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Dami Handmade Jewelry Shop is an online storefront dedicated to providing handmade jewelry that caters to any occasion. We have taken great care in selecting high quality jewelry pieces, made with thought and detail. We strive to make finding the perfect piece as easy and straightforward as possible both online and offline. Our shipping policy offers fast and reliable delivery, making it easier for you to receive your order quickly.

Depending on the order size and type of product(s) purchased, customers may be eligible for free shipping. For returns or exchanges we make it easy for our customers by including a return/exchange slip in ever package we ship out so that our customers can initiate their request simply via email or telephone within 14 days of purchase.

In addition, we offer a wide range of payment options such as credit cards, PayPal and Bitcoin so that customers can find what best suits them.

At Dami Handmade Jewelry shop, customer experience and satisfaction are our top priority. We take special care in making sure each package is shipped safely, securely and promptly – something both us and our valued customers can trust. Additionally, our website provides detailed information regarding products such as sizing guide advice ensuring that each customer gets exactly what they are looking for on every order placed at Dami Handmade Jewelry Shop.

Last but not least all returns are hassle-free. The process of returning an item purchased from us is simple through our easy to follow return instructions – all without any added cost. We understand purchasing items online may be intimidating; that’s why we offer full access to customer FAQs to help guide customers who may have pre-purchase questions about products or services offered on our site.

Our goal at Dami Handmade Jewelry Shop is provide a convenient shopping experience with plenty of options when it comes to selecting only the finest quality handmade jewelry pieces crafted just for you.

Featured Artists

The craftsmanship of the artists behind Dami Handmade Jewelry makes it a standout in the jewelry scene. With each piece being carefully handcrafted, the style and quality is something you can only find here. The founder and owner of Dami Handmade Jewelry, Susanna Covington, puts her heart into every piece made at the shop. She specializes in beading and has a signature style that shines through in everything she creates.

Susanna works with her daughter Alina, who brings her extensive experience in woodworking and fiber art to Dami Handmade Jewellery. With their complementary skillsets, they create one-of-a-kind pieces that exude both modernity and elegance. Customers are sure to find unique items for any occasion when shopping at Dami Handmade Jewelry. A highlight of their collection includes necklaces made from hand-dyed fabrics as well as custom designs crafted from exotic woods.

Additionally, Damon Cardoza lends his talents to the team at Dami Handmade Jewelry with his expertise in lapidary techniques – a form of stone cutting used for ornamental purposes. Perfectly suited for making high end jewelry pieces, Damon’s work is unparalleled for its superior craftsmanship and attention to detail.

From earrings to pendants and rings to cufflinks, customers can find a wide range of jewelry pieces created at Dami Handmade Jewelry with these three highly talented artists involved in crafting each item available onsite.

Limited-Edition Pieces

The Dami Handmade Jewelry Shop is a unique store that specializes in selling beautifully crafted jewelry pieces. The shop is filled with original and limited-edition pieces that have been crafted by passionate, up-and-coming artists. When strolling through the shop, customers are sure to notice how one-of-a-kind each piece is. Many of these pieces can only be found at the Dami Handmade Jewelry Shop.

The limited-edition pieces available in the shop allow customers to select something truly distinct for themselves or as a gift for someone special. From hand-picked gemstones and sterling silver designs to modern creations and unexpected twists on classic looks – there is something for everyone’s individual sense of style and taste in the Dami Handmade Jewelry Shop. There is always something different to discover – no matter if you are looking for a statement piece or an everyday accessory.

A section of the shop dedicated exclusively to limited edition pieces ensures customers that these items are extra special, so they can take pride in wearing them knowing each decided has its very own exclusive design that won’t be replicated elsewhere. It also creates an added sense of urgency as sale items rotate periodically, which means customers have to act fast when they have their eye on a particular item before it gets sold out forever.

Gemstone Jewelry Handmade

Current Promotions

Dami Handmade Jewelry Shop is a great place to purchase high-quality customized jewelry. Our mission is to create beautiful, tailor-made pieces that are inspired by our customers and the individual story each piece tells. We offer a wide range of handmade earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and even custom items crafted by our in-house goldsmiths.

In addition to our amazing selection of unique jewelry pieces, we are also promoting several excellent promotions and discounts. First, if you spend over $200 on any item in store, you can receive a 20% discount off your order. This promotion gives customers an added incentive to shop with us and make their own unique statement with a custom piece of jewelry that they won’t find anywhere else.

For those who wish to design their own piece of jewelry for a special occasion or simply for personal fashion expression, we also offer excellent discounts on all custom orders. Customers ordering their own handmade jewelry design from the Dami Handmade Jewelry Shop can receive an additional 30% off their order when selecting one of our pre-existing designs as the base for the customization process.

If you’re looking to add some sparkle to your wardrobe without spending exorbitant amounts then this is the promotion for you.

Lastly, we are offering free shipping for all orders placed through our website using the promotional code “FREESHIP2021” at checkout. Whether you pick something up instore or have it shipped directly to your home address or gift recipient’s address – shipping is free. With this promotion customers can save money and time while enjoying beautiful handmade pieces shipped right to their doorsteps with zero hassle.

Behind-the-Scenes Video

The video we created for Dami Handmade Jewelry Shop showcases the passion, craftsmanship, and skill that goes into every one of their pieces. We’ve been lucky enough to get a firsthand look at the entire process from conception to finished product.

First, viewers of our video are introduced to Naya, the shop’s founder and owner. We hear how she got her start in jewelry making and the inspirations behind her unique products. She talks about why it’s important to her that each piece is handcrafted with care and attention to detail. She also shares how grateful she is that customers value her work enough to purchase it and celebrate its beauty as much as she does.

After we’ve become acquainted with Naya, viewers then get to see some of the tools and techniques she uses when crafting her jewelry. They learn about the different types of beads used in her pieces and some of the more intricate elements she adds such as charms or textiles.

Finally, we witness an expert level piece coming together before our eyes – watching it slowly take shape until it’s ready to be unveiled as finished artistry. It only takes a few minutes for us all to marvel at how complex and beautiful each item is; truly expressive works of wearable art created with love by Naya herself.

We wanted this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Dami Handmade Jewelry Shop to showcase just how special each piece really is. With this video, we want viewers to understand there’s something truly special about choosing handmade items from local artists like Naya who put their heart into each product they make.

Focus on Sustainability

Dami Handmade Jewelry Shop is dedicated to branding themselves as an environmentally conscious business that puts sustainability at the forefront of production. By sourcing their materials sustainably and systematically, the shop is able to adhere to the three core components of sustainability: social, economic and environmental.

The shop’s primary goal is to focus on sourcing sustainable materials right down to the jewelry packaging. They use recycled paper and biodegradable packaging whenever possible in an effort to reduce plastic waste and promote green practices.

In addition, they are very mindful when selecting their suppliers, making sure those suppliers are transparent regarding labor regulations, working conditions and material origins. This helps ensure that Dami maintains a supply chain that can be traced back to environmentally friendly sources and fair labor practices.

Dami puts a special emphasis on keeping up with industry trends while staying true to their core philosophy of sustainability. One way they do this is by investing in alternate sample designs created from ethically sourced materials such as wood or plastic alternatives instead of more traditional metal components which require higher energy for production due to high levels of chemical exposure during machining processes.

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Through partnerships with organizations like Etsy Sustainability Partnerships and EcoAge, Dami has access to expert advice which allows them to stay on top of the latest trends while taking into account the environmental impact these methods may have during manufacturing.

By implementing these mindful practices in their day-to-day operations from sourcing through product delivery, Dami Handmade Jewelry Shop continues its legacy as one of today’s leading ethical manufacturers of consciously crafted jewelry that embraces sustainability within its production process.

Community Involvement

Dami Handmade Jewelry Shop has been a steward of its local community for many years. It has gone to great lengths to give back and help out those in need that live in the area. Dami actively works to organize events, fundraisers and initiatives to benefit the local school district, food banks, crisis centers, homeless shelters and other organizations that positively impact the lives of the people living in their city.

For example, Dami held a jewelry making class at the local library to raise money for the activity centers that serve disabled children. Another successful event was their yearly holiday extravaganza that could draw up to several hundred people. During this event, various local and national vendors participated along with food trucks and activities for children of all ages. All donations were directed towards helping feed families who are less fortunate around the holidays.

In recognition of their tireless efforts towards enriching lives in their community, Dami Handmade Jewelry Shop received the prestigious Mayor’s Award for Excellence in Community Service from their county last year. They also arranged a block party so all staff members from various local businesses, fire departments, police departments and emergency response teams could be honored for protecting and servicing their town’s citizens on a daily basis.

Furthermore, Dami also donates proceeds from every sale they make online to charities located both locally and nationally – further demonstrating their commitment towards making a positive impact in as many ways as possible throughout different communities nationwide.

Influencer Feature

Dami Handmade Jewelry Shop has an exciting new strategy of incorporating influencer marketing into their approach. They have found a local influencer in the area to showcase one of their pieces and promote the shop’s products.

The store carries a wide selection of unique jewelry pieces, each one unique and perfect for special occasions. From delicate gold necklaces to beautiful statement rings, customers can find exactly what they need here. The store was opened in order to provide customers with quality handmade jewelry at an affordable price. By partnering up with local influencers, Dami Handmade Jewelry Shop hopes to reach out to more potential customers and increase its audience.

To kickstart their influencer partnership, Dami Handmade Jewelry Shop approached the community’s most popular social media celebrity – Mary Forbes – to feature one of the pieces from their store in her posts. As part of the collaboration, Mary worn one of the chunky necklaces from the collection on multiple Instagram posts and shared stories about how she styled it differently with various outfits combinations.

She also tagged where she got it from which added more visibility for Dami Handmade Jewelry Shop on her followers’ feed as well as hers.

The flurry of positive comments and likes that followed after each post were proof that this marketing strategy worked like a charm. Not only did it result in increased awareness towards Dami Handmade Jewelry Shop but it also drove people to visit their page, check out what other accessories they had on offer and eventually buy them too.

It was truly a win-win situation for both parties involved: Dami Handmade Jewelry Shop got more sales under its belt while Mary brushed up her influencer status even more by collaborating with an authentic online brand such as Dami Handmade Jewelry Shop.

All these efforts culminated into Dami getting an exponential growth in sales since engaging with Mary Forbes’ influencer fanbase – proving that partnering up with local influencers can really turbocharge any small business’s customer engagement and add value to everyone involved.

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