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Effy Jewelry has been a staple of fine jewelry craftsmanship for decades, renowned for creating intricate and elegant pieces. Over many years, their sterling silver pieces have become admired for their quality and timeless style. As customers continue to express their satisfaction with Effy’s sterling silver items through countless reviews, the brand’s sterling silver lineup has been celebrated for its beauty and lasting value.

Effy’s history of crafting unique sterling silver jewelry began in the late 1970s when founder Mordechai Yerushalmi started perfecting his artistry by hand. By 1989, he had opened his first retail location on a busy street in Madrid, Spain where his handmade designs quickly gained popularity as signature pieces unlike any other. It was there that Mordechai began introducing special collections of finely crafted sterling silver necklaces, earrings, and rings to his inventory.

The increasing success of Mordechai’s store encouraged him to pursue even more endeavors in the 1990s; the start of which included expanding into wholesale operations throughout the United States and Canada through headquarters in New York City. He also furthered the development of gold designs alongside sterling silver — employing hundreds of artisan jewelers in four distinct factories — all devoted to producing exquisite pieces as part of The Effy Collection™.

Today, after nearly 45 years, Effy continues its commitment to creating truly remarkable items with only the highest-grade metals and stones sourced from around the globe– 100% certified for quality accuracy and backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty . Customer reviews have time again praised Effy Jewelry’s outstanding designs crafted from sterling silver; an enduring symbol that stands behind every timeless piece produced from this cherished metal valued by jewelry lovers everywhere.


Sterling silver is an alloy made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, making it a durable yet malleable metal for jewelry creation. Over the years, jewelers have added a few other metals to the mix, creating alloys with different properties such as durability, ease of workability, or color. Typically these additions consist of copper, zinc, germanium, or platinum. Copper-based alloys are ideal for intricate jewelry detailing as they are stronger than pure silver but still easy to oxidize and polish; these are called “mild sterling.” Zinc-based alloys provide higher strength and hardness without compromising tarnish resistance; this type is called “ Britannia” silver. Platinum-based alloys create extremely strong alloyed silver that resists scratches easily without requiring much maintenance and goes by the name “sterling platinized.” Germanium-based alloys lend an eye-catching grey hue to sterling silver pieces; these pieces are called “germanium enhanced silver” or “GES.” Hybrid sterling versions combining two or more types of metallic alloys creates a more complicated range of colors, textures and tones which imbues jewelry pieces with markedly individualistic design qualities; this type is called “Enriched Sterling Silver” (ESS).


Effy Jewelry reviews sterling silver as a highly versatile material which can be crafted into magnificent pieces of jewelry to suit any occasion. From bold statement pieces for a night out, to everyday items for work or casual wear, sterling silver has the capabilities of being molded and formed into exquisite jewelry. Its natural shine makes it an excellent choice for day-to-night wear and when kept clean and polished, it adds effortless sophistication! Its versatility showcases that even the most simple designs have that wow factor perfect for occasions like weddings, anniversaries, proms and more! For example, there are classic motifs such as geometrics, roses and pearls which make timeless designs created in sterling silver; these designs provide outstanding craftsmanship from experienced designers at Effy Jewels. With a range of semi-precious stones such as Turquoise, Citrine and Moonstone available in different colors and cuts, these pieces will surely take one’s breath away with their delicate intricacy. All in all, Effy Jewelry’s sterling silver pieces are sure to elevate any outfit or occasion without making a dent in wallets since they offer competitive prices compared to other jewelry brands.

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Effy Jewelry reviews sterling silver jewelry with excellent ratings. Sterling silver is known for its beautiful shine, brilliant sparkle and timeless style, making it a popular choice for an array of jewelry designs. You can find many styles of sterling silver rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets to keep up with the latest trends. The allure of sterling silver is also due to its lower price point compared to other precious metals and gems used in jewelry. Consumers have the advantage of shopping around for the best prices and still feeling stylish while wearing affordable pieces. With proper care and maintenance, Effy Sterling Silver Jewelry will retain its luxurious look over the years, providing you with plenty of stylish options year after year.


With fashion trends continually evolving, sterling silver jewelry is making a real comeback. This trend was previously something seen back in the ’90s and early 2000s, but now influencers are taking notice and are flaunting the classic metal in their everyday looks. Whether it’s rings, necklaces or earrings, they’re showcasing just how versatile background sterling silver can be.

One reason this metal is becoming popular again amongst influencers is because of its ability to give classic pieces with an edgier feel. Not only does it stand out against other metals like gold and rose gold, but pairing silver pieces with bolder colors gives elegant details to any ensemble; for example, adding faux pearl earrings or chunky rings contrasts perfectly with heavier clothing items like distressed jeans or leather jackets. Additionally, since sterling silver jewelry is typically inexpensive compared to other metals like gold or platinum, influencers showing off their stylish pieces don’t have to break the bank to keep up with the latest trends. All in all, mixing sterling silver into their wardrobe has allowed them to be stylish without spending too much money while looking flawless at the same time!


Sterling silver is often referred to as a precious metal investment because it holds its value over time. When investing in sterling silver pieces, you will want to evaluate them carefully and consider different options when deciding on the right piece for your portfolio. Some popular investment pieces include coins, bars, bullion, and jewelry. Coins are available in a variety of sizes and come from all around the world. Other investible assets like bars come in typically standardized sizes and their derivatives can be traced backwards through the minting process. Bullion also holds value and takes various shapes such as rounds, ingots, wafers or coins, making it easy to buy or sell quickly. Lastly, jewelry featuring sterling silver is attractive and versatile depending on the designer. When choosing an item for your portfolio with plain silver jewelry pieces you can customize the amount of weight accordingly so you get the desired amount of silver for the best price per ounce. Because sterling silver items retain their value over time, investing in one of these pieces may be a great addition to any portfolio looking for long-term returns from gold or other precious metals.

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Effy Jewelry is a leading designer and manufacturer of sterling silver jewelry. The company’s products reflect a commitment to traditional design, with a focus on luxurious materials, timeless silhouettes, and elegant accents. Their pieces have been featured in numerous fashion magazines, catalogs, and television shows. Many of their more popular designs incorporate classic items such as hearts and crosses. They also feature an extensive line of fashion-forward creations crafted from the finest quality sterling silver.

The Effy Jewelry collection includes necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets; each item is crafted to meet exacting standards from the first sketch to its final completion. On top of this attention to detail, Effy’s stylish modern designs are always influenced by the most current trends in the sterling silver jewelry design industry. This allows them to create pieces that not only stand out for their beauty but are sure to remain covetable for season after season. Their unique collections draw inspiration from vintage classics as well as contemporary art and architecture giving customers even more reason to invest in Effy’s timeless designs.


When it comes to cleaning and storing sterling silver jewelry, it is important to ensure that the piece is properly cared for. To keep your sterling silver looking its best, use soap and warm water along with a soft toothbrush or cloth. Gently scrub away any dirt or tarnish and use a polishing cloth to buff out any remaining tarnish. Alternatively, you can purchase a jewelry cleaning solution from a retailer which is specifically created for use with sterling silver. It is also best to store jewellery in an airtight container such as a sealable Ziploc bag–this will help avoid exposure to moisture, which may cause further tarnishing of your piece. Avoid contact with chemicals such as perfume and hair products as these may damage the finish of the sterling silver jewelry. Ultimately, proper care and storage of your sterling silver pieces will help them maintain their shine for years to come!


The value of sterling silver jewelry is undeniable. Its affordability, durability and beauty make it a very attractive choice for those who desire to own exquisite jewelry that won’t break the bank. It is versatile and can be found in an array of shapes, sizes and designs so you can always find something to suit your unique style. Additionally, sterling silver is resistant to scratches and tarnish, providing long-lasting sparkle. That being said, quality is key when shopping for sterling silver; if not carefully sourced or properly treated after purchase, the material can easily become tarnished or discolored by contact with other metals. Make sure you purchase only genuine sterling silver pieces from a trusted source and always clean and store your pieces properly – using polishing cloths specifically made for sterling silver – in order to preserve their beauty and protect their values over time.