Diy Plate Jewelry Holder

Diy Plate Jewelry Holder is a great way to organize and store your accessories. Making one of these plate jewelry holders allows you to customize the design with unique color choices and shapes that match the style of your room. It also provides an effective and trendy solution for organizing and storing jewelry in a stylish way.

Furthermore, this DIY project requires minimal supplies and can be completed in an hour or less, so it is suitable even for beginners who are just starting out with a craft project. With some creativity, the results will be highly satisfactory since you can create a beautiful holder that fits perfectly in your room as well as offers enough space to neatly arrange multiple pieces of jewelry.

Exploring Materials & Choosing Your Plate When making your own plate jewelry holder, it’s important to consider what kind of materials to use that would blend well with the aesthetics of the environment in which it’s placed. One of the most popular options is ceramic plates due to their durability and wide range of colors available on the market.

However, if you’d like something more unique you could look into other types of plates such as wooden, bamboo, glass or even plastic ones depending on what piece fits better with your decor style.

Once you’ve decided upon what material you want for your plate base then come up with any design plans that will boost its beauty into another level. ​

The Final Touches Once all necessary supplies have been acquired, then you’ll need to get started on assembling those pieces together. To do this, first hot glue each section onto another until all four corners are attached firmly together-you’ll need at least two layers: one layer under the plate acting as support base for stability and one above it already having the holes carved out for easy movement if ever needed.

Also remember when putting finishing touches on such as painting or adding trinkets/ glueing different objects onto the piece make sure everything has completely dried before using.

Having gone through these steps successfully, you now have yourself a handmade DIY Plate Jewelry Holder. Enjoy displaying necklaces, rings or earrings like a pro.

Safety Tips for Making a DIY Plate Jewelry Holder

Whenever a person is tackling a DIY project such as making a jewelry holder out of a plate, it is important to take safety into consideration. Both the safety of your surroundings and of yourself should never be overlooked. With the right preparation and safety measures in place, anyone can make their own stylish and custom jewelry holder with ease.

Gather Materials

When you are getting ready to work on any craft project, it is a good idea to gather all materials before you even start. Not only does this prevent injury from searching for necessary items while handling tools, but it also ensures that you have everything on hand that you need.

For the DIY plate jewelry holder, you will need one plate, Super Glue or epoxy glue, some paint if desired (acrylic craft paints), a drill or rotary tool with bits, sandpaper (coarse and fine grits), scissors, and anything else for decoration such as rhinestones.

Secure Your Work Area

Setting up a safe workspace is essential when working with tools such as power drills. Check that the area is well ventilated first and then clear away anything you would not like to get covered in glue or paint collisions.

Gather any required personal protective equipment such as gloves and dust masks if needed and set these within easy reach so that they can be quickly grabbed if something unexpected happens during the crafting process. Always ensure that children are kept away from the workspace when using tools or toxic materials such as paints or sealants.

Drilling Plates

It is potentially dangerous to use power tools on plates but with clear safety practices it can be done without harm coming to either person or plate. When drilling holes through plates always wear thick protective gloves which cover both your hands completely and ideally use clamping devices or bench dogs to hold onto the plate during the process.

It may also help if you cover areas around where you are drilling so no pieces go traveling across the room – definitely do not leave plates unattended while still holding them in position. Make sure that each hole drilled is smaller than ¼ inch diameter in size so no big shards of broken glass can fly off during drilling – once holes have been made finish each one up with sandpaper for extra smoothness afterwards.

Essential Tools and Materials Needed

  • Hammer
  • Nail
  • 4 Picture Hanging Plates
  • Drill and Drill Bit or Screwdriver
  • Leftover Wood Piece or purchased Plywood

Making a homemade plate jewelry holder is an easy and inexpensive way to organize all of your favorite necklaces, rings, bracelets and more. All you need are a few supplies that can be bought from the local hardware store. With just a hammer, nail, four picture hanging plates, drill & drill bit/screwdriver and some leftover wood or purchased plywood you can create an attractive wall-mounted unit.

To begin, pick out the four picture hanging plates with designs that fit your style. Place all four on the wood piece (make sure they fit) space each one about 2 inches apart. With your hammer and nail mark out pre-drilled spots for the hangers on both top corners of each plate and make sure there is no overlap.

Then with your drill and bit/screwdriver draw each marker to create a precise hole for fastening the plates to the wood piece. Once everything is lined up add two screws into each corner of each plate for secure attachment.

Finally, you will need to attach the backboard directly onto the wall with additional nails or screws depending on what type of surface it is going on top of, i.e., Drywall or wood paneling may not require screws as nails should be sufficient enough for light objects such as jewelry holders if hit correctly with a hammer. If in doubt opt for using screws to ensure nothing falls off when hanging necklaces, earrings etc That’s it.

Your DIY Plate Jewelry Holder is now ready for use.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making a DIY Plate Jewelry Holder

  • One dinner plate
  • One salad plate
  • A pottery wheel (if you don’t have one, you can find cheap ones at thrift stores or garage sales)
  • Glue or hot glue gun
  • Paint for decoration, optional
  • Jewelry pieces of your choice.
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2. Set up the pottery wheel – make sure it is running smoothly and securely. Slowly add clay to the wheel until it makes a smooth mound.

3. Use your hands to shape the mound into a flattened circle of about an inch thick that will fit onto either one of the plates – this is going to be the bottom layer of your jewelry holder.

4. After the base is finished, add small strips arounde it for extra height and stability. Resist the urge to shape the holder too tall, as this can make it unstable for placement in your room when complete.

5. Apply some glue on top of the base layer and carefully place both plates upside down on top of each other – apply pressure to ensure that they are firmly attached together with no air trapped between them and allow time for drying before proceeding further with creating your masterpiece.

6. Use a paintbrush to paint any desired decorations onto your plate jewelry holder – let your imagination run wild here. You could also opt to leave it plain without any details if you prefer a more basic design style in mind for this craft project.

7. Once everything has been set up and painted according to taste, turn over again so now both plates are facing upwards correctly – slide specific pieces of jewelry through each hole from within pushing everything outward near their edges.

Styling Tips and Ideas for a DIY Plate Jewelry Holder

A DIY plate jewelry holder is a great way to organize and store your jewelry collection. Not only does it make it easier to find the pieces you’re looking for, but it also makes a stylish decorative piece in any space. With just a few basic supplies, you can create a beautiful holder that uses any kind of plate – from vintage to contemporary. Here are some tips and ideas to get you started:

  1. Choose an Appropriate-Sized Plate: One of the keys to success with this type of holder is choosing an appropriately-sized plate. When deciding on the ideal size, take into account the amount of jewelry you’d like to be able display at once and the available space in your room. You should also consider whether or not your holder needs to include holes for hanging necklaces.
  2. Buy Photo Hanging Hardware : Once you’ve selected a plate, buy photo hanging hardware that matches its weight. You should be able to find these items easily online or at your local hardware store.
  3. Attach Some Hooks onto the Plate: If necessary, use small hooks attached directly onto the plate. This gives more options for displaying earrings, bracelets and other smaller jewelry pieces.
  4. Create Larger Spaces For Bracelets And Necklaces: If desired, drill larger holes in specific spots along the edges of the plate. This will give enough room for bracelets or necklaces as these types of jewelry require more space.

Once all holes have been drilled (if necessary), hang some coordinating ribbon down from the backside of the plate using small eyelet screws – this will act as “holders” for any detailed work such as longer chains and necklaces. To keep everything in place on top of the wide lip plates, use small pieces of adhesive felt or soft material at each corner underneath; this helps ensure that they won’t slide around while being used.

Finally, secure your DIY holder up against wall with two keyhole hangers (the same ones included with photo frames) for easy access when selecting pieces from your collection.

Step-by-Step Guide to Decorating a DIY Plate Jewelry Holder

1. Purchase a large decorative plate of your choice at a local arts and crafts store.

  • You can choose any kind of plate, including ceramic, glass or metal.

2. Gather some jewelry pieces to decorate the plate with.

  • If you’d like to add a special element to your design, consider using jewelry pieces or trinkets that hold special meaning.

3. Choose a color scheme for the jewelry pieces and accents you will attach to the plate.

  • Think about the overall look that you want to achieve when selecting different colors for your project.
  • You might want to limit yourself to two or three main hues that complements each other well.

4. Apply glue to the back side of each piece of jewelry and affix directly onto the center of the plate.

  • Allow plenty of time for each piece of jewelry to dry before proceeding.
  • The heavier items may require extra drying time.

Creative Finishing Touches for a DIY Plate Jewelry Holder

Adding creative and unique finishing touches to a DIY plate jewelry holder is the perfect way to show off some of your favorite pieces of jewelry in style. There are several different options to choose from that will make your homemade jewelry holder stand out from the rest. One option is to paint the plate with a vibrant color or design.

This adds interesting contrast and visual interest, which can help draw attention to any special pieces placed atop it. You can also consider adding a few decorations, such as flowers, ribbons, or other adornments. These creative touches will definitely make the plate more eye-catching and lend it a unique, personalized flair.

Smart storage solutions for even smaller pieces of jewelry can also be incorporated into your DIY plate jewelry holder. Consider arranging a group of plates horizontally along one wall with hooks on each plate for hanging necklaces, bracelets, and other dainty adornments neatly on display.

This tidy way of organizing any type of jewelry will create an aesthetically pleasing look while keeping each item easily accessible so you don’t have to spend time searching for anything. For extra embellishment that ties all the designs together, consider framing each plate with coordinating fabric coordinating fabric strips clamped around its edges by using clothespins or needle and thread.

Accents like stickers and stencils are great ways to put an original stamp on your DIY plate jewelry holder. Not only do they add flair but if you use self-adhesive paper-backed stickers then rearranging them is simple anytime you want to switch up your design scheme without any mess or hassle.

You might also want to try adding names of family members or words like love or happiness above the plates so your guests know who owns first dibs on which piece of jewelry when journeying through minimalistic modern living space?

Overall, by putting in some creative thought into how you design and decorate these plates, you can transform them from functional objects into beautiful decorative additions that will make seeking out special pieces quick and easy – while showing off lovely personal style.

Common Mistakes While Making a DIY Plate Jewelry Holder

Making something new out of the materials available at hand is always exciting and a great way to customize a piece to fit one’s style. There are, however, some common mistakes that people tend to make while making a DIY plate jewelry holder that needs to be avoided.

Using the Wrong Glue

The first mistake many people can make when attempting to create their own jewelry plate holder is using the wrong glue. The wrong type of adhesive will likely cause the plate to become unstuck from its base after months or even weeks of use.

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The correct glue should be non-toxic, waterproof, and heat resistant in order for the plate to stay strongly attached. It is essential to doublecheck the ingredients on whatever product you are using in order for it works best.

Choosing a Wrong Plate Material

When purchasing a plate for your homemade jewelry holder, it is important to doublecheck what material has been used in order for it fits your purpose perfectly. Certain items like China or porcelain may look aesthetically pleasing but they are not strong enough when used as an accessory holder. Ideal materials should be wooden, stainless steel, and enameled metal; each categorized under its own distinct purpose such as ornamental or practical storage display.

Selecting a Poor Quality Base

When making a serious investment in quality time for crafting a lovely DIY jewelry holder it would be counter-productive if we don’t invest in good quality base material too; this provides stability when all extra pieces like magnets or pliable holders are added later on. Poorly chosen bases won’t stand up properly; worse, it can even harm personal safety as sharp edges and/or shaky constructions can be dangerous with improper maintenance over time.

Maintenance Tips for a DIY Plate Jewelry Holder

Creating a DIY Plate Jewelry Holder can be an exciting and rewarding task. A plate can be transformed into a fashionable and functional jewelry holder with a few simple steps. Below are some tips to keep in mind when creating a jewelry holder from a plate.

  • Clean the Plate

Before using the base of the plate, it is important to clean it thoroughly to remove any food residues or dust that may be present. A clean cloth dipped into warm soapy water should do the job nicely. A good scrubbing with an old toothbrush can do wonders on any stubborn stains or dirt still present. Once cleaned, dry off completely with another clean cloth before starting to work on it.

  • Sand the Plate

Unless you plan on displaying your artwork exactly how it is essentially, you will need to sand down the edges of the plate for smoother finishing touches once it’s done. Using 150-grit sandpaper, lightly sand along all rough edges until you have reached your desired smooth finish. Work bit by bit around he plate carefully so you don’t cause anymore damage than necessary.

  • Decorate Your Plate

You will want to start decorating however before adding any jewellery items onto your plate. This is where you should get creative. Spray paint and stenciling are popular methods used in making diy Jewellery Plates, but other options include gluing fabric scraps onto the edges or painting on different colors entirely. So unleash that inner creativity and make your dream home décor come alive.

Alternative Decoration Ideas for a DIY Plate Jewelry Holder

When it comes to stylish, budget friendly home decorating, transforming everyday items like plates into design statement pieces with a little bit of creativity is one way to achieve this. A DIY plate jewelry holder is an excellent way to put discarded plates around the house to some use and add unique personal style to the home.

Ideas for Decorating a DIY Plate Jewelry Holder

  • Glitter – One of the simplest ways to embellish the plate is by adding glitter. This a great option when working with slightly thicker glues.
  • Acrylic Paints – A few coats of acrylic paint can transform an outdated plate into something really special
  • Stencils – If you’re looking for something special but not too ambitious, why not try using simple stencils or stamp templates on the plate making sure you cover all uncovered terrain and areas adequately.
  • Fabric – Fabric adds an interesting textured look and feel which be combined with other techniques such as decoupage.
  • Wallpaper – Vibrant wallpaper can also be used for upcycling plain plates giving a more modern finish.

Making The Hardware For Your DIY Plate Jewelry Holder

In order to assemble our homemade jewelry presence respectively we need two types of hardware; a metal ring that holds the dish, and profile screws which have thread onto them forming a hanger. To begin with you’ll need measure out your desired distance from each other for the rings then pierce two holes roughly 5mm apart in each place marked out previously where the screws will firmly fit into place once connected with corresponding nuts.

You may want to use a spacer nut so nothing on your installation becomes twisted or bent over time as these incredibly finicky items needs greater care than usual plumbing systems.

Thread can also be used if desired. Eventually secure firmly both sides before hanging up your newly made accessory.


Making a diy plate jewelry holder is a great way to bring instant organization and beauty to your bedroom. This project is easy, affordable and fun. You can use any type of plate, whether it’s ceramic or glass. Your creativity will help determine what design elements are incorporated into your own unique creation. Best of all, because you’re making it yourself, you can adjust the size of the display to fit any space in your home.

This kind of project is a great way to inject personality into your room décor. Consider allowing yourself to imagine different colors and patterns you can incorporate into this project. Mosaic art pieces can make for an interesting look if you choose to make one; think about pieces from old dishes that have sentimental value, juxtaposed with newer pieces as well.

Another aspect of diy plate jewelry holders that makes them stand out among other venture options is their overall cost-effectiveness: instead of buying expensive organizers from stores, why not try reusing plates and turn them into a stylish jewelry holder? In addition to being cost-effective, this DIY option also allows you to customize it according to your preference and depending on how much space in your room is available.

You can choose whatever design elements suit best according to your room decor; whether its one big plate with lots of small hooks or smaller plates surrounding the main showpiece (displayed in the center) – it really does not take away anything more than an afternoon or two (depending on how intricate you want the design elements to be).

All and all making a DIY personal plate jewelry holder is an excellent idea: create something valuable with minimal effort while exercising all sorts of creative ideas. Plus, since you’ll be doing most of the work yourself – nothing beats the feeling that comes with knowing how well crafted and beautifully decorated item was made by none other than you.