Earn Money With Toe Rings And Other Jewelry


It’s another lonely day at home. Your husband is still at work. And, your children haven’t come home from school. The house is clean and the dishes have been done and put away.


You’ve also finished doing the laundry and all the clothes have been folded and hung in their proper places. Not a thing is out of place. All the housework has been done. And, you are left with nothing to do. Don’t you just wish you could have a home business that would keep you busy?

Imagine getting into a business that you could enjoy and would allow you to nurture your creativity. With a jewelry making business, you can experiment with many colors and shapes. How does that sound to you?

Difficult…? Nah!

It doesn’t have to be difficult. You don’t need to start with a big operation. Start small and slowly move to your goal. Sometimes, small steps can go a longer distance. You can start by going online in order to look for some design ideas.

You’ll see that there are many people who have established a home business by making beautiful masterpieces. They sell anklets, necklaces, bracelets and toe rings. And, you could get some ideas from their designs.

It doesn’t have to be a business at first. You can begin it as a hobby that you will grow to love. Since it’s easier to string some beads, you could start working on that. Start with something simple and unique. It should be something that does not require complicated procedures in order to look special. Maybe you could start with beaded toe rings.

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Beaded Toe Rings

The good thing about beaded toe rings is that they don’t need to have complicated patterns in order to look stunning. You just need to find a good color combination and find a pattern that you could use. Even better, you can start with only two sets of colored beads in order to make this. This is an advantage because colored beads come in packs and you can’t buy them by piece.

Of course, you’d like to start with something a little bit more elaborate than a plain ring. Why not try making barefoot sandals? These toe rings can be a hit during summer when people usually walk around the beach barefoot or in flip flops. These could also make a simple pair of sandals look exotic.

Barefoot sandals or slave anklets are called Bichiya in India. The wearing of these toe rings is an old practice that is done by married females. These toe rings make a sound whenever one walks on a hard surface. And, it was used to keep an eye on the women’s movements in order to keep them safe from harm.

Wearing one of these pieces would make anyone feel very feminine and poised. And, before you start selling them, they’d make excellent gifts for your female relatives and family members. Isn’t that great?

In order to create a barefoot sandal, you need to find a pattern by looking through internet sites and jewelry making books. Then, you could start by buying a thick string, some beads and clasps. You could use a Synbond or Silimide or even a doubled Nymo. Of course, it would be nice if you could also get a toolbox that can hold all your materials.

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After that, you can start doing some beadwork. Now, you have a colorful way of spending your free time. Best of all, it has the potential to turn into a successful home business in the future.


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