Ebay Art Deco Vintalge Cotume Jewelry

Art Deco vintage costume jewelry has been popular since its origin in the 1920s, with an expertly stylized and sleek modern design that has been sought after for decades. Influences come from numerous sources including Egyptian, Greek and Roman art, ancient Aztecs, Cubism, and Japanese art.

Art deco period of fashion was characterized by its geometric lines, linear patterns, angular shapes and vibrant colors. Typically made from precious metals with colorful stones like jade or crystal, Art Deco vintage costume jewelry can be as ornate as you want it to be-from a simple chain necklace to gems adorning rings and brooches.

In the late 1920s and 1930s Art Deco jewelry was all the rage. It featured cutting edge designs in comparison to other period styles of the time such as Edwardian or Victorian jewellery which weren’t crafted with as much detail and finesse.

While Art Deco vintage costume jewelry is always in style due to its popularity throughout years, it is especially highly sought-after currently due to the hit TV series ‘Downton Abbey’ fueled resurgence of interest in that era’s fashion styles.

The Value of Ebay’s Art Deco Vintalge Cotume Jewelry With eBay being one of the world’s largest online marketplaces it is home to a number of retailers who specialize in vintage items such as art deco period costume jewellery pieces. Since this type of item can be hard to find anywhere else they hold a certain value amongst collectors due to their exclusivity and originality along with other factors such as age and rarity.

Many people look for Art Deco vintage costume jewellery pieces on eBay either out of nostalgia for some classic fashion or even because it simply looks great when on display.

Not only that, but you can more often than not get your hands on these exquisite pieces at fairly decent prices – something which is always a plus if you’re looking for something special.

The items available on eBay span from necklaces adorned with colourful stones to statement broaches complete will intricate detailing – seeing something handmade by another person beings them an exciting element you wouldn’t have access to in a typical jewellery store making it an even more special purchase when buying from eBay.

Types of Art Deco Vintage Costume Jewelry


Bakelite is one of the most recognized materials used to produce Art Deco vintage costume jewelry. This material was mostly used as a decorative element for jewelry but has since become highly sought after as a collectible item. Bakelite was an early 20th century phenolic plastic that mixed formaldehyde with other organic compounds.

It was often utilized for molded shapes, such as bangles and pins, because of its durability. The color of Bakelite can range from yellow to brown to red – an egg yolk yellow color being particularly sought after.


Celluloid was the first successful man-made plastic produced around 1870 until it was replaced by modern plastics after World War II. It is lightweight and often characterized by swirling patterns or images embedded in it.

Celluloid was unpopular due to its flammability; however, it remains valued today among collectors for making Art Deco vintage costume jewelry pieces, especially from the 1920s through 1940s. Celluloid pieces often feature bright colors making them desirable as well as interesting to look at when wearing them.

Glass Stones and Beads

Much of the Art Deco vintage costume jewelry featured various glass stones and beads set in vibrant colored metals, such as silver and gold tones. Many of these beads had a metallic finish or a creamy-colored luminescence due to their pearlescent nature – something that wasn’t seen in other types of vintage jewelry from the era.

They came in varying sizes, shapes (oval, round faceted), and colors ranging from classic crystal clear all the way up to psychedelic rainbow hues Many beads are also framed by jeweler’s wire using techniques acquired during World War II when soldiers brought interesting beading supplies home from abroad – creating unique vintage costume jewelry pieces still desired today.

Identifying Authentic Art Deco Vintage Costume Jewelry

Identifying authentic Art Deco Vintage Costume Jewelry can be a challenging task and require expertise due to it’s intricate design elements. To ensure you are purchasing an authentic piece, there are a few important factors to consider before making the purchase.

  • Design: The design of an Art Deco Vintage Costume Jewelry should possess intricate, repetitive geometric shapes and bold, linear patterns. There should also be symmetrical angles and curved motifs introduced into the design. Further, many pieces would feature glass or plastic imbedded into them for a unique aesthetic.
  • Material: Art Deco pieces are usually made with materials like white gold, Platinum, yellow gold as well as synthetic gemstones such as cubic zirconia, sterling silver or synthetic crystal stones. They may even incorporate metal bezels or settings of different colors.
  • History: Authentic Art Deco jewelry is believed to have been created in the 1920’s in France – during which time it was in high demand because of its modern and adventurous designs which signified this decade of liberation and decadence.

Furthermore, there are certain trademark characteristics that will help identify vintage costume jewelry – such as having a statement setting or large central gemstone surrounded by smaller stones in order to create an eye catching impact when worn. The stones used were generally bright sparkling gems such as rhinestones that help give jewelry pieces their dazzling charm. In addition many designers during this era crafted pieces with enameled details to make them stand out from others.

Art Deco Bakelite Jewelry

Finally color combinations are often used to convey a certain symbolism/emotion such chunky orange branch motifs used to represent happiness and joy or black skull faces expressing darkness and mystery. A good way to distinguish between genuine vintage costume jewelry and reproductions is by carefully examining the craftsmanship – original pieces should look delicate yet sturdy while fake items most likely appear clunky due to poor fabrication techniques used during production.

Popular Art Deco Vintage Costume Jewelry on eBay

The beauty of Art Deco vintage costume jewelry is that it’s unique, one-of-a-kind items, often crafted by hand and containing semi-precious stones. When shopping for Art Deco vintage costume jewelry on eBay there are several characteristics to look for in order to ascertain the authenticity and value of the piece.

  1. Value – It is important to compare the similar pieces you are viewing or those from the same climate and region to ensure the prices reflect a fair market value.
  2. Craftsmanship – Period pieces will have been handmade, meaning they will be slightly different in size or shape with imperfections that come from human hands rather than machines.
  3. Materials – Precious metals should be stamped and certified, other materials such as beads should also stem from regions of production surrounding fashion centers of early 18th century Europe.

When authenticating pieces it may be helpful to observe the engraved patterns in the piece. During this time period hand carved jewels were popular and gave off an almost signature stylistic feel. The artist’s intentions can be seen through methodical shapes such as Greek motifs, geometric forms or diamond set squares and rectangles, all which had certain symbolic meanings in reference to emotions like love joy or peace but were also meant to represent political messages at times.

Another identifying factor is observing immaculately finished cloisons a technique where thin sheet metal outlines gaps filled with stones or glass enamels creating the gemstone scenes usually seen on Art Deco vintage costume jewelry today.

Cut outs or enamel techniques commonly used during this era included Hobnail cut out circles along with loops of pave set lattice which featured interlocking metallic layers bent into a fan pattern around accessory link culminating with more ornamental floral enamel designs held up by intricate tiny sticks arranged into beautiful flowers resembling bouquets adorning many brooches during this era.

Tips for Shopping on eBay for Art Deco Vintage Costume Jewelry

Ebay is an excellent resource for finding Art Deco vintage costume jewelry in great condition. Whether you are looking for a single piece or something that can complete a costume, Ebay can offer you a wide selection of impressive and unique jewelry to choose from. Here are some tips and things to consider when browsing through eBay for the perfect piece:

  • Set your budget – You should have a clear idea of how much you want to spend on an item before you start browsing. Keep in mind there’s more to the cost than just the asking price; shipping fees, taxes, and any potential customs fees need to be taken into account as well.
  • Research – It’s important to discover as much information about the type of Art Deco jewelry you’re looking for before going shopping. Be aware of what makes it valuable or desirable, what pieces are authentic and which ones aren’t, and any trends that will affect how much money it might be worth.
  • Read descriptions thoroughly – Before buying a piece on Ebay make sure you read the description carefully. Get familiar with the seller’s return policy, ask questions about anything that isn’t perfectly clear or seems too good to be true.

When it comes to condition it is important to note that all vintage items vary in condition. Some may come with little signs of wear such as scratches or dings while other pieces may remain unworn and in pristine condition even after decades have passed. If you would like additional images of an item always feel free to inquire with the seller; most are more than willing to provide them if available.

It’s also important to remember that vintage jewelry often requires special care and handling so keep this in mind once you purchase an item. Ask questions about how best to maintain your purchase so it remains beautiful for years possible years come.

For those who prefer buying something with more historical significance then try searching by specific era rather than style or maker name. This will show pieces from accredited communities, sects or organizations such as fraternal orders during different time periods. These types of items usually become collectibles over time due characters associated with them that may include badges, companion pins and lodge membership tokens.

Finally be sure to check out sellers ratings before committing on buying anything from them; reading all reviews helps determine if they’re reliable vendors who offer quality products at decent prices. Weigh out those returns policies against cost points, especially at higher-end sales values – even if something sold ‘as-is’, inspection rights are still reserved close scrutiny in order get best purchase experience possible on eBay.

Care and Maintenance of Art Deco Vintage Costume Jewelry

Art Deco vintage costume jewelry is a popular trend amongst many fashion conscious people. These pieces certainly make a style statement and can be an excellent addition to any wardrobe. However, with the current increase in demand for such jewelry, it must be handled carefully and stored in the right way.

In order to properly maintain your Art Deco vintage costume jewelry, there are several steps that should be taken. The following guide outlines a few of the best ways to do so:

  • Protect items from direct exposure to sunlight – Store pieces away from windows where direct sunlight will damage some of its components.
  • Limit exposure to humid environments – Humidity can cause tarnishing and corrosion on certain pieces that are made from silver or other metals.
  • Keep items wrapped when not in use – Store jewelry in soft cloth bags or silk pouches when not being worn to protect them from dust and dirt. Or better yet, keep them in boxes or trays lined with velvet.
  • Clean regularly with specially designed cleaning solutions – Most Art Deco jewelry pieces need special cleaning solutions due to their delicate material composition, so it is important to clean frequently as well as maintaining proper storage techniques.
  • Check for wear and tear periodically – Check your goods regularly for signs of wear and tear before they become more serious. Special attention should be taken on any small parts as they are particularly prone to breakage.
Art Deco Jewelry Components

Though these vintage costume jewelry pieces may have been around for a while, taking care of them correctly will ensure that they last through many years of use and remain beautiful statements of style no matter what outfit you choose to pair them with.

Collecting Art Deco Vintage Costume Jewelry

Art Deco style vintage costume jewelry has become increasingly popular with those who are looking to start a unique collection. This type of jewelry spans from the late 19th century to the early 20th century and features some iconic fashion choices from that era with many jewelers previously creating art deco inspired pieces. For someone just starting out in their journey, it can be difficult to know what they should look for when collecting this type of jewelry.

Get Familiar With The Different Styles

The Art Deco period saw a diverse range of styles that included symbolic imagery and geometric shapes. Due its sensitive nature, this jewelry is particularly delicate so knowing which materials have been used is extremely important; some commonly seen metals include gold, silver and platinum while semi-precious stones like sapphire, ruby, turquoise and more are often set into the pieces.

If you’re looking for something extra special then it’s worth checking out enameled or carved metalwork rings as these designs were particularly popular during this time period.

Know the Trusted Brands

During this era certain brands became very well known within certain countries and it’s not uncommon to find comprehensive collections which feature high-end collectable or restricted edition items as well as affordable costume jewelry that was frequently produced on a mass scale at the time. Some of the most popular brands selling Art Deco Jewelry during this period include Galalith (France), Reja (New York), Hussar Designs (England) and Coro Craft (USA).

Studies And Referecens

As Art Deco style vintage costume jewellery can be quite tricky to identify, having a book or two about it will certainly come in handy when browsing antique stores or second-hand markets for something new to add to your collection.

Every piece has its own design story telling you whether authentic tool marks were used or if there have been repairs performed on it; including any information regarding its history when purchasing items such as this can easily raise their sell value over time.

Additionally source references like Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram should always be consulted before making any final buying decisions too – you never know what masterpieces you might come across in such unlikely places.

Resources for Shopping on eBay for Art Deco Vintage Costume Jewelry

If you are an avid collector of vintage Art Deco costume jewelry, then eBay can be an invaluable resource. Among the countless options for jewelry from this era, collectors can find unique pieces and save money by shopping on eBay for Art Deco vintage costume jewelry. From elegant necklaces and earrings to one-of-a-kind brooches, it is possible to discover authentic Art Deco pieces at amazing prices.

One great way of shopping on eBay is by using advanced search terms. This will help home in on more specific items. When types in keywords like “Art Deco” or “1920s” plus a color, size or design element like rhinestones or geometric shapes, it increases the odds of finding just the right piece at a great price. Instead of browsing through hundreds of listings, buyers can narrow down their search results and quickly find exactly what they are looking for.

Another way of getting good deals when shopping on eBay is to look through sellers who offer free shipping. Many times these sellers offer excellent discounts as well but there may be limitations based on the country where they ship from; so it is important to take that into account before making a purchase decision.

It pays to check out the seller’s profile page and read up about their history with past customers. A record of positive transactions increases confidence when buying online ensuring a stress-free transaction for both buyer and seller.

Additionally it behoves collectors to join dialogue groups and forums where other enthusiasts ask questions and share information about different vintage pieces as well as provide leads for good deals on special items available online-and often these exchanges lead directly to discounts available via eBay auctions with hard-to-find jewelry becoming available at unbeatable prices in some cases.

It pays to have knowledge, keep an open mind-coupled with patience-as merchants continue adding new listings day by day throughout shopping websites everywhere adding even further options for smart shoppers wanting more than bargains; they seek conversation among peers about genuine finds across cyberspace.

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