Diy Cardboard Unicorn Jewelry Box

Making a DIY cardboard unicorn jewelry box is a great way to get creative and express your personal style. This jewelry box is an incredibly affordable and cost effective craft project that anyone can make with supplies from the dollar store.

The box itself can be made from large, thick pieces of poster board or recycled cardboard and decorated with modern fashion paper designs. From there, you can add extra touches such as gems, beads, buttons, ribbons, lace and charms to transform it into something truly unique.

The Benefits of Making a DIY Cardboard Jewelry Box

One of the greatest benefits of making a DIY cardboard unicorn jewelry box is that it gives you complete control over the design and look of the project. With just some simple materials like cardboard for the base, glue or painter’s tape for sticking, scissors for cutting out patterns or rounds and markers or paints for decorating, you can customize your jewelry box to fit your individual taste.

For example, you can create an ultra-modern design with geometric shapes or choose more traditional colors and stars for a classic look. No matter what design route you decide to take, this project is sure to turn out creative and fun.

DIY Cardboard Jewelry Box – Fun For All Ages

Creating a DIY cardboard unicorn jewelry box is not just fun for adults; it’s also suitable for children too. Kids who are new to crafting will love exploring their own style by designing their own special homebrewed Treasure chest crafts projects together.

It’s also easy enough to direct younger children as they joint parentally squalor in gluing down jewels and glittery embellishments while more experienced crafters may opt for the more advanced adornments like paper mache flowers or intricate beading work0. In any case it’s sure to be both interesting & educational for kids all ages.

Gathering Supplies

The first step to creating a wonderful DIY cardboard unicorn jewelry box is gathering the required supplies and materials. You will need a few basic items like cardboard, ribbons, glue, scissors and markers. A cereal box can be used for the main body of the jewelry box.

To create the unicorn head, you need some white paint and other craft supplies like construction paper, pipe cleaners and sequins. Some extra yarn may also come in handy for making the mane of your unicorn.

Now that you have gathered all your supplies and materials, it’s time to plan out a design for your unicorn jewelry box. First off, start by deciding what shape you would like your box to be in – whether it’s an octagon or round shape.

It’s best to sketch out a design on paper before cutting out any pieces from your cardboard base so that you get the perfect measurements for all sides. Once that is done, mark off where each hole will go with a pen or marker on your cardboard base so that everything turns out neat when all is put together.

To make your cardboard into a real magical creature, it’s important to draw or paint its features properly according to how you want it to look on its finished form. Detailing with crayons or pencils should do the trick – draw in eyes, nose and make sure these are visible enough when putting them onto the jewellery box lid itself.

For added sparkle and effect, you can glue on some colorful buttons along the edges of both its horns as well as some gems around its neck area – this can truly help bring it to life. All in all, once all these steps are complete then voila-you have created a magical DIY card board unicorn jewelry box.

Step-By-Step Directions

Making a diy cardboard unicorn jewelry box is a fun, creative project that anyone can do. With the materials you will need and clear step-by-step instructions, you are sure to end up with an amazing jewelry box in no time.

The supplies for this project include one large rectangle of cardboard, felt fabric or paper, glitter (optional), glue gun and scissors. To begin the project, cut the piece of cardboard into two pieces in the shape you would like your box to be.

Then take one of the pieces and draw your unicorn design on it before cutting out that shape carefully with scissors. Once complete, make sure it fits snugly with the remaining piece of cardboard so they fit together correctly when gluing them later on.

Following this, take the felt fabric or paper and cut it along the same lines as previously done for the cardboard piece so it fits together nicely. Glue these two pieces together using a hot glue gun before adding any decorations such as glitter if desired. The next step is to cover each side of both edges with felt along all seams and edges then attach them by gluing them onto one another before doing any other decorations.

Finally add some cute little embellishments such as beads or ribbons along with a latch on the bottom which will act as a closure for your new diy jewelry box. And that’s how you create your unicorn jewelry box at home.

Creating this special item out of scratch requires simple steps but also requires patience and precision as detailed cuttings are necessary for a precise finished product every time. With some basic supplies and following these instructions closely anyone can make their own beautiful unicorn jewelry box at home. Not only does this activity provide fun family entertainment but also provides everyone with an awesome handmade gift idea from start to finish.

Embellishing The Piece

Decorating a cardboard jewelry box with crafts materials can be as simple or as intricate as you choose to make it. Regardless of your skill level, the possibilities for making a unique and beautiful jewelry box are endless.

Diy Hickory Jewelry Box

Reinforcing it with paper mache is one way to strengthen the box’s structure so you can use it for most of your favorite pieces. For those who are feeling more creative, there are numerous ways to give this DIY Unicorn Jewelry Box an extra special touch that makes it look truly custom-made.

For something sparkly and eye-catching, sequins and rhinestones can be sprinkled along the edges of the lid or around images of flowers, moons and stars. The outside of the jewelry box can also be coated in a thin layer of modge podge topped with gold glitter or holographic rainbow flakes for a spectacular look.

Embellishments like tassels, fabric roses, colorful feathers and beading add intricacy to any jewelry box design while ribbons and bows add an element of whimsy. All these items can easily be found in craft stores if you don’t happen to have some laying around from previous projects.

For a truly personalized touch, stamping out initials with alphabet rubber stamps is always an option for personalizing your Unicorn Jewelry Box. Choose from single letter stamps in either bold fonts or cursive scripts for adding names or just creating designs that are uniquely yours.

Get creative with colors by painting each letter in different hues or mix-and-match multiple bright colors for an eye-catching effect. Another creative embellishment would be ribbon lettering glue small sections of striped ribbon in alternating colors onto each individual letter then add tiny gems around them to really make them pop out on top of your surprise pastel unicorn backdrop.

Creating a Lid

Creating a lid for a cardboard jewelry box is essential to ensure that all the items stored inside are secure from being knocked around and lost. A Unicorn Jewelry Box, in particular, needs a good lid to do this as it is typically decorated with jewelry and accessories inside.

This tutorial will walk you through the steps on how to securely attach a lid to the cardboard jewelry box, providing you advice and helpful tips along the way so you can ensure your Unicorn Jewelry Box looks gorgeous when finished.

The first step is to collect some card stock paper of any color you desire – this will be used as the top which covers the jewelry inside while also making it look attractive. Cut two pieces of card stock paper into squares with one slightly smaller than the other. Glue both pieces together in a symmetrical fashion – make sure that they match perfectly so both sides remain even every time it opens or closes.

When gluing them together, use super glue or extra strong craft glue for best results as these are more durable and secure over regular school glue. For an extra added touch of decoration and security, adhere tiny gems or stones onto the card stock paper during this step either with the help of glue or sticky rhinestones.

Once both pieces have been glued together creating one piece, lightly sand down any rough edges with light grade sandpaper and use a flat tool such as a ruler for accuracy purposes.

With everything secured together, attach them onto each side of the box with double-sided tape so they won’t slide off when opened or closed. Ensure that your measurements are exact so that your lid fits nicely both times around – if there is too much space when included then opt for cut foam sheets which might fit better while preventing joint movement at the same time due to its insulation properties.

Repeating this on each side should create secure yet glamorous lids for your Jewelry Box.

Making the Right Size

Figuring out what size box to make is one of the first steps when it comes to making your own cardboard unicorn jewelry box. Whether you’re using an existing template or creating your own, it’s important to have a box that’s the right size for what you need it for.

If you’re looking to use it as storage, it should be large enough to fit all of your jewelry and accessories. On the other hand, if you just want something small to put your earrings in, then a smaller size would be better suited for that purpose.

To begin with, measure how large or small you need the box to be. Using a ruler or measuring tape will give you an accurate measurement – be sure to keep this in mind when designing your box. Once you have your measurements jotted down onto paper – length, width and height – adjusting them slightly will make all the difference when it comes to achieving the ideal size for your needs.

When cutting the cardboard pieces for your unicorn jewelry box, add some extra space around each piece before gluing them together. This will prevent any tightness between parts, which could lead to problems during construction.

Assemble the whole project using craft glue and remember not to overfill joints so they don’t become weak over time; also allowing enough room for any decorations can add flair once decorated. Lastly, consider where each piece should go and how they should join together before applying any glue – this will ensure everything holds up nicely during assembly and while being used afterward as well.

Adding the Final Touches

The Diy Cardboard Unicorn Jewelry Box is almost complete. All that is left to do is to enhance the visual appeal of the box by adding some final touches. The materials required are minimal and many of them can be found around your home, though some craft stores may offer more unique styling.

The first step in enhancing the visual appeal of the box is to paint it with a bright, vibrant color. Acrylic paints are ideal for this, as they come in a huge variety of colors and dry quickly.

Once dry you can add further decorations by using sticker paper to create custom shapes or letters that have been cut out. Use double-sided tape or glue to stick these elements onto the cardboard and be sure to cover any existing stickers that may already be on the box itself.

Diy Jewelry Ideas

Another way to add pizzazz to your Diy Cardboard Unicorn Jewelry Box would be to use glitter or other sequins and beads along its sides or even being scattered inside it for added visual interest. You can also use different fabric scraps such as felt and ribbon which can be glued on or sewn directly onto the cardboard depending on what kind of effect you want to achieve.

Finally, you can use artificial flower petals combined with metallic thread, beads, feathers and faux gems all around the flat surfaces of the box both inside and out; this will really bring it all together while making it visually appealing too.


Creating a fun and unique jewelry box doesn’t have to be a difficult task with some cardboard and a few other materials. The diy cardboard unicorn jewelry box is an ideal project for creative adults and children who want to make something special for themselves or their friends. This box has a beautiful design that incorporates the iconic unicorn shape with several colors, shapes, and drawings, which makes it an eye-catching accessory for any room in the house.

The base for this jewellery box is made from cardboard cut into the desired shape, providing the perfect foundation. When it comes to personalizing the design of your diy cardboard unicorn jewellery box, you have plenty of options available. Paint is a great way to bring out vibrant colors and add plenty of personality to your design.

Drawings, stickers, stamps, or even glitter can all be used to create interesting patterns on the outside of the box. Adding buttons or sparkles gives it an extra bit of shine that will draw attention wherever it is being displayed.

When it comes to protecting the items inside your diy cardboard unicorn jewelry box, you’ll need additional supplies such as foam sheets or felt inserts. This will depend on what type of jewellery you choose to store inside – delicate items should be wrapped in soft fabric so they don’t suffer any damage from touching each other during transport.

Foam interiors are also helpful in preventing larger objects from scratching against one another when jostled around during transport. At the end of this simple yet inventive project you’ll have a peaceful place for all your jewels where only unicorns reside.


Unicorn jewelry boxes are a fun way to store and organize accessories in an eye-catching, dreamy manner. Fortunately, one does not need to be crafty or have any special tools at their disposal to make a unique unicorn jewelry box. Instead, with some cardboard and colorful paint, anyone can construct a beautiful cardboard unicorn jewelry box.

An alternate option for creating a unique jewelry box is with the use of paper mache. With just a few paper mache shaping supplies, like balloons and newspaper strips, along with paint, you can create one of these whimsical boxes from scratch. This process requires patience as the layers of paper must be built up over time and then left to dry before painting commences. Paper mache makes for durable boxes that will last for years to come.

Lastly, if you want something that is more immediately ready-made but still stands-out from the crowd consider purchasing your jewelry box from an online vendor or specialty store. Many online retailers offer pre-made unicorn jewelry boxes that just need to be wiped down and stored with your other accessories.

From affordable plastic designs to timeless wooden ones embellished with glittering gems – it’s understandable why pre-made jewelry boxes are becoming increasingly popular sources for gift-giving occasions or special events.


The process of creating a DIY Cardboard Unicorn Jewelry Box is a fun and simple one. This project requires minimal materials, including some cardboard, scissors and any type of glue you’d like to use (as long as it will stick). Assembling this craft requires some basic origami techniques such as folding the cardboard into five geometric shapes that form the base and body of the jewelry box.

After these pieces are secured with glue, they can be decorated with paper flowers, hearts, stars or other decorations for a personalized touch. After all the pieces are assembled and glued securely together, a lid can be added for an extra bit of security.

While making your own DIY Cardboard Unicorn Jewelry Box is not extremely difficult, there are still secrets to ensuring you end up with a great-looking product that lasts. It’s important to take your time when cutting out the individual pieces so that they come out evenly shaped and sized.

If necessary, you can draw guidelines on the cardboard to aid in cutting as well as taping them together for temporary stability before permanent adherence with glue. Additionally, it is beneficial to use multiple types of adhesive so that each part stays even more secure to make sure your jewelry box stands the test of time.

Overall crafting this DIY Cardboard Unicorn Jewelry Box is a great project for those who enjoy arts and crafts. With just cardboard and few craft supplies this popular item requires minimal resources yet offers tremendous satisfaction when finished. When done correctly it should be able to withstand several years worth of uses while being lightweight enough to transport wherever needed – making it easy to customize by adding unique decorations over time as desired.

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