Diy Jewelry Organizer Wall Mount

DIY projects can be a great way for anyone to express their creativity and get their hands dirty, playing an active role in their environment and personalizing it to suit themselves. A diy jewelry organizer wall mount is one of these projects and can be an excellent addition to the home.

The benefits of having a wall mount jewelry organizer include not just personalizing your own style, but also organizationally organizing the physical items of jewelry that may have been scattered around your home.

This type of project helps declutter space, while allowing you to keep items close at hand and easily accessible when needed. With tangible steps toward organization, you will see a huge improvement in your home decor and overall organizational capabilities as well.

Edging Toward a Creativity Explosion

The biggest benefit of DIYing your wall mount jewelry holder is being able to truly express yourself through this project. There are so many ways for you to use creative methods beyond the conventional jewelry holders that are often seen in stores or other people’s homes. A wall-mounted jewelry holder designed by you will be something special that no one else has in the world – it’s just yours.

And since this project requires very little supplies, isn’t difficult labor, or cost prohibitive while still providing all kinds of décor options? That’s an incredible opportunity worth taking advantage of.

Reaping the Benefits

Once you’ve completed your wall mounted jewelry holder, you’ll soon find out why so many people love this type of DIY project – it’s incredibly beneficial both aesthetically and practically speaking. Your room will appear beautiful with such an eye-catching piece accentuating your décor style, while effectively organizing all those pieces of jewelry that have been cluttering up desktops and counter surfaces.

Not only does it free up this unwanted messiness but also serves as decoration for bare walls or empty spaces throughout the house – it’s a win-win situation all around. In addition to its visual properties, utilizing something like this can end up leading into much more organizational success down the road; learning how to properly tackle projects such as this one gives insight on how streamlined areas can be improved within the household.

Gather the Necessary Materials & Tools

Having all of your jewelry neatly organized in one place offers two great benefits: You can quickly see the pieces of jewelry you own and you can access your favorite pieces easily. The best way to achieve perfect organization is by creating a jewelry organizer wall mount for yourself. You will need some simple materials and tools to build the perfect accessory for jewelry organization.

First, you’ll need to find or make a board that measures 18-24 inches square. A piece of plywood or even an old picture frame can be used as the base for your holder. You should also procure four screw hooks that can securely hold your necklaces and bracelets. Make sure they are spaced far enough apart so that each jewelry piece has enough room to hang without getting tangled with another piece.

Underneath the board, add hangers on each side where earrings, rings, and other small accessories can safely be tucked away. Use twist ties hooked onto screws or decorative pegs as usable hangers that prevent losing track of these more diminutive pieces of jewelry.

Choose hooks in various sizes depending on how many accessories you need to store in this storage solution. Then use decorative boxes or baskets on top of the board to catch spilt trinkets such as clips, bracelets, and necklaces that could not fit elsewhere in the structure.

Once all your materials are gathered, decide how exactly you would like the structure look before assembling it together. Consider different paint options for boards or print out photos or sayings which express your style and glue it onto the board surface for decoration. With a few simple steps, you will have created a beautiful organizer wall mount perfect for displaying your favorite jewels.

Step by Step Tutorial

Creating a wall mount jewelry organizer is a great way to de-clutter your drawers and make all of your special jewelry pieces easy to find. Plus, it looks stylish in any bedroom. To make your own DIY Jewelry Organizer Wall Mount at home, you will need some basic materials and supplies that are easily available online.

This step by step tutorial will guide you through making an effective bead board filled with jewelry solutions. First, cut out four wooden panels into identical shapes and sizes. Then, attach a panel to the wall using four screws and washers for extra stability.

Attach the other three panels vertically beside the first one so that they form a rectangle around the screw points. Be sure to use strong adhesive glue to strengthen the bond between panels once all four panels are attached firmly to the wall.

Once you have your frame in place, start adding hooks and other decorative items of your choice onto each panel such as earring posts and necklace hangers. You can also add trays and drawers or shelves that can provide storage for different types of jewelry pieces like bracelets or watches.

When finished, apply some touch up paint if needed before hanging up all of your favorite jewelries using string or fishing line which gives an appealing look overall mounting display frame.

Must Haves for Diy Jewelry

Finally, add some framed pictures or small plants on top of key areas which complete the whole look perfectly. You can even personalize it further with ribbons and beads for added flair.

Benefits of a Wall Mount Jewelry Organizer

A wall mount jewelry organizer is so practical and stylish that it almost becomes an essential item in the home. Keeping your jewelry tidy and neat has never been easier, as this jewelry organizer is more than up for the job.

The wall mountable unit has a variety of compartments from which you can store just about any type of jewelry imaginable, from rings and earrings to necklaces and bracelets to watches and pins. This unique storage solution comes with easy-to-access cabinets that are perfect for keeping all of your accessories safe, secure and organized whenever you want them – even if it’s in the middle of the night.

Another benefit of having one of these organizers is its eye-catching design. With various compartments that come in various shapes, sizes, colors and materials, it’s no surprise that this wall mount piece looks like something straight out of a magazine ad or TV commercial; however, its appeal goes far beyond just good looks.

Not only does this jewelry organizer make a great decorative addition to any bedroom or bathroom, but it also enables you to easily display all your favorite pieces of jewelry at once. Additionally, being able to access your items quickly has never been easier, as you can now store them all in one central location instead of having them scattered throughout different drawers or on top of shelves across multiple rooms.

Finally, having a wall-mounted jewelry organizer offers an opportunity for creating additional storage solutions throughout the home. Thanks to its mounting capabilities, this product gives homeowners another way to make the most out of their space by using vertical space for more things such as linen closets or bookshelves.

With plenty of creative solutions available for re-purposing old furniture into functional pieces for storing items such as blankets or magazines, now you have another closet tool at your disposal with a handy wall mountable jewelry holder.

Different Design Ideas & Variations

The first thing that should be considered when looking at different design ideas and variations for a DIY jewelry organizer wall mount is the size and shape of the jewelry pieces that will need to be organized. If you have an abundance of necklaces, or multiple rings and earrings, a larger surface area is preferable.

For smaller jewelry pieces like anklets and brooches, it may be better to opt for a more compact design such as an acrylic box with dividers. On the other hand, if you’re starting from scratch, begin by designing something basic with some shelves or hang rods so you have room to test out your ideas without committing too much money or time on complicated designs.

When thinking about the overall look of the DIY jewelry organizer wall mount, there are many ways to personalize it to match the look and feel of your home decor. Using fabric covered in wallpaper scraps can give any wall mounted piece a cohesive rustic feel. Additionally, spray paint in bold colors can provide a more contemporary look for those who like vibrant shades in their home decor schemes.

Once paint has dried it can be enhanced with additions such as beads and rhinestones glued onto certain areas. For those with more intricate taste, creating epoxy resin designs and incorporating items such as figurines and meaningful objects into the center of each holder will really spruce up a basic design while adding even more room for creativity.

Finally, since you’re making this yourself don’t be afraid to switch things up. Hang pennants of varying shapes on hooks like tiny wings on one side while adorning another holder with crystals or pom-poms; anything goes.

Experimenting with non-traditional pieces of hardware such as tea strainers or serving trays as ornament holders means that there really isn’t any limit when it comes down to being creative with your DIY jewelry organizer wall mount; just let your imagination take control.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Jewelry Organizer

Having an organized jewelry collection can save a lot of time and money. The last thing anyone wants is to search through piles of tangled necklaces or countless mismatched earrings. With a DIY wall mount jewelry organizer, it’s easy to keep all your jewelry items neatly in one place, each item easy to locate by simply taking a quick glance before you step out the door.

There are some essential tips that will help you save more time and money on your DIY jewelry wall organizer project. Firstly, it’s important that you choose the right materials for your build. While there are many options available, the most popular and cost effective materials include wooden dowels, string, or even plastic hooks. If possible, try to match materials with existing furniture and décor in order to create a cohesive look within your living space.

When installing your jewelry organizer, consider how much hanging capacity you need for all your pieces. Some people may only need enough space for a few key pieces such as necklaces and rings, while others may have enough pieces for multiple rows of earrings or bracelets.

Opting for a larger tool or board will give you the flexibility to bring in more pieces as needed without having to reconfigure things later on down the line. Additionally, make sure that wherever you hang your organizer is an easily accessible spot; this way it won’t be hard reach when you want use something inside of it.

Jewelry Ring Holder Diy

Finally if you want an additional layer of protection for delicate items such as watches or expensive jewellery pieces then adding velvet fabric over dowels can help protect these special items from scratches or dirt particles gathering upon them over time. Plus it will add an extra decorative touch along with giving an air of luxury – both features which any jewellery enthusiast would appreciate besides ensuring their stored items stay pristinely kept.

Troubleshooting The Process

When working on a DIY Jewelry Organizer Wall Mount there are a few common problems that may arise. One issue can be when the wall mount and the pieces of jewelry fail to fit together properly. This might happen if you have measured improperly or don’t have the correct tools for the job, such as having the wrong drill bit size for the screws.

In this situation it is best to go back and double check your measurements and tools. Make sure that everything fits properly – it is better to take more time making sure every item is secure and exactly where it should be then rushing through the project and leaving yourself with an unsatisfactory result.

Another problem experienced by those attempting a DIY Jewelry Organizer Wall Mount project is trying to attach mounting hardware onto too hard of surfaces, such as brick walls or steel studs. This will require special hardware such as masonry anchor screws, concrete anchors, or toggle bolts.

If you do not use the right type of hardware you run the risk of putting too much stress on one area which may cause either injuring someone using it or doing potentially costly damage to your wall or studs.

It is also important to verify that you are not drilling into any wires or piping, if unsure always seek professional help. This is especially true if you plan on drilling in traditional drywall which usually requires different mounting hardware than brick walls do.

Finally, sometimes it can simply be hard to find enough space on your walls for all your jewelry. Along with ensuring that everything fits correctly and securely it might also mean adjusting how much jewelry can fit in each individual area thus simplifying how many items need to be placed across different areas of your walls.

Taking an inventory of what size and shape pieces are being used would provide added clarity so that planning out exactly where each component should go should take less guesswork, leaving you with more efficient and pleasing results.


Making a DIY jewelry organizer wall mount is both simple and creative. It’s also an excellent way to keep your jewelry organized and make sure you always know where it is. The project starts off with building a simple frame that will become the basis for the jewelry holder itself. All that is needed is some quick measurements and a saw, as well as some chosen wood to construct the frame.

Basic carpentry skills are recommended, but not necessary-the project can be completed by someone with just basic crafting knowledge. What makes this jewelry holder unique and attractive is the unique fabric chosen for its cover.

There are so many fabrics out there to choose from-everything from rustic burlap to bright prints or even shimmering material for a glam look. As such, choosing one that reflects your individual style means that each piece of jewelry organizer you make will be one-of-a-kind.

Attaching the fabric is super easy and straightforward; all you have to do is use some fabric glue on the inside of the frame as a base, then center the chosen fabric over it until it lies smoothly against the wood. Lastly, use either gluing gun or staple gun clips to secure any excess fabric (to prevent any puckering or wrinkling).

Once these steps are done, attach two durable hooks placed at equal height inside of your wooden frame in order for hanging from a wall (Use screws and wall anchors if necessary). After these relatively few steps, you’ll have crafted yourself an eye-catching one-of-a kind design you can proudly hang up on any wall in your home.

The best part about this project? You don’t just have to stick with making one jewelry organizer. These storage units act great for other display purposes too.

Be innovative and see what else you can come up with – necktie holders, key racks…the possibilities are endless when using reclaimed wood frames like this. Not only will your organization game improve immensely but so will your creative expression due to flexible choices like color palettes, textures & materials used in making these organizers truly independent of each other while reflecting their owner’s personal style sufficiently at each glance.

So get creative, nudge down almost any organizing issue with these stylish DIY projects.