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Introducing Jareds Galleria of Jewelry

Jareds Galleria of Jewelry is the premier destination for all your jewelry needs. With locations throughout the United States, this well-known family business is committed to helping its customers find beautiful and unique pieces that fit their individual style. The experts at Jareds Galleria of Jewelry have a passion for providing exceptional service by combining comprehensive product knowledge with attentive customer care. In addition to finding a perfect piece of jewelry, they offer services like repair, customization, appraisal and financing options so you can truly make your purchase an investment that lasts a lifetime. Whether you’re searching for bridal rings or a special keepsake, you’ll be sure to find what you need at Jareds Galleria of Jewelry. With their unparalleled selection and guaranteed dedication to quality and service, this company is sure to make any jewelry shopping experience something unforgettable.

Types of Financing Offered

Yes, Jareds Galleria Of Jewelry offers financing programs for purchase of jewelry. It provides customers with three options for financing: The Jared Advantage Credit Card Program, the Consumer Financing Program and The Design Your Own Payment Plan Program.

The Jared Advantage Credit Card Program gives customers the ability to pay in installments as well as access discounts on purchases when using their Jared’s credit card. Customers can also take advantage of deferred interest promotions with this program where they will pay less overall in interest if they make regular payments throughout the financing period.

The Consumer Financing Program is designed for customers who don’t have a credit card but still want to buy jewelry from Jared’s. This program requires no credit check or down payment, and allows adult customers to purchase something even if they have bad or no credit. Customers will have 18-month to finance their purchase through this program with no interest as long as all payments are made on time.

Finally, The Design Your Own Payment Plan Program lets adult customers pick the terms that best fit their budget and lifestyle needs when buying jewelry from Jared’s Galleria Of Jewelry. By filling out specialized application forms prior to starting their financing agreement and going through a standard approval process, customers can then choose whichever payment plan works best for them and start building their future without penalty at any point in the agreement period should it become too much of an obligation down-the-line.

Qualifying for Financing

Jared The Galleria of Jewelry offers financing options for creditworthy customers to help make purchases more affordable and convenient. The Synchrony Bank-issued Jared Credit Card is accepted at Jared locations nationwide, online at, or anywhere Synchrony Bank cards are accepted in the United States.

To qualify for financing, a customer must apply for a Jared Credit Card with Synchrony Bank and be approved. When using financing on purchases of over $100, a customer must also provide a down payment of 5% – 25% of the purchase. Financing terms generally range from six to seventy-two months based on the amount financed. For example, if applying for financing on purchases of $2,000 or more you may qualify for seven-month same as cash terms*(restrictions apply), while smaller qualifying purchases can lead to sixty or seventy-two month loan terms with attractive interest rates*(restrictions apply).

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Applicants with higher credit scores may have access to promotional offers such as deferred interest financing and other special programs. Further information regarding these special programs will be provided following approval by Synchrony Bank which can take several days to process applications depending on individual creditworthiness and profile.

Benefits of Financing

Financing at Jared’s Galleria of Jewelry can provide customers with a range of benefits. Firstly, financing allows customers to spread the cost of their jewelry purchase over multiple instalments. This can help to make expensive purchases more manageable, allowing people to afford items they wouldn’t have been able to purchase using cash alone. If a customer prefers not to use traditional credit cards, financing companies offer an alternate payment method that will allow them to continue pricing flexible purchases without incurring significant interest rates.

Jared’s Gallerias’s financing options also offer customizable payback periods, helping customers determine the best plan for their budget and timeframe. Furthermore, special terms and conditions may apply on specific alternative payment plans, so customers should always inquire about these options before signing a contract or document. In addition to these advantages, financing their purchase with Jareds will make gift-giving easier as customers are able to personalize payments for that special occasion in order for the person receiving the gift not to be weighed down by worrying about how they will pay off their jewelry in such a short time period. All in all, Jareds Galleria of Jewelry offers customers various ways of financing which opens up possibilities and helps one create memories that last forever.

Applying for Financing

Jared’s Galleria of Jewelry offers easy financing options so you can purchase the jewelry you want today. Applying is simple and convenient with Jared’s online application process, or in any store. Follow these directions to apply for financing:

1. Visit Jared’s website or visit a store in-person to view the available financing plans offered.
2. Choose the plan that best meets your needs, then review the terms and conditions attached to it.
3. From there, if applying online proceed to fill out an application using your personal information such as name, address, phone number, Social Security number and birth date.
4. Submit the application once completed and wait for approval from Jared’s Galleria of Jewelry which can take up to 24 hours including weekends or holidays for processing time.
5. Once approved for credit, you will have access to immediate pricing and be ready to shop within minutes! You should also receive an email notification confirming your account along with temporary purchasing limit has been set on how much you can spend in-store or online right away with no money down payment required immediately at checkout!

Financing Tips

At Jareds Galleria of Jewelry, we understand that high quality jewelry can be an expensive investment. For this reason, we are proud to offer our customers financing options that make it easy and affordable to purchase the perfect item for any special occasion.

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Our in-house financing team specializes in helping our customers find the best option for their budget. No matter what your price range is, you can rest easy knowing that there’s likely a financing solution out there that’ll work for you. Plus, if you have a Jareds credit card, you can immediately take advantage of promotional offers like 0% interest periods and bonus points programs.

Our financing experts also provide helpful tips on how to get the most out of your credit options. We recommend starting with short-term low interest loans like ones offered through online lenders or major banks you already have an account with, as they offer flexibility with quick approval times and reasonable terms. If these aren’t an option for you, look into major credit card providers – they tend to have lower interest rates than store cards, especially when rewards and cashback are taken into consideration as part of the purchase agreement. Plus, if you’re able to pay off the balance in full before the due date each month, there may not even be any interest at all.

We know purchasing fine jewelry can be stressful but with the help of our friendly and knowledgeable financing team at Jareds Galleria of Jewelry, finding the ideal financing solution has never been easier!


Yes, Jareds Galleria of Jewelry does offer financing options. Customers can use their own existing credit card at the jewelry store or apply for a Jareds Galleria Credit Card to access attractive financing rates and special offers. The store also partners with select banks in order to provide more competitive financing packages and interest rates. Customers should talk to a Jareds Galleria of Jewelry representative for additional details on available financing programs. Additionally, they may also be able to qualify for an online deferred-interest promotion just by making their purchase with their Jareds Galleria Credit Card or with borrowing money from another financial institution.


Yes, Jareds Galleria of Jewelry offers flexible financing options to help customers purchase the perfect piece of jewelry. With available 0% interest plans and low monthly payments on select purchases, customers can enjoy their new piece of jewelry immediately while taking advantage of convenient payment plans. By providing no cost options and reliable, long-term payment plans, Jareds Galleria of Jewelry makes it easy and affordable for customers to find the perfect item they’ve been searching for.

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