E6000 Jewelry Glue


E6000 Jewelry Glue is a top-of-the-line adhesive that many crafters and jewelry makers trust for making permanent and strong repairs. The adhesive is ideal for use with materials like metals, glass, wood, and leather. It is a great choice for jewelry makers because it does not yellow or become brittle over time and can be washed without losing its bond.

Benefits of using E6000 Jewelry Glue include:

1. Flexibility: Unlike other adhesives, E6000 Jewelry Glue remains flexible when it dries so your items don’t become stiff or break.

2. Waterproof: This adhesive will not be affected by wetness, which makes it great for use in humid climates or exposure to rain or sweat when wearing your jewelry.

3. Permanent Bonding: This glue creates an incredibly strong bond when used on any two surfaces such as metal trim, rhinestones and faux pearls. It won’t crack or separate easily to ensure a long lasting repair.

4. Safe For Wearables: E6000 Jewelry Glue is non-flammable and contains no solvents or hazardous byproducts, making it safe to wear on skin as long as you are careful not to get any into your eyes or mouth.

Uses of E6000 Jewelry Glue include:
1. Attaching Gemstones & Rhinestones to Metal Trim – E6000 Jewlary Glue is great for adding gemstones, rhinestones and other decorative elements securely to metal trim without the worry of the stones falling off easily from use or wear and tear over time.

2. Fixing Broken Items – If you have broken jewelry or other accessories made out of glass, plastic, metal bits or leather pieces – then this glue can help make a secure repair that will last long into the future!

3. Strengthening Post Earrings – Flimsy post earring findings can be strengthened with a dab of glue so they securely fasten onto the earrings without slipping off due to regular wear and tear .

4 Repairing Shoe Heels – If you have shoes with damaged heels , a little bit of E6000 Jewery Glue can help make lasting repairs so those shoes can continue to serve you well

Advantages of Using E6000 Jewelry Glue

One of the main advantages of using E6000 jewelry glue is that it is highly reliable and versatile when it comes to adhering a variety of materials. This type of glue works especially well on metals such as gold, silver, and brass. It also adheres other materials like fabric, plastic, glass, foams, ceramic, leather, wood and rubber. Additionally, E6000 jewelry glue has a strong bond that does not easily dry out or crack over time. It also remains flexible which makes it great for use in various applications including jewelry making. The glue has a fast drying time (2-3 minutes) and dries clear so it won’t be noticeable on the items being glued together. Furthermore, this type of glue does not stain or corrode the material upon contact; thus making it safe for use with delicate materials like gemstones or crystals. Moreover, E6000 jewelry glue is waterproof, heat resistant up to 120 degrees Celsius and can last for many years without losing its strength – perfect for any jewelry creation!

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Potential Challenges to Using E6000 Jewelry Glue

Using E6000 Jewelry Glue can present potential challenges. It is an industrial-strength adhesive that can fuse together similar and dissimilar materials in just one application. Although it’s versatile, the glue takes a longer time to cure than other glues—anywhere from 24 – 72 hours—which can be inconvenient. Depending on what you are gluing, the odor of the glue could also be too strong for some people to handle. Additionally, the glue sticks to everything and it may be tricky at times to get rid of its sticky residue. Furthermore, jewelry items created with this kind of glue may have limited durability when exposed to water or extreme temperatures as those conditions can weaken the bond of the glued material.

Popular Projects Utilizing E6000 Jewelry Glue

E6000 Jewelry Glue is an industrial-strength adhesive designed especially for jewelry-making and other craft projects. It bonds nearly all substrates, including glass, metal, plastic and fabric.

Popular projects that utilize E6000 Jewelry Glue include repairing broken costume jewelry or setting crystals onto an item of jewelry. It can also be used to make unique crafts like custom phone cases, key fobs and statement rings – the possibilities are endless! It is also a great choice for embellishing items like picture frames or scrapbook pages; attaching ceramic beads to fabric; creating window decorations using rhinestones and sequins; laminating metal hardware onto paper; and securing feathers to various fabrics – just to name a few!

Techniques for Applying E6000 Jewelry Glue Properly

One of the best things about using E6000 Jewelry Glue is that it’s relatively easy to apply with a few simple techniques. The first step is to properly prepare your surfaces. Make sure there are no dirt, dust or oils on the items you plan on gluing together, since they can prevent the glue from bonding properly. Take a clean cloth and wipe off all the surfaces to be glued before beginning the next step.

The second step is to ensure both part surfaces are matched up correctly so that when you apply the glue it’s positioned as desired. Using E6000, apply a small amount directly onto one of the parts and press firmly against the other part for 30 seconds to ensure maximum adhesion. Keep in mind that you may need more adhesive depending on the surfaces being bonded together and the size of their connection area.

For metals such as nickel and steel jewelry findings, use a toothpick or pointed object to move some of the adhesive so that it inserts into every nook and corner between both items as this will increase firmness around those areas where extra help is needed with bonding non-porous materials together. Gently wipe away any surrounding excess glue to prevent an unpleasant build up on outside edges while making sure excess adhesive has been adequately removed from inside grooves or pores between pieces. Lastly, let sit for 24 hours before wear or handling to achieve peak adhesion strength.

What Supplies You Need to Apply E6000 Jewelry Glue

Applying E6000 Jewelry Glue requires some basic supplies. For an easy and effective application, you will need a clean, dry surface to apply the glue on. You should also obtain some plastic gloves (to prevent your skin from coming in contact with the glue) and q-tips or paper towels to clean up any spills or excess glue that may happen during your gluing process. You should also have a pair of tweezers (or other type of fine point tool) handy to help move or adjust pieces together while the glue dries. Additionally, if you want to clamp pieces together and speed the drying process along, you can obtain thin clips at most hardware stores that are made specifically for craft projects. Finally, make sure you store your E6000 Jewelry Glue at room temperature after each use!

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How to Remove E6000 Jewelry Glue

Removing E6000 jewelry glue can be a tricky task. Because of its strong adhesive properties, it takes a little bit of extra effort to get the glue off. To begin, start by heating the area with a blow dryer on low-to-medium heat for about a minute to soften the glue slightly. This will help loosen the adhesive bond and make it easier to remove. If you’ve been working with an acrylic piece, care should be taken as excessive heat may damage or discolor the material.

Once the area has warmed up, use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol or acetone-based nail polish remover to gently rub away at and dissolve the remaining adhesive residue. As you work, scrub in small circles around the area until all of the E6000 glue is gone. Once finished, clean off any remaining residue using warm soapy water and let it dry completely before reapplying any candles or jewelry to your accessory item. For tougher spots that just won’t come off no matter how much you try, apply some more heat from your blow dryer before starting again until all remnants are gone from the surface permanently.

Common Questions Answered About E6000 Jewelry Glue

Q: What can I use E6000 Jewelry Glue for?

A: E6000 Jewelry Glue is a superior adhesive that is ideal for all types of jewelry making. It is perfect for attaching stones, charms, beads, finding and threading to metal, glass, clay and more. The permanent bond ensures long-lasting results and the waterproof formula makes it ideal for humidity and water exposure. It is also strength tested and provides maximum shock resistance to keep all your pieces securely held together in any environment.


In conclusion, E6000 Jewelry Glue is an excellent choice for anyone looking to repair precious jewelry, costume jewelry or plastic beads. It’s easy to use and provides a strong hold that stands up against everyday wear and tear. Additionally, it comes in several different varieties so you can choose the one that’s best suited to your needs. In short, E6000 Jewelry Glue offers quality and convenience at an affordable price point. Whether you’re fixing a broken chain or attaching a new stone to an old ring, this dependable glue will give you peace of mind when working with delicate items.

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