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Don Roberto Jewelers San Ysidro is a prominent, family-run jewelry store located in the heart of San Ysidro, California. Established by Don Roberto himself over three decades ago, the shop has built a reputation for quality and craftsmanship. The Don Roberto family is committed to providing each customer with outstanding personal service and exquisite jewelry pieces that capture the essence of timeless beauty.

The tradition continues with the fourth-generation owners — cousins Alvaro, Ollie and Elton — who regard their customers as part of their extended family. Every visit to Don Roberto’s reflects the individual attention and care they take not only in choosing fine jewelry pieces but also giving them meaning through engravings, repairs and custom designs crafted by Master Bench Jewelers within the store.

In addition to merchandise crafted right onsite, each special occasion at Don Roberto is marked by special events such as anniversary savings and different promotions meant to provide a truly luxurious shopping experience. By offering amenities such as financing options and flexible return policies, Don Roberto emphasizes its commitment to delivering superior customer service to each esteemed patron.

Don Roberto Jewelers San Ysidro takes pride in being an independent jeweler that stands above all large corporate chains with its strong sense of community ties and longstanding legacy among generations of share holders dedicated to uphold family values. They keep up with modern trends while maintaining the spirit of traditional pieces that have become timeless treasures brought into every household by their loyal customers

The Luis and Jesse family

The family behind Don Roberto Jewelers San Ysidro is the Luis and Jesse family. They are a progressive, entrepreneurial team that has been in the jewelry business since the 1960s. The family patriarch, Don Luis, began trading diamonds out of his garage when he was 16 years old. His passion for exquisite craftsmanship and commitment to exceptional customer service soon earned him the moniker “Don” Roberto.

The two daughters, Yasmin and Mayra, inherited their father’s acumen for design and business operations after joining him in his business venture in the late 80s. Their mother Jesse has long been a staple in southern California as a beloved jewelry maker and gem expert who crafts custom pieces for brides, quinceneras and celebrities alike.

Today, Don Roberto’s Jewelers San Ysidro is thriving under its well-established foundation of top quality diamonds and jewelry pieces with new innovative collections for modern luxuries that are making waves throughout their community. The true heart of the business lies in their commitment to service-above-all mentality; every associate at each one of their five stores is highly knowledgeable about their products as well as being approachable to work with clients on creating customized pieces starting from sketches or photos they bring in to match any vision they can imagine.

On top of providing superlative service, they also take an active role within its community through its dedication to giving back where proceeds from Adopt A Family Holiday gift drives dollars raised at golf tournaments all benefit those less fortunate while hosting events like young entrepreneur showcases featuring up-and-coming stars in the area along with music festivals showcasing artists free dancing classes open discussion panels on important health issues prevalent within low-income neighborhoods over various Southern California locations are just some ways that this remarkable family continues make a difference through their incredibly successful business model

Unique products and services

At Don Roberto Jewelers San Ysidro, customers have access to an extensive range of exquisite jewelry items. Whether they are looking for a special piece of fine jewelry or something more basic and simple, they can find it all. Customers can choose from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches, and more. Plus, there is a great selection of engagement rings for couples on the hunt for the perfect ring to symbolize their love. In addition to the vast selection of available jewelry pieces, the store also offers custom services such as engraving and creating custom designs. So if customers want something truly unique and special, they know where to go. Furthermore, Don Roberto Jewelers San Ysidro has an experienced staff that can help customers find the perfect item for them or their loved ones with personalized advice based on their needs and budget. Moreover, customers get to benefit from discounts offered regularly at the store plus a great loyalty program where loyal shoppers are rewarded with exclusive discounts when making future purchases.

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Impressive customer reviews

“The customer service is outstanding! Everyone from the sales associates to the jewelers made me feel like I was their only customer. They were able to answer all the questions I had about my purchase and even went above and beyond to make sure it was in perfect condition before I left.”

“I knew when I walked into Don Roberto Jewelers San Ysidro that I would be taken care of. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. My engagement ring came out looking beautiful and better than expected. Money well spent!”

“I was lucky enough to find a great deal on a necklace at Don Roberto Jewelers San Ysidro. The sales associate was so friendly, he took extra time helping me pick out the perfect design. He even gave me advice on how to best care for it down the road.”

“This experience has been amazing! From start to finish everyone at Don Roberto’s Jewelry San Ysidro has been professional, courteous and accommodating. My new watch looks absolutely stunning! Highly recommend this place!”

Quality craftsmanship

The craftsmanship at Don Roberto Jewelers San Ysidro is among the very best in the jewelry industry. The jewelry is made with meticulous care and attention to detail, using only the finest quality metals and gemstones. Every piece of jewelry is hand-crafted, employing a combination of traditional tools like saws, tweezers, and pliers as well as modern equipment like microscopes to inspect each gemstone before it’s set into the jewelry. The skilled artisans use their expertise to create a stunning masterpiece that will last generations.

The goal of Don Roberto Jewelers San Ysidro is to provide customers with jewelry that both looks beautiful and stands up to wear and tear over time. To accomplish this, they take every step necessary to ensure that every piece of jewelry meets their highest standards for design and craftsmanship. This includes inspecting each gemstone individually; selecting appropriate settings that best display the chosen stones; calibrating diamonds for exact fit; and polishing gold or silver pieces for perfect finishing touches. When all these steps are taken with the utmost accuracy, customers can be assured they are getting a piece of jewelry crafted by professionals who understand the importance of quality materials and precise workmanship.

Social responsibility

Don Roberto Jewelers San Ysidro engages in various social responsibility initiatives that promote sustainability and community engagement. In particular, the company works with a variety of local charities and non-profit organizations to provide financial support and resources to those in need. Additionally, Don Roberto Jewelers San Ysidro has initiated numerous environmental initiatives such as responsible sourcing of raw materials, energy efficiency programs, and the development of green packaging solutions. These initiatives are part of their corporate sustainability strategy which seeks to minimize any negative environmental impact caused by daily business operations. Moreover, part of this strategy includes offering educational opportunities for employees to learn more about sustainability principles so they can make informed decisions with regards to how their practices affect their local environment.

Recently, Don Roberto Jewelers San Ysidro has also made efforts to be more actively involved in their local community by engaging in various volunteer initiatives such as helping support food banks or stocking classrooms full of books and other school supplies for youth who are having difficulty affording them. Such actions not only make a direct impact on family life but also help build a stronger community network among students and families alike while promoting equal education opportunities overall across the board.

Overall, Don Roberto Jewelers San Ysidro is dedicated to making sure their operations not only benefit their business but also the world around them at large through social responsibility practices. By taking on a variety of sustainability efforts both internally and externally along with giving back to the community when needed, it has set an admirable example for similar businesses seeking to become more involved within their local communities as well as strive towards protecting our planet’s precious resources for generations to come

Legacy of trust

Don Roberto Jewelers San Ysidro has been providing its customers with the quality jewelry products and exemplary customer service for more than three decades, standing proudly at the heart of the city. With a commitment to excellence and a deep appreciation for loyalty and satisfaction, Don Roberto Jewelers San Ysidro has earned its reputation as one of the best places in town for reliable jewelry purchases.

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Since its establishment, Don Roberto Jewelers San Ysidro has prided itself on helping customers celebrate their individual styles with personalized pieces. The knowledgeable staff is always available to provide assistance in choosing items perfect for any special occasion. With access to an impressive selection of different metals and gemstones along with affordable pricing options, there is something to suit everyone’s budget. From engagement rings and bridal sets to luxury watches, necklaces, bracelets and other special gifts, there are plenty of exquisite pieces that make delightful purchases.

In addition to selling beautiful but timeless jewelry creations, Don Roberto’s team puts just as much care into ensuring that each customer’s experience is truly remarkable. Every purchase comes with complimentary gift-wrapping services which can make the perfect presents even more special. What’s more, those who shop at Don Roberto Jewelers San Ysidro can benefit from services such as engraving services for certain pieces along with lifelong warranties on many items which guarantee that buyers are taken care of in case of manufacturing problems or anything else amiss with their purchase down the line.

All these positive qualities ensure that time spent shopping at Don Roberto’s store is memorable from start to finish; building trust between customers and staff alike makes it easy for customers to come back again time after time – testament to Don Robertos unwavering commitment to loyalty and satisfaction for all patrons.

Visiting the location

Before embarking on a visit to Don Roberto Jewelers San Ysidro, some key tips and information include doing research ahead of time in order to learn more about their extensive collections and current special offers. It is strongly advised that guests take the time to read through the company’s website or speak with a customer representative in order to narrow down areas of focus while they are at the store. Knowing what pieces may be of interest ahead of time can help make navigation easier.

In addition, familiarizing oneself with the store location in advance can help ensure a smooth and pleasant experience. The address is 835 East San Ysidro Boulevard, 92173, located near many local restaurants and other attractions. Guests should plan for adequate travel time in order to arrive at the destination relaxed and comfortable.

Some other useful advice includes dressing appropriately for the occasion, making sure to bring valid identification (for certain transactions) as well as cash or credit cards for any purchases that need to be made. Also make sure to bring along family or friends who also appreciate fine jewelry. Most importantly, do not forget your posture! A positive attitude combined with pleasant demeanor will guarantee a satisfactory experience when visiting Don Roberto Jewelers San Ysidro.

Examples of jewelry

Example 1: Diamond Solitaire Pendant

The dazzling beauty of a single diamond always looks exquisite in a pendant necklace, and Don Roberto Jewelers San Ysidro has a stunning example. The .50 carat diamond is set in sterling silver with additional accents of 14k yellow gold on the bail to help offset the sheer brilliance of the center stone.

Example 2: Round Cut Emerald Earrings

Don Roberto Jewelers San Ysidro has long been known for its exquisite emerald jewelry, and these round cut earrings are no exception. The light green hue of the genuine Colombian emeralds framed in lustrous sterling silver is simply breathtaking. The diamonds surrounding each stone add an even extra touch of sparkle.


At Don Roberto Jewelers San Ysidro, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality jewelry at an unbeatable price. From stunning diamond engagement rings to fashionable gold accessories, we have something perfect for everyone. Whether you’re searching for a special occasion gift or just a thoughtful token of appreciation, we are here to better serve your specific needs. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is dedicated to providing personalized attention and outstanding customer service in a comfortable atmosphere. We believe that our commitment to excellence and timeless selection makes us the premier jewelry store in the area.