Egyptian Revival Medallion Retro Brooch Costume Jewelry

The Egyptian Revival Medallion Retro Brooch Costume Jewelry has been making a stellar come back into the mainstream. Whether you look at the popular music stars are wearing it in their videos or whether you look at people sharing it and making it a style statement in their pictures on Instagram, these costume jewelry pieces have become quite trendy these days.

Offering an aesthetic of ancient Egypt which has been the foundation for interesting art styles, these brooches provide an attractive touch to the clothing of today’s era.

History Of Egyptian Revival Jewelry – Explain why this kind of ornaments has made a comeback If we go back in time to uncover the history behind this trend, then these Egyptian Revival Medallion Retro Brooch Costume Jewelry items have been around for quite some time; often seen at vintage auctions and flea markets embraced by celebrities such as Claude Monet, Katharine Hepburn and socialites.

The revival of this trend in jewelry follows from admiring the aesthetic appeal associated with Pharaohs, hieroglyphics and scarab beetles which was first said to be adopted by France in the early 1800’s when archeologists began finding artifacts from Ancient Egypt’s tombs.

From that point forward, this Egyptian-inspired jewelry has gone through various iterations of design before becoming trendy again today.

Application – Mention how would one incorporate Egyptian elements into modern wardrobe In modern-day styling these ‘Egyptian-inspired’ pieces can be worn with any type of outfit ranging from western-style apparel like jeans and t-shirts or they can be paired with traditional kaftans for festivals and special occasions giving a royal touch to your outfits.

Wearing them on movies sets is also very popular amongst movie producers as well as fashion designers who manage to re-create beautiful wardrobe pieces based upon this trend, while wedding gown collections online feature stunning dresses inspired by Cleopatra who was referred to as ‘the Queen of Nile’ – incorporating brooches that perfectly suits this regal look.

Historical Overview

Traditional Egyptian-style jewelry was a form of ancient jewelry with roots as far back as the Predynastic Period of Egypt (c.6000-3150 BC). Jewelry created during this period was made from a variety of materials including stone, ivory, wood, and copper.

By the Old Kingdom period of Egyptian history (2686 – 2181 BC), many of these pieces had become exquisitely ornate and richly decorated with gemstones and colorful glass. Some of their most popular forms were necklaces, bracelets, earrings and anklets; however neck collars or pectorals were also seen worn by both royalty and commoners alike.

The Revival Period: the 1950s to the 1970s

The mid twentieth century saw a revival in the popularity of Egyptian-inspired costume jewelry designs. This renewed interest in Egyptian jewelry can be attributed to several factors including Hollywood fantasy films such as The Ten Commandments (1956) starring Charlton Heston which featured lavish depictions of Egyptian costumes, props and set decorations.

Additionally a growing tourist trade in Egypt that brought visitors in contact with authentic pieces also influenced this trend for fashioning copies from gold plated brass or copper based alloys into items that could be bought at more affordable prices abroad for export to foreign markets.

During the 1960s and 70s American companies such as Reja Inc., Morris Fashions, Coro Jewelers, Napier Co., Trifari Jewelry Company, Trigere Bros., along with many others produced regular collections featuring designs based on these traditions but adapted to more modern tastes.

Modern Legacy

Today there are many pieces on sale from antique stores and vintage retailers that feature reproductions representing this past style of traditional Egyptian-style costume jewellery. One such example is a retro brooch in the shape of an ankh depicting Ra-Horakhty surrounded by four scarabs against a cream enameled background that is part of our Vintage Costume Jewellery range.

Another item is an oval shaped medallion with hieroglyphics on one side featuring a profile image relief portrait on the other side – it can be found showcased as part of our online selection. For those who are looking for something less ornate we also have decorative sphinx pins cast using lead-free metals in various finishes ranging from matte silver to 14 karat gold plate in either small or medium sizes that make great additions to any jewellery collection.


The Egyptian Revival medallion brooch costume jewelry style has been a popular accessory with many 21st-century fashion influencers. Musical artists Rihanna and Lady Gaga started the trend as early as 2015, when both musicians began wearing an Egyptian inspired gold necklace and other pieces of jewelry. Since then, other notable icons have stepped forward to help continue this trend by including these items in their wardrobe.

Lucy Hale has often been seen wearing a bold collar necklace featuring an ankh cross to events; while Taraji P Henson was spotted at red-carpet events with various eye-catching pendants resting on her chest. Even supermodels Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid embraced some of Egyptian Revival’s most opulent pieces during fashion week events.

History Of Art Deco Jewelry

Most recently, the Egyptian Revival look has become more popular for everyday wear due to its convenience and eclectic appeal. The simple “medallion” design makes it easy to dress up or dress down, depending on the occasion – perfect for running errands or attending a party. It can be transferred from day to night without much fuss, so it’s no surprise this look has become so popular among millennials everywhere.

In addition, the adaptability of Egyptian Revival jewelry is worth noting; it seems you can find something that matches every mood imaginable – whether it is more vibrant tones such as blue and green, or warm hues like golds and browns – use these accessories to create the exact look desired. Plus, with its subtle hints of chic sophistication mixed into each piece, you will never be left feeling underdressed or overdressed.

This timeless medallion brooch costume jewelry style will always be a safe bet when accessorizing any outfit.


The majority of pieces of Egyptian Revival Medallion Retro Brooch Costume jewelry are made from the following materials:

  • Brass
  • Naturally lustrous, strong and robust, brass is an ideal material for a variety of costume jewelry. Brass bars or plates can be used to form the basic design and then gold or silver coating can be added to give it that extra shine. As a material with excellent malleability, it allows for intricate designs with relative ease.

  • Copper
  • Copper has been used in jewelry-making for centuries and its properties remain highly prized today. It is naturally hypoallergenic, meaning that it doesn’t cause irritation against the skin, as well as being corrosion-resistant and comparatively low in cost when compared to other alloys often used in costume jewelry production.

  • Enamel
  • This vitreous glass coating is incredibly durable and gives costume piece an eye-catching brightness that will last. Enamel will create a smooth finish on metal components which otherwise have very sharp details or edges making them ideal for intricate designs which would otherwise be uncomfortable to wear against the skin.

Popular Styles

Obelisk designs are one of the most iconic symbols used in costume jewelry meant to evoke ancient Egypt. Often set against sunburst or circular backgrounds, obelisks are typically made from a variety of metals and can feature intricate reliefs with hieroglyphic inscriptions. While not technically Egyptian in origin, these obelisk designs often feature symbols from traditional Egyptian art and architecture to create an unmistakable Ancient Egyptian look.

  • Combination of Metals – Many brooch designs may combine silver, gold or bronze metals in their design
  • Relief Inscriptions – Hieroglyphic inscriptions can be found on many costume jewelry pieces in Obelisk styles emulating symbols from traditional Egyptian culture.

A variation on the obelisk theme is the more naturalistic sphinx shaped brooch. This type often features detailed carvings with images of animals complete with wings, curled tails and stylized features. The traditional sphinx shape evokes the mysteries surrounding Ancient Egypt as it rises up to fill any outfit with captivating antiquity.

  • Winged Animals – Sphinx shaped brooches often feature images of animals with wings representing various gods and goddesses from Ancient Egypt.
  • Carvings – Intricate carved details are used to further enhance sphinx shaped brooches adding another layer of visual depth to each piece.

The legendary Pharaoh is known around world cultures for its mysterious aura of death and mystery as well as its incredible wealth and tomb sought after by explorers ever since it was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter. With imagery associated to the great Pharaoh now iconic worldwide it had become a trademark symbol that’s been frequently depicted among pieces of costume jewelry meant to resemble or evoke him.

  • Royal Refinement : These offerings usually carry a sense of royal refinement making use of intricate patterns found throughout ancient Egypt for extra authenticity
  • Interpretation : Most modern interpretations make use smooth delicate curves for a softer look than other traditional designs

Cultural Significance

Egyptian Revival Medallion jewelry had a variety of purposes and cultural significance for many different civilizations. Ancient Egyptians used this type of jewelry to symbolize their spiritual beliefs and the powers they held; it was used in combination with a variety of amulets, magical objects, or scarabs. As such, Egyptian Revival Medallion jewelry was thought to bring power and protection to those who wore it.

The popularity of Egyptian Revival Medallion jewelry peaked in the 181th-19th centuries, corresponding with an interest by Europeans in everything related to the culture and mythology of Egypt. This is often referred to as the “Egyptomania” period and saw an influx of antiquities from Egypt, kitschy ‘mummy’-themed items like books and films as well as Egyptian revival fashion items such as necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets – and brooches.

It is during this period that Egyptian Revival Medallion jewelry truly became popular among those looking for a unique piece that symbolized things they found amusing or exciting from another culture – namely Ancient Egypt.

Wearing symbols associated with Ancient Egypt can be seen as a type of ritualistic practice; whilst not fully connecting with the magical powers associated with it throughout time, wearing these symbols still imbues a person with power through its mere presence on you. To this day brooches continue to hold cultural relevance within various cultures worldwide showing how versatile jewellery can be; when worn as expression of one’s relationship to rituals past or present is becomes especially significant.

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Some of the symbolism featured on Egyptian Revival Medallion Brooch Jewelry includes:

  • Eye Symbols
  • Ankh Crosses
  • Lions
  • Winged creatures (Horus)
  • Scarab Beetles

Care and Maintenance

Egyptian Revival Medallion Retro Brooch Costume jewelry is becoming increasingly popular as the vintage trend gains momentum, lasting through fashion seasons and decades. Although not genuine artifacts, the decorative pieces create a one-of-a-kind look unlike any other available on the market today.

Taking proper care of these unique styles is a must to maintain its luster and ensure each piece lasts for years to come. Below are some tips for helping to keep these exquisite items looking as good as new:

Polishing your Egyptian Revival Medallion Retro Brooch Costume Jewelry

One of the most important aspects of properly caring for your Egyptian Revival Medallion Retro Brooch Costume jewelry is regular polishing. For jewelry made from gold, silver or any other metal alloys, use a soft polishing cloth to gently buff away dirt and smudges on the surface with simple circular motions. This technique will also help the shade stay crisp and clear with fewer dings, scratches or other imperfections that can arise after long periods of time.

Cleaning Gemstones

For pieces that feature precious gemstones like sapphire or diamonds, cleaning them with gentle soap and warm water is recommended. Gently scrubbing each stone using a soft brush will aid in lifting up any residue that may have built up over time and prevent discoloration.

Be sure to use neutral pH soaps and avoid acidic perfumes or cleaners as they could damage the precious gemstones’ delicate surfaces. Additionally, ensure no moisture remains when finished cleaning by gently drying each stone with a cloth before putting away for storage after every use.

Storing Your Jewelry

When it comes to storing your beautiful Egyptian Revival Medallion Retro Brooch Costume jewelry it is advised to keep it tucked away in individual pouches when not wearing them for an extra layer of protection against dust and debris buildup which could otherwise cause discoloration or dullness over time.

When stacking similar pieces be sure to separate them by wrapping each separately in cardboard dividers between their bags – this will allow space between the items preventing scratching whilst also avoiding tangling chains which could easily become damaged if intertwined too often together when storing away long term.


The Egyptian Revival trend in costume jewelry is something that shows no signs of subsiding. The combination of exotic motifs such as hieroglyphs and precious metals such as gold creates a timeless look that will continue to be stylish long into the future. This is especially true for the popular Egyptian Revival Medallion Retro Brooch which combines a medallion with a variety of exotic symbols and colorful enamel trim.

Those who love this style can add a little bit of ancient glamour to any outfit simply by wearing this statement piece. It’s perfect for adding a dramatic touch to elegant night-out looks or making an everyday attire more eye-catching.

As well as being aesthetically appealing, this kind of costume jewelry also has the potential to extend one’s identity when worn. For example, wearing an Egyptian Revival Medallion retro brooch can show that one appreciates these classic pieces, values unique fashion, and enjoys history and culture.

Every time someone wears their brooch they have the chance to make themselves feel special and empowered while simultaneously turning heads in admiration. In other words, ‘what we wear expresses who we are’ – so wearing an Egyptian Revival Medallion Retro Brooch allows an individual to express their style in a truly personal way It isn’t hard to see why the popularity of these fashion statement pieces still stands strong today.

Not only do these medallions conjure up ancient nostalgia but they also embody the aesthetic beauty which inspired them in the first place – striking motifs set against precious metals. Furthermore, their versatility allows one to express themselves in many different ways by changing where they wear it, how much jewelry they match with it or what color palette they use with it.

So if you’re looking for something truly original to add some sparkle to your wardrobe then make sure you get your hands on a piece from the iconic Egyptian Revival range.

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