Do It Yourself Jewelry Hanger


A jewelry hanger is a decorative and practical accessory used to store jewelry. Jewelry hangers come in many different styles, shapes, and materials, such as metal, wood, plastic, or velvet. Jewelry hangers can range from something as simple as a hook on a wall to an elaborate stand with several hooks and shelves. DIY jewelry hangers are particularly popular because they offer the freedom to create an attractive jewelry hanger that fits your style while also saving money compared to purchasing one premade. DIY jewelry hangers can be made out of anything from beads, stones, wire mesh, wood pieces, cork board, or fabric patterns.

Steps to Crafting Your Own Jewellery Hanger

1. Gather Your Materials – You will need a thin panel of plywood or thin board, string, nails, and screws.

2. Measure & Cut the Plywood – Using a measuring tape, measure out the size and shape of your jewelry hanger. Use a jigsaw to cut out the panel.

3. Sand the Wood – Use sandpaper to smooth away any rough edges on the piece of wood and create a smoother surface for painting or staining.
4. Paint or Stain the Piece – Choose your desired finish color and using a brush, cover the entire piece in two even coats of paint or wood-stain. Allow the piece to dry overnight before continuing to step 5.
5. String & Attach Nails/Screws – Cut four pieces of string that are long enough to go across your panel leaving space between them (about the height of one necklace plus some extra). Tie a knot at each end of all four strings and place them onto your panel with even spacing between them then hammer in small nails on either side of each string so they stay in place permanently or screw into small wall anchors if you want an easily removable hanger feature that can be taken down at times when it’s not needed.
6. Hang Your Jewelry – Finally attach string, wires, or hooks to whichever items you wish to hang up and simply dangle them onto your strings!

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Accessories to Add to Your Jewelry Hanger

Using a do-it-yourself jewelry hanger is an easy and convenient way to organize and store your jewelry. Recommended materials to use when creating your own DIY jewelry hanger include:

• Hooks (preferably with adhesive tabs) to hang necklaces, earrings, bracelets or other accessories

• Metal wire or string for wrapping around nails or screws for holding the hooks in place
• Hanging strips of felt fabric to line the back of the hanging frame; prevents any damage that may occur when accessories are being stored
• Styrofoam blocks of various sizes to act as padding between each accessory; helps keep each item separated while also reducing potential scratching
• Cotton balls draped over either side of the jewelry hanger; helps prevent tangled jewelry chains

Tips on Personalizing Your Jewelry Hanger

• Paint the hanger in a fun color to add a pop of brightness and personality to the room.

• Cut out shapes from colorful paper or fabric, like hearts, stars, moon, etc., paste them on the hanger for a creative and unique look.
• Use decorative washi tape for a fashionable touch.
• Insert LED fairy lights behind the hanger to create a magical and twinkling display.
• Hang small accessories or trinkets from ribbons attached to the hanger.
• Attach glittery decorative beads, either strung on thread or hot-glued to the hanger frame.
• Embellish the wooden frame with pretty vintage buttons, tiny crystals, or metallic pieces glued all around it.
• Replace ordinary nails with different shaped hooks such as stars or butterflies for added style and interest.



Making your own jewelry hanger is not only an easy and creative way to store your favorite accessories, it’s also a great way to express yourself and share your experience with others. Once you’ve finished making the hanger, be sure to snap some photos of it and post them on social media. Tag friends or family members who may be inspired by what you’ve done. Doing so will help encourage others to join in on the DIY fun as well! Don’t forget to tell everyone about how easy it was for you and what materials you used in case they’d like to make one too. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy showing off your work!

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