Does Body Candy Jewelry Turn Green


Body Candy jewelry is a type of costume jewelry that is made from inexpensive metal alloys, commonly containing brass or other base metals. It can be found in many styles and colors and usually has a plated layer, such as gold or silver, which gives it its shine.

When exposed to air, body candy jewelry may develop a green discoloration due to oxidation. This happens when the metal comes into contact with water or air that contains enough moisture to cause oxidation of the metal’s surface. The green color is often caused by a reaction with copper components that are present in the alloys used in mass-marketed body candy pieces. To avoid this issue, keep your body candy jewelry away from water and store it safely in an airtight container when not being worn.

Understanding the Chemical Reactions that Cause Jewelry to Turn Green

Body candy jewelry – like many pieces of costume jewelry and fashion accessories – can sometimes turn green over time due to a reaction with the skin’s natural oils. This reaction is known as discoloration and it occurs when base metals, such as copper, are exposed to moisture or air over an extended period of time. In order for this chemical reaction to occur, tiny particles of metal must be left exposed on the surface of the piece. These particles then undergo a chemical change when exposed to oxygen, which is often referred to as oxidization. When oxidization happens, the exposed metal particles will create a patina — which is what causes the alloy pieces of body candy jewelry to turn green or even black in some cases.

Examining the Different Types of Body Candy Jewelry Materials

The answer of whether body candy jewelry turns green from oxidation depends on the material used to create the piece. For example, silver pieces can discolor if stored in high-humidity environments, as it contains a small amount of copper that oxidizes when exposed to moisture. Gold, platinum and stainless steel processes are also metals that are all not prone to this type of deterioration, so it won’t turn green.

Alternatively, brass-plated body jewelry is made with a thinner coating that can breakdown more easily and be more likely to tarnish or turn colors over time. These pieces often include zinc alloy and an outer layer of a different metal, typically brass but sometimes gold or silver. The top layer may then wear off revealing a green color underneath where the zinc oxidizes when exposed to air. Other materials such as plastic and acrylic body jewelry will not typically turn green or rust because they’re made from synthetic materials that don’t corrode very easily.

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Does Body Candy Jewelry Really Turn Green?

Body Candy Jewelry is typically made of metal, such as brass, silver or gold. Some metals are more likely to tarnish than others. While body jewelry made of brass or stainless steel should stay intact, there are a few that may turn green over time when they come in contact with moisture or chemicals. Most body jewelry materials will begin to oxidize or corrode after long periods of exposure to sweat, humidity, body lotions and other skin care products. This can cause elements in the jewelry to change color, including turning green due to copper oxidation from brass metals and other cheaper alloys. To avoid having the jewelry turn green, it’s important to store it away from moisture and use caution when applying personal care products near them so as not to strip them of their protective plating.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Body Candy Jewelry?

Body Candy jewelry is not known to turn green – it is made from stainless steel or silver and never tarnishes. The benefits of wearing Body Candy jewelry are numerous. Not only do they feature unique and creative designs, many pieces of Body Candy jewelry are hypoallergenic, meaning they will not irritate sensitive skin or allergies. Also, since these pieces often feature trendy designs made with textured metals, they can be statement-making pieces that draw attention to your outfit in a stylish way. With the right mix of colors and textures, necklaces, earrings, and other pieces of body candy jewelry can complete any outfit without taking away from its design or style. Lastly, due to the unique range of materials used in their making process – such as coated beads and unexpected elements like lucite – each piece is truly one-of-a-kind, allowing you to stand out from the crowd at any occasion.

Practical Tips to Keep Body Jewelry from Turning Green

Body jewelry can turn green when exposed to sweat or moisture due to a reaction with the natural oils and salts in your skin. To avoid this, you may want to take some measures. Here are a few practical tips that you can follow to keep your body jewelry from turning green:

1. Buy quality materials. Make sure you purchase jewelry made from high-quality stainless steel, titanium or surgical grade stainless steel for optimum protection and endurance against oxidation.

Identifying Costume Jewelry Marks

2. Clean regularly. When your jewelry comes into contact with oils and sweat, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly after each wear with a mix of water and mild soap or simply an unscented alcohol like vodka will do just fine! Also make sure there is no leftover dirt on the pieces before storing them away.

3. Dry thoroughly. Always dry off any piece of jewelry as soon as possible after coming into contact with water so that it does not retain any moisture and accumulate bacteria which contributes to the discoloration of the metal and stones over time.

4. Store properly: Store your body candy in airtight containers or even ziplock bags if possible, and make sure they are kept away from other jewelry pieces so that dust, dirt and chemical exposure doesn’t occur over time on them whilst being stored away..

5 .Keep away from other metals and chemicals: Avoid exposing your body jewelry to acids (such as hairspray) and other base materials, such as chlorine when swimming or sun tanning lotion for an extended period of time as those could cause discoloration on metallic colors of the body candy too!


The answer to the question of whether body candy jewelry turns green is not an easy one. While some materials used in body jewelry, such as silver and nickel, may turn green when exposed to certain elements, this type of oxidation is not that common with body candy jewelry. As stated previously, the majority of body candy jewelry pieces are made from 316l surgical stainless steel or hypoallergenic metals like titanium and gold plated bases. This type of metal does not easily oxidize or cause discoloration due to exposure to air. The protective coating applied to the surface is usually finish-resistant against constant wear and tear, which should keep your favorite pieces looking bright for a longer time. Additionally, if you clean and care for your body candy jewelry adequately, it should resist turning green for years to come.

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