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Jewelry repair is the practice of restoring a piece of jewelry to its original condition. There are many reasons why someone might choose to have their jewelry repaired, such as stress fractures in precious stones, loose or broken clasps, missing charms or links. Sears offers professional and efficient service for any type of jewelry repair.

Sears may carry a variety of jewelry items for purchase, but they also provide excellent services when it comes to repairs. Their in-house jewelry technician will assess the damage and make recommendations as to what repairs should be completed. They can also appraise existing pieces that need restoration or modification, as well as help match replacement stones if necessary. Customers can rest assured that repairs will be handled with the utmost care and expertise. Sears also offers same-day service on most common repairs and replaces parts with genuine replacements to ensure the quality stays consistent with the original materials used in manufacturing your piece of jewelry. Finally, after all the work has been done, all pieces come with a one-year labor free warranty on repairs and maintenance.

No matter what kind of jewelry you have that needs repair, Sears has experienced technicians who can take care of it quickly and professionally at an affordable cost. Choose Sears for fast and reliable service!

Types of Jewelry Sears Can Repair

Sears provides repair services for a variety of jewelry, including fine and fashion jewelry. Depending on the type of jewelry, Sears technicians can repair broken chains, clasps, settings, and pronged stones for necklaces and bracelets. They can also provide custom framing for watches and watch straps, as well as repair rings by re-tipping worn prongs, polishing stones, soldering broken links in chains or fixing bezels. Sears also offers stone replacement in many types of jewelry pieces. In some cases they will resize the piece so that it fits properly; this applies to both rings and bracelets. Other services include cleaning and repairing engravings on items such as lockets or watches. Sears professionals typically charge a fee to perform repairs but may provide an estimate before beginning any work.

Cost of Jewelry Repair with Sears

Sears does offer jewelry repair services for a variety of items. They are able to repair rings, necklaces, watches, earrings and more. The cost of the jewelry repair typically depends on the issue that needs to be repaired. Depending on what needs to be done and if any parts need to be replaced, prices can range from $30-$100 depending on the type of repair required. In addition – some issues like polishing or simple repairs may be free if done in-store. Customers should contact their local Sears service center for an exact quote for their specific job.

Preparing Your Jewelry for Repair with Sears

Sears provide a variety of repair services for your jewellery, such as re-sizing, customization, rhodium plating, watch strap replacement, and more. Before you bring in your jewellery to Sears for them to work on it, make sure that it is properly prepared so that the process can go smoothly. Here are some steps you should take before allowing Sears to repair your jewellery:
1. Thoroughly inspect your piece of jewellery to determine the exact cause of damage or wear.
2. Make sure that all components of the jewelry are securely fastened and there are no loose stones or beads.
3. Clean the piece of jewelry with a polishing cloth to remove dirt and oils that have accumulated on its surface throughout its lifetime so far.
4. Bring any special requests you may have for the jeweler to know prior to starting repairs.
5. If available, bring along documentation about ownership and any other previous repair records you may have in order to register a warranty with the jeweler.
6. Package the item correctly by wrapping securely in bubble wrap or tissue paper and placing it inside of a sturdy box for transport to protect against further damage – preferably one with padding on both sides so no movement occurs while traveling!

How Do I Pack Jewelry For Travel

Insurance for Jewelry Repairs (if applicable)

Sears does not usually directly repair jewelry, but the company may be able to connect customers with a local jeweler who specializes in repairs. Sears also offers an optional Total Care Plans that provides coverage for accidental damage and professional cleaning of fine jewelry, as well as adjustments and one free ring sizing every year. Depending on the piece of jewelry, certain services may also require additional costs. The plan also covers loss of diamond and gemstone center stones under 1 carat due to manufacturer’s defects, loss due to theft or mysterious disappearance from insured premises, and can provide financing options with no interest if paid within six months. However, some restrictions do apply so it is important to review the policy for details on exclusions or limitations.

Shipping Options for Jewelry Repair

Sears offers a range of shipping options for jewelry repair. Customers have the choice between standard and express shipping, depending on how quickly they need their items to be repaired. Both domestic and international orders are available. With standard shipping, customers usually receive their repaired items 3-10 business days after being shipped out from the repair center. Alternatively, express shipping can be used to send items in 1-3 business days. As an added benefit, customers using standard or express shipping for jewelry repairs will not have to pay taxes or duty fees. To ensure the safety of customers’ repaired items, all packages are insured and tracked until delivery is made.

Approved Providers of Jewelry Repair

Sears offers a wide range of approved providers for jewelry repair, including professionals like watchmakers, goldsmiths, and engravers. Some of the services Sears’ approved providers can offer include:

-Watch repair or battery replacement
-Engraving jewelry with names or messages
-Resizing rings
-Refinishing metals like gold and silver to bring back shine and color
-Polishing stones like diamonds and pearls to restore their original luster
-Repair broken clasps and settings
-Stone setting for missing gems or replacements for worn down jewels
-Restoring antique jewelry styles from decades gone by

Tracking Your Jewelry Repair Progress

Sears does repair jewelry such as gold, silver, diamonds, watches, and other precious stones. Depending on the type of repairs needed or if you need a new part installed or replaced can make the timeline different from customer to customer. The process typically includes gathering information about your jewelry piece, including an estimate for repairs or replacement parts cost as well as a timeline for completion. Customers will receive notification of each step in their jewelry repair journey and this may include updates on when certain steps have been completed or letting customers know that new parts are on order and expected in-store by a certain date. Once work has been completed customers will usually be notified with a receipt that goes over all repairs made and any additional costs associated with it.

Get Ready to Wear Your Repair Jewelry

Yes, Sears does repair jewelry. There are a few different types of repairs that the store is equipped to handle which include ring sizing, repairing clasps and chains, prong or crown setting replacement, and professional cleaning and polishing. Before attempting any repair yourself, it is important to take the jewelry piece to the nearest Sears store for an inspection by a qualified technician to ensure that the repair can be correctly and safely executed. If extensive repairs are needed, Sears will send it off for further examination and/or work with a jeweler inside the local mall if needed. They offer services such as replacing missing stones, refinishing old pieces back to their original state, tying loose prongs or mounting headpieces securely back on the band.

How To Store Jewelry In A Jewelry Box

After repair is completed, there are a few tips to keep in mind that will help you care for your newly repaired jewelry item and keep it looking new. It is important to remove jewelry when showering, swimming and engaging in any other type of strenuous activity so it doesn’t become damaged or loosened by water or sweat. Proper storage is also essential – leather boxes work best as they do not create static electricity which can dull metals over time. When handling your piece be sure to keep oils from your hands away from the gemstone while avoiding contact with lotions, perfumes and other chemicals which could discolor or damage both diamonds and precious metals alike. Regularly inspecting clasp may be necessary in order to make sure all components remain tightly connected throughout its lifetime!

How Satisfied Customers Have Benefited from Jewelry Repairs

Sears offers a wide variety of jewelry repair services for customers looking to keep their favorite pieces in top condition. Customers can select from an array of services, ranging from basic cleaning and polishing, to more advanced repairs such as ring sizing and prong repairs. The experienced technicians at Sears use the latest tools and techniques to ensure all repairs are completed with accuracy and precision.

Customers have been highly satisfied with the quality of the jewelry repairs they’ve received from Sears. Rings, bracelets and other jewelry items are returned to their pre-damage condition when repaired by a Sears technician. When properly maintained, items such as rings, chains, watches and earrings can last a lifetime. For those who have sentimental value attached to certain pieces of jewelry or family heirlooms that need repair, Sears is committed to providing expert care for these precious items. Furthermore, if an item needs replacing or restoring completely due to irreparable damages or lost stones, Sears has several options for replacing these parts or even offering an upgrade when possible.

With professionals standing by at the ready to assist with any jewelry repair needs, customers have consistently been happy with the results they achieve through a Sears Jewelry Repair service. Whether it’s bringing a classic piece back to life or creating something totally new out of loose stones, customers have always had great success using this service provided by Sears.


Sears has a long and trustworthy history when it comes to appliance and electronics repair, but their track record when it comes to jewelry repair may not be as reliable. Sears offers repair services for many types of jewelry including watches, rings, necklaces, earrings and more. However, they cannot guarantee that their repair technicians have the experience or specialized knowledge required to restore delicate pieces back to perfect condition. As such, unless you are confident in Sears’ ability to provide quality service and repairs for fine jewelry, it is best to explore other options when searching for someone to fix your jewelry.

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