up, the Elsa Jewelry Storage Mirror is designed to give back all of its double duty convenience as it looks just as beautiful as it performs–driven by fashion sensibilities but always guided by elevated sense of purposeful living spaces fit for modern day needs.