Diy Drawstring Jewelry Bag

DIY drawstring jewelry bags are great for storing jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other items of value. These bags can be made in various sizes and shapes, with various patterns and textures to fit any style preference. Making your own drawstring jewellery bag is a fun and easy craft project that anyone can do. It’s also an excellent way to provide individualized gifts for family and friends to display their prized possessions.

A drawstring closure is the main feature of these jewelry bags; it allows items to be tightly secured without having to use clasps or locks. The wide variety of materials available makes it easy to create a look that appeals to you, from fabric with intricate stitching details or sparkly embellishments, such as sparkly beads or sequins, to customized features like Initials placed on the front side of the bag.

You can make drawstrings of different sizes based on the type of items you want to store in the bag, such as earrings and necklaces. And when finished, you have a one-of-a-kind piece of art that looks good in any room – bedroom, bathroom countertop or even living room shelf.

Drawstring jewelry bags are both functional and decorative pieces that make wonderful gifts for women who love fashion and accessories. Most projects require few supplies outside what you may already have in your craft drawer like needle and thread, scissors etc., allowing you to save money while still creating something beautiful with your own hands.

The instructions are straightforward too; they involve cutting fabric into rectangles/squares (depending on size), sewing edges together then adding a ribbon at each end for the drawstrings.

Once finished fill up with earring backs, assorted gemstones or whatever other trinkets need safe keeping – voila. A handmade pouch ready for gifting.

In conclusion, diy drawstring jewelry bag projects make great gifts for any occasion; birthdays Christmas, anniversaries etc., or just because it’s so pretty. They’re versatile because they’re customizable by size fabrics prints & embellishment making them unique & special every single time 😉 No two pieces will ever turn out exactly alike inspiring someone special give a personalised gift unlike anything else available store shelves today.

Tools Needed to Make a Drawstring Jewelry Bag

Fabric: Choose a fabric of your choice. Select a lightweight quilting cotton or several coordinating fabrics to make a patchwork design.

Thread: Thread should be chosen to match the color of the fabric.

Ruler: A ruler is important in trying to get an even drawstring casing and making sure the pieces are cut to a precise size.

Scissors: There are several different types of scissors that you can use such as paper scissors, fabric scissors, or pinking sheers.

Pins: Pins come in handy for keeping your fabric together while sewing the bag.

Rotary Cutter and Self-Healing Mat: This optional tool will give you precise cuts when cutting large rectangular pieces of fabric out quickly and easily.
The tasks associated with creating a drawstring jewelry bag can seem daunting at first, but all you need is some patience and the right supplies. Whether it be made from one type of material or composed of many coordinating fabrics, these steps will guide you to creating an adorable DIY drawstring jewelry bag that’s perfect for storing your treasured possessions.

Gathering all the necessary materials is key – these include Fabric, Thread, Ruler, Scissors, Pins and an optional Rotary Cutter along with its associated self-healing mat for precision cutting purposes if desired.

In order to get started on making this unique bag, measure and cut two rectangles from your preferred fabric that measure 8” by 11” each using either scissors or rotary cutter. To create the central portion from which you thread your drawstrings though , measure 0.5 inch away from both edges at the top edge of each rectangle.

Cut those 0.5 inch portions away so you are left with two strips measuring 7 inches by 0.5 inches that will eventually create what’s known as a “pleated opening” at both ends – also known as casing . Use pins to keep these thin strips of material aligned correctly when sewing them into place , then sew one side shut before flipping it over and repeating on the other side.

Once they are sewn in place , grab your thread again which should match the color fabric used ( All those careful calculations earlier come into play here too since it’ll ensure everything line up perfectly.). Sew along both short sides of both rectangles with a basting stitch (a loose running stitch) , closing both ends until you reach where those top strips were previously sewn shut ( Make sure not to sew over them , though.).

Gather up excess fabric between markings carefully using one hand on each side – this creates what we like call ‘bunching’ – until half is gathered up above your marker point then do same thing once more below marker point.

Finally , make sure that bunching is secure by tying off threads around center point – this knots everything together firmly and even secures whole pouch preventing any bits falling off during transport later. Your adorable little drawstring jewelry bag is complete.

Making Your Drawstring Jewelry Bag

Creating a drawstring jewelry bag is a fun and creative way to store your jewelry. Whether as a stylish accessory or to hold special trinkets, you can make this DIY project quickly and with simple supplies. So grab some fabric that reflects your personality. Here are the steps:

First, cut two rectangles from the fabric of your choice. Measure 12 by 18 inches for both pieces; adjust if you’d like the finished product to be larger or smaller. Once the rectangles are cut, lay them down right sides together then pin them in place.

Diy Jewelry Cube

Using a sewing machine, stitch three sides but be sure to leave 4-inches open on the last side so it’s easy to turn the bag right-side out later on. After stitching all sides, trim off any extra threads and clip off corners carefully.

Now flip the bag right side out through the four-inch opening left earlier – use something like a chopstick to help push corners out if necessary. Next iron each side of the opening seam allowance flat then press them 1/4 inch towards inside of bag edges; ironing helps keep everything looking neat and crisp throughout this process.

Once that is done, topstitch all around pinned edges using 1/4 inch seam allowance for added durability. The final touches consist of folding and inserting the drawstring channel in between both layers along one entire edge then topstitching around again to finish it up nicely before tying ends together.

Now it’s time for personalising. You can embellish your newly created bag with small beads, decorative buttons, lace or ribbons – there’s no limit on what you could add as an individual touch. You could also use special fabrics such as chiffon or velvet to achieve different looks depending on what kind of style you desire.

Finally if you’d prefer not going mystical by making your own drawstrings – simply use readymade ribbon instead – just poke a hole at both ends in order to thread them though. Before long, you’ll have created a sweet yet useful drawstring jewelry bag perfect for holding all sorts of items safely and securely as well as adding charm to any room within your home.

Design Ideas for a Drawstring Jewelry Bag

Designing a drawstring jewelry bag can be a fun and creative undertaking. Selecting the right design features, fabric pattern and embellishments can all make a big difference in the uniqueness of your drawstring bag. Here are some ideas to get you started:

First and foremost, you’ll need to select your fabric. Depending on the size of the bag, it could be nice to opt for something lightweight like cotton or silk. This will ensure that items placed inside won’t get too weighed down.

Plus, these fabrics come in various prints and designs that will add interest to your bag’s appeal (think polka dots, stripes, florals..the possibilities are endless). To really spruce up your drawstring bag design, consider using two different contrasting fabrics for the top side panel and pouch lining – this works especially well if one fabric is printed and one is solid-colored – it will create a very eye-catching look overall.

Once you have decided on some fabrics, you may also want to consider adding a few decorative touches as well. You could try changing out the regular corded string tied at either end with ribbon or embroidered trim for a visual pop.

Embellishments like sequins and pearles can also be added along with charms such as a tiny key charm for extra decoration. Furthermore, don’t forget about any additional details such as ribbon roses or vintage buttons to give it an extra touch of personality.

Finally, consider making a coordinating gift box by wrapping kraft paper over a cardboard box. This would look very similar to Chinese takeout boxes with enclosures and act perfectly as additional packaging which can then be decorated with ribbons or embellishments of your own choice to match the jewelry bag design you’ve created.

Overall there are so many ideas out there when it comes to designing unique drawstring jewelry bags that definitely stand out. However you decide to decorate your own creation, make sure it reflects your own style and tastes so you are proud of every aspect of it.

Uses of a Drawstring Jewelry Bag

Drawstring jewelry bags are versatile and convenient. They provide a safe and stylish way to store your favorite necklaces, earrings, bracelets and watches. These small bags can be used in various ways which make them very practical accessories for frequent use.

For those who love to travel, drawstring jewelry bags are a must have accessory. The easy access pouch will help you organize your trinkets while keeping them safe during your trip.

It’s even more convenient if you need something quickly during layovers or if you have limited space in your luggage. Even better, many drawstring bags come with interior pockets that allow you to separate items such as rings and charms so they won’t get mixed up or lost in the shuffle of other small items.

If you want to give someone a special gift, like for a birthday or holiday present, creating DIY drawstring jewelry bag is an excellent option. All one has to do is purchase the materials from any home décor store or online and follow simple instructions. It’s an inexpensive gift that’s unique and creative plus allows flexibility depending on the person receiving it.

You can choose different colors of fabrics, add lace fringe or ribbon to make it fancier but still personalize it enough so that it looks flawless when presented as a gift item. Lastly putting the recipient’s initial on the pouch gives it the perfect finishing touch of intimacy any gift giver would want to deliver upon presentation.

In conclusion, drawstring jewelry bags are dynamic accessories whether used for traveling convenience or giving another something special from the heart. Their ability to safely store valuable pieces while providing effortless access makes them ideal for anyone looking for simplicity. Additionally because of its personalizable options there is no stopping how creative one can be which makes this accessory both functional and fashionable whatever styling preference is desired.

Care and Cleaning of a Drawstring Jewelry Bag

Caring and maintaining a drawstring jewelry bag is essential in preserving its look and function. Simply following the steps below can help keep your jewelry bag looking new, inside and out.

First, wiping down the bag every now and then with a damp cloth is recommended to ensure that it remains dust-free on the outside. To keep things sparkling clean, you can also use mild soap and warm water for better results. Make sure to take extra care when cleaning around zippers, buckles, or any area where dirt may accumulate easily.

Making Your Initials Charm For Diy Jewelry

It’s important to ensure that all the locks on the drawstring are working properly at all times. Painstakingly inspect all details of these closures for damage such as rust, dirt buildup, or loosening of the buckles and rings. Make sure to lubricate any part that needs it before storing away your jewels in the bag; this will aid in keeping them safe and secure, even after regular opening and closing of the drawstring compartments.

When storing your jewelry bags, opt for places away from direct sunlight as much as possible. Doing so prevents fading of textures and colors over time while ensuring their longevity as well.

It’s wise to store beads or gemstones separately too; this helps in avoiding scratches or other abrasions caused by coming into contact with each other when jostled around during transport or movement of the bag itself. Jewelry bags can be placed together inside a larger enclosed container for additional safety when transporting them around often; this reduces risks of tearing or ripping caused by bumping against other objects in transit.

Finally always remember to regularly inspect each item in detail before inserting into your drawstring jewelry bag – broken parts should immediately be discarded from use to avoid further damage caused to your valuable accessories.

Advantages of a Drawstring Jewelry Bag

Having your own drawstring jewelry bag is incredibly beneficial in many ways. A personalized drawstring jewelry bag can provide a sophisticated and elegant way to store and carry your beloved pieces. This type of bag offers ease of use and quick access without the need of unpacking all the contents into another container when you want to locate an item. This makes it extremely convenient for traveling and storing your jewelry collection.

Drawstring jewelry bags are also ideal for those who don’t like to settle for the standard sizes and shapes when purchasing a jewelry storage piece. With this type of bag, you can determine exactly how big or small you need the bag to be.

Customizing your own drawstring jewelry bag allows you to choose a unique size that will perfectly match your style and needs, as well as accommodate any items that are too big or too small for traditional sizes.

Another great benefit of owning a personalized drawstring jewelry bag is that it allows you to have complete control over its style and design, making sure it matches with your individual style or color scheme. You can pick fabrics ranging from velvet, lace, cotton, or faux leather; or even incorporate a logo if desired.

Additionally, many stores offer customization options such as adding extra pockets or pouches on top of their standard styling, so that they can create something entirely unique just for you. With all these options available at your fingertips, having a custom-made drawstring jewelry bag can make all the difference between having boring storage and one that catches people’s eye every time they look at it.

Finally, choosing this type of storage not only adds convenience but gives many individuals more peace of mind knowing their valuable items are securely stored away from curious hands. With its simple design but lasting security measures in place such as strong cord pulls on the outside tightly secure shutting the contents within safely inside , it provides an ideal solution for those in search of an efficient yet stylish way to protect their personal possessions.


Making a drawstring jewelry bag is an easy and affordable way to store your jewelry. Not only does this type of bag provide adequate storage, but it also doubles as a chic accessory. This convenient solution ensures that all your jewelry remains organized and safe from damage.

One of the main benefits of making a drawstring jewelry bag is convenience. The bag can be moved between locations quickly and easily, allowing for greater flexibility in terms of organization and storage.

A drawstring closure keeps the jewelry secure within the bag, ensuring the pieces don’t get mixed up with each other or lost while on the go. Additionally, this type of closure makes it effortless to access individual pieces when needed without having to fumble around with zippers or buttons.

Another great benefit of opting for a customized jewelry bag is that it allows you to express yourself through your accessories. With DIY options available on the market today, it’s possible to design a unique piece that not only serves its practical purpose but also looks stylish. Whether you opt for embroidery or applique decorations, the possibilities are limitless with how you choose to decorate your bag.

Last but not least, making a drawstring jewelry bag is an economical option compared to purchasing already made products from stores. Shopping around for materials such as fabric, thread, elastic bands and beads can give you valuable discounts that might save you some money off your total purchase cost.

Plus, given how simple and straightforward the assembly process is for this project, anyone can create one in just an hour or two at home without needing any special skills or tools apart from basic sewing knowledge. Moreover, once completed you can even bestow these homemade bags on friends and family as special gifts.

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