Do Witches Place Hair On Jewelry


Do Witches Place Hair On Jewelry is a popular practice among witches and other magical practitioners. It’s believed that hair has magical properties and can be used to give power and protection to the wearer of the jewelry. By placing the hair on the jewelry, it absorbs those energies from the hair, allowing them to be used by the wearer in rituals, spells, or just for everyday protection. It can also serve as an amulet for luck. Hair is usually placed on amulets or rings, but some witches will place it directly onto their skin during ritual work or in other forms of adornment as well. The type of hair most commonly used is human hair, but horsehair, feathers and animal fur can also be employed. Each has its own unique properties and uses, so it’s important to do research before embarking on this type of magic.

The Science Behind it

The chemistry and properties of hair play an important role in why witches are said to place hair on jewelry. Hair is composed of keratin, a strong stable protein that provides the structure and strength to the strands. It also contains other organic compounds like fats and traces of iron. This combination creates a sturdy material that can withstand heating, melting, and various other treatments associated with the making of jewelry.

Heat is used when casting or molding jewelry, as well as cutting, shaping, and refining pieces after they have been made. While not all jewelry goes through a heat treatment process, it is common in creating certain types of items like rings or bracelets – which means hairs strands may come into contact with substantial temperatures during production. The keratin fibers within hair give it a great durability against high heats and temperatures – making it perfect for use in personalizing jewelry since it won’t shrink or become misshapen in the heat.

The trace amount of iron present in hair is why some believe it has magical properties – when combined with elements found in most jewelry (like silver), this little bit of iron supposedly amplifies occult powers from both sources. So by placing their own strand of hair on a piece, witches could be thought to affect the majority material with their own natural magic emissions; thus allowing for control over how it’s used.

History of Witchcraft and Hair Jewelry

The use of hair in jewelry and crafts dates back centuries to a time when people believed that witches could transfer powers to their creations using various charms. Hair was often chosen for this purpose, as it was believed to contain much of a person’s energy and essence. In the language of the occult, placing hair upon a charm or amulet was seen as an offering that allowed the witch to bestow special powers and protection on the wearer.

In ancient Ireland and Scotland, men would often wear hair jewelry, such as torcs (a type of metal neck ring) made from their own locks in order to attract good fortune. There is also evidence that during the witch trials, some accused women deliberately placed snippets of their own hair within talismans – believing that by doing so they would reveal their innocence or guilt magically.

Meanwhile in Bavarian folklore it was customary for folks to give away pieces of braided locks as a token of love or friendship. This practice increased throughout Europe up until Napoleonic times when its popularity began to wane due to various superstitions associated with its use.

Today, hair jewelry still remains common among certain groups who believe it can provide spiritual protection for themselves and others by keeping bad energies at bay. Witches who place hair onto jewelry place special significance on this practice – believing that hidden magickal powers are contained within each strand and can help those who wear them prosper in life.

Types of Hair Jewelry

Yes, Witches often place hair on jewelry. Hair is believed to contain powerful energy and for centuries it has been used for ceremonial purposes, including creating jewelry.

From personalized necklaces or keychains featuring a loved one’s hair to traditional Amulets believed to have magical properties; there are many kinds of witchy jewelry that feature hair. One such example is the Voodoo Doll made with human locks—a special ritual object created with the intent to connect with Spirit and focus one’s will.

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Magical jewelry featuring braided hair can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or lasso, while some pieces may be used as symbols of devotion and protection. For example, couples may choose to braid their hair together as a sign of commitment and protection.

Hair charms are small trinkets crafted with fabric, string or wire in the form of animals or special symbols which incorporate human locks in their designs. These charms can be hung from the body via ribbons attached to the charm itself and serve different purposes such as attraction spells or protections from negative energies.

Finally, some witches opt for DIY projects involving creating unique keepsakes out of strands of hair like pendants or earrings in order to keep memories close by at all times. It’s an incredibly personal article of clothing or accessory that can connect us with our spiritual guides and ancestors—allowing us to draw strength from them when needed!

Making Hair Jewelry

Witches have long been known for their magical powers and spiritual understanding. A popular use for these powers is the practice of placing hair on jewelry to strengthen its power and protection. This revered technique has been used since ancient times to both bless and protect the wearer from any kind of negative influence or force. The process of making protective hair jewelry is steeped in pagan tradition, though it has found its way into many other religious practices as well.

Creating your own special piece of protective jewelry begins with gathering ingredients that will act as the building blocks of your amulet. If you are feeling connected to traditions past, then metal pieces in silver, bronze or brass might make a great foundation. Alternatively, if you are a more modern mystic, then glass beads or even organic materials like feathers can be utilized as charms. Once you have decided on your base material, select three hairs from either yourself or someone important in your life – ideally in a place that remains hidden on the pendant when worn (the back side works well). Be sure to hold these hair strands close while you bind them securely with a thread or twine around the object (this could also be done with wax or resin for added strength).

Once secured, it’s time to add other magical ingredients such as stones, gems and herbs – all potent symbols for specific qualities like courage, strength and protection that you may wish to bring into your life or amplify already present within it. The traditional method is to bury the amulet seven times before wearing it or blessing it by passing over candles three times with your hands directed toward the North East corner (where shadow spirits dwell). This allows light forces greater access wherever the pendant is worn granting a level of protection not easily reproduced anywhere else energy-wise speaking. Are you ready? Make your choice through ritual practices and enjoy!

Rituals and Practices of Making Hair Jewelry

Some witches believe that by placing hair on jewelry, it grants protection to the wearer. Rituals and practices for making hair jewelry vary between individuals and covens. Usually, the ritual includes chants or prayers spoken over the hair before weaving it into a bracelet or necklace. Some practitioners may also add essential oils, herbs, spices, stones or other items. The witch can then hold their hands around the braid in which the hair is woven and direct their intentions into it as they construct it. The intention could be protection from negative energy or bad luck depending on what is desired. After completion, some Witches may place the piece of jewelry in an area that has been blessed—such as a shrine or altar—and give it an additional blessing with incense or candles being lit over it. Additionally, some practitioners may anoint their finished product with anointing oils such as lavender oil to create a sacred connection between the wearer and their connection with Nature’s spiritual energies.

Reasons for Making Hair Jewelry

Placing hair on jewelry has been a practice in witchy culture for centuries. It is believed that the act of placing someone’s hair onto jewelry serves to bind the two people together, whether it be between lovers, family members or lifelong friends. In many cases, small braids are crafted out of multiple strands of hair as a way of honoring the connection and protecting it through positive energy. Additionally, wearing someone’s hair on a piece of jewelry can be seen as a way to represent and hold onto a shared experience. It is common practice for witches to preserve sentimental moments by making hammered metal charms with pieces of hair from each individual involved. Through this process, the mysteries of their relationship become embedded into the object itself. Hair has also been used in magical rituals over the ages because witches believe it carries powerful energies that travel far beyond just physical contact. By using haircrafting techniques to create handmade pieces, recipients can carry these energies around with them wherever they go and channel that power whenever needed.

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Uses of Hair Jewelry

Yes, witches place hair on jewelry for many purposes. It is believed that using body parts and objects from an individual has strong magical energy, which witches can use to create intentional magic, performing rituals, spells and manifesting their own chosen desire. Wearing a piece of jewelry with someone’s hair on it is thought to carry the energy of the person (whether alive or dead) in a powerful way. Witches often choose to use hair when creating a charm, amulet, talisman or other magical pieces for protection and meditation. Depending on the situation and intention, items such as candles or crystals may be combined with the hair pendant to further amplify its power. Other common uses of this type of jewelry may include healing spells, enchantment spells and increasing personal powers or perceived luck from the properties associated with each hair color. Hair can also be used as a symbol for mourning lost ones or accepting an ending relationship.

Myths and Beliefs

Yes, for centuries witches have believed that wearing jewelry with hair has magical significance. Hair was thought to be imbued with the essence of a person’s power and could be used to bestow blessings upon its wearer. It was believed that placing hair on jewelry allowed the witch to become more powerful, as well as gaining protection from evil spirits and bad luck. Witches would frequently wear necklaces containing strands of hair given to them by friends or family members, believing that it would strengthen their connection to loved ones and grant them the magical powers associated with the giving of this token. In some cases, hair might also be woven into charms that were placed on bracelets or rings which served both practical and metaphysical purposes. These charms were thought to contain spiritual energy which would bring strength, protection, success and positive energy into open or blocked areas in one’s life.

Modern Witchcraft and Hair Jewelry

Yes, witches do place hair on jewelry often as a way to tap into a person’s energy and cast spells with the hair as a conduit. Hair jewelry has been part of witchcraft for centuries, as it is thought that hairs have magical properties that can be harnessed in spellwork or rituals. Modern witches often use such jewelry to attract love, money, protection or success into their lives. In some practices it is believed that by using hair taken from a lover, family member or even just one’s own strands gives you access to the energies uniquely associated with that person. As such, witches may place the hair inside of sealed pendants meant for wearing or are woven together in bracelets and other wearable items. Another common sight among modern witches is adorning home altars and sacred spaces with witchy objects such as old keys, crystals and feathers – along with strands of hair securely tucked away to provide an added level of spiritual protection.


In some occult and pagan practices, it is believed that placing hair on jewelry can be used to transfer magical energy. It is a method used to gain protection, send wishes or desires into the universe, bind someone or something to you in magickal or spiritual way, or even offer dedication or honor. The purpose behind using hair can range greatly depending on the ritual practitioner’s intent; however, it is important that additional steps are taken after the hair is placed to ensure its effectivity in transferring power and intention. In conclusion, understanding witches’ practice of placing hair on jewelry is important for one to feel comfortable performing this powerful practice for their own magical intent.

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