Does Kesslers Buy Jewelry


Kesslers is a jewelry store that has been catering to customers since 1892. One of their main focuses is buying and selling diamonds, but they also specialize in the secondary market for jewelry. That means that aside from the usual jewelers’ packages of beautiful rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that many people are familiar with, Kesslers also purchase and resell pre-owned jewelry in great condition. This includes items such as estate jewelry, antique watches, precious gemstones and more. So yes, Kesslers does buy jewelry!

Benefits of Selling Jewelry to Kesslers

Yes, Kesslers does buy jewelry. They provide quality service through their qualified and knowledgeable staff and convenience with fast payment time.

One of the major benefits of selling jewelry to Kesslers is their guaranteed range of designer jewellery such as Rolex, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, as well as antique and vintage pieces. Moreover, they also purchase certificates and documents that accompany the pieces such as authentication cards and warranties. This ensures an easier process for you when selling your valuable items.

Kesslers will even purchase estate jewelry: those handed down from generations past or inherited in any form. They offer fair market value with a no-obligation quote so you can know what you stand to gain before signing off on the deal. Additionally, Kesslers guarantee complete confidentiality in all transactions, so nobody else has to know about your business dealings unless you wish to share it. All these features put together make Kesslers a great choice for selling jewelry

Overview of Kesslers Jewelry Buying Process

Yes, Kesslers does buy jewelry. The jewelry buying process at Kesslers is simple and straightforward. First, customers can either bring their item into an authorized Kesslers store, or they can send in a picture of their piece to receive an estimate price. Customers will then be contacted by an experienced buyer and invited to Kesslers stores where they can have the piece evaluated in person. They will then be provided a price based on the size and weight of the item, as well as its type of metal and gemstones. Customers who accept the offer will receive a check or store credit within 24 hours after they have signed their paperwork.

How Old Should Your Jewelry Be to Sell to Kesslers?

Yes, Kesslers does buy jewelry. They accept diamond coins, bracelets, necklaces and earrings that are made of gold, silver or platinum. The age of the jewelry will depend on the specific item. For example, coins should be at least 100 years old while fine jewelry should be pre-1920s in style. Their experts may consider other pieces if they possess a unique character or rarity. Ultimately it will depend on their standards and buying criteria associated with each individual piece of jewelry.

Determining Value for Jewelry Before Selling

Kessler’s buys jewelry from individuals and resells it in their stores. They provide a high-quality service, meaning they perform expert appraisals to determine the value of the jewelry before buying it. Appraisers use technical and market information to accurately assess how much a specific item of jewelry can be sold for in the market. Usually, the price is based on type of material and design, with factors like the age of the piece, brand, and quality also taken into consideration. If Kessler’s believes an item will be profitable for them to resell then they will usually make an offer to buy it from its owner. They also pay reasonable prices according to various industry standards. After agreeing on a price, you can receive payment in cash or store credit that can be used for making purchases at any of their stores.

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What Types of Jewelry do They Buy?

Kessler’s does buy jewelry, specifically gold and silver. They purchase gold and silver in all forms such as coins, bars, jewelry pieces, watches, and other collectibles. They will also evaluate your jewelry using their certified scale and/or testing device. Once evaluated, Kessler’s will make you a cash offer for the piece or pieces of jewelry you wish to sell. Other types of jewelry that they buy include diamond engagement rings and wedding sets, platinum items, estate jewelry (old or new), modern designer pieces, fine antiques, costume jewelry, art deco or vintage design pieces among others.

Determining Condition for Jewelry Buying

Kesslers does indeed buy jewelry. They will look at the condition of each piece and consider whether it meets their buying criteria. They tend to purchase modern jewelry and designer pieces from well-known companies like Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Chopard, Harry Winston, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari, and David Yurman. Kesslers also pays particular attention to antique and estate pieces that they feel could be an asset to their collection. For every piece of jewelry being offered for sale, Kesslers considers its condition, rarity, marketability and resale value in order to determine whether it meets their standards for quality and originality. Depending on the decision made about the condition of a particular item, Kesslers may offer more or less money for a piece than initially expected by the seller. Their team of experts will clean each item thoroughly to make sure any damage is identified before making an offer on a piece.

Is the Jewelry Selling Process Confidential?

Yes, Kesslers does indeed buy jewelry. They regularly provide pawn loans and cash advances for many types of precious metals, gemstones and designer jewelry pieces. When you contact Kesslers to sell your jewelry, the process is confidential and secure. You can rely on them for a fair and accurate appraisal of your items as well as an easy transaction. They have experts with decades of experience that evaluate the quality and authenticity of every item they purchase. The customer service staff will help guide you through the selling process so that you can get paid in a safe, secure manner that best suits your needs.

Steps to Prepare Your Jewelry For Sale

Yes, Kesslers does buy jewelry. If you are looking to sell your jewelry, they offer a convenient and hassle-free way to do that. Here are some steps you should take to prepare your jewelry for sale:

1. Gather all of the relevant documents regarding the piece of jewelry you would like to sell. This includes any certificates of authenticity or appraisals, as well as any receipts from when it was purchased or an updated valuation statement.

2. Clean the jewelry thoroughly before taking it in for appraisal or sale. Use a toothbrush and mild soap to scrub away any dirt and grime, then dry gently with a soft cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals or hot water which could damage the piece.

3. Organize the pieces into one bundle if possible, to make them easier for appraisal or sale. Also include the origin of each item where possible, such as describing whether it is antique, vintage, estate or costume jewellery and provide details about who made it and when if known.

4. Take pictures of each item before packaging them up – this will provide visual evidence that could be used in case of any mishaps during shipping or selling process (e.g., loss). Moreover, you can use these pictures as catalogs when selling pieces online or through auctions sites like eBay or Venmo etc..

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What Happens After You Sell Your Jewelry to Kesslers?

After selling your jewelry to Kesslers, you will be paid in cash immediately. The staff at Kesslers will appraise the jewelry and its components such as gold, diamonds, and other precious stones. They will then make you an offer for your jewelry. All sales are final and their offer for your item is based on the current market value of the item at that time. Once the sale has been completed, the jewelry will be safely removed from their premises and you will receive payment in full within a few minutes or hours depending on the method of payment chosen. Kesslers always guarantees secure purchases, so your items are never in danger of theft or loss during the transaction process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Jewelry to Kesslers

Yes, Kesslers does buy jewelry. The company specializes in buying diamonds, gold, and other precious stones from people all over the country. They have an online presence as well where customers can submit photos of their jewelry and receive an appraisal within 48 hours. Customers can then sell their jewelry to Kesslers by filling out their online purchase request form or visiting their nearest store location. In addition to buying jewelry, Kesslers offers appraisal services and custom design services for customers looking to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. If you choose to sell your jewelry to Kesslers you will be asked to provide proof of ownership such as a receipt or lab report before they are able to make an offer on the item. Once your jewelry is accepted Kesslers will provide payment in cash or check depending on the agreed upon terms.


Yes, Kesslers is a well-respected jewelry chain that buys jewelry. As one of the biggest and most acclaimed jewelry stores in the U.S., they are known for offering competitively fair prices on almost every type of antique and contemporary jewelry. Here are some reasons why you should sell your jewelry to Kesslers:

1. Immediate Funds: Selling to Kesslers allows you access to immediate funds, so you can start taking advantage of other investment opportunities fast.

2. Easy Process: The process of selling your items is simplified with easy steps, so it’s not only fast but enjoyable too. All you need to do is bring in your items, have them appraised by experts and know the price before deciding if you will accept the offer or not.

3. Accredited Buyers: Selling to a company like Kesslers means dealing with accredited buyers who have experience within the industry and know how to evaluate jewelry based on current market values and trends..

4. Free Appraisals: At Kessler’s, they provide certified appraisals at no cost to the sellers! That way they make sure that you always get what you deserve out of every sale without having any additional hidden charges or fees.

5. Excellent Reputation: Kesslers has been around for over 40 years and built an excellent reputation as one of the best outlets for selling fine jewelry in America!

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