Does Kohls Jewelry Department Change Watch Batteries


In this blog post, we will discuss whether or not the Kohl’s Jewelry department changes watch batteries. It is important to understand if Kohl’s provides this service in order to decide if it is the right place to take your watch for a battery-replacement issue. By the end of this post, readers should have a better idea of whether or not they can get their watch batteries changed at Kohl’s.

Overview of Kohls Jewelry Department

Kohl’s Jewelry Department is part of the iconic American department store chain, known for offering clothing, apparel and accessories at great prices. The jewelry department specializes in necklaces, earrings, rings, watches and bridal pieces. They have a selection of popular fashion brands like LC Lauren Conrad, Jennifer Lopez Collection and Simply Vera Wang to choose from. Kohl’s also offers customer rewards and discounts regularly.

The Kohl’s Jewelry Department staff consists of professionally trained associates who can help shoppers find beautiful pieces that fit their individual style. Additionally, there are experts available to answer questions about product features and trends in the jewelry industry.

One special service Kohl’s Jewelry Department offers is a watch battery replacement service. Customers simply need to bring their watches in-store where an associate will open the back plate of the watch and replace it with a functional battery for just $4.99 – all without having to leave their shopping trip! Furthermore, if returned within thirty days apst purchase, Kohls will replace many jewelry items from broken Chains to missing gemstones with no cost or paperwork hassles when proof of purchase is provided.

Does Kohls Change Watch Batteries

Yes, Kohl’s Jewelry Department does change watch batteries. The types of batteries offered are typically those found in a wide variety of watches, such as Quartz, Seiko and Citizen. You can expect a warranty on the battery you purchase from Kohl’s – usually up to 1 year from the date of purchase. Pricing can vary greatly depending on the type and size of the battery required for your watch, though most are quite affordable. Policies may vary by location, so it’s best to inquire before having your battery changed at a particular store. Availability is generally good, as staff members should be knowledgeable about which batteries are compatible for each specific watch make and model.

What You Need To Make Your Own Jewelry

Preparation Before Taking a Watch Battery to Kohls

Before taking a watch battery to the Kohls Jewelry Department, it is important to be prepared with the necessary tools and expertise. To change a watch battery, you will need a small screwdriver, tweezers, and some knife-like tool. It is also important to make sure the watch is adequately prepared before replacing its battery. This includes double-checking that all screws are tightly secured (to prevent seepage of any liquids), removing debris or dirt from inside the case and ensuring that all gaskets are in place. If applicable, it can also be helpful to remove the stem before replacing the battery — if it isn’t removed properly then air may get into the mechanism and cause damage. Additionally, familiarizing yourself with different types of batteries and their specific installation methods will help ensure successful replacement. If you are not confident about changing your own watch’s battery, don’t hesitate to ask for help from an expert at Kohls Jewelry Department!

Alternatives to the Kohls Jewelry Department

Yes, many Kohl’s stores provide watch battery changing services in the Jewelry Department. However, there are other stores and services that offer watch battery changing services in addition to Kohl’s. Places such as Walmart, Target, and jewelry repair centers near you can provide watch battery changes at a reasonable cost. Additionally, online services like Timefactors offer an affordable mail-in watch battery service with easy-to-follow instructions.

Pros and Cons of Taking a Watch Battery to Kohls

1. Accessibility – Kohls is a convenient retail store that can be easily accessed by most as it often carries a wide array of merchandise and is located in easily accessible areas such as shopping malls for many consumers; therefore, at Kohls you may be able to find the watch battery you need quickly and easily.

2. Cost-effective – Buying a watch battery from Kohls can be more cost-effective than getting it serviced or buying one from a specialized shop as prices are relatively low due to the competitive retail environment created by the company’s strong focus on customer satisfaction so that it will draw more customers in.

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1. Limited Variety – Generally, there aren’t as many different types and sizes of watch batteries sold at Kohls when compared to other specialized stores so you could potentially miss out on finding the right size or shape of battery suited specifically to your watch’s design or power requirements.

2. Quality Control – While batteries bought from most retail stores are generally reliable and made from good quality material, the quality control process at Kohls may not always be stringent enough if the customer doesn’t do their research beforehand, which could result in unsatisfactory results or high replacement costs if something goes wrong down the line with an improperly sized battery or one that doesn’t meet quality standards.

Troubleshooting Common Watch Battery Issues

Yes, Kohl’s Jewelry Department does change watch batteries. In the event that a watch battery needs to be changed, the Kohl’s staff is able to provide this service quickly and conveniently in-store. Additionally, they also offer helpful troubleshooting tips should yours or someone else’s watch battery fail, such as checking the date on the battery to ensure it hasn’t expired and confirming if any buttons are stuck which could prevent it from operating correctly. If customers continue to experience issues with their watch battery, they recommend consulting a professional watchmaker for further assistance.


Yes, Kohl’s Jewelry Department does offer a watch battery replacement service. The cost is typically around $5 to $10 depending on the type of watch you have. Customers should bring their watch into the store in order to get an accurate quote for the service charge. If you have any further questions or would like more information about this service, feel free to contact your local Kohl’s Jewelry Department for assistance.