Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop

Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop is a family-owned boutique, dedicated to providing customers with authentic designer jewelry from the 1950s through present day. Founded by Oscar and Jenny Baxter in 1958, Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop has been a staple of the small town of Sante Fe for over 50 years.

It began as a small shop tucked away on a street corner, frequented mostly by locals who were looking for unique pieces from wellknown designers like Chanel and Cartier. Quickly it developed an impressive international following, as both celebrities and private collectors came to search for rare gems from antique collections.

Over the years, Oscar and Jenny have been joined by their sons James and Louis in running Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop. The four ensure that each item stocked in store or available online is verified for its authenticity and origin before being made available for purchase. They also place great emphasis on uncovering vintage pieces that capture the beauty of classic designs such as diamond rings with intricate filigree details or opal earrings that look fresh off the runaway.

Today, Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop has become a renowned international boutique offering luxury designer items at competitive prices. The Baxter family’s commitment to quality and customer service means patrons receive only top-notch items backed up with knowledgeable guidance throughout their shopping experience.

Not just limited to old finds, Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop is growing increasingly popular among Hollywood stars looking for one-of-a-kind looks while still staying close to trends of historic designs sparking off modern fashion movements.

Where to Find Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop

Online Stores

It can be incredibly easy to find a designer vintage jewelry shop online. The internet makes it possible to explore many stores from the comfort of your own home, conveniently browsing and comparison-shopping without ever having to leave. You can often find a range of unique items and deals that are not available in physical stores. Plus, you usually get free delivery; definitely an added bonus for buying online.

One great thing about buying vintage designer jewelry online is that you can find shops from anywhere in the world. This opens up access to rare and custom pieces limited only by your imagination. Prices may vary depending on what country or region you are shopping in, so do check for the most reasonable deal before committing to a purchase.

Physical Stores

For more tangible experiences, there are plenty of physical stores offering stunning vintage designer jewelry collections too. Many cities have their own boutiques and markets offering a wide selection of beautiful pieces. Shop owners or assistants will generally be happy to offer advice on product quality, popular designs, and help source items that are exclusive to their particular shop.

If visiting multiple stores seems like too much hassle, then speciality shows and exhibitions might be another option for you. These events feature the best designers and specialist collectors in one place, making it easier for buyers like yourself to browse products offered by independent artisans from all over the world – very exciting. Have a chat with them directly if there’s something specific you need information about or want to request a custom piece.

Finally, ethnic stores providing traditional costume ornaments are well worth checking out too as they can serve up unique alternatives to everyday luxury designer-branded labels. Here you’ll find statement necklaces set with precious stones as well as exquisitely crafted bangles made from different kinds of metals – all good options when looking for distinctive pieces steeped in history and culture.

Types of Jewelry at Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop

Designer Vintage Jewelry is an online shop that showcases beautiful, classic vintage jewelry from around the world. It’s a great place to find statement pieces for special occasions or everyday wear. Below are some of the different types of jewelry you can find at this store:

  • Necklaces – These can range from short choker necklaces to long strands. You’ll also be able to choose between vintage-inspired styles and modern designs.
  • Bracelets – These come in both gold and silver and feature a variety of stone settings. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or more flashy, there’s something for everyone.
  • Rings – Designer Vintage Jewelry boasts a huge collection of rings featuring different stones settings such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and more. Also, many of the rings have intricate designs on the band.
  • Earrings – Look through a wide selection of styles such as chandelier earrings and stud earrings. Many of these selections feature colorful gemstones or unique shapes.

Apart from traditional jewelry pieces customers could also find items like brooches, pendants, charms, etc. Most pieces in the Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop are unique one-of-a-kind items which means no two pieces are alike and gives customers exclusive options in selecting their jewelry.

For those who prefer custom made jewelry tailored according to individual preferences then “Bespoke Jewelry Design Service” is available where customers can specify the type & design they want for their piece and then highly skilled artisans will turn them into beautiful pieces of art.

Unique Pieces at Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop

Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop is a special collection of unique pieces. The store carries jewelry from the past and present, featuring modern antique and vintage designs. Each item is carefully hand-selected and crafted into a stunning piece that customers can be proud to own. From classic diamond rings to delicate necklaces, the shop features rare finds in a variety of styles.

The store prides itself on offering special edition pieces for those looking for something truly one-of-a-kind. Their signature designs feature intricate details such as filigree work, engraving, precious stones, or custom fabrication. Whether it’s an anniversary gift or wedding band, Designer Vintage offers an exceptional selection of timeless jewelry pieces.

Each piece at Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop is personally examined by experienced goldsmiths and artisans to ensure quality and authenticity. The staff can offer detailed information about each item’s heritage so that customers can find something that perfectly encapsulates their individual style and taste.

juliana d&e vintage jewelry

Customers are pleased to find that they can pick up their purchase right away or have it shipped within 1-3 business days if needed – this means that they don’t have to wait long before getting their hands on the item they desire.

Real Experience & Beautiful Selection

At Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop customers appreciate not only being able to buy unique items but also being able to share their experiences with the knowledgeable staff and other customers alike. Everyone there enjoys chatting about their favorite vintage finds while browsing through the range of exquisite items available in the shop; from brooches to pocket watches and jewelry sets, even cufflinks for gentlemen. You’ll often find local artists selling handmade pieces alongside these gems from the past too.

The store also offers jewelry repair services for those who want to restore or revitalize their favorite pieces like family heirlooms or treasures found online. Moreover, they provide appraisal services so customers can explore having their beautiful items insured with confidence after getting an objective assessment done by a professional gemologist.

Find Something Rare & Enjoy It For Years To Come

With each piece purchased comes a sense of accomplishment knowing it was selected meticulously and lovingly cared for by Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop. From simple pendants to ornate statement pieces, buyers experience lasting gratification every time they wear something special from this collection – finding something rare has never been so easy. This boutique shop provides an opportunity for its patrons to accessorize themselves in luxurious ways year-round; creating unforgettable memories as collections grow bigger over time.

Affordable Prices at Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop

At Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop, we are committed to bringing our passionate jewelry collectors the most exquisite pieces at prices that make them smile. That is why we have put together several easy payment plans and financing options to make your purchase possible and affordable. Here are some of the available payment options you can choose from:

  • Layaway Plan: Layaway allows customers to lock in an item they want with a deposit of 25% down and spread out payments over one month.
  • Payment Plans: With our payment plan option, customers can easily pay for their items over three months with equal installments.
  • Financing Program: Our financing program can give shoppers up to $5,000 in credit and allow them to pay off the owed amount within twelve months.

We understand how difficult it can be to afford designer jewelry and ensure that you don’t miss out on adding delightful items into your collection. With these payment plans, both savvy shoppers and novice thrill seekers can get what they want without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re looking for genuine antique accessories or wanting something modern yet timeless, Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop satisfies all sorts of desires without compromising quality or affordability. Our stunning selection includes rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and much more which will make an ideal addition to any ensemble or wardrobe class.

Plus, our user friendly website helps you explore our different categories such as fashion jewelry or classic vintage pieces so that you can pick exactly what speaks to your style without any hassle.

To take advantage of these payment plans or financing program, simply add the desired item/items into your cart then checkout using one of our secure methods – Credit Card Number or PayPal Information – completely free of charge. It’s that simple. Once you receive your item(s), show off proudly with peace of mind knowing that you got a great deal on luxurious products from Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop.

Customer Reviews for Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop

As a premier designer of vintage jewelry, Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop offers one-of-a-kind pieces for any occasion. From stunning necklaces featuring precious stones to ornate earrings and rare rings, their unique designs are sure to get noticed. To see what customers have been saying about their unique creations, take a closer look at all the videos and pictures posted by satisfied customers.

The Value of Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can provide an invaluable resource when making purchasing decisions. These reviews can determine how likely people will be to buy from a particular company or if they should pass on an opportunity. In the case of Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop, it’s clear that most customers have had positive experiences with the company’s products.

With video and pictures posted on their website, potential customers can view and evaluate each customer’s individual experience before making a purchase. Not only do these reviews provide value and trustworthiness for the customer, but also reassurance that Designer Vintage Jewelry produces beautiful and quality products too.

Highlighting Satisfied Customers

For Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop, they showcase their satisfied customers through videos or pictures that show off the beautiful pieces they have purchased from the shop and how much delight they feel towards them. This is done in order to give others a look into what makes their collections so special; after all, happy customers speak volumes to potential buyers.

Though these videos/pictures of people showcasing their purchases may seem minor, it serves as further proof for why you should buy from them instead of other businesses who may not display such evidence of customer satisfaction.

Unique Pieces for Any Occasion

Every piece made by Designer Vintage Jewelry is handcrafted with precision and expertise; no two items are alike. It’s clear that each item is precisely crafted with love and attention, as seen in the countless highly recommended reviews from happy customers.

The shop offers some truly distinctive pieces that will complement any outfit for day or night events-ranging from elegant yet striking necklaces to more delicate stud earrings or diamond solitaire rings-so there’s something perfect for any situation or occasion.

Customization of Jewelry at Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop

At Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop customers have the opportunity to customize jewelry pieces according to own preferences or design something completely new. The store offers both private clients and corporate client services.

Custom Designed Pieces

For custom designed pieces customers are able to choose from a range of precious gems, metals, and settings. Their vision is carefully crafted with the help of an experienced craftsman. All creations are unique and made in house. Engraving is available on request at no extra charge. Depending on the size of the project and complexity pricing can start from $500 up to $2000+ for more complicated items.

Names Of Vintage Costume Jewelry Makers

Repairs & Restoration

The store also offers repair services for vintage jewelry pieces, restoring them to their former beauty. The process includes cleaning, polishing, resetting stones if necessary and structural repairs where needed.

All work is done on site using state-of-the-art equipment by an experienced jeweler who takes pride in preserving your cherished possessions for years to come.Generally prices for repairs and restoration starts from $80 depending on the scale of work required for each specific job/piece.

It is clearly displayed in the store’s website what kind of charges each repair job will incur so customers can make an informed decision before proceeding with any project they might have in mind.

Jewelry Remodeling

One service that has become quite popular at Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop is their jewelry remodeling service which allows customers to use existing gold/gemstones from old family heirlooms and turn them into entirely new modern designs that still keep some sentimental value as part of the memory of a beloved piece or a person special related to it.

Prices depends primarily on how extensive the changes proposed by customer are, as well as the cost of any new materials that would need adding such as stones or metal materials etc.


A typical remodeling project can take anywhere around 3 weeks once all components involved have been gatheredand. Prices generally start from $200+ depending on material cost, but most projects should come within this price range if all materials used are existing ones not needing costly additions such as high quality top grade gems etc.

Shipping & Return Policy for Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop

Details of Shipping Policy

Our goal at Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop is to get our customers’ pieces of jewelry to them as quickly and effectively as possible. We ship items one day after the order is received so that we can ensure that everything arrives on time and in perfect condition.

Standard US shipping rates apply, however we occasionally offer promotions where customers will receive free or discounted shipping. All of our orders are shipped completely insured and trackable with signature confirmation so you can rest assured that your items will arrive safely.

If you are an international customer outside of the United States, there will be a flat rate for all international orders which varies depending on the size and weight of the item. You may also be subject to taxes and duties when importing items from us. Please contact us before placing your order so we can make sure these charges have been taken into account.

Details of Return Policy

At Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop, we stand behind every piece of jewelry that we ship out to each customer. That being said, if for any reason whatsoever, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it and get a full refund within 30 days (minus shipping costs).

Returns can be requested by email or by phone with all details of the purchase provided; name, item number/invoice number etc The jewelry must be sent back unused in its original packaging with proper protection against damage during delivery back to us. After the return process has been completed we will carefully inspect the jewelry item(s) and let you know if your requested refund is being processed shortly afterwards.

Any changes related to returns should be discussed in advance prior to making any alterations or adjustments in order for them to properly take effect without issues. If you need help determining whether or notJewelry Shop is best suited for meeting your individual needs then please contact our friendly customer service representatives who will happily assist you through every step in finding the most suitable piece available within our large collection.

Useful Tips & Resources for Designer Vintage Jewelry Shop

Designer vintage jewelry is the perfect way to exude style and elegance. Because of their unique condition and design, they can command top dollar in the marketplace. But with value comes responsibility – it’s important to know how to take care of your designer vintage jewelry so it can last a lifetime and be passed on to future generations. To that end, here are some useful tips and resources for maintaining your prized designer vintage jewelry pieces:

For starters, it’s important to store your jewelry away from direct sunlight or any source of high heat. This helps protect the precious metals, stones, and paints in the pieces from fading over time. If your jewelry is made out of gold or silver, you should also store each piece on a soft cloth, like a cotton polishing cloth or a velvet pouch to reduce friction against other items and prevent tarnishing.

A single cloth-cleaning every few weeks will help maintain luster and keep your design vintage pieces looking fresh over time. You can use a mild detergent such as soap for the initial cleaning process followed by an application of lime-free water for a deeper cleaning.

This will also help remove dust particles that may have accumulated on the surface and dull its shine over time. Be sure not use any harsh chemicals or acids which may damage delicate stones like pearls or corrode metal material like gold-plated items with prolonged exposure.

It’s also recommended that you get checkups for your delicate pieces at least once a year; this prevents any unseen hairline fractures in fragile spots that could lead future breakage from regular wear-and-tear activities. Professional jewelers have more sophisticated methods than laypeople can employ themselves like magnifiers or x-ray equipment to detect possible signs of age or corrosion before they appear visible to the naked eye.

As always, it’s best practice to only purchase quality goods from certified dealers whenever possible since this would ensure repair costs are kept low even if maintenance becomes necessary down the line due financial risks associated with counterfeit products being sold either knowingly or unknowingly all around us these days by non-legitimate businesses.

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