Does Deep River Jewelry Design Accept Credit Cards


Deep River Jewelry Design is an award-winning design company based in Portland, Oregon. The studio has been creating timeless handmade jewelry pieces since 2004 and specializes in unique jewelry made from precious metals and stones. They have a wide range of offerings from classic bridal accessories to modern, contemporary designs, all crafted by the knowledgeable team of artisans at their workshop. Deep River Jewelry Design prides itself on only using ethically sourced materials and truly sustainable processes so customers can feel confident purchasing one of their stunning pieces of jewelry.

Overview of Deep River Jewelry Design’s Payment Options

Yes, Deep River Jewelry Design accepts credit cards. We accept major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Payment is secured through our secure checkout system where all transactions are protected by SSL-Encryption technology.

In addition to credit card payments, we also offer alternative payment methods for customers that prefer not to use a credit card. These include PayPal, Apple Pay and Amazon Payments. Each of these payment services offers their own unique benefits including low transaction fees, no account setup fees and fast payments processing times. The option to select the most suitable payment method is presented during checkout.

The Advantages of Credit Card Payments

Yes, Deep River Jewelry Design accepts credit cards as a payment option. The advantages of using a credit card for purchases include promotional discounts, convenient access to your funds and secure payment processing.

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Promotional discounts are offered regularly to customers who use their credit cards to purchase items at Deep River Jewelry Design. This can include free shipping offers and exclusive discounts on merchandise, allowing shoppers to get the products they need at an affordable price.

Using credit cards also provides shoppers with convenient access to their funds when they make purchases. Customers can pay securely within seconds at checkout, making it fast and easy to complete transactions quickly.

Credit card payments also require customers to provide secure information such as their name, address and personal identification number that is securely transmitted over the internet during payment processing. This allows buyers peace of mind knowing their data is safe while they make purchases from Deep River Jewelry Design.

Shopping with Deep River Jewelry Design

Yes, Deep River Jewelry Design does accept credit cards for online payments. Along with offering secure online payments, the company offers various discounts for their customers. For instance, new customers are eligible to receive 10% off their first purchase when they create an account. In addition, the company offers free shipping on orders over $50 and exclusive loyalty rewards for registered cardholders that are redeemable for gifts and other items from the company’s website. For every purchase made, customers will also receive a bonus point that can be used towards future purchases.


Yes, Deep River Jewelry Design accepts all major credit cards. Additionally, we accept payments through PayPal and bank transfers. For international payments, please contact our customer service team via phone or email before placing your order to ensure that your payment method is accepted and can be processed in a timely manner. For pre-order items, customers should pay with either credit card or PayPal. In light of the pandemic situation, we are offering extended return privileges on all orders placed online within 30 days of purchase. All returns must be with the original packaging and in perfect condition in order to receive a full refund or exchange.

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Yes, Deep River Jewelry Design does accept credit cards for purchases. Shopping for jewelry has never been easier — customers can now make secure, convenient payments using their credit card with complete confidence. Have you had the chance to shop at Deep River Jewelry Design? Please share your experiences and/or give us feedback on how we can improve our blog posts in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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