Current Jewelry Trends 2017

Current jewelry trends 2017 have become quite popular and diverse amongst the youth. The recent styles have been heavily impacted by modern pop culture artists, from musicians to actors and social media icons. Millennial generation has made some unique choices in their preferences when it comes to picking their accessories. Traditional jewelry is still worn but there has been an uprise of consciously chosen alternate pieces to match new outfits combinations.

The existing jewelry trends of 2017 are extraordinarily sleek, stylish and fashionable. These designs draw inspiration from classic looks with newfangled colors and materials, making them even more urbane, hip and chic. These jewelry trends can easily be spotted on social media, such as Instagram or YouTube celebrity fashion printouts.

It is obvious how key personalities affect the sort of trinkets we end up wearing due to this growing trend of admiring celebrities’ sense of style. A lot of classic accessories that were once forgotten have come back with a twist due to this strong presence of the past fads in today’s media industry.

These latest round-the-year jewelry statements combine various features such as asymmetrical lines, dainty chains, tribal designs and layering techniques which focus more on natural stones than commonly used expensive gems like diamonds or sapphires. Another emerging trend is currently day rings customized with meaningful phrases often left simple instead of elaborate detailing designs for a sober yet bold effect.

This contemporary style helps express personal taste about a person’s identity prominently instead of blending into the crowd’s unspoken conventions about fashion dressings and personality development instantly.

Therefore, current jewelry trends 2017 emphasize individual outlooks mostly in order to create deeper meaning behind our outfit pairings rather than materialistically adorning ourselves regularly with no personal connections between what we wear and who we are truly meant to be inside our heads on a daily basis; both figuratively and literally.

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are a great way to add an extra level of pizzazz to any outfit. The trend for 2017 is going the more-is-more route, with chunky statement pieces that make it hard to miss the face-framing focus of a necklace. Some popular designs for statement necklaces this season include geometric patterns, abstract shapes, and layered pendants with bold colors. Whether you want colorful stones or a minimalist metal look, there’s something for every taste.

When it comes to accessories to pair with your favorite statement necklace, try mixing and matching metal colors and textures in your jewelry choices. This can create a hip and stylish contrast that will draw attention to both your necklace and the other pieces you have chosen.

You may also want to opt for smaller earrings or studs if the necklace has lots of details and color – they will help balance out the look while still allowing the statement piece of jewelry to stand out as the main focus.

To ensure you achieve maximum impact when wearing your chosen statement necklace, consider adding some interesting colors or prints into your outfit too. A brightly colored shirt can provide an excellent backdrop for non-traditional pieces but be sure not clash too much by using excessively bright colors together – sometimes balance is key.

If wearing a dress, think about how pairing it with specific kinds of shoes can elevate the look (for example sandals go well with a maxi dress). Finally remember that simpler ensembles work well with bigger statement jewelery so feel free to mix up your wardrobe accordingly.


The choker trend has seen a major resurgence in the world of jewelry. From the classic black velvet (as popularized by the 90s grunge scene) to more modern materials such as gold and rhinestones, these necklaces are an easy way to add a touch of edge and glamour to any outfit.

Chokers come in a variety of lengths, widths, and materials, from sleek satin cords in basic colors to intricate homemade styles that feature seed beads or metallic accents. Popular variations include thin cords layered for a multi-dimensional look, oversized pendants with statement stones or charms as well as cuffs that wrap around the neck like a bracelet.

Layering – Mixing metals, textures, motifs, sizes & lengths

Another trend that has become increasingly popular is layering varying pieces of jewelry together. From classic pieces like gold chains and pearls to chic stackable bangles and vintage pins, there are endless possibilities for creating unique ensembles.

Layering different types of jewelry adds interest to your outfit while showcasing personal style through mixing different silhouettes, textures, and structures. A great way to layer is by combining one statement piece with multiple smaller pieces – using a long necklace that contrasts with tiny delicate rings or decorating yourself with several charms on one bracelet will instantly create an eclectic style reflecting your individuality.

Statement Earrings – Large earrings featuring bold geometric shapes & bright colors for making self-expression easy

Earrings make a great statement piece owing to their sheer size – this season’s look has brought us some major inspiration in the form of large drops featuring daring abstract shapes combined with eye-catching color combinations. The ideals behind this bold model refer back to modernist design; art viewers can identify classic elements such as minimalism symbolism within its fierce style profile.

Current Handmade Jewelry Trends

Perfectly suitable for both day and night events because of its versatility, indulge into these striking statement pieces whether it be studded hoops or rainbow threads dangling from metal curves – an upbeat look full off extraordinary harmony awaits.


One of the biggest jewelry trends this year is layering jewelry pieces, and for good reason. This style allows you to create unique, tailored looks that truly reflect your personality and style. Layering lets you blend different statement pieces such as necklaces and bracelets or stack rings with ease. Doing this creates a dynamic look that can be both both edgy and classic at the same time.

When creating these layered looks, it’s important to think about the way each piece interacts with one another. A great starting point is asymmetrical balance: mix textures, materials, chain lengths and colors in equalized amounts on either side gives it a sophisticated feel.

Asymmetrical balance helps prevent your look from becoming too busy or chaotic, while still letting you express your individual fashion sense. Additionally, mixing metals within one layered piece can be done tastefully when done correctly; opt for complementary tones rather than clashing colors so they all fit nicely together without distracting from one another.

Short chokers are also making a comeback due to layering; popping one of these bold pieces underneath an already existing necklace adds unexpected dimension to any ensemble and is an essential part of completing any look of the moment. When completed properly, layering offers up endless opportunities for experimentation. With just a few simple tweaks of choice silhouettes and materials, you can create fresh styles that are all your own.

Color Combos

The hottest color combo trend in jewelry for 2017 is the combination of black and white. This timeless pairing provides a modern, sleek look that is sure to turn heads and stand out in any outfit. Both colors can be used together to create simple, understated pieces as well as bold statement pieces.

As black and white are classic neutrals, they can both individually be integrated into various other color combos or worn together to make a strong statement. By blending the stark contrast of black and white together you can instantly top off your style with some instant edge.

Colored gemstones are also still trending this season with many jewelers stocking vibrant, luxurious emeralds, rubies, and sapphires that catch the eye of all onlookers. These gemstones provide an excellent way to add some extra dazzle to any jewelrypiece. Emeralds can provide an elegant touch when wearing glamorous evening gowns or sapphires can give a youthful feel when combined with skater skirts or boyfriend jeans.

Combining them with different colored metals such as rose gold or platinum, depending on the dress code you’re aiming for will create an effortless yet eye catching look. Layering multiple colors and stones provides even more opportunities for customizing your own personal look as well layering necklaces for a “multi-gem stone” effect near the neckline of your clothes which draws attention upwards towards your face.

Finally minimalism is still hot for 2017 but with a focus on shapes rather than colors; think square models like huggie hoops, chokers adorned with geometric pendants along with cuffs inspired by zodiac signs adornments that represent our interests without being overly flashy. The minimalistic geometric lines evoke sophisticated elegance while making a statement; as ever less is more when it comes to trends in jewellery this year.

Mixing metal materials also helps create great contrasts while amplifying the effect too; stacks of yellow gold , silver and rose gold chocker makes sure you stand out socially in whatever you wear even if its a casual t shirt paired with high waisted Mom Jeans.


Earrings are one of the most popular types of jewelry for any occasion. In 2017, earrings have been a key accessory that can truly make an outfit shine with beauty and style. Hoop earrings have grown in popularity in the last few years, particularly those with geometric shapes or studded designs. Large hoop earrings can be a statement piece if paired with a plain but elegant evening look whereas thinner hoops work great with casual daywear looks.

Drop earrings also remain popular and make for fantastic evening wear accessories. Whether you choose classic pearls or vintage finds, drop earrings are perfect to chain or as pendants after discovering some great antique shops. For something extra special for your evening look, try diamond drop chandeliers that sparkle from every angle giving off a beautiful aura of glamor.

Studs are the go-to choice for so many people’s everyday staple wardrobe pieces due to their discretion and timeless elegance. Whether you go for gemstone or gold plated designs, studs add a simple touch of class to any outfit throughout the day or even on special occasions where subtlety is preferred but you still wanting that little something extra when accessorizing your look.

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High-end brands such as Tiffany & Co offer stunningly crafted pieces such as pearls and sapphires set in sterling silver which will not only remain elegant but hard wearing going forward into 2018’s jewelry trends too.

Lastly are dangle earrings – often seen at galas, balls and other formal events they automatically add instant sophistication and glamour to any ensemble. Fun colorful gemstones like amethysts, peridot and opal infused with silver give off a vibrant shimmer when the light catches the stones perfectly. Long drop dangles create extra interest along with shapely curved hinges which adorn even balconette dress collars perfectly – giving an overall effect of truth elegance when finished with fine jewelry such as these.


Stackable rings have been a huge trend in jewelry this year; they are super versatile and allow you to apply your own personal style, either wearing them alone or combining multiple different types together. From dainty minimalistic pieces, crafted in gold or silver with subtle detailing, to colorful and bold options packed full of gemstones or altered shapes, you can create a total look which reflects your own personality.

Statement rings can be used for adding that extra ‘wow’ factor to any outfit. Whether it is an oversized extravagant piece with plenty of sparkle or an intricate design full of detail like filigree and engraving work; statement rings are the perfect way to make sure you stand out from the crowd. You can also combine stackable and statement rings for a really cool contemporary look.

Cocktail rings have been making their presence known on various fashion runways for some time now and are becoming increasingly popular among trend-savvy consumers. The classic cocktail ring typically consists of an oversized cluster of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds in a unique setting typically crafted from gold or platinum – these timeless pieces instantly bring sophistication to any look. With so many styles available there is something for everyone.

All three styles mentioned mix perfectly when creating your own individual look. The best part about these trends is that they all go together perfectly; you don’t have to choose between one style over the other as they all offer something unique that brings your overall look alive. So why not try mixing-and-matching different trends this summer?


2017 has seen some interesting trends in the jewelry world come and go. From robust, statement pieces to smaller, delicate pieces that make a subtle statement, there is something for every taste. For those who like to stand out with bold, impactful accessories, 2017 saw chunky necklaces, earrings, and bracelets made of materials in bright colors or adorned with colorful gemstones.

Rings have also gotten larger – oversized rings that often incorporate multiple stones into their designs. Likewise, the popularity of stones and other natural elements has been widespread this year; think turquoise and turmeric beads with lightweight pendants made of agates or quartz to really draw the eye.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are more delicate pieces of jewelry which focus on subtler designs and finer details. The minimalist trend from 2016 has continued into 2017; small gold hoops with tiny charms attached to them or thin rose gold chains worn alone are currently popular for everyday wear.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t add some sparkle here too. Think arms full of thin bangle bracelets stacked up together for a touch of glamour or dainty chains draped around the neck one after another to create an elegant layered look that speaks volumes without overpowering your style sensibilities.

Finally, incorporating contrasting colors into jewelry is a great way to complete an outfit. Mix metals like gold and silver together as well as colors like white gold paired with red rubies – this creates a look which can be accessorized easily and will draw attention due its unexpected combination. Best of all these looks can be taken any way you want it so get creative.

Experimenting with different color schemes paired with trends like oversized jewels and sculptural shapes is key in making an outfit truly stand out this season. With these few tips in mind, it should be easy to get started working some fashionable jewelry statements into any wardrobe.