Does Diamonique Jewelry Tarnish


Welcome to our blog about Diamonique jewelry! Diamonique is a synthetic diamond simulant created by QVC, an online shopping outlet. As with any piece of jewelry, the long-term quality of the pieces can be significantly impacted by tarnishing and other wear-and-tear. That’s why it’s important for shoppers to know whether Diamonique jewelry will last and remain beautiful over time. In this blog post, we’ll look at whether or not Diamonique jewelry will tarnish and what needs to be done in order to keep it looking like new.

What is Diamonique Jewelry?

Diamonique Jewelry is a carefully crafted collection of simulated diamond jewelry created exclusively by QVC. It is designed to mimic the look and feel of the highest quality fine diamond jewelry, yet cost a fraction of the price. The faux diamonds that create Diamonique Jewelry are made from high quality cubic zirconia stones which are cut, polished and faceted to precision and with meticulous attention to detail. They are set in various types of sterling silver, gold or rhodium plated precious metals, each hand selected for its purity, beauty and craftsmanship.

Uniquely designed rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches and pendants make up Diamonique Jewelry and come in all shapes, styles and sizes including classic solitaire pieces or intricate works featuring dozens of shimmering stones. Whether it be bold statement pieces or delicate pieces you’re looking for”Diamonique offers stunning pieces for every occasion.

Tarnishing of Diamonique Jewelry

Tarnishing describes a type of damage which typically appears in the form of discoloration on the surface of jewelry. The most common cause of tarnishing is exposure to chemicals, perspiration, and humidity. In the case of Diamonique Jewelry, it is more resistant to tarnishing than other forms of jewelry due to its special alloy composition which contains elements such as copper, zinc and nickel. This higher level of protection against tarnishing ensures Diamonique Jewelry looks beautiful for longer. Additionally, with proper care, general everyday wear should have no adverse effect on its quality or appearance. With its durable metallic coating which mimics platinum and sterling silver surfaces, one can enjoy a stunning bright shine on their Diamonique Jewelry for longer periods of time.

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Why Diamonique Jewelry Does Not Tarnish

Diamonique jewelry is highly valued for its beautiful appearance but also because it does not tarnish. The materials used to make Diamonique Jewelry and the craftsmanship of the helping to protect against any type of tarnishing. Diamonique Jewelry are typically made with premium materials, most often sterling silver or high quality brass, which have a higher oxidation resistance compared to other metals. Furthermore, special anti-tarnish coatings can be applied to ensure pieces look as stunning as when they first were purchased. This coating helps safeguard the surface of jewelry from air, water and other environmental factors that can oxidize metals. Additionally, when making Diamonique Jewelry , professionals take great care in handling each piece with gloves and clean tools to prevent contamination with oils or other substances that can speed up tarnishing processes. Lastly, all jewelry is checked with an advanced finishing process that removes particles and polishes away very small scratches that can affect how beautiful the piece looks over time.

Ways to Care for Diamonique Jewelry

1. Store Diamonique Jewelry in a cool, dry place. Keep pieces of jewelry separately so that the materials don’t rub against one another.

2. Clean Diamonique Jewelry regularly with a soft cloth to remove any dirt or debris and restore the diamonds’ sparkle. Avoid using hard abrasives that could cause scratches on the surface.

3. For extra shine, use a jewelry polishing cloth. Avoid any solvent-based cleaners or ammonia-based solutions, which can discolor the stones or react with the metal settings.

4. Periodically check the secureness of prongs and settings to make sure they are tight and intact to protect the integrity of your Diamonique stones.

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5. Remove jewelry while inactive or participating in activities like swimming, showering, exercising, dishwashing and cleaning with harsh chemicals as these actions expose metals and gemstones to potentially damaging elements.

6. Take care when you handle Diamonique Jewelry as even gentle impacts, such as dropping onto a hard surface, can cause damage to gems and settings over time due to weakening them more quickly than gold alone would be affected by normal wear and tear.


Diamonique jewelry is an incredibly popular and affordable alternative to expensive diamonds. It is crafted from high quality simulated diamonds, often with a metal base. Diamonique jewelry can last a long time but proper care of the jewelry is essential to ensure its longevity. With the right care, Diamonique jewelry can look just as beautiful as the day it was purchased for years to come. However, if taken care of incorrectly, the metal may tarnish and degrade over time. To keep your Diamonique jewelry shining brightly for years to come, always store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or chemicals and don’t wear during heavy activities that could damage or scratch it. Taking these extra steps will provide lasting value to your Diamonique jewelry collection, ensuring your favorite pieces look like new for many years to come.