Do Native Americans Still Sell Jewelry On The Taos Square


Native Americans have a long history of crafting and selling jewelry on the Taos Square. This tradition can be seen as an extension of native cultural values, with jewelry made to honor an individual’s identity, beliefs, and culture. These same practices are still being carried out today by many Native tribes in the area.

Jewelry crafted and sold on the Taos Square often reflects certain tribal motifs such as animals or flowers. The pieces are uniquely crafted with stones, feathers, beads, and intricate designs which give them their distinct look and feel. A majority of these items are handmade with attention to detail that brings life to each piece. Visitors can purchase a range of coins and trinkets; necklaces; rings; earrings; bracelets; bolo ties; headbands; bonnets; amulets; roach clips and dreamcatchers.

These items provide a meaningful way for travelers to support the local craftsmen who create them. Purchases also help keep traditional methods alive –alive while aiding their livelihoods at the same time. Furthermore, buying jewellery directly from Native people gives buyers a sense of connection to the origins of their purchase and a deeper appreciation for the culture it comes from. Additionally, many jewellery makers offer custom creations that feature your own design ideas along with traditional materials–giving buyers even more creative control over their purchases.

In conclusion, it is clear that Native Americans continue to craft jewelry which is sold powerfully on the Taos Square like they have done for centuries before them–representing their culture in a revered form sure to provide lasting value for generations to come.

Diving Into the History

The history of jewelry artisans on The Taos Square dates back centuries. It has been a part of the Native American culture since the time that Spanish settlers traveled through New Mexico in the 1500s. In 1820, a trading post was established on The Taos Square which allowed locals to exchange goods as well as practice their traditional jewelry-making skills. Since then, many generations of Native Americans have kept the same traditions alive by making artisan jewelry and selling it in on The Taos Square. Many visitors who come to the area are able to witness these artisans creating their necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other pieces by hand with a variety of materials such as silver, turquoise and coral.

The 1930s brought more attention to the area due to a thriving artistic community that supported these native craftsmen. During this time, settlers and travelers alike stopped by The Taos Square to showcase their unique jewelry to people from all around the world. Many artists began selling their creations in galleries both locally at The Taos Square as well as abroad.

Today, Native American artistry still thrives on The Taos Square with a variety of talented jewelers crafting beautiful pieces for curious shoppers passing by. As times have changed from blacksmithing tools to modern machinery and machines, there are very few individuals still carrying on this traditional method of making jewelry with hand-made tools passed down from generation to generation. On any given day you can find several Native American families selling intricately designed sterling silver necklaces or beaded bracelets out of wooden displays located throughout The Taos Square’s plaza and streetside stands.

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Exploring the Aesthetics of Jewelry On The Taos Square

The jewelry sold on the Taos Square today is an excellent representation of the craftsmanship and artistry of local Native American artisans. Not only are they making traditional pieces with turquoise and silver, but they are also breaking away from stereotypes to forge unique styles of modern Native American jewelry. In addition to the many skilled jewelers that have been in business for generations, there is a whole new generation of artisans offering their own distinct aesthetics and use of various materials such as silver, gold, copper, stones, gemstones, shells, feathers and much more. The jewelry available at Taos Square can range from bangles to pendants and earrings. Many artists specialize in materials like santos Lopez buffalo bone pieces or hand-crafted necklaces with authentic Indian designs such as turquoise bear claws or Zia suns. Each piece offers its own distinctive form of expression and aesthetic value. In addition to showcasing one-of-a-kind artisanal craftsmanship, buying these pieces directly supports both tradition and innovation among Native American artisans in the area. This vibrant blend of tradition and creation offers something special that is truly unique to Taos Square – highlighting why it continues to be a hub for selling handmade jewelry today.

The Symbolic Power of Native American Jewelry

Yes, Native Americans still sell jewelry on the Taos Square in New Mexico. As one of the oldest continuously inhabited towns in the United States, the traditional moccasins and jewelry of Taos’ indigenous people have become iconic symbols of their proud heritage. While all of the jewelry sold on Taos Square is aesthetically beautiful, it is also deeply meaningful to many of those who create and wear it.

Each piece reflects the importance that Native Americans place on honoring their ancestors and preserving their culture. The colors and symbols used in Native American jewelry represent different spiritual beliefs, protection and strength, reflections of the land they live in, elements of family history and stories passed down through generations. Intricate beadwork patterns often include representations of nature or animals as a way to highlight interconnections with our natural environment. Some pieces also feature talismans believed to offer protection from evil or bring luck, such as Navajo-style naja pendants.

These powerful designs are worn proudly by many First Nation people as a tribute to their ancestors or simply to honor tradition. Sales made on Taos Square contribute significantly to both keeping local culture alive and supporting indigenous economies throughout New Mexico. Buying these handcrafted items directly from artists is an effective way for visitors to learn more about Indigenous cultures while also highlighting the richness that they add to everyday life—and helping make sure it continues for years to come.

Offering an Unparalleled Experience

Yes, Native Americans still sell jewelry on the Taos Square. In addition to jewelry, you can also find an array of Native American art, carvings and textiles by local artisans such as pottery, weavings and baskets. Shopping at the Taos Square offers a unique and culturally immersive experience that cannot be found in any other place. You have the opportunity to meet the artists behind the crafts and learn more about their incredible stories while acquiring a piece of authentic handmade masterpiece. Not only are you buying intriguing pieces, but also helping to support the local community. By shopping at the Taos Square you directly contribute to sustaining a diverse culture that is filled with beauty and reverence among generations of people. Furthermore, each item comes with its own special story that allows you to capture meaningful memories for years to come.

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Supporting Local Artisans and The Taos Square

Yes, Native Americans still sell jewelry on the Taos Square. The Taos Square provides a vibrant and colorful space for both local artists and shoppers seeking handmade and quality pieces of art. Visitors to the square can find an array of quality handmade jewelry directly from Native American artisans in the form of necklaces, rings, brooches, earrings and much more. By shopping in Taos Square, it not only helps local artisans that might be facing challenging financial times but also contributes towards preserving indigenous cultures. Shopping in Taos Square helps provide opportunities to these Native American artisans who are often struggling with limited economic resources due to disadvantaged backgrounds and funding cuts from their tribes. As a result, income generated from selling hand crafted items such as jewelry helps them earn additional revenue to ensure self-sufficiency for themselves and their families.

The market also serves as a cultural hub for tourists to learn about the history behind Native American culture through its traditional jewelry designs. Purchasing handmade items encourages visitors to appreciate the pristine natural beauty of New Mexico as seen through a different perspective. By buying jewelry from the square, visitors also have an opportunity to experience unique pieces bought in each reservation across the state which could bring fortuitous experiences as souvenirs eagerly shared among family and friends back home.

Overall, buying merchandise from Taos Square has numerous benefits that extend past simply purchasing quality products at an affordable cost; it is an effective way to support Indigenous heritage burring strong connections between diverse people while giving back to the community in need by supporting local artisan vendors.


Yes, Native Americans still do sell jewelry on the Taos Square. Each piece of handmade jewelry is truly one-of-a-kind and a reflection of the culture, stories and history of its creator. Supporting these artisans means supporting their culture and ensuring that it has a place in today’s society. In buying unique jewelry from the Taos Square, you are not only showing your appreciation for these amazing craftspeople but also helping to preserve their heritage. So next time you’re looking for an authentic and meaningful piece of jewelry, look no further than The Taos Square! The exquisite pieces of jewelry crafted by Native American artisans offer an unparalleled option for anyone wishing to show their connection to the past while reflecting a more modern style and aesthetic. Not only will you have found a unique wearable art piece, but you’ll know that your purchase is directly benefiting Native American communities throughout New Mexico and beyond. Show your support today and treat yourself to something spectacular!

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