De Leon Jewelry


De Leon Jewelry is a luxury jewelry brand providing exquisite, handcrafted pieces to customers with discerning taste. Founded in 2014, De Leon Jewelry has already become synonymous with uncompromising quality and artistry, crafting each piece with the utmost attention to detail and care. At De Leon Jewelry, we strive for excellence in everything we do, committing to the highest standards of manufacturing excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction. We draw inspiration from a diverse creative network across multiple markets, developing every piece as an individual work of art. We believe that life should be celebrated through our exquisite jewelry – made to last forever. Our core values are creativity, quality, craftsmanship and customer service.

History & Heritage

De Leon Jewelry was founded in 1992, and it is currently based in Tucson, Arizona. They specialize in producing high-end jewelry using precious and semi-precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and opals. De Leon Jewelry stands out from other brands because they put an emphasis on craftsmanship and quality over mass production. They focus on creating unique pieces that are designed with meticulous attention to detail for a timeless look.

De Leon Jewelry has several distinct qualities that separate them from other jewelry brands. Firstly, their signature style combines classic motifs with modern features; clean lines ensure the wearer looks sophisticated yet timeless. Additionally, their pieces feature a variety of colored stone accents which create a bold statement on each individual piece of jewelry. In addition to this, De Leon’s offerings include specialized designs such as nanotech fabrications for more intricate and eye catching aesthetic details such as filigrees or engravings. Furthermore, every piece comes with a lifetime guarantee so customers can be sure they are getting quality pieces that will last for generations to come.

In contrast to De Leon’s combination of classic details with modern accouterments, many other jewelry brands tend to focus solely on “trendy” designs that come and go quickly so they can remain profitable despite rapid changes in fashion trends. Most often these design follow traditional motifs without any sort of uniqueness or distinction that would make them stand out as works of art rather than simply a fashion statement. Furthermore, lower quality materials are used often resulting in costly repairs or replacements at a customer expense shortly after purchase resulting in disappointing experiences rather than what should be an item enjoyed for years to come.

Design Experience

At De Leon Jewelry, we believe that every piece should tell a story. We have a design team dedicated to ensuring each piece of jewelry is unique and crafted with our customers in mind.

The creative process begins by finding inspiration from the world around us, drawing upon natural materials found in nature and incorporating modern aesthetics for our customers. Once a concept is formulated, our expert goldsmiths bring it to life through masterful craftsmanship and attention to detail. We use only the highest quality metals and gems when constructing each individual piece, carefully focusing on creating intricate curlicues and interesting textures within the delicate designs.

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In order to make sure every work captures the essence of individuality, we offer both customizations of existing styles as well as complete pieces created from scratch according to customer specifications. Our goal is always to create bold yet elegant pieces reminiscent of days gone by while still being relevant for today’s fashion trends.

Outstanding Quality

De Leon Jewelry is dedicated to providing the highest quality products available. To guarantee this, our experienced jewelers craft each piece from the best materials with extreme precision and attention to detail. We carefully select stones for their clarity, cut, and durability, ensuring that each finished piece is perfect in every way. Our expert artisans also take great care during design and construction to make sure each item meets our standards for elegance, style and originality. All of these steps add up to create one-of-a-kind pieces crafted with superior skills and an impressive eye for beauty.

Innovative Technology

De Leon Jewelry is an innovative technology-driven jewelry business that has dedicated itself to creating unique and beautiful pieces with high-quality craftsmanship. They strive to produce eco-friendly pieces, using conflict-free materials in addition to recycled metals and fair trade stones. De Leon believes that sustainability starts at the source, so they support made-to-order and highly personalized designs to avoid overproduction and minimize waste.

The company uses various sustainable materials such as Conflict Free Diamonds, Fair Trade Stones (FTS), recycled metal alloys, eco conscious packaging and non toxic solutions for refining metal alloys. Their innovative use of new techniques liberates them from wasteful production practices making their design cycle more efficient.

The company also ensures that their supply chain remains as clean as possible through campaigns such as “Look for the FTS” which verifies the origin of stones used in designing a product ensuring they are free from responsible mining procedures. De Leon has pioneered the concept of green technology by introducing processes that reduce greenhouse emission while cleaning mined particles before disposal which minimizes human rights issues related to mineral extraction activities.

Designs for Every Moment

De Leon Jewelry offers timeless pieces that are perfect for any occasion. From subtle and sophisticated everyday looks, to special and sparkling statement pieces for a night out, De Leon has something beautiful for everyone.

For an everyday look, try a delicate gold pendant necklace or simple hoop earrings. They’re great paired with a plain white tee and jeans as a touch of elegance and sophistication. For something higher impact during the day, consider layering necklaces or wearing stud earrings in multiple colors.

If you’re headed out to dinner or out on the town in the evening, opt for larger statement pieces such as pearls combined with stunning diamond rings. Alternatively, don an elegant choker with earrings to heighten your look when you want to make an impression at formal events like weddings or galas. And if you’re going dancing? Consider a set of dazzling drop earrings – they’ll help channel your inner disco queen!

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Whatever event you find yourself attending, De Leon Jewelry will have just the right piece to complement your outfits and style!

Customer Service

“I took my mother’s engagement ring to De Leon Jewelry for repairs and they did an outstanding job! The service was above and beyond, and it looked even better than when my mother initially received it. Thank you for bringing a little sparkle back into my mom’s life!”

“De Leon Jewelry has such wonderful customer service! They patiently walked me through each piece I was looking at, telling me all about the history of the company and how they source their stones. It helped me make a more informed decision when selecting my perfect diamond necklace.”

“I recently went to De Leon Jewelry looking to buy a special anniversary gift. From start to finish they were so helpful in suggesting different options that I felt really fit the occasion perfectly! Their craftsmen hand-crafted it right there in the shop, so I truly feel like I got something one-of-a-kind.”

“The staff at De Leon Jewelry is amazing! Whenever I go in with questions or concerns about items already owned, they take such great care of me and make sure that all of my needs are taken care of to the best of their abilities.”


De Leon Jewelry is an independent jewelry design studio run by master jewelers Celina and Patricio DeLeon. Founded in 1995, it has been recognized for its award-winning, one-of-a-kind creations and has received worldwide media attention. In 2004, the DeLeons received a prestigious Fernando Orlando Award at the Joyas Latinoamericanas Jewelry Exhibit in Mexico City and were again recognized with the 2007 Bienal Iberoamericana de Joyeria award. Several of their works have also appeared in The Art of Being a Woman: Celebrating the Beauty & Strength of the Feminine Spirit book written by Tamara Goldbogen Sofer. Additionally, they have been featured on CNN en Espanol, Good Morning America (ABC), Telemundo, Hallmark Channel’s New Morning shows as well as Univision’s Republica Deportiva. They have also been featured in several top international consumer magazines including Elle Magazine, Marie Claire España and You Magazine from Colombia.