Does Ramona Singer Still Have Her Jewelry Business


Ramona Singer is a television star best known for her role in the popular reality TV show The Real Housewives of New York City. Before making her television debut, she was an entrepreneur who dreamed of launching a jewelry business. After the success of The Real Housewives, Ramona decided to pursue her dreams and brought life to her jewelry company, True Faith Jewelry. She works closely with her team to create beautiful pieces that are inspired by nature yet stunningly modern. For many years she has been successful in providing luxurious yet affordable pieces that make any ensemble stand out.

The question remains: does Ramona Singer still have her jewelry business?

The answer is yes! Ramona continues to oversee her operation with the same passion and enthusiasm as when it was first launched several years ago. Having built up a strong customer base and following, she has been able to maintain a successful brand within the fashion industry by offering high-quality items at reasonable price points while staying ahead of trends. Additionally, she also attends star-studded events such as the Golden Globe Awards to showcase new collections and meet potential clients one on one.

The Launch of Ramona Singer Jewelry

Yes, Ramona Singer still has her jewelry business. She launched the business in 2017 after achieving success on the hit Bravo show The Real Housewives of New York City. Her jewelry brand consists of costume and fine-jewelry items made of sterling silver, diamonds, and Swarovski crystals. In launching her business, she found many marketing strategies that worked well for her particular product. She has taken a very personal approach with her promotion, making sure to keep her fans in mind with each piece she designs. She is also heavily using social media to capture consumer attention, utilizing high quality photos and videos to showcase the beauty of her pieces. Additionally, Ramona has partnered with popular lifestyle sites to further promote her collection.

The market for Ramona Singer’s jewelry is highly competitive due to the presence of designer brands such as Tiffany & Co., David Yurman and DeBeers who had already achieved massive success prior to Ramona’s venture into the industry. Despite this competition however, Ramona has managed to be successful in creating an audience among more price conscious consumers who are looking for quality pieces that are still within their budget constraints—something the more established brands often can’t offer.

Does Ramona Singer Still Have Her Jewelry Business?

The current status of Ramona Singer’s jewelry business is that it continues to be a successful and thriving venture. According to an article from February 2021, Singer has multiple lines of jewelry and accessories available for sale on her website, shopping channels, and at various retailers. She has designed her own line of costume jewelry that she sells under the brand name ‘True Faith Jewelry.’ Additionally, she has expanded the business to include hand-crafted pieces including earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

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Singer has collaborated with luxury brands such as Glamour Magazine and American Express to create exclusive lines of merchandise. The company also does collaborations with QVC for special sales events. In regards to marketing efforts, Singer advertises her jewelry on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, as well as online via blogs and magazines. Furthermore, Ramona appears on talk shows such as The Real Housewives of New York City in order to promote the products in which she designs.

Since launching her jewelry business several years ago, there have been signs of great success forRamona Singer’s venture. It was reported that around the end of 2019 the company brought in over $2 million in revenue – growth which peaked more recently in 2020 at nearly $3 million according to recent reports. As a result of this success both financially and aesthetically, many stars have adopted some pieces from Ramona’s collections including singer Katy Perry who was seen wearing one of Ramona’s signature chunky necklaces during an appearance at Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Overall it can be concluded that Ramona Singer’s jewelry business is still going strong despite some minor changes over the past few years. Singer has created a success story through creative marketing efforts like collaborations with fashion icons such as Katy Perry which continue to draw attention to her jewelry line today.

The Impact of Covid-19 on Ramona Singers Jewelry Business

The coronavirus pandemic has unsurprisingly had a significant impact on Ramona Singer’s jewelry business. Firstly, the pandemic directly forced her to close both of her shops that she opened in 2018 and 2019 because of public health concerns. No longer able to generate revenue through physical stores, Ramona had to shift its strategy towards digital commerce. She quickly launched a website offering a selection of her jewelry line for online purchase.

Ramona Singer’s jewelry business has also seen decreased production due to supply chain disruptions from the pandemic, especially with regards to sourcing materials. Despite this constraint, the demand for jewelry has stayed steady as people opt for gifts as meaningful gifts for their loved ones during these unprecedented times. To capitalise on this opportunity, Ramona managed to swiftly adjust her approach; adopting new technologies and pivoting towards sustainable solutions when sourcing materials for her collection.

In addition to this, the pandemic has increased awareness around charitable donations and philanthropic initiatives which have made customers more willing to support businesses that actively give back to society. In response, Ramona has become active in donating part of her proceeds to charities specialising in informing people about Covid-19 related topics such as vaccine availability and virus prevention strategies.

All in all, while these changes have forced many unexpected adjustments upon Ramona Singer’s jewelry business, they have also created untold possibilities that weren’t available before; by taking advantage of emerging technology and embracing a new mentality of giving back to their communities through charity initiatives.

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How Can Consumers Support Ramona Singer’s Jewelry Business

Ramona Singer’s jewelry business has been very successful in recent years, with hats, earrings, necklaces and more becoming must-have items among fans of the Real Housewives of New York. Fans can support her business by purchasing her products directly from her website. The pieces are high quality, stylish and often come with custom touches from Ramona herself.

Consumers can also show their support for Ramona Singer’s jewelry business by spreading word about it to family and friends. This can be done through social media posts or simple conversation recommendations at a get-together. Supporting businesses like Ramona’s is important for customers who want to ensure quality from real-world entrepreneurs.

For those looking to make a larger impact on the success of Ramona Singer’s jewelry business, consider hosting a pop-up event in your home town. Invite friends and family to shop directly from the designer and promote her brand name on local community pages or billboards if possible. You can also offer exclusive discounts via an email list that you control or through tagging selected people in social media posts – these strategies have been extremely successful in driving traffic towards Ramona’s products in the past. However you choose to help grow her business, your support will be greatly appreciated!


Yes, Ramona Singer still has her jewelry business. Despite the economic downturn resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, she remains optimistic about her company’s future. She has been able to make some changes so far in order to remain competitive, such as adding an online store, offering virtual shopping events and improving customer service via social media platforms. She has also shifted her products’ focus to more affordable jewelry pieces that are suitable for today’s budget-conscious customers. Nevertheless, she still faces challenges like the competition from other established brands and the new cheaper line of fashion jewelry that has been released this year by some large retailers. Given Ramona’s passion for entrepreneurship and her eagerness to stay ahead of the game, however, there is reason to believe she will be successful in this ever-changing industry.

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