Disney Jewelry Collection Holiday Season 2016

This holiday season, Disney has debuted their new line of exquisite jewelry. From gold and silver watches, earrings and necklaces to crystals and diamonds, the new Disney Jewelry Collection is sure to make the holidays extra special.

Combining the beauty of classic Disney characters with precious metals, the jewelry pieces offer sophistication and elegance that no woman can resist. Available in timeless designs inspired by Ursula, Maleficent and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, this jewelry collection makes perfect gifts for women of all ages looking to add a touch of glamour to their outfits.

What sets this Disney Jewelry Collection apart from other brands of jewelry is its classic styling combined with modern elements. Each piece is designed with intricate detail that sparkles and shines for an elevated look.

Crafted from brass or sterling silver and plated in 14K gold or real platinum, the pieces are made to last with proper care. Further enhancing its appeal are dazzling Swarovski Crystals accents which offer a stunning array of colourful jewels that perfectly accent any outfit during the holiday season.

Apart from offering high quality craftsmanship at an affordable price point, what truly sets the jewellery apart is it’s unique design aesthetic. This collection offers a range of classic designs featuring original artworks of favourite Disney movie characters such as Cinderella or Snow White ornamented with gold details or accentuated rose quartz gemstones.

One can find animal-inspired designs such as elephants or turtles decorated with quartz crystal motifs while others portray mystical elements such as moons or stars dancing across smooth metal surfaces in stunning fashion. With both traditional and contemporary styling, these timeless pieces make great heirloom gifts for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or weddings.

The Holiday 2016 release of Disney Jewelry marks a significant milestone for fans who have been hoping for chic accessories related to their beloved cartoon friends for many years now. With numerous timeless pieces available created from delicate materials like sterling silver and rose gold, one can easily find something truly perfect for gifting during this holiday season regardless if their loved one is more open to tradition or prefers stylish modern twists on classic designs.

What Makes This Collection Unique?

The 2016 Disney Jewelry collection is truly one-of-a-kind. It has a variety of styles and themes the whole family can enjoy. This collection has something for everyone – – from the child to the adult fancier and fan of subtle, timeless jewelry.

The pieces range from simple sterling silver character charms, to elegant cubic zirconium earrings with intricate gemstones set in shimmering rhodium or gold. Each piece is crafted with attention to detail, so you can show off that special feeling of nostalgia at any moment.

One unique facet of this collection is how widely it reaches across generations. There’s something for people of all ages, whether you’re looking for iconic characters like Mickey Mouse or Sleeping Beauty or modern favorites like Elsa and Anna from “Frozen”.

Kids will love wearing their favorite characters on rings and pendants, while adults may prefer delicate princess designs adorned with rose gold accents or enamel details. There are even options for men such as chains with stainless steel beads featuring lettering from classic Disney movies.

Finally, the Disney Jewelry Collection isn’t limited to just jewelry. You can also find holiday-themed gifts like costume jewellery boxes, accessory sets such as keychain charms and charms that come in gift pouches – all designed to make giving a little extra special during this festive season. From starters sets featuring popular characters to customizable necklace plates highlighting up to nine names silhouettes, there’s no shortage of possibilities for those who want an extra meaningful gift.

The 2016 Disney Jewelry Collection is incredibly special because it appeals to everyone from children to adults alike by offering unique options available no other place else. The items range from traditional designs such as Minnie Mouse pendants and earrings embellished with rose gold accents all the way to modern additions including keychains adorned with beloved characters coupled with custom nameplates – perfect for any occasion. With its wide appeal spanning generations, this collection truly makes holiday shopping easy.

Presenting the Most Popular Piece of the Collection

The Jewelry Collection from Disney in 2016 is a truly special one. The seasonal collection offers various pieces of wrist watches, necklaces and earrings for both women and children. The most popular piece of the collection is the Mickey Face Charm Necklace.

It features an elegant design with a captivating appeal that carries endless charm with it. It is crafted of sterling silver and polished to a brilliant shine. This beautiful necklace brings forth a design full of magical essence as it contains detailed features like Mickey’s iconic ears, nose, mouth and eyes on both sides of the face.

The inspiration behind this unique design came from Mickey himself, one of Disney’s most beloved characters whose cheerful personality has brought joy to people around the world since 1928. Mickey is known for his friendly nature, wit and he always remains hopeful no matter what life brings him; which makes this piece all the more special.

Its design captures not only Mickey’s inner beauty but also serves as a reminder to its wearer that at any given time we can enjoy all good things life has to offer us if we keep our minds open for positive possibilities.

This necklace comes in three different colors; yellow gold tone finish, silver-tone stainless steel and rose gold-tone finish-each conveying a distinct charm that radiates off the wearer’s own individuality. From classic statement pieces designed specifically for adults to vibrant colors perfect for little ones, this necklace is sure to make those who wear them look simply enchanting throughout the Holiday season.

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Not only are these accessories handy during special occasions but they also make great thoughtful gifts too. So be sure to grab yours before it’s too late.

Additional Pieces Included in the Collection

This year, Disney has released a wide range of new fine jewelry pieces as part of their holiday season 2016 collection. The collection includes an array of shimmering and timeless pieces that are perfect for gifting or just to own for yourself.

The pieces come in beautiful gold and silver tones, along with a mix of gorgeous gemstones and sparkling stones to add a bit of color to the mix. In the center of each piece is the iconic Disney logo, providing a timeless look for all those who enjoy classic and modern designs.

One particular stand-out from this collection is the sterling silver Mouseketeer necklace featuring a unique silhouette design with a delicately placed diamond Mickey head motif at its center. This stunning piece was inspired by Walt Disney’s original vision for his beloved Mouseketeers from his 1955 television show “The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”. This gorgeous necklace is sure to please any fan of all things Disney.

The collection also features several gold statement earrings that are sure to make any outfit sparkle. These earrings were designed using intricate details and luxurious materials such as cubic zirconia diamonds combined with both yellow and white gold alloys.

The asymmetrical shape of the earrings creates an interesting visual effect that helps bring attention to any special occasion outfit without detracting from it, making it perfect for those who want something subtle yet stylish. Another unique design feature is the lily pad embellished in diamond droplets which delicately adorns some earring frames – this adds another layer of charm to these lovely pieces

In short, Disney’s holiday season 2016 jewelry collection contains a range of beautiful fine jewelry pieces that can easily fit within anyone’s wardrobe or occasion looks no matter what their preference may be. From simple necklaces like the sterling silver Mouseketeer necklace to statement earrings complete with lily pads embedded in sparkling diamond droplets – there’s something here for everyone regardless if they’re looking for the perfect gift or just want something special just for themselves.

As always, these stunning pieces are made with premium materials so you know you are getting nothing but quality when you buy something from this exquisite Disney collection.

Style Guide

The holiday season is the perfect time to get and give beautiful gifts, and this year Disney has cooked up something utterly magical; the Disney Jewelry Collection. This stunning collection features pieces inspired by all the classic Disney princesses, providing a romantic look for any outfit this season.

Every single item in the collection looks like it could have come straight from an enchanted castle, radiating with beauty. To make sure everyone can get the most out of these royal pieces, Disney has created a style guide to demonstrate just how versatile they can be.

One of the most amazing things about the Disney Jewelry Collection is how many ways each piece can be worn. While everyone loves wearing it with their favorite little black dress or gown, there are so many other potential combinations too.

It doesn’t matter if your dress is bold and colorful, or if you decide on pieces that are more understated – each item will shine its own special light onto every ensemble. With even more imagination and creativity, stylish individuals can mix and match items from both casual and formal collections together for some truly eye-catching looks that sparkle both day and night.

Of course, no look would be complete without accessorizing it with colors that reflect your personality and make you feel like royalty whenever you wear it. That’s why the items in the collection allow you to create unique looks by mixing different metals such as golds with silvers along with incorporating pops of vibrant colored gems.

From statement necklaces featuring princess icons standing proud atop glittering stones to delicate dangly earrings creating a beautiful soft shimmer – you will feel transposed into another world when wearing these enchanting pieces.

The Disney Jewelry Collection has something for everyone this holiday season – dazzle those around you with standout jewelries fit for royalty.

Creative Gift Ideas

The holiday season 2016 is full of joy and surprises and with the Disney jewelry collection this year, making top-notch presentations fun. Whether you are searching for a surprise for your special someone or that perfect Christmas gift, the collection offers something truly special. No matter the age, personality or taste of your recipient, there is sure to be an item that will symbolize something special between you and them this holiday season.

Within the Disney jewelry collection, there are a few unique customization options. Perhaps you would like to add an engraved initials pendant charm or personalize a birthstone ring to make it even more special. There’s also the option to commemorate a heartfelt message on many of these items through beautiful engraving that matches the jewelry aesthetic. These customization options can add to any gift for a truly personalized touch.

As for presentation ideas for this collection in particular, making it look as magical as possible will definitely add some wow factor when revealed in front of your chosen one. One way to do this is by wrapping each piece up carefully like presents before presenting it in its own way with soft colored paper around each design accompanied by some extra ribbon if desired.

Adding small notes attached to each item expressing why they mean so much to you is another great presentation idea sure to make them feel overflowed with joy during this magical time of year.

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Where to Buy the Disney Jewelry Collection

The Disney Jewelry Collection for the 2016 holiday season is upon us, and fans everywhere are looking for the perfect pieces to show off their love of all things Disney. Created exclusively by renowned designer Ugo Cacciatori, this collection boldly portrays beloved characters from classic films such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Alice in Wonderland and The Little Mermaid.

With its one-of-a-kind design, beautifully crafted metalwork and stunning gemstones set into each intricate piece of jewelry, this line captures the unique spirit and grace that Disney has come to represent.

Those looking to add some of these classic pieces to their wardrobe can choose from a wide selection of necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets available in both store locations and online shops. Shopping in store allows customers to view specialty designs such as Cinderella’s glass slipper necklace or Minnie Mouse’s bow ring up close before making a purchase.

Those who find it difficult to travel or simply prefer shopping online will be pleased with the variety of stores carrying this special collection on the web which offer competitive pricing with secure checkout options.

This whimsical line also makes an ideal gift for anyone looking to surprise a loved one or family member at a surprisingly reasonable price given its quality. Whether you’re getting that special someone something that reminds them of their favorite movies growing up or gifting a piece shaped like Mickey’s head for an avid fan of all things Disney, there is something for everyone in the Disney jewelry Collection.

Be sure not to miss out on Ugo Cacciatori’s sparkling expositions this season; they are sure to bring some magic into your life.

Limited Edition Pieces

The Disney Jewelry Collection Holiday season 2016 is an exciting collection that features a variety of exclusive pieces. It includes unique designs, materials, and special edition pieces. The collection focuses on creating timeless items that celebrate iconic and beloved characters. This collection highlights Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Buzz Lightyear, Snow White and other beloved Disney heroes making it perfect for gifting this holiday season.

Each piece in the collection has been crafted using high quality precious metals and detailed with magical elements of each character. Every item comes with a detachable keyring featuring their favorite Disney characters to add even more enchantment to your look. The special editions are manufactured as limited quantity making them even more desirable and they provide the perfect way to show your love for these special characters.

This exclusive Disney jewelry allows you to capture a moment in time that can be cherished forever; these keepsakes can tell stories through their subtle details and design elements. Some of the most popular items in this collection include the If You Can Dream it Sure to Rock “crystal Cinderella pendant” which features an intricate design combined with high-quality craftsmanship making it a must have item this holiday season.

Another standout piece is the Sterling Silver Blast off Rocket Ship earrings from Buzz Lightyear that make a killer statement when coupled together but also look great when worn separately on each day or night outfit.

The selection also includes rings carefully curated for Tinkerbell’s fans who want simple yet eye catching looks for their wrists or fingers. This Holiday Season there is no better way to express your appreciation than with these timeless limited edition pieces from the Disney Jewelry Collection. They can be purchased online at various retailers such as Zales and many independent shops around the country.

Summary & Final Thoughts

The Disney Jewelry Collection for the 2016 Holiday Season is a wonderful way to celebrate a magical season and bring joy to many. The collection offers an array of items that would make fantastic gifts or stocking stuffers, such as watches, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Whether you are looking for something fun and whimsical or more classic and sophisticated, Disney has you covered.

The product lineup all feature iconic images from some of Disney’s most famous movies including Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty that will bring out nostalgia in fans of all ages. Along with these classic Disney designs the collection also incorporates modern elements, with charms reflecting popular characters like those seen in Frozen and Toy Story. Some pieces even have moving parts to really capture the spirit of the collection.

Overall, the Disney Jewelry Collection for the 2016 Holiday Season provides a variety of items that promote style and sophistication without compromising on quality. All pieces have been crafted from premium metals such as sterling silver, 14K gold and cubic zirconia which guarantee that these pieces are built to last. This makes them perfect for gifting or keeping as your own lasting memento of the magical holiday season.

Disney has once again done an excellent job with their latest jewelry collection; parents who want to give their children a little piece of magic this season should definitely check it out. It’s understood why it has made huge waves since its release; it’s charming, nostalgic and fabulous. With so many different items available there is something for everyone – no matter what age or personal style – making sure that this holiday season is undeniably special.

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