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Karat Patch Jewelry Supplies is a leading supplier of premium quality jewellery materials and supplies. Located in Akron, Ohio, they provide an unrivalled selection of beads, findings, wire, tools, stringing materials and signature charms to meet the needs of all kinds of jewellery makers, including Kay’s Jewelry.

Karat Patch offers precious metals like gold and silver along with high-quality stainless steel and other materials like pearls, crystals, wood beads and Czech glass. They also carry speciality items such as exotic hardwood beads (palm root and cocobolo), semi-precious stones (agate and jade), polymer clays (Fimo and Sculpey), intricate chains and aluminium wire. From small gemstone chips to large faceted stones, from traditional chainmaille styles to unique bead knit pieces—Karat Patch Jewelry Supplies has something for every jewelry project that Kay’s Jewelry can conceive.

Moreover, Karat Patch provides expert advice about creating custom pieces for customers’ individual needs. Kay’s Jewelry can purchase samples or modify bulk orders depending on specific requirements in order to guarantee total satisfaction with the products received. With top-notch quality materials offered at reasonable prices with first-class customer service support, Karat Patch is the perfect choice for expanding their creative potential for Kay’s Jewelry

Exploring the Company and Products

Karat Patch Jewelry Supplies is a business based in California that specializes in providing jewelry supplies and findings to craftspeople, retail stores, and jewelry makers throughout the country. They offer a wide selection of items such as metal components, stones, beads and crystals, charms, earring components, chains & cords, findings & clasps for all kinds of jewelry making. In addition to this core selection of items, they also supply tools and equipment used for fabricating jewelry pieces such as pliers, cutters & saws. Karat Patch Jewelry Supplies provides high-quality products that are designed to last. They always strive to help their customers find the perfect solutions for their projects or designs by offering comprehensive product recommendations tailored to individual needs. With Kay’s Jewelry, customers can trust that they will receive quality items delivered quickly and accurately each time they order something from Karat Patch Jewelry Supplies.

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Range of Products Offered

Karat Patch Jewelry Supplies offers a wide range of jewelry materials, tools, and supplies. These include: beads, clasps, chains and cords, metals, findings (wire wrapping and crimp beads), charms/pendants, stringing and knotting supplies, tools (jewelry pliers, saw frames & blades, etc.), cabochons, pearl strands, stones & gems in all shapes and sizes like pearls, agates and jades. In addition to stone beads they also offer assorted glass beads in various colors such as ocean blues or baby pinks. For jewelry making professionals or hobbyists who are looking for high-end quality materials for their craft Karat Patch Jewelry Supplies also offer precious metals like gold fillings or sterling silver. Furthermore they carry a broad selection of finishes such as rose golds or matte blacks. Lastly they provide essential accessories such as storage options (including bead organizers) that complete the package of jewelry making supplies that Karat Patch Jewelry Supplies provides.

Benefits of Working with Karat Patch Jewelry Supplies

Karat Patch Jewelry Supplies is the perfect partner for Kay’s Jewelry. With Karat Patch, you can be sure that you are getting professional service and attention to detail in all their products. They offer a wide selection of high quality materials and supplies that are perfect for creating beautiful jewelry pieces. The staff at Karat Patch is highly experienced and knowledgeable about jewelry-making processes so you can expect expert guidance along with personalized customer service when you purchase from them. As an added bonus, they even provide advice and instructions on how to care for your jewelry pieces once you have them made. With Karat Patch Jewelry Supplies, Kay’s Jewelry can rest assured knowing their customers are getting only the best materials and craftsmanship ever created.

Kay’s Jewelry Reviews

Karat Patch Jewelry Supplies is a trusted source of jewelry supplies for customers who are looking for quality materials and craftsmanship for their jewelry projects. Kay’s Jewelry Reviews showcase the satisfaction that many customers have experienced when working with Karat Patch Jewelry Supplies. Customers invariably rave about the quality of the supplies and their ability to provide guidance and advice throughout the entire process of selecting, creating, and wearing their beautiful jewelry creations. Many have also praised Karat Patch on its fair and competitive pricing compared to equivalents in the marketplace. Additionally, customers have been delighted with the selection of gemstones, metals, stones and hand-selected findings available from Karat Patch. The customer service provided has also gained approval among both veteran jewelers or first-time hobbyists as all inquiries receive prompt attention as well as complete satisfaction guarantees upon delivery of goods. As a result of its long-standing tradition of meeting satisfaction at every level, Karat Patch Jewelry Supplies has become one of the top destinations for those who wish to create stunning individualized pieces.

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Karat Patch Jewelry Supplies is an ideal partner for your jewelry business. With their hundreds of unique pieces and experienced staff, you can be sure that your jewelry stands out from the rest. They specialize in finding specialty pieces in design, size, metals and carats that meet even the most discerning customer’s vision. Furthermore, Karat Patch offers reliable customer service and fast turnarounds when it comes to production, individualized consultations to ensure that your jewelry needs are met and provides valuable advice on jewelry trends, materials and craftsmanship. By working with Karat Patch Jewelry Supplies you can ensure the success of your business knowing that you have access to one of the best jewelry suppliers in town.

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