Dubins Fine Jewelry


Dubins Fine Jewelry is revered for its impeccable craftsmanship and timeless quality. Established in 1985, the boutique store nestled in downtown has become a local favorite with exquisite designs that evoke sophistication and elegance. For over 35 years, they have crafted unique pieces to celebrate love, life and special occasions, starting with their much-loved collections of earrings, necklaces and rings to custom designs crafted by their master artisans.

What makes Dubins Fine Jewelry special is their dedication to attention to detail and superior quality materials. Every original design celebrates craftsmanship with fine materials like diamonds, emeralds, rubies, gold and silver. Their signature line features natural stones from around the world set in intricate hand-crafted settings fit for any occasion or outfit. In addition to exquisite jewelry designs, Dubins recognizes the importance of providing an individualized service experience – customers can expect exceptional customer service each time they enter one of their stores or visit them online because they believe true luxury lies in the details.

From Its Roots to a Reputation of Excellence

Dubins Fine Jewelry was founded in 1969 in a small shop near downtown Chicago. The store’s proprietor and founder, Abraham Dubin, was a master jeweler with a passion for creating stunning pieces of jewelry that both practical and timeless. Every piece he created was crafted with the highest quality materials and finished with a meticulous eye for detail worthy of the finest traditional European craftsmanship.

Over time, Dubins Fine Jewelry developed into one of the city’s top-rated independent jewelers due to its wide selection of dazzling pieces from all over the world. The store moved several times to accommodate growing demand as word spread about their incredible selection and dedication to quality customer service. When Abraham Dubin reached retirement age, he left the business in the capable hands of his two sons who continued to build upon their father’s legacy by introducing new styles and designers.

Today, Dubins Fine Jewelry is recognized far beyond Chicago as one of the nation’s premier providers of unique fine jewelry ranging from custom-made engagement rings to intricate antique necklaces to rare gemstones such as sapphire cube rings. They have also established themselves as a leader in sustainability practices by using environmentally responsible jewelers and sources for metals and diamonds. As Dubins continues to thrive at the forefront of the jewelry industry, customers are certain they will receive only impeccable craftsmanship coupled with excellence in customer service that has been their hallmark since 1969.

Crafting Refined Jewelry with Expert Craftsmanship

At Dubins Fine Jewelry, we believe that refined jewelry should be crafted with the utmost care and precision, resulting in a piece of art of unmatched quality and beauty. Our experienced jewelers combine years of training with expert craftsmanship to ensure each creation is as precious and magnificent as it can possibly be. The result is stunning jewelry that stands out as remarkable works of art, crafted with skill and attention to detail unavailable anywhere else.

From classic engagement rings to modern statement pieces, our designs are inspired by innovative techniques and grandiose visions. We procure only the finest materials for our creations so that future generations can enjoy them for years to come. The diamonds we select for our fine jewelry collections have been carefully chosen for their remarkable beauty, fire, clarity, and weight. Similarly, we handpick vibrant gemstones in all shapes and sizes to add breathtaking color and vibrancy to our fine jewelry pieces.

No matter where you are located or what impression you hope to make on a special someone, trust that Dubins Fine Jewelry has the experience you need to create timeless statements of love. Visit us online today or make an appointment at our store in Santa Barbara to discuss crafting one-of-a-kind designs with us. With Dubins’ devotion to customer service and exquisite craftsmanship, no wish is too farfetched—all it takes is a little imagination between us!

Is Brilliance Fine Jewelry Real Silver

Exceptional Settings and Precious Stones

At Dubins Fine Jewelry, we specialize in providing jewelry that is truly unique and special. Our experienced designers work hard to create unique settings and precious stones to make a piece of jewelry perfect for any occasion. We understand that every person has different tastes, and strive to accommodate these by offering a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors for you to choose from.

Our selection of rings ranges from engagement rings perfect for popping the question, to classic designs for the subtle yet stylish. For those seeking something even bolder and more dazzling, our earrings collection offers a wide variety of colorful gemstones encased in elaborate settings—the perfect accessory for any event or evening out. We also offer fine necklaces boasting a myriad of precious stones in beautiful patterns, as well as our exclusive line of bracelets that feature exquisite diamonds and intricate details.

No matter what piece you are searching for, you are sure to find something at Dubins Fine Jewelry guaranteed to make any occasion extra special. Whether it be the glimmering shine of gold or the charming sparkle of dazzling diamonds, we have something perfectly suited just for you! With our outstanding quality and attention to detail, you can feel confident knowing that the unique piece you select will be cherished forever. Shop with us today at Dubins Fine Jewelry – your one-stop destination for exceptional jewelry.

Unrivaled Trends and Style

Dubins Fine Jewelry is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve in the industry and never compromising on quality. In order to continue to deliver the best quality jewelry with up-to-date trends and styles, they stay apprised of changes in the marketplace. Whether it’s keeping abreast of innovative techniques or monitoring price fluctuations, Dubins uses their keen understanding of customer needs as they anticipate transformations in the industry. They use this data to craft their designs from basic assessments to more complex pieces that reflect the ever-changing landscape of fashion and style. As trends evolve, so does their collection allowing them to consistently create a unique portfolio for clients. With an eye for beauty and detail, Dubins exercises impeccable taste that captures timeless minimalism at its finest. Their selection features everything from contemporary to classic by focusing on clean lines for effortless elegance.

Experience and Creativity

Dubins Fine Jewelry is recognized for their commitment to quality and trust, boasting decades of experience in the jewelry industry. They are dedicated to crafting timeless pieces that capture special moments. With their talented in-house design team, they have the unique position to create unique designs that feature diamonds in all shapes and sizes. Adding to this impressive range of options, Dubins Fine Jewelry proudly offers collections from some of the world’s leading artisans. Each carefully selected piece is sure to bring joy and delight for years to come.

No matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s a classic pendant necklace or a one-of-a-kind ring, Dubins Fine Jewelry is there to help turn your dreams into reality. With their extensive expertise in diamond selection and design, each custom piece created by Dubins captures the personality and style of its wearer ensuring an awe-inspiring result every time! Their personalized service gives customers confidence when making fine jewelry a part of someone’s story — providing the guidance needed throughout the process with no obligation or pressure.

Fine Jewelry Cateories

As they march into this new decade with fresh eyes, Dubins Fine Jewelry will continue their mission of bringing beauty into everyone’s lives through custom craftsmanship and innovative ideas. They can confidently achieve this goal through the combination of several bright gems: experience coupled with creativity, quality combined with loyalty, fine craftsmanship intertwined with cutting edge processes – all wrapped up with a generous helping of love! The future certainly looks bright for Dubins Fine Jewelry and everyone they serve!

A Legacy of Luxury and Quality

Dubins Fine Jewelry is a legacy jewelry store that specializes in creating refined and luxurious pieces for generations to come. Founded over 90 years ago, the store has a long-standing tradition of delivering exquisite craftsmanship, as well as providing excellent customer service. From engagement rings, necklaces and earrings to special occasion items such as watches, wrist cuffs and bracelets, Dubins Fine Jewelry provides an array of exceptionally crafted pieces that are sure to impress.

Using only the finest materials such as precious metals and gemstones, skilled artisans take great pride in crafting these beautiful pieces which are designed to last for years to come. With many collections highlighting classic styles combined with modern trends, customers have countless options when it comes to finding the perfect jewelry piece. All products go through a rigorous quality review process before being made available in the store or online shop. As part of the customer commitment, personal consultations are provided so clients can select the right product for their needs. Whether celebrating a special occasion or searching for something to add character and elegance to an everyday look, visiting Dubins Fine Jewelry can be an enjoyable experience that always comes with exceptional results!

Final Words

Dubins Fine Jewelry has been producing exquisite, timeless pieces since its founding over a century ago. The world-renowned jewelry store specializes in the most luxurious of pieces that showcase their commitment to quality craftsmanship, superior materials and exquisite designs.

Using only the finest precious metals and stones from around the world, Dubins creates an unparalleled selection of necklaces, rings, bracelets and charms to satisfy even the most discerning customer. Their skilled artisans put a special emphasis on form and function in order to create remarkably beautiful jewels that will last for generations to come. Each piece is carefully crafted for lasting quality and exceptional aesthetics that make it truly one of a kind. From elegant Filigree designs to dazzling diamonds set in hand-etched gold and platinum, Dubins jewelry provides an effortless sophistication that embraces traditional values while embracing modern style.

No matter your style or individual tastes, Dubins Fine Jewelry offers something for everyone – tasteful, timeless pieces that capture the essence of luxury with every glimmering sparkle. Whether you are considering buying a cherished keepsake or simply displaying your unique sense of style with an accent piece – these masterpieces stand out as some of the finest jewels in the industry today. With every look and touch comes admiration borne from an appreciation for refined excellence unlike any other. This collection stands testament to their extraordinary legacy as experts in creating elegance inside each brilliantly designed piece – one deserving to be worn proudly forevermore.