Easy Jewelry Crafts For Kids

The best part about making jewelry crafts is that it doesn’t require too much from you. If you have some basic tools and skills, you can surely master making different kinds of jewelry. There are different jewelry crafts you can learn to depend on the one you are going to do. Some are easier than others so better try to find out the easiest one first. Here are a few jewelry crafts you can try:

Beaded Jewelry – This is probably one of the easiest jewelry arts to learn. All you need to start is a bead board or a jewelry wire. Once you have the materials, you can start creating your jewelry right away. All you need is to get some beads and threading needle.

Embroidery Jewelry – Embroidery is probably the most popular of all the jewelry crafts. This requires a needle and thread. You can either purchase the beads in a craft store or you can create them yourself using beads, thread and other things you may find around the house. To start with, you will just be starting out with silver beads. Keep in mind that you can also use gold and other kinds of beads once you are more experienced. The materials you will need are a variety of precious stones like diamonds, pearls and anything else that may look good on your ornament.

Heal Your Body – This is another one of the popular jewelry crafts. It is a combination of art and science. With this craft, you will be able to not only make beautiful jewelry but also healing and body art that’s perfect for any occasion. First you need to gather up all the materials you’ll need for the jewelry craft. You can start with glass beads, seed beads, Swarovski crystals and any other kinds of materials you think may fit in.

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String Jewelry – This kind of jewelry is very easy to do. All you need to have is a plain jewelry wire and a pair of pliers. You wrap it around the metal ring you’ve created earlier, secure it and then string it to create your jewelry. There are different methods used to string your jewelry – some prefer the knotting method while some prefer to twist the metal into a circular shape. Either way, it’s really simple.

Make a Decorated Gift – If you’re thinking about decorating gifts as part of your jewelry craft, then this is for you. All you have to do is choose some jewelry items you want to gift someone and start creating different patterns out of them. First, start with the pendants and beads; you can string them together later on. It’s simple, fun and really effective if you have lots of beads and metal ready at hand.

Make Crafty Beads – What better way to show off your creativity than doing jewelry crafts? You can make beads in different sizes and shapes and add designs and decorations to it. Beads come in different colors and materials and it’s a great idea to experiment and see what fits best for you. You can also use different materials to create different shapes.

These are just a few ideas you can do to jazz up your jewelry crafts. As mentioned earlier, the internet is a great resource for more jewelry crafts ideas. You can even print the designs that you like and follow the steps over again to make them. You will definitely have a great time doing it and your kids will love all the attention they get from you – especially if you’re wearing those cute little pendant you made! You’ll be proud of yourself and will certainly get a lot of compliments.

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