Does Lauren Conrad Jewelry Turn Green


Lauren Conrad is an American fashion designer, actress, author, and businesswoman. She has been a fashion icon since she first appeared on MTV’s Laguna Beach and The Hills in 2004. She recently launched her own jewelry line that is sold exclusively online. The collection has a range of earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets made with high-quality materials such as sterling silver and semi-precious stones. Her designs are sophisticated yet affordable making them perfect for any occasion. One question many people have asked is “Does Lauren Conrad Jewelry turn green?”

There have been some reports of the metal used in LC jewelry turning green after being exposed to water or sweat. This can be a cause for concern for some shoppers looking to purchase something from her collection. To find out if Lauren Conrad Jewelry does indeed turn green one must understand why certain pieces may discolor over time when exposed to water or sweat.

The color change in metallic jewelry is known as tarnishing and most commonly occurs due to reaction between particular metals in contact with humidity or oxygen molecules found either inside your body or environmental elements (such as rain). In other words, sterling silver pieces containing copper alloys may naturally age and darken overtime when exposed to airborne molecules containing sulfur or chlorine air pollution; leading the surface to become greyish or blackish—in some cases it even develops an oxidation layer which appears greenish. Since Lauren Conrad Jewelry contains sterling silver pieces which contain copper alloys it can therefore suffer from these same reactions resulting in a discoloration of the jewelry itself .

Overview of Jewelry Metals

Many different metals are used in jewelry manufacturing, each with a unique set of properties that make it suitable for specific uses. Common metals used in the production of Lauren Conrad jewelry include sterling silver, gold and bronze. Sterling silver is composed of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, such as copper or nickel. This metal is tarnish-resistant and resistant to corrosion when cared properly. Gold is an incredibly malleable metal alloy that typically contains a base of yellow gold blended with small amounts of other alloys such as copper, zinc or nickel. Different karat weights can influence not only its appearance but also how long lasting it is when exposed to moisture or sweat. Bronze is a less expensive alternative to gold and remains popular due to its warm tan color. This strong alloy can often be found in jewelry components used to compliment more precious metals such as silver or gold.

In general, Lauren Conrad jewelry does not turn green over time unless pieces have been made from low quality ingredients that contain high levels of copper. Any discoloration would be indicative of poor quality craftsmanship rather than the overall reliability of the chosen metals used across her collection.

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Does Lauren Conrad Jewelry Turn Green?

The answer to the question “Does Lauren Conrad Jewelry Turn Green?” largely depends on what material the piece is made of. Generally, Lauren Conrad jewelry is made from sterling silver, gold, 14 karat gold, and bronze. In some cases, pieces may also include materials such as cubic zirconia, swarovski crystals and semi precious stones.

When it comes to sterling silver and 14 karat gold items, there is some potential for tarnishing over time that can cause the jewelry to take on a green hue. This is due to tarnish oxidation happening when these metals come into contact with air or other elements like lotions and fragrances–most often due to sweat or humidity. Therefore, it’s important to clean and store Lauren Conrad jewelry correctly in order to reduce any possibility of tarnish and green discoloring.

As for bronze pieces, this metal does not usually turn a green color due to its oxidation-resistant properties; however, it will likely start darkening over time with use if not properly taken care of. The crystals used in her jewelry are also unlikely to turn a shade of green unless exposed to certain moist conditions or liquids like chlorine or salt water. To protect them from tarnishing naturally enough cleaning instructions should be followed as well.

Why Does Jewelry Turn Green?

There are a few common reasons why jewelry may turn green. Firstly, it is important to recognize that chemicals can react with certain metals and cause discoloration. Copper and silver are particularly prone to reacting with sulfur, chlorine, and other elements in the air to form a verdigris or green patina. The type of material coating the metal can also determine its susceptibility to changes in color – alloyed metals like brass often corrode faster than purer forms of gold or silver. Finally, when we sweat or get exposed to soap, perfumes or other chemicals in the environment, these too can cause discoloration on certain metals.

As far as Lauren Conrad jewelry is concerned specifically, whether it will turn green or not depends upon the type of material used in the production of that piece. Pieces containing gold plating for example could be at more risk for discoloration when exposed to different environmental elements than say a sterling silver piece might be.

How to Avoid Jewelry Turning Green

When wearing jewelry, some people can experience discoloration of the piece caused by copper, brass, and other alloys used in making certain pieces; often referred to as “turning green.” However, Lauren Conrad Jewelry employs anti-tarnish agents, which delays the oxidation process and significantly helps protect against discoloration. Still, if you want to ensure that your Lauren Conrad Jewelry continues to look its best over time, follow these tips.

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First, keep your jewelry away from moisture and humidity. When moisture is present in the air or comes into contact with your piece it can speed up the oxidation process. So be sure to remove your jewelry before showering, swimming or applying lotions and cosmetics to reduce this risk.

Second, store your jewelry carefully when not wearing it. The ideal storage environment for jewelry is a cold, dry place that does not fluctuate too much in temperature; like a locked box tucked away from heat sources like radiators and sunny windowsills. You may also opt for dedicated jewellery boxes or even individual fabric-lined pouches as they protect against scratching and abrasion as well surface tarnishing due to oxygen exposure.

Thirdly, ensure proper maintenance of your pieces by using an anti-tarnishing cloth periodically to help prolong shine and polish any dirt away. Cleaning solutions containing ammonia should be avoided as it can cause damage over time but closed-module ultrasonic cleaners are safe for most gemstones (however check with the manufacturer).

Finally, If you must travel with you jewellery remember to use travel cases made from durable materials such as soft leather specifically designed for jewellery transportation.


No, Lauren Conrad jewelry does not typically turn green. However, it is important to be aware of the materials used when purchasing jewelry from any designer. High-quality jewelry is manufactured from superior metals and other materials that are meant to last and stand up against everyday wear. A good example is gold plating which adds a beautiful touch to various earrings, rings, and necklaces. If a piece of jewelry is not made using quality standards then it can be prone to discoloration or tarnishing due to prolonged exposure to skin oils or the elements. When purchasing Lauren Conrad jewelry (or any jewelry) it’s essential that you read the product description carefully so that you understand what materials were used in its production. It’s also helpful to research whether or not the type of material used in the item is considered long-lasting and make sure that proper care instructions are followed as well as storage tips provided by the manufacturer. Following these tips should help ensure that your jewelry remains sparkly and free from discoloration no matter how much you wear it!

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