Does Gold Jewelry Have A Double Triangle Mark


The double triangle mark is a hallmark, or stamp, which can be found on many pieces of gold jewelry. This symbol can indicate the purity of gold in the item, as well as its country of origin, depending on where the hallmark is located. It can also show who produced the item and when, making it an essential tool for assessing antique and vintage pieces. The double triangle mark is recognized and trusted worldwide and gaining a grasp of its importance can help you find beautiful pieces that meet your standards for quality jewelry.

Historical Background of the Double Triangle Mark

The double triangle mark is an important symbol in many gold jewelry pieces that originated in Ancient Egypt. The two interwoven triangles were believed to represent the two fingers of gods in a sign of protection over the wearer. This was often seen on amulets, and then evolved into rings and other pieces of jewelry throughout various times and regions. Additionally, it was a representation of balance, symmetry, and harmony between the mind, body and soul.

Double triangle marks are commonly seen in gold jewelry from the 18th century onwards during romanticism era. During this time period, symbolism played an important part in expression and a common theme found among art, literature and architecture was nature-inspired symbols like the double triangle mark symbolizing divine forces that existed beyond human awareness but still guided lives.

Today, double triangle marks can be found as decorations or patterns during wedding ceremonies as a color or charm on rings or necklaces. They also may be found engraved on coins for luck or protection indicating their strong spiritual presence today even after centuries of use.

Cultural/Religious Meaning of the Double Triangle

The double triangle mark is often seen on gold jewelry, and it is believed to have originated in the Jewish faith. It is thought that the two triangles represent the Hebrew words “Shaddai” and “Eloheinu,” which translates to “Almighty God” and “Our God.” In other religions, the double triangle could also represent any variety of divine or sacred meanings – sense of balance, physical realm/spiritual realm duality, power of three (such as with the Christian trinity). The double triangle symbol is often seen surrounded by beaded or woven floral patterns that are associated with protection and fertility. Thus for centuries many cultures have adopted the meaning and symbolism in their own jewelry designs, primarily in religious contexts but also as a fashion statement.

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Types of Gold Jewelry That Feature the Double Triangle Symbol

The double triangle symbol is a mark commonly seen on gold jewelry. This symbol indicates that the item is crafted from karat gold, which refers to its purity level. Depending on the double triangles used, it can indicate the purity level of 10K, 14K, 18K, and so on. The number inside one of the inner triangles is what identifies the purity of the gold in question; for instance, if there’s an 18 inside one of them, then that means it’s 18 karat gold — if there’s a 10 inside one of them, then it’s 10k gold. There are various different types of jewelry featuring this classic double triangle symbol which includes but is not limited to: necklaces and pendants with intricate designs or embedded stones; rings with sleek to ornate carvings; earrings of simple elegance or show-stopping designs; bracelets like cuffs and bangles with detailed artwork such as texture or filigree work; and brooches with colorful stones or intricate flower petal designs.

Popular Gold Jewelry Brands with the Double Triangle Mark

The double triangle mark is commonly associated with the gold jewelry brand, Bulova. Founded in 1875 in New York City, Bulova’s success was built on its dedication to using precision and producing quality jewelry with modernized designs. As a symbol of reliability and craftsmanship excellence, many of Bulova’s pieces feature a double triangle made with two united triangles. This trademark logo serves as recognition of the company’s high standards and is imprinted on every item by hand such as watches, rings, necklaces and earrings crafted from solid gold or plated gold. Additionally, some of their stainless steel pieces also feature this emblem. Other notable gold jewelry brands utilizing the double triangle mark include Ernest Borel and Gucci Timepieces. Along with Bulova, these companies represent prestige within the industry and are renowned for their commitment to artistry due to their preference for top-grade materials like 18-karat gold to make high-end products available for their customers.

Different Designs and Abbreviations of the Double Triangle Mark

The double triangle mark is typically found on gold jewelry, particularly chain necklace or bracelet designs. The symbol, also known as the Lambda Symbol, has Egyptian origins which are connected with divine power and protection from negative energy. The two interconnecting triangles represent harmony and balance. While there is some variation in exact design, the typical mark contains one large triangle pointed up with a smaller triangle pointing down inside it. Some may also feature an additional smaller triangle facing outward that bisects the two together.

Variations of the double triangle may include letters and numbers to signify particular qualities associated with the item crafted from gold such as carat weight or hallmarks indicating country of origin. Common markings include 750 to indicate 18-karat gold or 333 to denote 8-karat gold among others. Additionally, Chinese gold pieces may contain characters or intricate designs while Italian jewelry pieces might feature a ‘fasces’ mark – a bundle of sticks with an axe – denoting government inspection and approval standards for the goods. Regardless of variations in design assessment accountability remains consistent across countries – items must meet proper quality control standards before they can be made available for purchase.

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Benefits of Having a Double Triangle Symbol on Gold Jewelry

Having a double triangle symbol on gold jewelry may have a variety of benefits. It is often taken as a sign of quality, letting consumers know that they are buying genuine gold jewelry. The symbol, typically two triangles intersecting at the points with a line joining them, is often used to differentiate between real and fake solid gold jewelry. As such, it reinforces the idea that the jewelry was made with quality and authenticity in mind. Moreover, having this mark indicates to potential buyers that the piece of jewelry has been certified and verified for its metal purity by a leading laboratory or certification body. Lastly, it may also denote certain design aspects of the piece like maker’s mark or grade of metal defining how far it has been mixed with alloy metals to make it less brittle and more durable for everyday wear.


The double triangle symbol found on gold jewelry is a hallmark from the Assay Office, which is an independent organization responsible for verifying whether a piece of jewelry is made from genuine gold. It is stamped onto the back of each piece to demonstrate that it has passed the necessary tests and can be trusted as a genuine precious metal item. The double triangle mark is universally recognized throughout Europe as a sign of authenticity for gold and other precious metals like platinum and silver. In addition, the symbol often includes additional information about the purity and weight of the metal. This feature provides buyers with peace of mind that their jewelry truly contains the amount of gold that is claimed.

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